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Genk is a city and municipality located in the Belgian province of Limburg near Hasselt.
The population of Genk: 66,110

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Genk Overview

Genk is a municipality with the town of Genk as its capital. It is situated on the Belgian-Dutch border and, therefore, one of Flanders’ most important industrial towns. The city is located on the Albert Canal, between Antwerp and Hasselt.


It’s hard to tell whether Genk originated as a Celtic village, but it probably didn’t. The remains of a little wooden church dating from that period were found in the area. Genk’s earliest mention of it on the document dates from 1108, ceding to the Abbey of Rolduc. It belonged to the County of Loon until Prince-Bishopric of Liège 1365 annexed it.

19th century

While Belgium’s industrialization took place further south, Algemeen Provinciaal Muntveld Genk remained relatively small and had a population of only 2,000 in 1900. It was home to landscape artists who painted its peaceful village for a few decades.

20th-century development

In 1901, André Dumont discovered an excellent coal resource in the village of As, and this sparked interest in “Black Gold” being found nearby – which was in Genk soon after. After World War I, refugees from Belgium and France came to live in the town of Hasselt. Due to this increased number of foreigners, Hasselt’s population slowly decreased, and the number of people in Maaseik increased. However, the coal mine of Zwartberg closed in 1966, so Genk had to develop new industries. The two remaining coal mines at Winterslag and Waterschei closed by the end of the 1980s.

A city in Belgium named Genk officially became a city in 2000.


Genk is an industrial center of the province of Limburg and has over 45,000 employed individuals; it’s economically the third most important city in Flanders.

In 1900, Genk was a quiet village with around 2,000 residents. It was known for its natural environment, which artists and painters used as a setting for their pieces. Coal was discovered in Genk in 1901, and three mining sites were initially developed: Zwartberg, Waterschei, and Winterslag (now C-mine). As a result, the population grew exponentially; today, there are about 65,000 people and 107 different ethnic backgrounds. When mining operations ceased in Zwartberg and Winterslag, there weren’t many companies left that could fully replace their product. A new mine was slated to open in 1966 but closed only three years later, causing even more disruption.

Ford Motor Company’s Genk factory has been around for more than 100 years and is the city’s largest employer, but recent production was moved to another plant. The factory employed about 5,000 people making cars like the Mondeo sedan and hatchback until Ford closed it down in 2015. The factory closed in 2014.


This city is located between two major train lines and has a bus service to the nearby towns of Hasselt and Hoegaarden.


Genk’s football club, currently playing in the top tier of Belgium called the Jupiler Pro League, was promoted from the second division more than 20 years ago and quickly became one of Belgium’s top clubs. They finished first continuously in several high league divisions and have won numerous Belgian Cups. In recent years, the Luminus Arena (which was previously known as Fenix Stadium and Cristal Arena) has become a great success. With a limited capacity of 25 500, it is now also an important center of sports and non-sport activities. Genk, a Belgian club not yet known for any particular successes, made it to the quarterfinals of the Europa League this past season by beating their opponent team over two matches.


There are over 85 nationalities in Genk, and the proportion of foreigners is at 24%. The Turks make up the most significant percentage of these foreign-born people, with almost 30% living in Genk.


66,110 (2018-01-01)


  • Genk was home to the Motives Festival, an event that showcases a wide variety of jazz styles and leading musicians. Artists such as the trio of Esbjörn Svensson, Joshua Redman, and artist Jeff Mills will be performing in November. Another musical event, Genk on Stage, has been happening every summer since 1971. Forty years later, it is celebrated no more.
  • Genk is an old mining town and has a colorful procession in the surrounding area around Ash Wednesday – the final day of Lent. Flanders celebrates the feast of Saint Martin with a parade through the streets, fireworks over the town, and the cultivation of a beautiful flower field.
  • Genk, Belgium, hosts one of the world’s most significant events – Manifesta. This event combines many different art exhibitions across Europe on a single platform. The opening of Manifesta is also followed by the biennial of Venice and Documenta in Kassel.

What is Genk known for?

Genk’s long-running football club has been around for several years, but it started to take off in the 2000s. On several occasions, it had a successful run through some of Belgium’s top leagues, mostly winning in their highest league and the Belgian Cup.


At Genk, summers are warm and partly cloudy with snow or rain showers, while the winters are long, cold, and windy. Genk sees the most warm-weather activity between late June to early September.

