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Liberec is a city in the Czech Republic

Population of Liberec: 103,853

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Liberec Overview

Liberec is a city in the Czech Republic. It’s the fifth-largest city in the country and it’s surrounded by mountains and forests. The city center is preserved, protected by law, and is on the Lusatian Neisse River.

For most Czechs, Liberec is mostly associated with its dominant Ještěd Tower. As a reminder of its once-thriving textile industry and reputation as the “Manchester of Bohemia”, this 200m high tower is an undisputed symbol for the city. Vratislavice nad Nisou is just outside of the city of Jablonec nad Nisou and is also a suburb. Since 1945, it has also been another city in its own right.


There are many different theories about the origin of the city name, not unlike that of many other cities in Mexico. The diversity helped create a long legacy of events that can be explored today. The city’s name is Herrnhut, meaning “God’s mansion”. The first recorded use of this word was in 1689. The city name Reichenberg came from the same root, but with a different spelling.

The Czech country name derives from the phrase Rychberk, which was assigned to the city in 1545. It took on several alternate spellings over time, including Lychberk, Libercum, and Liberec. Since then, it has been known as Liber.


Some sources say that Liberec was first founded by the Biebersteins in the 13th century, while others say it was the Rederns who founded it in 1348. However, documents from as early as 1348 mention that this settlement belonged to these families. The Redern family fled to Bohemia following the Battle of White Mountain but ended up being forced into serving the Habsburgs. The land they were exiled to eventually belonged to the Clam and Gallas families. A new industry, cloth production, was introduced in 1579. The industry behind the area was put to a halt during one of the most important wars in Austria’s history. In 1757, The Battle of Reichenberg happens nearby as part of The Seven Years’ War.

Until 1918 the city was part of the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Austrian monarchy (Austrian side after the compromise of 1867), and the seat of the Reichenberg district.

The development of Bohemia ended in a spectacular series of buildings that appeal to the 19th century and includes the city hall, opera house, and the North Bohemian museum. The main curtain at the Opera House is designed by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. The surrounding neighborhoods of the hills above the city center showcase beautiful homes and streets in a Romantic style which is similar to some central European countries like Austria.

After World War I, Austria-Hungary fell into pieces. The Czechs of Bohemia joined newly established Czechoslovakia on October 29, 1918, whilst the Germans wanted to stay with Austria to form reduced German Austria on November 12, 1918, citing Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points and the doctrine of self-determination. The City of Reichenberg became one of the main centers of political power in central Europe following the 1742 Treaty of Breslau. On December 16, 1918, the Czechoslovak Army entered Reichenberg, which was then part of Bohemia.


The climate of Liberec, a city in northern Czechia, located a short distance from the border with Poland and Germany, is moderately continental, characterized by cold winters, with temperatures often below freezing (0 °C or 32 °F), and mild to pleasant summers with intervals of cool nights. There is a lot more rain here in the city than there is elsewhere in the country, but that isn’t necessarily bad; it might be more comfortable for visitors.


104,163 (2018)


Liberec is connected with its neighboring city Jablonec nad Nisou via a 1,000 mm (3 ft 3+3⁄8 in) meter gauge tramway line. The first tram line in Liberec was used in 1897. There are two city lines with 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+1⁄2 in) standard gauge: The first connects Horní Hanychov (not far from the cable car to Ještěd) and Lidové Sady via Fügnerova. The second connects Dolní Hanychov and Lid. Thanks to the historical tram that‘s still in operation it‘s easy enough to get around. They are reminiscent of the past and also provide great transportation in many other parts of Pardubice. The private international airport is located in the Liberec part of Ostašov.

Education and science

The Technical University of Liberec was founded in 1953 as “The University of Mechanical Engineering in Liberec” After the number of fields has grown, the university was renamed. It is known especially for its research into fiber technology, which is a great alternative to cotton and wool production. It has about 9,000 students in 6 faculties: Mechanical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Arts and Architecture, Mechatronics Informatics and Inter-Disciplinary Studies, Science-Humanities, and Education. It also comprises Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies, and Innovation.

The Regional Research Library in Liberec is a library that people can access for free, which aims to provide education to anyone who lives in the Liberec region. It was founded back in 1900 but the history of this library dates back even further. It has an excellent collection of German books and magazines. The new building was built in 2000 on the site of the old synagogue which was burnt down by the Nazis in November 1938.


Mateřinka is an event that takes place every two years. It is a theatre festival held in June.


FC Slovan Liberec is a football club based in Liberec that plays in the Czech First League. SK VTJ Rapid Liberec is one of the most successful clubs in the Czech Republic, having won three league titles. They are also playing in the second-highest league.

HC Bílí Tygři Liberec is a hockey team that plays in the Czech Extraliga. They feature an ice rink they play their league matches at, called Home Credit Arena.

Liberec has hosted two European Luge Championships and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. They also host the World Karate Championships every year in January.

In 2015, from 15 to 23 August, Liberec (a city in the Czech Republic) plays host to the 2015 World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships


The most prominent buildings in Liberec are the City Hall (1893), the Liberec Castle (Liberecký zámek), built in the 16th century, and the Ještěd Tower (1968) upon the Ještěd Mountain, built by architect Karel Hubáček. It became a symbol. Václav Havel held a broadcast from the day of his first visit to the site of his iconic speech in 1968; a plaque beside the tower now commemorates that day.

