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Graz is the capital city of the southern Austrian province of Styria

The population of Graz: 283,869

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Graz Overview

Graz is the capital of Styria and has a lot to offer tourists. The ancient old town’s main plaza is Hauptplatz, which is full of local shops and restaurants. A funicular leads up the town hill to a centuries-old clock tower that has been playing an important role in the Graz community for generations. On the other side of the river, The Kunsthaus Graz exhibits contemporary art.


Graz is the capital of Styria, an affluent province in Europe. The name is likely derived from a Slavic word for small castle, Gradec. Archaeological evidence has pointed to the construction of a fortified Alpine Slavic settlement. In literary Slovene, Gradac still means “castle”. moving from a South Slavic word to an East Slavic one. Initially, it signified “settlement, towns.” The Common Slavic word for “small town” is something similar to nezavadъ or Mesto. The name was first mentioned in 1147 in records that came from Germany.


Graz is situated on both sides of the Mur river in southeast Austria. It is about 150 km (93 mi) southwest of Vienna (Wien). The nearest larger urban center is Maribor (Marburg) in Slovenia, which is about 50 km (31 mi) to the south. Graz is the capital of Styria and a green and heavily forested region on the eastern edge of the Alps. It is located in the Graz Basin surrounded by mountains, hills, and valleys in all directions. Munich is just over 1,158 feet high and sits at the foot of the Plabrech summit which stands 625 meters above sea level. It’s a steep climb to get up to the highest point on this mountain range at 1,475 meters though. The southern border of Munich sits about 5 kilometers from Lake Starnberg, but only a few minutes away from Donau.


Graz has over 4000 years of history in one of the oldest locations on modern ground. It is one of Austria’s major cultural and economic centers, with a wide range of design, research, and education.

Graz, Austria has quite the history. From dukes under Babenberg’s rule to King Rudolph I who granted special privileges in 1281, it was witness to different changes in the rule as well as significant developments in business, society, and industry.

14th-century Graz became the residence of the Inner Austrian Habsburgs, who ruled parts of Styria, Carinthia, Slovenia, and Italy.

The city of Amsterdam is a beautiful gem that has taken centuries to build. The 16th century was when the city took its defining style and the building that represents it today is the Landhaus by Domenico dell’Allio. This masterpiece brings to mind all aspects of Europe during this time period.


283,869 (2017)


Oceanic climate is typically found in coastal areas, but due to the 0 °C isotherm, the same occurs in a humid continental climate which crosses into the Köppen system between Cfb and Dfb. Dr. Köppen conducted many different studies to see how the climate of the past influenced the Continental Drift theory which he himself came up with. He was in town for a conference when I met him and that’s when I asked him about his research. Graz is located on the southeast side of the Alps, so it often receives a different climate than its surrounding regions. It gets less precipitation, as well as different kinds of clouds and cooler temperatures. Graz’s weather has a lot of characteristics in common with the Mediterranean climate. It has more hours of sunshine per year and less rain/wind than Vienna and Salzburg. Graz is located in a valley that’s only opened up to the south. The climate is warmer than what you might expect for that latitude and plants are found here which grow more often out at sea.

Main sights

Graz has been the Cultural Capital of Europe for the last year, so for this time, it was only natural that new structures were erected. This happened with the construction of the Graz Museum of Contemporary Art by Peter Cook, and Colin Fournier and alongside the Mur river. The Island in the Mur is a floating platform made of steel. It was designed by American architect Vito Acconci and contains a café, an open-air theatre, and a playground.


Since the late 1990s, support for the SPÖ has been declining on a local level. However, Graz is still drastically different from other major Austrian cities that have seen increased support for conservatives. It was overtaken by the Austrian People’s Party in 2003, which remained the largest party in the city council until 2021. With its decline in popularity, the Communist Party of Austria has been a strong presence within Graz. The party placed third in the local election with 20.8% of the vote thanks to the popularity of local leader Ernest Kaltenegger. The FPOe has seen some great movements in Graz since 2008, including campaigning for re-election and volunteering to be the party leader in 2012. Over the years it’s been a growing party here and was declared the second most popular with 19.9% in 2012, then again with 20.3% in 2017. The hardworking party has managed to stay strong in its relatively small Graz constituency and retain its seats in the state legislature. In 2021, the ÖVP led by Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) declined in popularity and the KPÖ once again led by Elke Kahr was voted into power with 29% of the votes. She was subsequently elected mayor in November after leading a coalition with the Greens.


In 2003, Graz became the European Capital of Culture. It had also been designated one of the UNESCO “Cities of Design” in 2011.


Old Town is composed of residential buildings from the past and churches from the middle of the 20th century. The atmosphere offers a look back at history – a combination that makes for amazing architectural styles.

