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To send birthday gift baskets in Europe or any European country, could be an easy thing if you know what the person who celebrates the event do like. However, you must think what will be the best way to send birthday gifts for your friends, family, or acquaintances. Especially when it is someone you care about, you can’t just miss someone’s special day even when you are abroad. There is always a way to find how to celebrate the date and not forget to send him/her a birthday gift despite the distance!

You can never run out of ideas when you are looking for birthday gift baskets in Europe. Natives and foreigners may have the same places to go to buy a gift, but foreigners have less knowledge of what and where to buy.

Find birthday gift baskets ideas for everyone you care about with GiftsInEurope. 

Our collection of birthday gift baskets in Europe consists of high Branded products, unique design, flavors verity and high-quality products. We offer birthday gifts for her, birthday gifts for him, birthday gifts for kids, simply for everyone.

Walwater Gifts has grown to be one of the biggest suppliers of birthday gift baskets in the European market.

To a native local person, everything is quite reasonable and natural to do but to someone who located elsewhere, sending a birthday present from a different country could be hard. So, to help you out, here are a few birthday ideas on which birthday gifts you may send to different countries across Europe.

1. Gift Basket with fine alcohol and Mozartkugel chocolates

Generally, for sending Gifts to Europe, a basket with alcohol bottle is very typical and its very welcome almost anywhere in Europe. When the birthday hamper combines with chocolates, this will be a perfect gift to send for someone birthday. Mozartkugel is one of the most loved confections choices, named after the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The chocolate-coated truffles are mixed with pistachio marzipan and nougat that is produced where Mozart was born in Salzburg Austria. Loving these sweets as a gift to your loved one will express them also how you wish to get yourself the same fine chocolates.

2. Lindt Chocolates combined in a birthday hamper

The Swiss Lindt chocolates also consider in Europe as one of the strongest trademarks out there. So any gift with those famous chocolates should taste celebration to the recipient who should enjoy his/her special day. By sending Lindt Chocolates, instead they should visit Switzerland, you will send Switzerland experience directly to give them an unforgettable memory on their birthday. The chocolate sweetness and richness will stay long after the birthday party is over.

3. Moet Champagne and Belgian Chocolates

The Moet Champagne is one of the most familiar brands out there (together with his “Big Brother “legendary Dom Perignon Champagne). Originating from France, have been known worldwide as one of the best choices for celebrating happy events. The perfect combination of sparkling wine from France and the superb Belgian chocolates will starch a huge smile on the receiver face!

Not only because the Moet or the Belgian chocolates but also because the gift display will express what the person means the sender. The best seller birthday gift in Europe!

4. Sweet Bouquet – Truffles designed as flowers

By the name itself, Sweet Bouquets are genuinely perfect gifts to show someone that you care about them on their birthday. The truffles are Italian chocolates that demonstrate creativity, emotions, and a unique presentation. Sweet Bouquet may be decorated with many colors that are placed into a European made vase that comes in shapes and styles.

5. Birthday Tea Hampers / Coffee Gift Baskets

The winter in Europe can be frigid, So if alcohol will not be an option, the sweet aroma of good Italian coffee Or fine teas could brighten the day wherever they are. The rich tastes of a fantastic tea or a coffee should remind the sender of goodwill to make someone happy on his/her birthday throughout the particular date. For many people, starting or ending the special day with a hot drink could be the best birthday gift they can ask for.

6. Beers and much more Beers

Everybody knows a lot of people who love to drink beers. For many beers, the basket is the perfect gift you can give them. Good beers from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany used to fill up the joy in both the receiver and tender heart. So any time you’d have celebrations, almost every European person will never miss to fill a mass with beer and to have fun with drinking one more beer.

7. American, Scottish and Irish Whiskey

It is not just beer that is famous throughout Europe but also the whiskey. There may be many variants of spirits across the continent, but probably the most famous spirit is Whiskey. Drinking with your friends or family during a special occasion, blended or single Whiskey is the perfect gift to keep your drinks fresh for a long time while having long conversations.

