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Klagenfurt is the capital city of the southern Austrian province of Carinthia.

Population of Klagenfurt: 99,790

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Klagenfurt Overview

Klagenfurt is the capital city of the southern Austrian province of Carinthia and has a reputation for being colorful with its Lindwurm on its emblem. And, to top it off, there is a fountain in the main square. Alter Platz is a famous square, known for its beautiful buildings and wonderful scenery. It’s home to several museums, unique shopping opportunities, and restaurants. The Old Town Hall from the 17th century overlooks the plaza, offering spectacular views of the surrounding streets.


Klagenfurt is part of Austria, a country in southern Europe. It’s right on the border of Austria with Slovenia and not far from Innsbruck, in the west. Klagenfurt is typically rated as one of the best cities to visit in Europe – one reason being it sits closer to Vienna than it does Innsbruck.

Klagenfurt is at an elevation of 446 meters above sea level and covers an area of approximately 46 square kilometers. It’s in the region of Carinthia, on the banks of Lake Wörthersee, and on the Glan River. The city is surrounded by a few forested hills and mountains, with unknown heights that range from 300 m to 1,000 m (985 ft-3,300 ft), for example, Ulrichsberg. To the south of the city is a chain of mountains that separates Carinthia from neighboring nations.


Carinthia is the name of a region in Austria, which means “ford of lament” or “ford of complaints”. the superstitious thought that fateful fairies or demons tend to live around treacherous waters or swamps. In Old Slovene, Celovec is a place haunted by such a wailing female ghost or cvilya. It is unknown what the original name was, but the German settlers named it Klagenfurt after themselves. The earliest mention of Klagenfurt in Slovene is dated 1615 and was called “V Zelouzi” or “In Celovec”. This could be a translation from German. Scientists have found that the origin of the Slovenian language comes from the Italic language. The latest interpretation suggests that this comes from an older Latin word meaning a place at or in the water, which would make the wailing-hag theory obsolete.

Scholars have attempted to explain the city’s name in various ways. Some say that Klagenfurt was originally called “Viktring,” after John, who translated it; others say the name “Queremoniae Vadus” reflects how this site is supposed to be linked with a river of weeping when Persians were defeated nearby. Famous Austrian historian Hieronymus Megiser originally believed that the name came from a “ford across the River Glan”. This is likely because Klagenfurt means “market on the Glan” and likely originated as a trading post in ancient times. The common people also sought an explanation: A baker’s apprentice was accused of theft and executed, but when a few days afterward the alleged theft turned out to be a mistake and the lad was proved to be totally innocent, the citizens’ “delight” (“joy”) (and thanks) expressed by all those who were present at his execution “seemed nothing more than childish. This story was reported by Pope Pius II., who later became Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini.

In 2007, the city of Klagenfurt (capital of Austria’s Wörthersee region) changed its name to “Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.” However, since there are no other settlements named “Klagenfurt” anywhere, it has retained the previous shorter name.


Legend has it that Klagenfurt was founded after a group of brave men slayed an abominable winged “lindwurm” from the moors adjoining the lake, which was preying on the nearby duchy. Many legends have grown around this area of the moor, which is why a tower built at the edge was created to watch out for any dragons that may come by. The bull with the hook was attached to its back and when it started doing tricks, anyone near could see it in action. One of the more interesting historic sites in the region is a monument commemorating a significant feat that took place in history. It was erected on top of a tall hill and provides visitors with views of the surrounding scenery.

Spanheim was founded in the 13th century as a commercial stronghold to protect it from attacks by France, England, and Germany. St. Paul’s Abbey was first mentioned in a document in which Duke Ulric II. exempted it from the toll charge “in foro Chlagenvurth” back around the late 12th century.  That settlement was previously located in an area that was subject to frequent flooding and so Duke Herman’s son, Duke Bernhard of Spanheim moved it to a safer position and is considered the real founder of the marketplace. It received the name Marktplatz in 1252.


Klagenfurt has a typical continental climate. Winters can be long and cold with dense fog in the autumn and spring months. The summers are pleasant, though, due to foehn winds coming from the Karawanken Mountains. In 1961 and 1990, the average temperature on Earth was 7.1 °C (44.8 °F). In 2005, it had increased by .9°C (3.6 °F) with an average temperature of 9.3°C (48.7° F).


In January 2020, there were 101,403 people whose principal residence was Klagenfurt.

In 2019, there were around 20,000 people who were born outside the country living in Klagenfurt. This corresponds to about 20% of the city’s population.


Klagenfurt, or “Carinthia’s economic center” is the sixth-largest city in Austria. Its economy is based on industry. At the end of 2001, there were 63,618 employees at 6,184 companies in Klagenfurt. Of these companies, 33 employed 200 or more people with over half employing 100+. Popular economic sectors found in Mysore are light industrial, electronics, and tourism. Many printing offices can be found as well.

One of the most important markets in Klagenfurt is Benedikterplatz, formerly named Herzogplatz. It has a weekly market every Sunday with fresh produce for sale and more.