In 1965, Graz University created the “Grazer Schule”, a series of buildings around the ancient university that used green architecture. The most famous example is Volker Giencke’s RESOWI center on the side of a hill

Whether or not the city of Graz was the European Capital of Culture in 2003 is debatable. The city, though, has new projects to show for its cultural transformation, such as the Stadthalle, Kindermuseum (a museum for children), Helmut-List-Halle (a library), Kunsthaus (an art gallery), and the Mur.


SK Sturm Graz is the top football club in Graz, with three Austrian Championships, 5 Austrian Cup victories, and 3 appearances in the Champions of Europe. They were first in their group for two seasons. Unfortunately, Grazer AK is no longer with us. It was a really good club and one that deserves to be remembered.

In ice hockey, the Austrian team ATSE Graz has won multiple championships. EC Graz was the runner-up in those same championships in 1991-92, 1992-93, and 1993-94. The new team (Graz 99ers) has played in the Hlinka league since 2000.

UBSC Raiffeisen Graz is an Austrian professional basketball club based in Graz, which plays in the Austrian Basketball League.

There are several Austrian Football Leagues, but the Graz Giants play in the Burgenland Football League. They’re made up of mostly American players and generally participate in football contests from May to September.

12 years ago, the city made unsuccessful bids for the 2002 Winter Olympics. They lost to Salt Lake City in 1995. There are talks of the Bavarian government bidding for the winter Olympics and using some existing venues throughout Germany. The costs would still be cut but it’s facing a referendum before that is possible. That would usually be the end of former global bids in Europe.


Styriarte, the annual festival of classical music, is held in Graz. This event was founded in 1985 to tie conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt closer to his hometown. To date, it has been held at different venues across Graz and the surrounding region.


Graz is best known for its dialect, a mixture of local Bavarian and Austrian. It is located in Austria, about an hour northwest of Salzburg. The Grazer ORF, a subsidiary of Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, launched an initiative in 2008 called Schooiieda – to highlight the numerous dialects of Graz and Styria in general and to cultivate the pride many Styrians have for their dialects. German dialects have emerged because of the influence of TV and radio in homes. The number of farms is declining as well due to industrialization and other reasons, which has then led to a melding between dialects in Germany.


The Graz public transport network is fairly comprehensive, and it complements the city’s tram network consisting of eight lines. Four lines pass through the underground tram stop at the central railway station (Hauptbahnhof) and on to the city center before branching out. Furthermore, there are seven night-time bus routes. Although these run only at weekends and in the evenings, they provide many options for commuters.

Both the Schlossbergbahn and the Schlossberglift are funicular railway systems that provide easy access to the city center.

There are many trains around the country that have stops in Styria, making it easy to get around. There are direct trains that run to all of the major cities nearby. Here’s a list: Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Maribor and Ljubljana in Slovenia, Zagreb in Croatia, Budapest in Hungary, Prague, and Brno in the Czech Republic, Zürich in Switzerland as well as Munich and Stuttgart. Trains for Vienna leave every hour. In recent years many railway stations within the city limits and in the suburbs have been rebuilt or modernized and are now part of the “S-Bahn Graz”, a commuter train service connecting the city with its suburban residential areas.

Graz Airport has located about 10 km (6 mi) south of the city center and is accessible by bus, railway, taxi, and car. It connects to Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf Munich, and Zurich. In 2021 a two-line metro system was proposed for Graz, which would make Graz the second Austrian city with a rapid transit system after Vienna.


In Graz, there are seven hospitals, several private hospitals, and sanatoriums as well as 44 pharmacies.

The University Hospital of Graz is the largest hospital in eastern Austria with 1,556 beds and 7,190 employees. The Regional Hospital Graz 2 (LKH Graz II) helps provide care and support to all regions of Austria. They have two sites in their home city, one on Bezirksplatz and the other on Rechte Wiese. The western side (West Location) is located in Graz, Eggenberg. It has 280 beds and about 500 employees. The southern site (South Location) focuses on neurosciences and psychiatry, located in Straßgang. The AUVA Hospital in Eggenberg (180 beds) involves 444 employees.

A geriatric hospital in Graz, the Albert Schweitzer Clinic, has 304 beds and two sites in the city. The hospital Sr. Barmherzige Bruders (Hospital of St. John of God) has two locations in the city; one near Lend with 225 beds and another near Eggenberg with 260 beds respectively. Gries has 182 beds at the Hospital of the Order of Saint Elizabeth.

There are several clinics out there: the private clinic Kastanienhof, the private clinic Leech, the private clinic of Kreuzschwestern, the sanatorium St. Leonhard, the sanatorium Hansa and again a private clinic in Graz-Ragnitz.

