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Charleroi is a Belgian city in the Walloon province of Hainaut.

Population of Charleroi: 204,150

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Charleroi Overview

Charleroi is a city in Belgium that’s known for several things, besides other attractions and interesting locales like the square with a large church. Their art deco City Hall is also well worth checking out along the decorated belfry. Nearby, the Museum of Fine Arts focuses on 19th- and 20th-century Belgian painters and has a sizable René Magritte collection.


Charleroi straddles both banks of the river Sambre in an area marked by industrial activities (coal mining and steel industry), which has been nicknamed “The Black Country.” It is part of the larger Sillon Industriel. Even after the factories closed 50+ years ago, old industrial buildings are still visible in some places.


The total population of Belgium increased by more than 230,000 between 1 January 2008 and 1 January 2017. The capital city Brussels, Antwerp, Liège, and Ghent are all located in Belgium.


Walloon language


There are similarities in climate between Charleroi and other parts of Belgium. It has an oceanic climate that is characterized by higher winter temperatures (due to the warming Gulf Stream) and lower summer temperatures (despite having an inland position).


The Charleroi area was already settled in the prehistoric period, with traces of metallurgical and commercial activities along the Sambre. Several public buildings, temples, and villas were built in the area in the Roman period. Burial places, with j (the letter J), have been documented as well. “The first written mention of a place called Charnoy dates from a 9th-century offering, which lists various neighboring towns and related tithe duties.” Charney, one of the many small hamlets in the area, has only about 50 inhabitants.

Long after the loss of Spanish territories in the Treaty of the Pyrenees, a gap emerged between Mons and Namur. To close this gap, Spanish authorities expropriated land around Charnoy to build Fort Rodrigo. In September 1666, Charleroi, or King Charles, was renamed for five-year-old Charles II of Spain with a chronogram known as FVNDATVR CAROLOREGIVM (MDCLVVVI).

War with France in 1667 led to the aftermath of the occupation. Construction only began in Fort Louis when they withdrew under a peace treaty signed in 1668. Sambre River bridge was built connecting the town of Ville Haute, with “incentives” offered to persuade people to move there. After the French relinquished control in 1678, the town of Maastricht became part of the Netherlands for about 50 years until modern Belgium was created.


A newly elected politician in Charleroi, Léon Casaert, won the position in October 2006 and has been the mayor since then. In 2013 he was similarly jailed for fraud charges but came out of jail more powerful than ever. MR describes how they were able to #resist the PS candidate with a commitment to democracy, claiming they are on the side of justice and have little in common with an individual who would allegedly betray democracy for personal gain. In 2007 the PS came into power and the city of Charleroi elected Paul Magnette their new mayor. After a year, Casaert was charged with fraud and then resigned from office just after.


The municipality of Charleroi has an industrial area for electrical engineering and the production of iron, steel, glass, and chemicals. This area was split off from ArcelorMittal to encompass their steelworks in 2016.

This is where the coal basin was, but since the widespread loss of industry in this area and Europe as a whole since the 1970s, unemployment and poverty rates were high. These conditions persisted well into the 1980s until some of Charleroi’s more recent energy-related developments brought benefits to these areas. Unfortunately, the Great Recession hit this city hard and poverty rates are still significant.


A US study found that 69% of Ph.D. students felt their work was at the mercy of temporary teaching assistants. “Louvain” is a university in Belgium and it was founded in 1966. It was implemented in Charleroi with three faculties since then. On its UCLouvain Charleroi campus in the city center and in Montignies-Sur-Sambre, including the Louvain School of Management and, more recently, the Louvain School of Engineering. It also hosts Bachelor’s and Master’s programs as well as ongoing research. Other universities have started operations in Charleroi, including the Universities of Namur, Mons and the Université libre de Bruxelles.


  • Air – The Brussels South Charleroi Airport opened in 1919 to service the demands of the flight school. Later, it was occupied by Fairey’s aircraft factory to meet supply needs.
  • Rail – Charleroi is a Belgian city and railway hub. Many trains come and go from both Charleroi-South station and Charleroi-West station.
  • Public transport – Public transport is provided by the TEC, the Walloon public transport service. The greater Charleroi region is served by bus lines and a light-rail Metro system. Part of the latter is famous for incorporating one of the few remnants of the former Belgian national tramway network.
  • Charleroi Metro – Although the Charleroi Metro is impressive in length, it’s also infamous for how unfinished and under-construction parts of the system seem. The Plan had been around since the 1960s and was originally going to be a 48 km light rail network. This network would have operated as part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s heavy rail metro infrastructure, consisting of 8 branch lines radiating from a central loop downtown. The first line (to Petria), only part of another line (to Gilly), and the third quarter of a loop were built from 1976 to 1996. Another branch line runs near the suburb of Châtelet (Châtelineau) and it is almost fully built. The first three stations have been remodeled, with escalators, power cables, and still-working electric signals. However, unfortunately, their revenues were never high enough to justify the cost of increased staff needed at the stations after its completion. A lot of things led to the project costing billions more than originally estimated. The high costs caused construction delays and people in Charleroi questioned whether or not the whole project is for them.