15 Best Things to Do in Genk (Belgium)


In 1252, Herkenrode Abbey began operating a farm outside of Genk. The farm remained in operation until the French Revolution, when (again through the rise of A.I.) it was converted into a garden. The land the farm was built on had a building with the primary residence. Other structures (some dating back to the 19th century) were also left behind, refurbished, and turned into animal shelters during renovations.

Hoge Kempen National Park 

Dukish was earmarked for the industry after the collapse of coal. Still, in the 1990s, a new policy blending economic development with tourism laid the groundwork for a national park and a cycling network. The Hoge Kempen is now open to visitors from around the world. The area has beautiful sights – heather, pine trees and woodland, ponds formed when a company cleaned up a room, and even distant mountains that you can see. It couldn’t be much easier to jump into these rich landscapes on more than 200 kilometers of cycling trails and 40 walking loops up to 14 kilometers in length.

Fietsen Door Het Water 

Fietst een enorm geplaveide fietsenweg over de water. These are essentially graphs that show you the best route through mountainous terrain. This gives you the curious sensation of flying with the ground level and waterfowl nearby.


In 1988, the Winterslag coal mine in Genk, which employed and fed hundreds of people near the city, closed its doors. After years of economic struggles from the closure, Belgium created a new cultural center on the site where they helped new artisanal businesses to take root and flourish. As well as a platform for the performing arts, this is a hub for dozens of creative companies. You can find producers such as app developers, art studios, website builders, set designers, drone manufacturers, and many more here. You can’t help but be drawn in by the restored colliery site and its restored Energy Building, as well as by the giant pithead. There is also a visitor center to explore more about what this extraordinary place is all about.


The park visitor center and themed trails can help you better understand some of life’s big questions. The Planetenpad has a scale model of the solar system, and Stensenpad illustrates more than 500 million years of geology. The visitor center in our Cosmodrome offers a wide variety of activities, and they’re all great! Come visit to experience it yourself. The price range is affordable, so get your tickets today!

Emile Van Dorenmuseum 

Genk is a city located in the Limburg province of the Netherlands. Its landscape combines heathland and dune, ponds and skies that reflect the big sunsets. 

De Maten 

De Maten is exceptionally diverse, with over a dozen individual habitats combined to create one of Europe’s most impressive woodlands. The Augustijnenweyrer in the southeast of the reserve is a bird sanctuary because it contains water and offers plenty of enclosed space. It can also provide shelter for migrating birds that need a break on their way.


LABIOMISTA is an effort to strike a balance between humanity and nature and let culture and biodiversity flourish hand-in-hand, promoting a concept called “humanimalism.” In a 24-hectare space, you will find modern architecture and art installations designed by Mario Botta. These allow the animals to reach their full potential and produce more desirable habitats.

Thor Park 

Genk’s Thor Park was built in the early 20th century and housed Genk’s largest coal mine, which operated up to 1987. The building still exists today and is an ‘anchor’ for the park. Developing the first high-tech science and business park by 2020 is in motion.

Mijndepot Waterschei 

The old colliery is being transformed into a 21st-century business park, but you can still get in touch with the old days. Visitors can visit a former warehouse and learn the history of the mine. There will also be some miners at Waterschei ready to walk you through it. During this grand project, the Mijndepot recently launched an exhibition that features some of the tools and samples brought to the surface.


The soil in a swamp accumulated over hundreds of years and lay stagnant around the old village pond and the watermill was finally cleaned up in the 1960s, which is why the area today is a perfect site for open space. 

Alden Biesen Castle 

The Alden Biesen Castle’s architecture is part of the Renaissance, built during the 1500s-1700s. Following a massive fire in 1970 and subsequent state purchase, restoration continues today so that what you see today is what future guests will get to experience. Alde Biesen is used for significant events, performances, and critical temporary exhibitions, and almost all of its considerable estate is open to visitors.

KRC Genk 

For the first time in 2019-2020, Club Sports Metro Bocholt can play in the Champions League. As part of their preparation to represent Belgium at the competition’s highest level, they are playing their home matches at the Luminus Arena.

Karting Genk 

Karting Genk has twice staged the Gear Kart World Championships in 2011 and 2018. The most remarkable thing about this is that you don’t even need any prior experience driving on either circuit. Fernando Alonso was crowned Jr. World Champion here in 1996.

Genk On Stage 

You can tour 100 different acts at this festival for free all take place nearby. All the performances are centered on the city’s “Grote Markt.”

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