Crossroads Shopping District has several shopping centers, including the City-Arkaden in Klagenfurt. The center was founded in 2006 and is located in one of the city’s northern parts. Carinthia’s largest shopping center has 120 businesses that occupy 30,000 square meters of floor space. It was the first of its kind in the region to have a central arcade.

The second largest shopping center in the city is Südpark, founded in 1998 and located near the Klagenfurt central station.


Klagenfurt Airport is an international airport located in the city of Klagenfurt. It is often used as a gateway to several major European cities, as well as providing transfers to holidays abroad.

The Klagenfurt central station is located south of the city center.

Vienna is situated on the A2, which is a major highway that goes from Vienna to Italy. There’s also a highway called the S37 that goes from Vienna to Bruck an der Mur and Sankt Veit an der Glan. Slovenia, the capital of Slovenia, is only 88 km (55 mi) from Klagenfurt on the Loibl Pass highway B91.

Klagenfurt is located in the state of Carinthia in Austria, which has a high motorization level and public transportation. Its last trolleybus system shut down in April 1963 and its last streetcar service ended. In the 1960s, Klagenfurt was meant to become a car-friendly city, with many wide roads. They even had a plan for an underground motorway that was to cross the city during its construction but that plan wasn’t implemented and today by-passes Klagenfurt to the north. The problem of the four railway lines in the city center has been eased by numerous underpasses that have allowed trains to go through easily. The only thing is, more often than not they are just off of the main artery, causing a lot more traffic to build up. Traffic jams are becoming a more common issue in cities these days and for good reason, as many people rely on buses to get around. On the flip side, new bus-oriented schemes have been trialed in some cities to help solve some of the issues. It would be wise to invest in the possibility of an agile transport system to navigate throughout your city. One that would rely on the existing railroad rails, an elevated cable railway to the football stadium, or a regular motorboat service on the Lend Canal from the city center to the lake. You can choose to stay at a resort or in your own DTC cruiser during the winter on Lake Wörthersee. In severe winters, you might get to your destination faster if you cross it on skates.


There is a Civic Theatre that hosts professional companies, a professional Symphony Orchestra, and a university of Music. They also have a concert hall. Vienna boasts a wide range of societies and places for you to explore the various different artistic styles. The Robert Musil House, a prestigious literary institution that houses one of the world’s most significant works by Austrian author Robert Musil, has awarded the prestigious Ingeborg Bachmann Prize to new and promising authors.

One of the rare remaining examples of expressionist architecture in Europe

Klagenfurt is the home of many small publishing houses, and several newspapers or regional editions are also published here including dailies such as “Kleine Zeitung” and “Kärntner Krone”.

Founded in 1883 and attracting over a million attendees each year, the Altstadtzauber festival takes place annually during the summer months in Klagenfurt. People flock to tour its many parks, 23 stately homes, and castles as well as witness impressive concerts. The enchanting city is an Austrian favorite vacation destination.

Klagenfurt city is home to Klagenfurt University, a university of higher education. This university also has a campus in the city and one in the nearby town of Wels. The university provides a school of education, a college of general further education (VHS), and two colleges of professional and vocational education. There is an Austrian language Gymnasium and a Slovene language commercial high school in Slovenia. Several Carinthian organizations historically associated with the Slovene culture are based in Klagenfurt, including the oldest publishing house in Slovenia, founded in 1851.


Tertiary, Secondary, and Further education


The Austrian hockey team, EC Kac-one of the most famous in Austria and has won 30 championships. The fans come from all over Carinthia. SK Austria Kärnten were a Bundesliga football club based in Klagenfurt. Their second-tier phoenix club, Austria Klagenfurt, also played at the same stadium. Klagenfurt hosts the start and finish of the Ironman Austria Championship, having a 3.8 km (2+3⁄8 mi) swim, 180 km (112 mi) cycling, and running distance of 42 km (26 mi). It is part of WTC’s Ironman series which culminates in the Hawaii World Championships.

The World Rowing Championships were held on the Wörthersee in 1969.

Austria is home to some of the world’s best beach volleyball players and they are giving their country a big celebration every year during Klagenfurt – the FIVB Beach Volleyball Grand Slam. The event has recently been one of Austria’s most important attractions even though it happens to be in a landlocked nation. The Austrian players of the 2017 Gold Trophy, Clemens Doppler, Florian Gosch, and Alexander Horst from Vienna take part every year in this tournament. In 2009, US team Phil Dalhausser and Todd Roger won the title for club team Beijing 2008.

Klagenfurt held three games during the UEFA Euro 2008 Championships in the newly built Hypo-Arena. Klagenfurt was also a contender for the 2006 Winter Olympics, and the team it is home to is the Carinthian Black Lions – competing in the first league of the Austrian football league. The Black Lions play home games in both Klagenfurt and Villach, which makes them accessible to a wide range of fans from all over Carinthia.

Is Klagenfurt worth visiting?

