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Călăraşi is the municipality of residence for the county of the same name in Muntenia, Romania.

The population of Călărași: 65,181 (2011)

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Călărași Overview

Călăraşi is the municipality of residence for the county of the same name in Muntenia, Romania. As the country’s largest city, it is also one of the most important municipalities in the South development region. In the southeast of Romania, along the Borcea arm of the Danube, Calaras is known for its food, melamine chipboard, steel, paper, and prefabricated industries. Approximately 65,181 people live in Călăraşi, according to the 2011 census data. Călărași is the headquarters of the South Muntenia Regional Development Agency.


Lichireşti was probably named at the time of the settlement of the first permanent inhabitants on these lands, during the reign of Mihai the Brave. According to some sources, Lichirești is named after Saint Nicholas of the Bride of Lichia, whose church was the first built in the area. By abbreviation, the people who gathered around the place must have called themselves the people of the church of Lichia or Lichireșteni, hence the name Lichirești of the village.

The name Călăraşi has two possible causes: the first would be that a captaincy of horse riders guarded the crossing point from the Ottoman Empire to Wallachia. The second is that the village of Călăraşii Vechi was taken over by extension since it recruited the best riders for the army from there and from the city.


For the first time, Lichireşti is mentioned in a map dated 1700, a cartographic work by the columnist Constantin Cantacuzino, printed in Italy, in Padua.

Free people engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry; Romanians and a small number of Bulgarians and Turks populated the area then. Relay riders did courier services between Bucharest and Constantinople as a particular category. The first preserved document that mentions them dates from May 25, 1722, probably during the reign of Constantin Brâncoveanu. After these relay riders completed their service, they settled in the settlement near their detachment, and Lichirești became known as the “village of horsemen” or Călăraşi.

Towards the end of the 18th century, the name Lichirești was used less and less; for the name of the village, sometimes Călăraşi is used, sometimes Lichirești, sometimes both. According to the map from 1700, Lichirești was a large village. It appears under the name “Călăraşi or Lichirești” on the Austrian map from 1791.

A fair was held in Călăraşi on May 1, 1734, which indicates that the village had taken on proportions and begun to develop a commercial life. Travelers who have passed here have always had favorable impressions of this fair. A residence in Urziceni was in Călărași during this period, which was part of Ialomița County.

By the end of the 18th century, public improvements had begun: besides the old church in the town center, a central inn and numerous laundromats had been constructed, which – along with the houses of some of the wealthier residents – gave Călăraşi the appearance of a small town.

In the past, the area around Călărași has been the site of many wars fought against the Turkish threat to defend the Danube meadows. There have been many battles here since the town was founded until May 28, 1812, when the peace that would bring peace to its inhabitants was signed in Bucharest. With the outbreak of the revolution led by Tudor Vladimirescu in 1821, the people of Calaras also had moments of horror, their troubles ending only a year later. As a result of the Russian-Turkish war in 1828-1829, there was another period of panic for the residents. In 1828-1830, a terrible plague epidemic broke out in Călărași, in addition to the losses caused by the war. A new cholera outbreak broke out in 1831, brought by the Turks, and fortunately, only lasted a few days.


A municipality with the same name, Călăraşi is located on the lower terrace of the Danube (Călăraşi terrace); the Danube meadow is at the city’s border with Romania on the left bank of the Borcea branch. Located at the intersection of 44° 12′ north latitude and 27° 21′ east longitude, the city is 120 kilometers away from Bucharest, 144 kilometers away from Constanța, and 25 kilometers away from Drajna (where there is an entrance on the highway Bucharest–Constancia ). The DN3 national road connects the city to Bucharest and Constanța to the northeast and northwest. In Călăraşi, the national road DN21 branches off to the north, leading to Slobozia and Brăila, and the national road DN3B to Feteşti and Giurgeni (Ialomița county, where it ends in DN2A). On the bank of the Borca, on the border with Bulgaria, lies the municipal area of Călărași, a river port on the left bank of the Borca.


In general, Călărași belongs to a continental climate zone, with cold winters and hot summers, less moderate than other regions in Romania. There is an average annual temperature of +11.2 °C (in July, the thermal average oscillates around 23 °C; in January, it is -3 °C). The lowest temperature recorded in Călăraşi was -30 °C on January 8, 1938, and the highest was +41.4 °C on August 10, 1951. A high caloric value of 125 kcal/cm2 has been calculated for the Călăraşi municipality.

The city lies under the influence of three winds: northeast (Crivul), southeast (Austrul), and south (Băltăreţ). The cold winds of the winter accentuate the cold, while the dry winds of the summer amplify the heat and dryness. Regarding wind frequency and intensity, the Călăraşi weather station records a maximum in April (from the west) and November (from the north). The highest values were recorded when the wind speed exceeded 40 m/s in 1957.


