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Hradec Králové is a city in the Czech Republic, in the Hradec Králové Region of Bohemia.

Population of Hradec Kralove: 92,929

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Hradec Kralove Overview

Hradec Králové is a thriving city in the Czech Republic. It has a population of more than 91,000 people with an urban area that makes up 350 square kilometers. Its historic center has been preserved and is protected from any alterations by law and allows for a unique urban experience.


Some say the Czech city was originally named Hradec, as it’s a diminutive of hrad, which is a word for “castle” in that language. Other people believe the name may have changed over time when it was owned by Bohemian queens. Either way, the Czech name means “queen’s castle.”


Hradec Králové rests in the hills of Eastern Elbe Tableland. Its municipal territory is surrounded by natural resources such as small fish ponds.


Hradec, the oldest Czech castle in existence, appeared for the first time in a historical record in 1119. The forgery of an old document came years later and has no serious effect on the existence of this amazing medieval structure. Elizabeth Richeza was the wife of Wenceslaus II of Bohemia, the Duke of Hradec. In 1306, she moved to the territory with her husband, who became King in Colder. Her first residence outside Prague was a complex that became known as Seilenberger Hof. The city was able to become culturally and educationally vibrant because of its queen’s presence. It became a center for military, political and artistic buildings that were at the same time built during this time.

The following fires in the 1290s, 1339s, and 1407s accelerated the reconstruction of this city. In 1420, during the Hussite Wars, this place was conquered by the Hussites and became their military center. The castle where the queen used to live was destroyed by the Hussites in 1423 and the king’s rule proceeded with a period of prosperity, and political and cultural repercussions.

The Hradec Králové development ended in 1547 and during this time, it was one of the largest farming towns. However, after Czechoslovakia became independent, the town lost many of its property and privileges which led to a decline in the quality of life there. The city did not recover economically until the end of the 16th century. At this time, houses were rebuilt in the Renaissance style.


92,763 (2018)


The major industries in the town are ARROW International and Trelleborg Bohemia. They’re both manufacturing companies that produce medical and rubber instruments and products. Hradec Králové is known for the Petrof company, which manufactures pianos. Petrof got started in 1864.

According to the Hospital Association, there are around 600 million Americans who have health insurance provided by their employer. This makes the hospital an attractive employment option for many people.


Hradec Králové Airport offers flight connections to destination cities across Europe, as well as domestic connections to Prague and other major cities in the Czech Republic.

Hradec Králové is located on the major rail lines of Pardubice and Prague.


The University of Hradec Králové is located in this city, which is the educational center of the region. It was founded in 1362, making it one of the oldest universities in Europe. Charles University in Prague has two faculties: a faculty of medicine and a faculty of pharmacy in the city of Hradec Králov, Czechoslovakia. The University of Defense in Brno has its Faculty of Military Medicine on Focsani Cărare Street, Hradec Králové.


Klicpera’s Theatre is one of the best regional theatres in the country. Its large puppet Drak Theatre is a world-class artistic institution.

The REGIONS International Theatre Festival Hradec Králové is the largest annual theatrical showcase in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1995 by The Klicpera Theatre to offer Czech theater a chance to expand its international reach. It has built successful partnerships with international theater companies like BizArt Productions and Manifest Theater.

The jazz festival has been taking place in Hradec Králové since 1995 and is one of the biggest festivals in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2003, Hip Hop Kemp has been running. Rock for People has been a huge event in the Czech Republic since 2007 and has become an annual event.

Hradec Králové is the Czech Republic’s leading orchestra, established in 1976.


Hradec Králové is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hradec Králové.


The Hradec Králové Ice Hockey Club was founded in 1893 and is more commonly referred to as Mountfield HK. The club plays in Czech Extraliga, which is the top hockey league in the country.

FC Hradec Králové is a Czech football club that plays domestically.

The women’s basketball team Hradec Kralove plays in the Czech basketball league.


The historic city center is full of old buildings, instead of young ones these days. Velké Square, where some of the most valuable buildings are located, is located here. The face of cities in modernity is largely the result of monumental architecture, some of which are Art Nouveau and Functionalist styles. These architectural styles emerged in the last century and continue to influence the urban landscape today.

The most important landmark of the city and its important monument is Hradec Králové’s Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. The Church was founded in 1307 by Elizabeth Richeza, and the two massive towers were added in 1360. It was promoted to a cathedral by Pope Alexander VII in 1664. It is the only Gothic church, which survived the construction of Europe’s biggest fortress during the 18th century.

The second landmark and the tallest building in the city are the White Tower. The bell tower was built in Renaissance style in 1574 and it was finished in 1589. It includes a very large bell and has been nicknamed ‘The King of Bells.’ Today the tower serves as an observation tower and gallery space.

St John of Nepomuk Church was founded in the 1700s and boasts some amazing paintings from circa 1825. It is rumored that King Ludwig II commissioned these pieces.