The town of Klagenfurt is one of the most famous cultural centers in Austria. It’s positioned right on the southern border of a wooded ridge and perfectly between two mountains – the Karawanken and the Sassnitz range.

15 Best Things to Do in Klagenfurt (Austria)

Lake Worthersee 

This lake is huge and predictably popular in the region. It’s got a lot of activities and sights both on dry land – including beautiful mountains and a variety of flowers – as well as in the water, where you can catch some fish. Due to the relatively Mediterranean climate of the lake, which is surrounded by forests and green fields, it attracts a lot of visitors who come just to relax in its warm waters or take a leisurely stroll down the shores.

Hochosterwitz Castle 

The castle perches high on top of its rock over 600 meters higher than sea level. It can be seen for miles around and has been in the news for ages for all of its civil conflicts. Walking through the 14 gates and seeing the castle displays are fascinating, making it easy to get more of a feel for what it was like in its day. You can enter portions of the actual building and even see information about how it’s for sale.


Sporting stadiums are often huge structures that take the center of attention in a city. The Worthersee stadium fits this mold and has a capacity of 32,000 and is used for various sporting events. The stadium is the home of the football team SK Austria Klagenfurt and all their home matches are played here.


Klagenfurt is surrounded by beautiful lakes and woodland, with the Rauschelesee lake being one. While only small in comparison to its larger sisters Worthersee and Keutschach, this is still a wonderful place to visit and it has easy swimming and fishing options.


It takes a lot of skill and patience to create 1/25 scale miniatures, which is what makes them so special. These items are highly collectible and well-crafted. There are a variety of museums in Klagenfurt, including Minimundus, which is one of the most popular ones for both adults and children. It’s also one of the city’s top attractions.


This eye-popping structure is a 30-minute drive from Klagenfurt, but it is worth the effort to get there. For something different to do in the area, why not ascend the 100 meters of the tallest wooden viewing tower in the world? Pyramidenkogel is a fantastic activity for anyone in Austria who wants to see the stunning scenery of the Austrian Alps. Get up close and personal with the jaw-dropping scenery on a climb and slide tour. The last part of the tour is over 120m long, providing you with plenty of time to enjoy all that you have seen.

Worthersee Boat Cruise 

Want to explore the huge Worthersee Lake? The best way to do this is to take a boat cruise with one of their many cruise operators. There are several different companies based at different points on the lake, so make sure you research where the various collection points are before booking your trip. We offer different types of trips aboard, including water ferries, guided tours (on boats or land), breakfast tours, and more.

The Pilgrimage Church of Maria Saal 

Nestled in the market town of Maria Saal, this large Pilgrimage Church is an important religious destination in Carinthia. It’s one of the earliest buildings in town and dates back to 750 when Bishop Modestus dedicated it to Virgin Mary. The design of the church inside is an amalgamation of different architectural styles. It has a Baroque style with its two twin bell towers and typical interior designs that are consistent with religious buildings. There are paintings and adornments to keep you engaged.

Neuer Platz 

This square in Klagenfurt, which was recently re-designed in 2008, has been a central location for a long time now. The more modern look makes it easier for people to interact with the design. The center of the square is decorated with sculptures that represent different aspects of the city. This includes a fountain that spouts water from its mouth, and a statue of Hercules and the only female ruler of an empire, Maria Theresia.

Klagenfurt Cathedral 

This fairly modern Austrian Cathedral was constructed in the 1500s and has served as a cathedral for the Prince-Bishop of Gurk since. This Cathedral is located in Upper Austria’s capital city, which was a big reason it was chosen to be part of the project. The exterior has a clean, timeless design in light blue and green. All the buildings look well kept and tidy. The bell tower also looks like it belonged to another time period, but is still preserved with its elegant green roof and dome.


Strandbad is the most popular beach resort in the town. It’s located west of Klagenfurt and close to Lake Worthersee. The Strandbad features three long piers that reach into the calm lake Worthersee, offering a multitude of activities. You can enjoy many different options including boating, cycling, paddle surfing or just relaxing on the golden sands of a secluded beach.

Klagenfurt Botanical Gardens

The official flower of the state of Carinthia is the Wulfenia Carinthia. It can be seen throughout the Klagenfurt Botanical Gardens. Inside the gardens, you are treated to a variety of displays and features, including a cascading waterfall, several wetland biotopes, and an amazing Cactus collection. The Gardens feature both plants from the Carinthia region, as well as exotic plants.

Regional Museum of Carinthia 

This amazing museum is one of the finest around, with a lot of displays and artifacts about local history to be found here. Displays inside the museum are especially interesting, with a model of Klagenfurt that is over two centuries old, ceremonial swords of the Knights of St. Emperor Franz Josef, and a number of other items worth seeing.


The parliament building in Klagenfurt is a fine structure and its two domineering towers and uniform architecture are an impressive sight. There is a garden by the Southern Wing of this building which is surrounded by flowerbeds and water. They have a restaurant serving traditional Austrian food, which can be enjoyed with views of the tower.

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