Located in the Danube basin, at the contact of two geographical subunits of the Romanian Plain: the Bărăganului Plain and the Dunarea Meadow, the territory of the Călăraşi municipality presents a varied hydrological potential, with underground waters that are strong and ascending, able to deliver significant flows (8.3- 11 l/s). The coarse deposits in the Călăraşi meadow and terrace contain phreatic aquifer layers with effective flow rates. The current relief of the field has undergone profound changes as a result of human intervention: damming in several stages, drainage, the construction of irrigation canals, the navigable channel serving SCTENARIS – DONASID SA, the rectification of Gura Borcei, the creation of the Jirlău recreational lake, etc.


According to the 2011 census, Călărași municipality has 65,181 residents, a decrease from 70,039 inhabitants recorded in the previous census in 2002. Romanians make up the majority of the population (82.92%). Roma makes up the minority (3.15%). The ethnicity of 13.13 percent of the population is unknown. Orthodox Christianity dominates the religious landscape (85.33%). It is unknown what religion 13.16 percent of the population belongs to.


According to Forbes magazine’s Romanian edition, Călăraşi ranked 21st among the 40 largest cities in the country in December 2015 when it ranked the best places for doing business. Călăraşiul was ranked the highest in Bărăgan, as well as beating other larger towns, such as Râmnicu Vâlcea, Buzău, and Brăila.


In the county, 1.9% of the agricultural area is in the municipality of Călăraşi because it is urban. However, the share of the farming area in the city’s total size is considerable, reaching 63%, considering that the agricultural sector contributed 6% to the total turnover at the end of 2007 and employed 3% of the local population.


From preschool to higher education, the educational system in Călărași includes academic units for all levels of education.

Academic units are most prevalent in preschools, primary-secondary, and high schools. In 2006, the number of kindergartens increased by almost threefold over 2004. Through the Faculty of Management, Engineering Economy in Agriculture and Rural Development, Spiru-Haret University, Bio Terra, and Titu Maiorescu universities, there are branches of Popular University, University of Agronomic Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine.


Călăraşi is located on the 7th pan-European transport corridor and is only 26 kilometers from the 4th pan-European transport corridor, making it one of the few towns in Romania that benefit from two transport corridors of European importance. As a result of constructing the A2 and rehabilitating the Bucharest – Constanța railway, industrial goods will have easier access to the biggest port in Romania and one of the largest ports in Europe.

Public transport

There are 26 buses in the municipality of Călăraşi, maintaining a constant number from 2004 to 2006. In addition to taxis, extra-urban transport companies with minibusses connect the municipality with other cities. There is a rectangular (rectangular) street network in Călărași Municipality. On the continuation of the road DN3 – Calea, there is a longitudinal axis oriented west-east.

Rail transport

While railway traffic is relatively well integrated into the municipality’s structure, it is also a source of noise pollution, constituting a solid element of segregation. The CFR Călărași Sud station provides regular rail services connecting the city with the rest of the county and region, as well as with the country’s capital and other large cities: Slobozia, Brăila, Constanța. An extensive modernization process began at CFR Călărași Railway Station in 2012.

River transport

The municipality of Călăraşi has a river port with berths, storage spaces, and docking spaces for ships, but it has a limited platform area. Borcea arm navigation is only permitted in specific areas; downstream, there is clogging. The regeneration of the port in the city of Călărași and the establishment of a river passenger transport line in the border area Romania (Călărași) – Bulgaria ( Silistra ) will offer excellent prospects in the development of river circulation to the east of Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. The municipality of Călăraşi has an industrial canal, crossed by a modern bridge that connects it to the Chiciu – Ostrov Danube crossing point; crossing the Chiciu – Ostrov area is done by ferry and river taxi.


In recent years, the public and private sectors have increased their average number of health workers, directly impacting the quality of medical care. During the same period, the number of doctors employed in the private sector decreased from 48 to 13 in 2005. There is, however, an acute shortage of medical personnel at the Pneumophthisiology Hospital and the County Emergency Hospital in the municipality of Călăraşi (at the level of doctors and medical assistants), as the phenomenon of migration to E.U. countries for jobs more attractive from a financial standpoint is evident among medical assistants, which negatively impacts the hospital’s medical operation.


  • Football – AFC Dunărea 2005 Călărași is the football club of Călărași municipality. During the 1997-1998 season, Dunărea collaborated with F.C. Dinamo Bucharest and played in the Second League.
  • Futsal – Since 2012, AFC Dunărea 2005 Călăraşi has played futsal on its ground in the Multipurpose Hall as part of the 2nd futsal league sponsored by the FRF.
  • Handball – The city’s men’s handball team plays in the National League (AHC Dunărea Călăraşi) and plays its home matches in the Multipurpose Hall.
  • Baseball – The C.S. Leaders Călăraşi baseball team has many active performances in Călărași.

Things to Do in Calarasi

  1. Zoo Parc Calarasi – Zoos
  2. Municipal Museum Calarasi – History Museums
  3. Lower Danube Museum – Speciality Museums • Natural History Museums
  4. Ruta 66 – Bars & Clubs
  5. Virtual Reality Studio – Game & Entertainment Centers
  6. Wakeboard Romania – Waterskiing & Jetskiing
  7. A2 WAKE Park – Surfing & Windsurfing • Water Sports

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