8. Tuscan Wine

Italy is known for its authentic wine, Tuscan Wine, and many countries try to produce the same product but nothing like from Italy. You’d want this alcoholic drink to be part of any celebration you are planning, for a unique taste. Giving this as a gift from locals or outsiders, Tuscan Wine is something wine lovers can’t resist.

9. Dry Fruits and Nut Platters

Celebrations are best enjoyed with friends and family. Together with drinks and food, the best hosting comes with a specially designed platter mixed with dried fruits and many nuts. This gift could be just a perfect gift for someone celebrating their birthdays on with many friends around who like to experience health flavors that arrive in Europe from foreign countries.

10. Spa Gifts for Her / Him

Known for their fine perfume industry and products, Italy created high-quality brands which are appreciated by many people across the world. With a birthday celebrant, you can always check out the spa gifts as a useful present for both her and him. Spa birthday gift baskets in Europe will not only consider as a top quality gift but also provide an excellent experience for an unforgettable lovable classic designed gift. To send a spa birthday gift will look like a thoughtful idea for anyone who will celebrate a birthday in Europe.

There are a lot more natural products you can find in different European countries. You can always find a way to get creative and make someone’s day stunning. Though local European products are outstanding to give as gifts, you should also look out for these excellent branded products. So as we mentioned above in the article, Here are the top 3 common packages to buy as birthday gifts in Europe.

1. Gift Baskets

This is probably the most common among all products and deals you can find in your local store and online with us. There are varieties of birthday gift baskets in Europe that you can choose from. There are a few categories on our website that allow you to choose the right birthday gift basket to be delivered in Europe.

Some of the varieties you can choose from are:

Many other websites also sell different gift baskets, as well as various product variants. So usually, alcoholic gift baskets come with different sweets and confectioners. Prices vary according to the inclusions of the gift basket. However, there are only a few European gift companies who sell directly, and many gift websites are just middle sites that cut high commission as they forward their orders to a local provider. Walwater Gifts is a leading company that has their logistic from inside Europe and save their customers any commission fee, unlike gift sites out there. 

2. Nuts Tray and Platters

Nuts and Dried Fruits Platters/ trays are common when solid foods are involved. The products can range from healthy nuts to dried fruits. Sometimes, gift trays are referred to as gift platters as they are served in platters.

The main idea with gift trays is to send out the quality food. Unlike fresh fruits that cannot be delivered to distant locations, with dried fruits and nuts, the distance it’s not such a big issue anymore. Due to the food’s freshness, we can easily let the gift travel, reaching the recipient address with the same quality the platter left our warehouse a few days before arrival.

3. Spa Gift Sets

Spa gift baskets are mostly do not include food in the package. Our spa gift sets can have beauty products, personal hygiene, and other personal accessories. These are great solutions if you wish to include various products that do not have to expire date.

Our spa gift sets can be of any beautiful design. They can also combine chocolate bouquets, baskets, or personalized containers that you’d wish to put the products in. You have to know what the celebrant enjoy the most and send his/her a spa gift that they can experience.

Whether the birthday gift is for tradition, personal affection, or keepsake only, it is always important to give it with pure intent. These gift packages may or may not include any items included in the list above. Indulge them with the good trademarks products that will be sent to them from one of the European Union countries, so they will not have any custom fee for the gift they will receive. Never forget to share your appreciation with them, either they are your friends, your business partners or your family. 

Buying Birthday Gift Baskets in Europe in Online Stores

You may find a lot of choices to buy at online stores, but not everything is out there. Sometimes, some online stores will show one thing and will send something else to the recipient. Walwater Gifts company is committed to post the same products you are looking at and are listed in the gift description, as can find on our online store. Many people have preferred Walwater Gifts online store because of its convenience, the international phone numbers and the flexibility to help the senders finding what will be perfect for their receivers.

Make sure you examine our online shopping site thoroughly and feel free to contact us before you complete any transaction. One thing that attracts customers to online shopping sites is their service and prices, and we allow anybody to take their time to consider the best option to buy a birthday gift in Europe that will be best for their needs and budget.

Because we do believe that. People do send lovely designed gifts which will come with great joy to make someone happy!



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