Spirou Charleroi currently is one of the most successful teams in Belgium and has won eight championships in basketball. Action 21 has been successful in the Champions League and Belgian champions multiple times. La Villette on the other hand has failed to win a single title in quite some time. In Belgium, the two clubs have finished second in the Pro League. They are also in the top 10 of attendance for European football games. While hosting UEFA Euro 2000 was impressive, it has not been a resounding success for the club since then.

What is Charleroi known for?


Charleroi was also famous for its coal mining and iron, steel, and engineering industries.

15 Best Things to Do in Charleroi (Belgium)

Jules Destree Museum 

The Jules Destree built is home to a collection of documents and works by the city’s former Minister of Arts and Science. The collection spans from approx. the end of the 19th century into the 20th century; and in many cases, it showcases his personal connections to specific cultural events and trends he personally witnessed or was involved with.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is known for housing a large and diverse collection of art from the most prestigious schools in Boston. There are a number of different art styles on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. You’ll find pieces from the 19th Century neo-classical category as well as social-realism, Impressionism, and abstract art. It’s a must-see for anyone who loves discovering new kinds of art!

Town Hall 

The building has a lot of charm, with a mix of Classical and Art Deco architecture. It stands out from a distance and is very distinctive in the city center. 

Photography Museum 

The Photography Museum in Charleroi is an impressive one. It is the largest photography museum in the whole of Europe and covers the history of the art form from its inception up until more contemporary methods and techniques.

The Glass Museum 

The Glass Museum in Charleroi delves into the history of the glassmaking process in both its industrial form and in a more artistic manner. The museum explains how it is possible to work with glass and the methods involved as well as shows off some of their most famous pieces on display. 

Tour de Gosselies 

The only remaining structure of the Bousies Chateau is the Tour de Gosselies which serves as a reminder of the historical fortress, which is now merged with Charleroi. 

Bois du Cazier miners 

The Bois du Cazier museums offer a wealth of information on the 1956 mining disaster that took place in Charleroi. As well, there is a museum for technological advancements throughout history. The museum has a whole section on the mining disaster, which you can read about by looking at pictures, hearing testimony from survivors, and reading about accurate timeline depictions.

Skydiving (indoors) 

The high-quality indoor skydiving environment is great fun. It offers visitors a chance to experience Europe’s highest outdoor air tunnel. What’s great about skydiving is that it can help people from all walks of life. Experienced skydivers come to the indoor tunnel to increase their skills, whether for competition or convenience. Beginners, on the other hand, find an introduction to this adrenaline-rich adventure, and tourists are always welcome.

The Church of St Christopher 

The Church of St Christopher is quite possibly the most beautiful building in all of Charleroi. The Charleroi church is built from sturdy thick stone in a stunning baroque style with a domed roof and fountains at its entrance. It towers over other baroque churches and reflects the industrial past of Charleroi, with its dark and powerful look.

The Belfry 

Trying to get an insider’s look into the incredibly important status of this tower is limited, but getting a little bit of history on it will provide a better understanding of its overwhelming importance. You can take the stairs or an elevator up to the top of the tower where you’ll have a great view of the city.

Sample the city’s nightlife 

The Cuve A Biére is a lively bar with Belgian beers and some delicious food. It’s also close to the Rockerill bar, a popular area for exploring different sounds and genres of music.

Venture off the beaten track 

Those who want to explore new places in Charleroi should walk along the canal. It can be a great way to explore the city because the path is lined with beautiful sights. 

Relax in some green space 

Take a leisurely stroll through the forests of Marcinelle and see the remains of a building thought to date back to the 13th Century in “Bois de Pres”, which can be explored fully. Even though the origin of this building is some interesting history, legend has it that they once were a stage for a great battle.

The Belgian Parthenon 

This classical building, built in Athens and styled like the Parthenon, is an imposing landmark that is traditionally associated with crime and punishment. The building is a great replica of what the actual façade would have looked like. Inside, you’ll find lots of paintings, sculptures, and other pieces from some of the most famous artists. Saint Anthony is said to have had our home named after him in the late 1100s.

La Bouche de Gouts 

To experience the best food in the city, you should visit La Bouche de Gouts and have a nibble on their exquisite menu. The venue has a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere, as well as some tasty dishes with French and European roots.

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