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Bregenz is an Austrian city at the eastern end of Lake Constance.

Population of Bregenz: 29,574

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Bregenz Overview

Vorarlberg, the westernmost state of Austria, is a region well known for its natural beauty. Named after Vorarlberg Mountains, the city of Bregenz lies on the east and southeast shores of Lake Constance, one of Europe’s third-largest freshwater lakes.

Since Bregenz is located on a plateau and has easy access to the lake nearby, it is a great destination for tourists. Being a major hub of traffic, travelers from Europe are able to come in easily from the Rhine Valley and use Bregenz as their final stop before heading into the foothills.

Bregenzer Festspiele is well known for hosting the annual summer music festival, as well as its dance festival.


The first settlements of Brigantia date from 1500 BC. They are recorded in Strabo’s travelogue as a sub-tribe under the Celtic rule and are also mentioned by Strabo during the 5th century BC. Brigantion quickly became one of their more fortified places, and that’s why it is often used as an example for many other Celtic settlements in this particular region. After The Battle for Brigantion in 15 BC, the city became a Roman camp. Brigantium was founded as a city in 50 AD and became the seat of the Roman admiralty for Lake Constance. A few years later it was destroyed by the Alemanni, Germanic peoples who settled in Brigantium around 450 AD.

The monastery at Bregenz is a key fortification in the south of Vorarlberg, Austria. In 610 St Columbanus and St Gall founded a monastery in the region because they viewed it as a potential refuge for Christians fleeing attacks by Moors. Over time, Bregenz became powerful under Udalrichinger, who allied with Emperor Otto I. The Ulrich house died out around 1150. The son of the first Ulrich was Saint Gebhard, born in 947. He became the Bishop of Konstanz. In around 1170 Hugo of Tübingen (Montfort) founded a town settlement (first documented in 1249), enlarged it in the 13th century, and made it an episcopal.

Due to the city’s continuously changing ownership, the city has long been one of the most important trading hubs in Europe. Bregenz was originally under Bavarian rule from 1805 to 1814, but then it briefly came under Austrian control from 1842 until 1850. The city also saw construction on the harbor and ship-service establishment starting in 1884 as an Austrian project – but this time under Austrian service. Railroad services have existed since 1872 across the Arlberg massif. They were created in 1884.

Since 1726, Bregenz has been the main seat of the Austrian administration in Vorarlberg. It is also the center of the district (Obervogtei) a Kreisamt since 1786, which became the Landtag in 1800 and then 1 Landeshauptmann from 1861-1882. Rivarno, an Italian town in the mountainous area of Bolzano, with a population of around 2500 and a history stretching back to Ancient Roman times was incorporated into Bregenz in 1919 and 1946. In 1945 however, 72 houses were destroyed as Bregenz was bombed by US and British forces fighting over the city.


29,574 (2017)


Bregenz is the seat of the Vorarlberg State Assembly (Landtag), and of most of the provincial authorities/institutions of Vorarlberg. For example, Bregenz is home to schools, police headquarters, and a number of other institutions. OPEX, CLB of Labor, CLB of Agriculture, The Chamber of Pharmacists, a military regional headquarters, a military garrison, one of the main hospitals of the province (Landeskrankenhaus), as well as a sanatorium, farmers’ health and social insurance office, VLV (Mutual Fire Insurance Institute).


The Turkish consulate general is located in Bregenz, Austria, and the honorary consuls for Belarus, France, Hungary, Norway, and Switzerland are located in the same city. Finland’s honorary consulate is located nearby in Lauterach as well as England’s honorary consulate which is also nearby.

Schools and the arts

Bregenz has four Gymnasium secondary schools, a commercial college (HAK), a technical college (HTL), and two upper secondary business schools. Three vocational schools, crafts colleges, the Academy of Social Sciences, and a nursing school. Others include an adult education center, school boarding houses, state archives, a state library, a state museum, Kunsthaus Bregenz (modern arts center), Künstlerhaus (art center), Thurn und Taxis Palace, five monasteries, Heimatwerk (autonomous institution fostering the manufacturing of traditional craft products), and various newspapers.

Public facilities

Visit the Festival and Congress Centre just north of the city square or go further east to watch the theatre from within the Kornmarkt. You also have a chance to explore an 18th-century casino in the former rococo palace, take a ride on the cable car and climb up to Frederick’s mountain


The economy primarily consists of the smallest businesses in the service and trade industry sectors, such as textile production company Wolford AG and fittings manufacturer Julius Blum GmbH.

Bi-seasonal tourism; major attractions are the annual Bregenz Festival, and winter sports on the Pfänder mountain.

Bregenzer Festspiele

The annual summer music festival Bregenzer Festspiele is world-famous and brings in the big crowds year after year. The famous Bregenz Festival occurs in July and August every year. It generally attracts more than 150,000 people. The budget of this festival is around $20 million. And lastly, the festival changes every year

Events happen on three stages throughout the Norway Festival of Literature. Concerts, theater shows, and orchestral concerts are also held in the adjacent festival theater during the early days of the festival before it gets too crowded. The children’s and youth programming is offered from late spring to early fall.

The lake stage is one of the largest open-air lake stages in the world and has the capacity to hold up to 7,000 people.

Bregenz Jazz Festival

This is the third-oldest festival in Austria, with the first dating back to 1751! It’s also one of the most international festivals and has been held a total of 26 times. You can hear everything from jazz to blues during this annual music event. It was founded in 1999 by Markus Linder but shut down in 2014 due to a lack of support. The musical genre also changed, starting with blues and ultimately arriving at jazz. The location & timing stayed roughly the same.