The museum in Hradec Králové was founded in 1880. The building was designed by architect Jan Kotěra, who built it between 1909 and 1912. It houses approximately 3,000,000 items from different eras and areas across the world – sometimes called Eastern Bohemia. One of the largest and oldest Czech Renaissance polyphony collections is The Codex Speciálník.

Is Hradec Kralove worth visiting?

The busy city of Prague is just 100km from this beautiful site. This stunning city has a variety of attractions its history is colorful and the combination of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and modern makes it unique with each visit.

12 Best Things to Do in the Hradec Kralove Region of the Czech Republic

Wakeboarding at Cable Wake Park Hradec Králové 

I never imagined Wakeboarding would be near the Czech Republic, but there are many places around to get in on the action. The most popular one is Cable Wake Park. Highlights of the bar include spirits that you can use to make yourself feel more confident, the staff is always friendly and their facility is easy to rent.

Ski Center Říčky in the Eagle Mountains 

Every year, this particular ski resort has expanded and now offers a lot of day passes in addition to multi-day packages. With this new schedule, anyone who is interested can enjoy the experience without worrying about scheduling fits into their busy life.

Adrspach-Teplice Rock Town 

This park consisted of impressive sandstone structures that have been carved over time and given different names and identities

The Krkonoše Tree Top Trail 

The Krkonoše Tree Top Trail is every bit as innovative and unique as it looks. You’re encouraged to get your exercise on the circular loop and the pathway up to the top, which is accessible anytime. You stop along the way to catch your breath and learn about other areas of interest in different stations that educate guests about their surroundings. The trail is 2500 feet long and 45 meters deep. The learning center underground has a complex tree root network.

Safari Park at Dvur Kralove Zoo 

The Dvur Kralove Zoo is the only place where endangered white rhinos have ever been bred and raised. It is considered one of the leading conservation organizations in Europe and its last remaining calf was born in 2000 to avoid extinction. Kenya is known for its safaris and coming to the zoo with an off-road jeep gives you a closer view. There are also tours available to learn more about the initiatives of this conservation-focused facility.

Castle Potštejen (and Chateau Potštejn) 

Castle Potstejn is one of those small castles located well outside towns but still a great stop for history lovers. It used to be one of the biggest castles in the Czech Republic and is rumored to contain hidden treasure. On one occasion, a near-blind count pursued what he called his ‘lost treasure of the talisman.’ However, nothing was ever found and the Count’s irreverent quest left the remains of a melted castle.

Rock Climbing in Ostaš 

You’ll enjoy Ostas not only for its atmosphere and views but also for its variety of activities. It has a Bohemian vibe with a wide selection of hiking, rock climbing, and rappelling opportunities to choose from. You’ll have no problems at all getting down to the valley floor. The rocks that you see from above aren’t as scary as they look and will be a lot less intimidating once you get closer.

Craft Beer at Brewery Clock 

One regional brewery, Clock, is allowing patrons to enjoy a nice outdoor beer garden inside or outside in the warmer month. They are known for their internationally-inspired ales which are made on-site and available for purchase. They brew 2,000 liters a day in an 8-hour brewing process and have many flavorful varieties, like a New England IPA and West Coast IPA. Their signature is a pale ale called “Clock.”

Steamboat Tour of the Elbe River 

You can take a trip on the Elbe River in Hradec, a city in the Czech Republic. The river is one of Europe’s most important waterways and you can experience it firsthand on a steamboat ride with the Hradecka Steamship Company. The trip departs from the Smetana Embankment and takes about 50 minutes total. One of the most beautiful buildings you’ll ever see is a hydroelectric power station. It’s an Art Nouveau building that reminds you more of a museum than a power station.

SkiResort Live in Černá Hora 

This ski resort is the largest in the Czech Republic with different zones to suit a variety of skill levels. It’s open year-round, so you don’t have to wait until winter to get into those wintertime activities. At the E Fortuna, in the Czech Republic’s capital of Prague, you can see some of the country’s tallest mountains, go rock climbing, take a scooter down the mountain, enjoy paddleboats and go-karts in the kid’s section and enjoy high-end food and drinks.

Sunset from the White Tower 

The White Tower is a tower that overlooks Hradec Kralove. It is a mix of old and new architecture but stands strong. It’s worth the climb up to the top, which takes about 220-230 steps. A trip up to the top will give you a break from modern life and inspire you by contrasting traditional items with new updates. The bell is the second largest and heaviest one in the Czech Republic and it’s located on top of a beautiful city. You can see an impressive amount of views from it including 360 degrees, with the city being one of them!

Architecture in Hradec Kralove 

Europe is a popular destination for culture lovers, so it’s hard to find places that aren’t overrun by tourists. The best way to see places without overwhelming crowds is to wake up early enough. Hradec Kralove is a great option for your next night out! The downtown area has many hidden gems and walking paths that, if you time them correctly, will allow you to get the perfect shot. Choose to eat near the park and picnic within proximity.

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Walwater Gifts deliver all over the Czech Republic. At Walwater Gifts to Hradec Kralove, we have extensive experience in sending gift parcels all over the world. However, each country has unique Customs Regulations and delivery times. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance placing your order online.

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