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Bremerhaven is a port city on Germany’s North Sea coast.

Population of Bremerhaven: 114,025

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Bremerhaven Overview

Bremerhaven is situated on Germany’s North Sea coast and is home to a museum dedicated to the inland and maritime history of both Germany and Europe. It provides information about European shipping and navigation, with a tour around Prussia‘s magnificent collection of medieval shipping vessels. Nearby, you can find the WW II submarine Wilhelm Bauer which has been converted into a museum. It is dedicated to the history of those who left Bremerhaven for America.


The town was founded in 1827, but neighboring settlements such as Lehe were in the vicinity as early as the 12th century. Geestendorf was “mentioned in documents of the ninth century”. These tiny villages were built on small islands in a swampy area; it’s no wonder they needed to be so close together. Bremerlehe was de facto ruled by the city of Bremen and was officially taken over in 1653 when Swedish troops from Bremen-Verden occupied it.

Emperor Ferdinand III commanded Duke Christina of Sweden (who ruled in Bremen at the time) to restore Bremerlehe to Bremen. The first Bremian War began after the death of Sweden’s King Kristian in 1654, resulting in the Treaty of Stade that gave Sweden control over part of their territory. The latter developed plans to found a fortified town at this location and later this became the present-day city of Bremerhaven. When a Swede named Carl XI took the throne in 1672, he established colonies in what is now New Sweden. He tried to build a fort there to help protect the settlers and contain any potential conflict but it didn’t end up working.

Bremen, under Johann Smidt in 1827, bought the lands at the mouth of the Weser River from Hanover. Bremen is looking to expand its trading. The Weser River was once versatile for inland trade and shipping, but the land became less inhabitable as it became more shallow near Bremen. Bremerhaven is a port city in the Lower Saxony district of Bremen, Germany. It is situated approximately 50km (31mi) downriver from its sister city, Bremen. The establishment of the harbor was an important factor in the development and urbanization of today’s Bremerhaven. Due to sustained trade with North America as well as emigration. Bremerhaven became the German Navy’s home port in 1848. This coincided with the advent of Karl Rudolf Brommy as their naval commander around the same time.


Bremerhaven is Europe’s 4th biggest port and 16th in the world. In 2007 it handled 4.9 million TEU and by 2015 this had risen to 5,5 million TEU. The container terminal is located on the side of the Weser River, opening to the North Sea. In the wet dock parts, accessible by two large locks, more than 2 million cars are imported or exported every year with close to 2.5 million in 2014. Bremerhaven is one of Europe’s leading exporters of cars, with more shipped out than any other city. It also handles many tons of “High-and-Heavy” goods by shipping them via Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) ships. In 2011 a new Panamax lock replaced the Kaiserschleuse, which was the largest lock.


The average yearly temperatures in Bremerhaven are mild. Frosty weather and really hot days last only in rare instances. On average, the city receives about 751 mm (29.6 in) of precipitation distributed evenly throughout the year with drier weather in the winter months and a slightly higher level in summer. Snow does fall here but it’s not as often as it does in other places. However, it usually doesn’t stay at ground level for long. The hottest temperature ever recorded was over 100 °F and the coldest was around -40°F.


  • Roads

    Because of its location at the mouth of the Elbe, Bremerhaven is often prone to traffic jams.
  • Railway

    – There are three passenger rail stations in Bremerhaven: Bremerhaven Hauptbahnhof, located in the center of the city, and Bremerhaven-Lehe and Bremerhaven-Wulsdorf to the north and south respectively.
  • Tram

    – From 1881 to 1982 Rübeland owned a tram. In 1949 there were 6 lines
  • Bus

    – Bremerhaven has a public transportation network with 19 bus lines operated by BREMERHAVEN BUS. 2 night bus lines only operate on weekends.

Tourist attractions

Bremerhaven has a few historic buildings and most of the high streets and the city center are post-war. The Havenwelten in Bremerhaven offers several attractions that are common among tourists. These include the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost, which explores topics related to climate change; the German Emigration Center, which provides an insight into the lives and conditions of immigrants (since 2005); and finally, The German Maritime Museum, where maritime history enthusiasts, With the Hansekogge, a reconstructed cog dating to 1380 and the Museumshafen with museum ships, such as the Type XXI U-boat Wilhelm Bauer (dedicated museum of its own), Bremen is an interesting destination for anyone who enjoys history and exploration. The Seute Deern and the salvage tug Seefalke are just a couple of the amazing historic ships and boats at Bremerhaven zoo. You’ll also see exhibits from several different continents that have stories all their own! The Klimahaus building is the latest addition to the area and deals with climate issues by traveling along the 8th line of longitude and simulating a travel adventure. You can see this in plays at the Atlantic Hotel and Sail City and also inside The Radar Tower.” Another tourist attraction is the Fischereihafen (fishing port) in Geestemünde, which also houses an aquarium (the Atlanticum). The Lloyd Werft shipyard is renowned for building and renovating large cruise liners, for example, Norway.


569,352 (2019)


The Fischtown Penguin, also known as REV Bremerhaven, is a professional ice hockey team in the DEL, the top league in Germany.

