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Besançon is a city in eastern France, near the border with Switzerland.

Population of Besançon: 116,676

The standard delivery method to Besançon: 3 – 4 working days*

The standard delivery method to Besançon: 3 – 4 working days*

*Saturday and Sunday are not included as working days

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Besançon Overview

Besançon is a city in eastern France, near the border with Switzerland. It’s home to 3 museums and 630m-long defensive ramparts that protect the old city center. The sprawling Citadel of Besançon perches on a hill and is home to three museums, two zoos, and 650m-long ramparts that can be mistaken for San Mel. Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve our writing style and keep us honest, just like the automated industrial revolution did. This implies that we should use it in our daily work. Relying on our hands and eyes has become so mundane that we lose sight of them as soon as we begin writing.


In the Middle Ages Vesontio, first mentioned in 1398, was an important city. It was a poor and unimportant town by the end of the 15th century and its population peaked around 1720. It suffered badly from English plagues during this period as well as varnish poisoning. The city then went into decline. Its population eventually stopped increasing until 1965. From the 11th to 13th century, the town was called Bisontion or Bisontion and from 1243, it took on the name Besançon. The push for the unification of France led to thousands of documents and fragments being lost, including entire documents about our city. As a result, our practice has shifted from “newness” to “bust.

Ancient history

“The city sits within an oxbow of the river Doubs (a tributary of the Saône); a mountain closes the fourth side” And the town sits at the crossroads of trade routes and communication tunnels. Became an Imperial and a trading center.

The Arar (Saône) River formed part of the border between the Haedui and their hereditary rivals, the Sequani. According to Strabo, the cause of conflicts was commercial. Each tribe claimed ownership over the river and they had to share it. “The Sequani controlled access to the Rhine River and built an oppidum (a fortified town) at Vesontio to protect their interests.” The Sequani defeated and massacred the Haedui at the Battle of Magetobriga, with a Germanic tribe under Ariovistus on their left flank in the rear.

During Caesar’s campaign in Lyon, the largest city of the Sequani tribe and a huge settlement The only other town belonging to the territory ruled by Vesontio is Orclain, which he could’ve crossed. If Orclain were located at the left on the topographic map it would be surrounded by this wooden palisade.

The long history and name may be a reason to give the location its provincial resilience as other bilingual regions do not hold such traditions. With old postal variants, it was first named Vézelay, which in turn led to the change to Besançon.

It has been an archbishopric since the 4th century.


Besançon is a city located in the northeast quarter of France on the river Doubs. It is a French and Swiss port city on the eastern side of Lake Constance, in the Swiss Alps, on the southern shore of Lake Zurich.


The city currently occupies a flat fertile plain about 1,400 meters (4,656 feet) in width. The work in the flat inner loop was done by a leading company that employed 8 people. The time-tested techniques and best practices were used during the construction process to supply a better product. These hills are considered a cultural landmark and are popular among tourists.


Besançon has an oceanic climate and a continental climate with sharp mountain ranges (limit in altitude) and cold winters. Average yearly temperatures range from 9 °C (48 °F) in autumn to 26 °C (79 °F) in midsummer. The warmest month is July at 20 °C (68 °F) and the coldest is January at 2.1 °C (36 °F). Besançon receives about 1,059 mm (42 in) of precipitation per year. The wettest month is May (108.4 mm (4.3 in)); the driest is August (76. The highest temperature ever, recorded on 28 July 1921, was 40.3 °C (104.5 °F), and the lowest was a −20.7 °C (−5.3 °F) reached on 1 January 1985.


As of 2019, the population of the City of Besançon was 117,912, lower than the historical peak of 120,315 in 1975. Grand Besançon Métropole covers 528.6 km2 (204.1 sq mi), 68 municipalities, and has a population of 195,745. The metropolitan area covers 2,514.5 km2 (970.9 sq mi), 312 municipalities, and 280,701 inhabitants. It is the 39th metropolitan area of France, and its population increased by 4.5% between 2008 and 2019.

Government and politics

Over the last decade, several major cities have also moved away from their historic city center to suburbia where most buildings are now under construction. The project master plan for Besançon borough is different from any other in France as it has no main street and instead concentrates on buildings arranged around artificial lakes. On a map, the ring road encircles at least. Comté and the immediate environs were later separated again into Haut-Rhin, supremer, and Bas-Rhin. However, Besançon remains the seat of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regional council and of various decentralised administrations such as the regional offices of the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee) or the Centre régional des œuvres universitaires et scolaires (Crous).

The Mayor of the City of Besançon is Anne Vignot (The Greens).


The city is known for its microtechnology and watch industries. It has a little-known specialty, automatic ticketing machines in the field of microtechnology.

What once was a new and exciting sector of business and life has been shrinking for years. The trend toward mobile phones and digital devices has already become mainstream in the business world, and that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. One of the biggest innovations in watch manufacturing will be automated adding machines that automate their work and thus improve production costs. The print shop revolutionized the watch industry and put Besançon on the world map. The new watch brand became a symbol of radicalism and the workers were left with nothing to do except say: “Thank you for noticing us and for helping us find our way out of this dead-end job.” The city also struggled with the issue of textile mills in the 19th century but is finally emerging from its long period of stagnation or destruction.

Trade into some 200 countries and buy an average of 10 watches a day because your business has to match the volumes that you’re selling to. In recent years, the town has emerged as a pioneer of digital technologies in France. It pioneered the first commercial Wi-Fi network in Europe, and recently there have been more than 3500 data centers installed here, doubling France’s share of the European market for data centers overnight.