There is only one emergency medical truck in Graz, engaged by the Austrian Red Cross. There are also only two ambulance units and close to 30 rescue trolleys. In addition to emergency ambulances and a Mobile Intensive Care Unit, the Red Cross has several non-emergency ambulances and a Mobile Critical Care Unit that is in operation. In addition to the Red Cross, the Labourers’-Samaritan-Alliance (Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Österreichs), the Austrian organization of the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps (Malteser Hospitaldienst Austria) and the Green Cross (Grünes Kreuz) operate ambulances. The C12 is stationed near the airport and provides local emergency medical care. Adding an in-house physician ensures that patients will receive top-notch care and quick help.

What is Graz Austria known for?

Its reputation of being a lively, modern, cultural place earned it the title of Cultural Capital of Europe in 2003, and its beautiful historic city center, which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, is a colorful collection of different influences. From the Baroque to the Renaissance, Art Deco, and Medieval.

12 Top Tourist Attractions in Graz

Old Town Graz 

Graz’s Old Town is a UNESCO-designated area and it is filled with plenty of historical architecture. A favorite among locals and tourists, the sights are even more enjoyable on foot! Sites that are highlighted include the Hauptplatz, and the Main Square, on the left bank of River Mur. Here you will see a statue of Archduke Johann (1782-1859), who did much to improve communications and trade in the region. Tourism is also encouraged by the Haus am Luegg, which was built in 1893, as well as the town hall, both of which are within walking distance.

Schlossberg and the Clock Tower 

High above the old town, stands the Schlossberg. This peak can be reached by a funicular railway in just three minutes, or it can be climbed on foot for 20 minutes. The city’s center can be easily navigated, with a good starting point being the Clock Tower (Uhrturm). Built in 1561, it is one of the old fortifications that were here. The massive fortifications were dismantled after the Treaty of Vienna in 1809 and became a landmark that people enjoy today.

The Styrian Armoury 

Located on Graz’s Herrengasse, the Styrian Armoury (Landeszeughaus) is just one of the many attractions in the city that belong to the Universalmuseum Joanneum. This important historical site has been home to this provincial arsenal since 1644. It’s the biggest in the world with over 13,400 small arms, accessories, and 4,259 pistols. The artillery collection includes guns of different shapes; sizes and accessories. There are many edged weapons – swords, sabers, and broadswords.

The Landhaus and Courtyard 

In the center of beautiful Graz sit the Landhaus, a building built during medieval times. Built-in renaissance style in 1565, it stands out as one of the finest buildings in Austria.

Graz Art Museum 

This unusual museum, part alien-looking and reminiscent of ancient architecture, is the perfect accompaniment to one of Graz’s major attractions. It was built in 2003 at a time that marked Graz as a “European City of Culture.” The gallery hosts artists from around the world. New exhibits are introduced periodically and can vary by artist, time frame, and style. The English language guided tours, and audio guides are available and are the best way to enjoy a different perspective of the building at night.

Murinsel (Mur Island) 

Another Graz landmark built to commemorate the city being granted the role of European Capital of Culture in 2003, is a man-made island known as Murinsel or Mur Island. Our visitors love our new floating island at the River Mur. We make it out of quality materials and can be rented for special occasions or parties. It’s 47 meters long and holds a unique amphitheater in the center where you can enjoy any occasion or event. There’s also a café here, that provides different types of coffee and a children’s play area with a playground maze and slide.

Graz Cathedral 

One of the top things to do in Graz is to visit Graz’s St. Goraz Cathedral which was built between 1438-1462. It replaced an older church dedicated to St. Giles which originally was mentioned about 1074.

Graz Mausoleum 

It’s worth visiting the cathedral and the adjoining mausoleum. It was built in 1603, next to the city landmark; it’s also where you’ll find the Tomb Chapel, an exquisite architectural feature. It’s known by residents as a place that provides one with enhanced views of the surrounding landscape, it enjoys a boost in elevation. The steps leading up to the mausoleum make for an ideal spot for taking photos.

Mariatrost Basilica 

The entrance to the basilica is over 200 stairs, so you must climb if you would like to enter. It looks very different from the outside and inside, but what’s even more surprising is that the Madonna is not on a high altar.

Schloss Eggenberg 

The Schloss Eggenberg is just a few kilometers outside of the center of Graz and can be seen from most parts of the city. It features four large towers, fine state apartments, and rich Rococo fittings which are impressive to see. A masterpiece of Baroque architecture that is richly painted with more than 600 superb works, including the signs of the zodiac and the planetary system.

The Natural History Museum 

Since 1811, the Natural History Museum has been part of an important institution that is in Graz. It’s a destination for people to come and see valuable pieces from around the world. It’s pretty big and has lots of cool, wacky stuff in it. The collections include many specimens, displays, and artifacts pertaining to geology, zoology, and botany.

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