The Eisbären Bremerhaven (Polar Bears), founded in 2001, is a basketball team playing in the German second-tier level league ProA.

The American Football team, the Bremerhaven Seahawks, plays in the German 3rd League of the “Regio Nord” division. The Seahawks are one of Germany’s oldest football teams.

There are the three main teams in Bremerhaven: TSV Wulsdorf, SC Leher and SFL Bremerhaven. OSC Bremerhaven also has a football team but is part of a multi-sport club.

Research and Education

Bremerhaven is home to the Alfred Wegener Institute – a gem of Germany’s maritime research facilities and the headquarters of the German Research Vessels Agency. This institute has an extensive fleet, including some of the most advanced icebreakers in Europe.

The Fraunhofer Society Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology maintains research laboratories in Bremerhaven to develop and test Wind Power parts.

The German Maritime Museum is a member of the German Leibniz Association.

Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences – open to all students through the college’s 70 undergraduate and graduate programs, the University is currently attended by a large number of overseas students from all over the world. We offer a range of programs, from Process Engineering to Information Technology. In addition, we also have our BA Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership program which was the first of its kind in Germany.

What is Bremerhaven known for?

Bremerhaven is a small-medium-sized town in the state of Bremen, on the outer Weser in northwest Germany. It is famous for its large harbor, one of the biggest ports in Germany for passenger traffic, besides Hamburg.

Is Bremerhaven worth visiting?

Bremerhaven is a small destination with plenty of things to interest tourists. It’s worth coming to explore it even if you can only spare time for a quick visit. It’s truly special, and you might enjoy it so much that you want to make a return trip in the future.

15 Best Things to Do in Bremerhaven (Germany)

Klimahaus Bremerhaven 

This amusement park is an amazing attraction with a unique and exciting concept. The 8th meridian goes from the western edge of Germany to the eastern edge of Russia. Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe zones are also popular with visitors, along with Africa’s Sahara Desert and Antarctic landscapes.

German Emigration Center 

Germany’s only museum dedicated to migration, the German Emigration Center offers insight into emigration and attempts at understanding the phenomenon of German speakers traveling overseas. From 1830 to 1974, the departure of Germans for the New World has been seven million in total. The main point of embarkation is Bremerhaven.

German Maritime Museum 

Inside there are model ships, maritime paraphernalia, and archaeological remnants, and outside there are ten museum ships you can board.

U-Boot Wilhelm Bauer 

One of the few models left, the Wilhelm Bauer is a diesel-electric Type XXI that was commissioned but got scuttled in 1945 without ever seeing battle.

Schaufenster Fischereihafen 

Bremerhaven’s old fisherman harbor was mainly in a state of decay for almost one century, but with the help of new investments and renovations, it’s now crowded with modern buildings providing places for business meetings, dining out, drinking at the local pub or just enjoying your time. There are also many maritime-related souvenir shops and tourist attractions.

Look-Out-Platform SAIL City 

The Atlantic Hotel Sail City hotel is well over 140 meters tall and offers breathtaking views. You can see the sea, port, and Weser Estuary from its indoor lookout point.

Zoo am Meer 

Since 1913, the zoo has had an exciting history. However, it was not until its conversion in the early 2000s that the zoo became a world-renowned institution with more than just lions and tigers. Though they have primates like chimpanzees too, this is not a chimp’s first time in a zoo.

Museumsschiff FMS GERA 

FMS GERA is an East German trawler that was launched and has been a part of Rostock’s deep sea fishing fleet for about 60 years now.

Historisches Museum Bremerhaven 

The main exhibition at the museum provides a look at human habitation from the earliest traces until the 1960s. You can see life-sized vignettes as you go, showing life on the docks, shipbuilding activity, and deep-sea fishing.


More like a church tower than a lighthouse, the graceful Simon-Loschen-Leuchtturm on the new harbor still operates to this day and dates back to 1855. It’s the oldest working lighthouse on Germany’s North Sea coast.

Bremerhaven Radar Tower 

Climbing to 106 meters next to the mouth of the Geeste River, the reinforced concrete Bremerhaven Radar Tower went up in 1965 and is used for military purposes.

Columbus Center 

There are many projects underway in Bremerhaven that all have a maritime-themed silhouette. One of the earliest and most prominent is the mixed-use development as an office/hotel, which began construction in the 1970s before work was halted due to the economic downturn.


Right in the Bremerhaven port, you can see the Container-Aussichtsturm, a peculiar viewing tower constructed from 12 stacked shipping containers. The four-meter-high structure consists of containers bearing their logo and has a platform on top for viewing.


The HafenBus is great for those that can’t wait to see more of Bremerhaven on their trip. With Bremerhaven and its modern container port occupying a lot of space, it’s less practical to get around on foot.


One of the anchors of Hafenwelten is a Mediterranean-themed mall on the south side of the Klimahaus and it houses many shops, restaurants, and places to buy souvenirs. There are also attractions such as an arcaded garden, and a piazza with a Renaissance-style fountain under a glass dome modeled on Florence Cathedral.

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