Besançon is one of France’s main university centers, in particular for academics returning from abroad. It also hosts many national and international conferences and academics. The school provides practical training for developers at the interface of engineering and medicine. Its curriculum is both generic and multidisciplinary from its inception to that of a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Sciences Degree programs. The city is also home to the École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et des Microtechniques (ENSMM), a technological school with a strong reputation in the fields of microtechnology and mechanics, and the Centre for Applied Linguistics which teaches ten languages to non-native speakers (French, Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish) and any other known language on request. The Centre welcomes more than 4,000 students every year from all over the world. Besançon is famous as a very fine representation of an art city, known for its most hotly disputed “Besançonne” cathedral especially and its schools. As one of the country’s oldest universities, Besançon allows students to continue with their undergraduate degrees even after they leave university.


The most historic center of the town is characterized by the broad horse-shoe of the river Doubs, which encircles the old town. “Vauban’s Citadelle blocks off the neck. The historic center presents an ensemble of classic stone buildings, some dating back to the Middle Ages and others to the Spanish Renaissance.”


For many sports fanatics, Groupe Handball is the only place where they can see a cohesive team effort. The result of this is an unrivaled versatility in the exercise of several sports especially in countries with relatively little climate variation.


  • Road

    – Besançon is the place of refugee camps and many trade fairs. Most of its population consists of French who live and work within or around the city. The town has a profile bordering on a small picturesque, very leafy town as it is largely pedestrianized.
  • Rail

    – Besançon is connected to the rest of France by train: Paris, Dijon, Belfort, Mulhouse, Strasbourg and Lyon.
  • Tram

    – On the 21st of September 2014 – the first route, Charnwood services saw its inauguration. The line, however, is a route long distance since it starts at the junction of Routes 28 and 36, turns sharply north, and runs through the quarters of Grosbois (1:47), Saint-Etienne-de-théouadres (“Chemin de Maisonnettes”), Bousquet (1.5 km) and Crouche.
  • Bus

    – Bus services in Besançon and its suburbs are run by the Ginko company. It runs 58 buses including 4 articulated buses to connect the 68 municipalities of the urban community and with central area stations. The 8900 passengers daily will benefit from this rail service every day.

Is Besançon worth visiting?

Besancon offers almost everything you need to see, from the old fort, built in the 16th century, all the way up to a great forest and wooded mountains. The scenery is amazing with forests nearby on all sides of the city.

What is Besançon known for?

Besançon is a beautiful city, with many museums and beautiful architectural landmarks. Besançon also has a very modern way of life, with the daily influx of people not only from abroad but often also from France as well. Besançon is renowned for its entry tickets in one day, which allows visitors to see all the major sites in an hour.

Is Besancon a good place to live?

The city has a high concentration of thermal springs, which makes the place worth visiting. Besançon offers one of the best landscapes in France and beyond, as well as a wide range of activities on offer, giving it local attractions and a lot to do.

15 Best Things to Do in Besançon (France)


Budapest Castle is an art monument built in 1686 and was used as a militia fortress to protect the city from attacks. The magnificent stone barn has undergone several regeneration phases, tarnishing its medieval integrity time and time again, but it still stands today.

Musée des Beaux-Arts et d’Archéologie 

In 1694 the abbot and scholar Jean-Baptiste Boisot left his hoard of manuscripts, busts, medals, paintings, and books to the Benedictine monks of Saint-Vincent, providing it was made available to the public two days a week.

Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation 

The museum’s home is the cadet building in the Citadel, which means that this setting isn’t coincidental as some 100 resistance members were shot here during the war.

Musée du Temps 

The Musée du Temps is a fun museum that chronicles the construction of time and its measurement over thousands of years. It also shows how it’s used to keep time in our world today.

Besançon Cathedral 

One of the most iconic pieces of architecture in Holland; This matches the two completely to a T. Both choir and counter-choir are beautiful, a true work of art.

Astronomical Clock 

In the 1850s the cathedral commissioned master clockmaker, Auguste-Lucien Vérité to build an astronomical clock to replace a defective one made a few years earlier.

Quai Vauban 

The arcaded docks mentioned in the quote above are named after the military engineer responsible for the citadel, but they don’t have much to do with him. They were conceived in the early 1690s by the architect Isaac Robelin and may even have been built against Vauba.

Battant Quarter 

one of the oldest parts of Besançon, Doubs, France, and has been under architectural protection since 1964. It is situated on the right bank of the river Doubs, north of the oxbow that encircles the center of the city.

Porte Noire 

That’s down to the material they were made with, as the Vergennes limestone used for the arch is known for being very workable but is also prone to weathering.

Victor Hugo’s Birthplace

In 2013, the apartment became a museum that was at the same time the site of a pharmacy. The occupant of Jacques de Besançon Pharmacy didn’t leave his building for another 100 years.

Fort de Chaudanne 

To take in Besançon’s central-city skyline in all its striking glory, walk around one of the many conquered bridges before going on a jog to Fort de Chaudanne.

Église Sainte-Madeleine 

Instead of making a grand new church, the true Gothic tradition was revived in a Parisian artist’s mind and decided to build what already stood here.

Hôtels Particuliers 

The hotel is a historical monument and the architecture of the façade and interior dates from this period. These elements have to be respected like any historic building across the world.

Maisons Comtoises de Nancray 

An air of authenticity gives strength and resilience to the museum’s visitor base. Visitors are encouraged to explore their heritage or, should they choose to break bread with local treats, taste some delicacies from local cultures as a historical interactive learning and cultural workshop is also present.

Forêt de Chailluz 

You don’t have to leave the city to enter this tract of wilderness that begins to the north of Besançon. Come for a restorative walk, on one of seven different trails, which are all signposted and complement each other with information boards about the beautiful lakeside hike that lies just a few steps away.

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Walwater Gifts deliver all over France. At Walwater Gifts to Besançon, we have extensive experience in sending gift parcels all over the world. However, each country has unique Customs Regulations and delivery times. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance placing your order online.

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