Bregenzer Frühling

Since 1987, the Bregenzer spring dance festival has been held every year in the Festival Hall of Bregenz. In 2018, it’s going to be in the Festspielhaus for 17 days (from March to June). Dance ensembles from all over the world perform their new productions, as well as Austrian premieres. With a budget of around EUR 500,000 and up to 10,000 visitors, Bregenzer Spring is one of the most important dance festivals in Austria.

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What is Bregenz known for?

The Bregenz Festival in Austria is one of the most famous festivals in Europe. It first started around 1946 and has become especially popular since its relaunch in 1996, headlined by some major well-known musicians & artists.

13 Top Attractions & Things to Do in Bregenz

Stroll along the Bregenz Lake Promenade

On a picturesque Lake Constance, Bregenz is an ideal base for exploring the breathtaking scenery of Austria. Not only can it be reached with ease from London, but it offers convenient European rail services as well. The town of Pfänder is located in a beautiful part of Austria, at the foot of Pfänder mountain. It features an amazing view of a wonderful lake.

Take in a Concert at the Bregenz Festival 

According to Wikipedia, the Bregenz Festival is one of only two such music festivals in Austria. Held each July and August, it’s one of Europe’s most popular (and oldest: it was established in 1946) festivals and features prominent operatic figures as well as major musicians and institutions such as the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

Enjoy the Views from the Pfänder and Pfänderbahn

Bregenz is sandwiched between the Pfänder mountain, which toweringly towers over the town and benefits from its picturesque views, and Lake Constance. The Pfänderbahn cable car operates for two kilometers with a breathtaking view of Lake Constance, before climbing up to the summit. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can also trek from Bregenz via Hintermoos and many other beautiful points along the way. It’s not just worth it for the views alone; it’s a must-

Explore Bregenz Lower Town

Lower Town of Bregenz is the newer part of the city, with the Kornmarktplatz at its center. Highlights include St. Nepomuk Chapel, an 18th-century Rococo church that houses a theater inside; and The Kornmarkthaus, an 1838 building that now hosts a theater.

Walk around Bregenz Upper Town

Many of the cobblestone streets visible today date back to the Celtic and walled Late Roman settlement that once occupied this place. Walk around the area to find landmarks that date back as far as the 13th century. There are many streets, some of which are still narrow and winding and don’t allow for heavy traffic. These streets have a character all their own with old-world charm & old architecture.

Learn about Bregenz’s Rich Cultural History at the Vorarlberg Museum

In Bregenz, there are plenty of cultural sites to captivate visitors from all over the world. We visited Vorarlberg Museum, a top place when visiting Bregenz. It was founded in 1857 to preserve the state’s rich cultural heritage. One of the best things we did while there! Highlights of its fascinating displays include collections from throughout history, highlighting examples from prehistoric ages to the present day. At Stone Age Memorials, ancient stone memorials can be found as well as various archaeological findings from the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages. There’s also a sizable collection of Roman finds from the 1st to 4th centuries. The museum hosts a diverse array of display cases and collections, like those on culture from the Gothic & Renaissance periods. They also have one of Europe’s top goldsmiths’ collections, coins, and tapestries.

Enjoy the Arts at Kunsthaus Bregenz

One of the most attractive modern structures in town –  it’s basically a steel skeleton with a layer of glass sheets surrounding but not touching it –  Kunsthaus Bregenz is noted for hosting a wide variety of rotating exhibits of international contemporary art. Opened in 1997, the venue has quickly become one of the town’s most important cultural attractions.

Climb St. Martin’s Tower

For a historic view of Bregenz, visit St. Martin’s Tower. Built-in the 1590s, this famed 48-meter building provides some of the best views of Bregenz and Lake Constance. The Highlights include a number of superb ceiling frescoes and a large collection of local history exhibits and displays.

Take a Side Trip to Dornbirn and the Rappenlochschlucht

Dornbirn is the largest city in Vorarlberg, as well as only a few kilometers from Bregenz. The closest settlement is on the outskirts of the city and inside Bregenzerwald National Park. Dornbirn is a small town in Austria with a rich textile history. Their large number of companies can make it an attractive destination for bargain hunters and the name has been around since AD 895. The town’s name was only officially set in 1901, but its archives date back even further.

Take a Scenic Drive to Feldkirch and Schattenburg Castle

Feldkirch is a town in northwestern Austria that lies 35 kilometers from Bregenz, where the Ill River runs through from the Wallgau Mountains into the Rhine Valley. Inhabited since the Bronze Age, this town features a very well-preserved and historic old town center.

Enjoy the Views from Gebhardsberg

South of Bregenz, Austria, is Gebhardsberg hill. It’s frequented by tourists and local travelers who like to hike or walk in the beautiful forest. The ruins of Burg Hohenbregenz are worth exploring. The Swedish army destroyed it in 1647, but 4 centuries later local residents rebuilt the building and added frescoes around 1900.

Take a Boat Tour of Lake Constance (Bodensee)

Bregenz, Austria is located in the famous Austrian Lake District, which features a busy harbor & extensive ferry system. There are many different boats and ferries for you to enjoy! This cruise is a scenic one-hour boat tour around the lake and offers some fantastic photo opportunities. Not only does it allow you to appreciate the lake’s natural beauty, but also see some important landmarks and busy harbors like Lindau’s. Sunset cruises in NY are especially popular, and they are great for dinner as well.

Day Trip to Vandans 

In the Austrian village of Vandans, the Arlberg begins. The village is about 60 kilometers north of Bregenz and is surrounded by the mountain range that gives it its name. One of Eastern Europe’s most popular winter sports destinations (and also popular in the summer with hikers and climbers), the community, perched on the mouth of the river Montafon, where it meets with the Illtal, boasts a beautiful setting and can trace its roots back to Roman times.

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