Renaissance F. X. Šalda is a big theater with many attractions and lots of history, primarily built in 1871-1872. There are high-quality entertainment options nearby to enjoy in Liberec, including the large Centrum Babylon water park, the amusement park, and the casino in addition to the shopping court and hotel.

The North Bohemian Museum was built over 150 years ago and is considered to be one of the most significant museums in the Czech Republic. You can see a sculpture of T.G.Masaryk from 2010 at its entrance, who served as the first president of Czechoslovakia.

The Liberec Dam, also known as the Harcov Reservoir, was designed by Professor Otto Intze in 1902. It was built between 1902 and 1904. The dam is 1.3km from Fügnerova Station and has a forest with lots of green trees on one side and a sandy beach on the other side. Guests enjoy playing volleyball, enjoying the great outdoors, or even listening to some live music while they are there. The venue also offers delicious food if you’re hungry! The dam is also surrounded by a path that is frequently used during the summer. Some popular activities at the dam are swimming and fishing.

What is Liberec known for?

Liberec is an old town in the Czech Republic, a place where people have lived and worked for hundreds of years. Ještěd Tower was built in Prague in the 1300s.

Is Liberec worth visiting?

Liberec is said to be worth visiting by anyone. You can find some great views on the way up and see animals at their best at the Liberec Zoo.

15 Best Things to Do in Liberec (Czech Republic)

The view from Ještěd 

Despite being somewhat secluded from the city, you’ll be able to spot a weird concrete structure standing on top of a mountain in Liberec that used to be a television tower, hotel, and restaurant. This oddly-combined building was made in 1966. One way to get a closer look is by visiting the mountain’s platform via their roadway, or by taking the aerial route with a cable car. If you’re up for the hike, you should also walk the mountain trail up to the peak, which will give you a view that extends even further than Northern Bohemia. Parts of Germany and Poland will be visible too!

Liberec’s extravagant Town hall 

The building also serves as a symbol of Liberec and has a lot more to offer than its Austro-Hungarian past. It was built to stand proudly on Edvard Benes Square, the city’s main square. The style evolved from Vienna’s alpine renaissance architecture and was designed in the late 19th century. It bears a striking resemblance to the town hall that can be seen from outside, which is located nearby. The stained-glass windows at Notre Dame are very complex, while the tower built in the 12th century rises 62 meters above the square. It’s open on tours at a certain time every day, and sometimes it’s only open during certain months.

Liberec Zoo 

This zoo is older than its peers, but visitors can enjoy a wide variety of species from all over the world! More than 130 animals are cared for in 13 hectares of beautifully landscaped spaces. Liberec Zoo has European certification, which makes it an excellent destination for families worldwide. Zoos are always fascinating. After all, what are animals for? There are dozens of fascinating animals at this zoo, but the most fascinating for people here is the park’s numerous wild cats, which include white Bengal tigers-the only ones to be found in the Czech Republic-, lions, snow leopards, and lynxes.

Fin de siècle Botanical Gardens 

Liberec’s Botanic Garden is a senior attraction of the two, going by 120 years and holding 9 pavilions with an array of environments. You can’t help but marvel at the incredible display of carnivorous plants. In other areas, there’s an old bonsai tree from 1882 and a collection of orchid flowers. I’ve been to the two pavilions that also offer aquariums and an underwater walkway. In-between, life-sized tropical fish swim over your head as you can see near the ceiling!

Museum of North Bohemia 

Liberec is a city with a lot of textile manufacturing history. It hosts the Lidice Museum which is known for showcasing traditional weaving models. You’ll find hundreds of displays from jewelry to furniture in the various local shops. You can also see beautiful landscapes and natural history items at the exhibition center. Take time to appreciate the stunning neo-gothic building lovely 18 buildings from the late 1800s.


If you have an inquisitive mind and a love for science, this gift will be amazing. Even just browse the exhibits on the website to see what’s offered. It’s always an adventure at iQLANDIA and with educational entertainment going on all day long, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the Czech Republic’s first even humanoid robot or undergo authentic space training. You can also suit up and experience a simulated firestorm. The iPARK is where you can find a lot of solutions for your little one’s questions about their natural world and the visit to the planetarium is where you can relax and watch some shows on how the universe works.

Bozkovské Dolomite Caves 

If you’re in the area, don’t miss this opportunity to go on a tour of the cave system at Bozkov; it will be well worth your time. In 1947, when a quarry was being blasted a few meters below the surface these caves they were discovered. They are now considered one of the most important natural landmarks in Czech history and are monitored by the government. This is a great place for outdoor activities during the winter months. There are also things to do like kayaking on the lake, hiking, and even fishing. Temperatures never get above 10 °C, but you still need proper clothing and equipment to stay protected!

Czech art and design at the Regional Art Gallery 

Liberec is a beautiful city with many attractions, but one of the most fascinating is the neo-renaissance building next to Liberec’s Castle. The gallery has permanent collections that cover the works of contemporary and 20th-century Czech art, traditional 19th-century French impressionist paintings, romantic 18th-century German and Austrian prints, and Golden Age Dutch Paintings. The art museum contains permanent exhibitions, which are great for a first-time visit, and combines them with other events. These include temporary exhibits that feature topics such as Czech art and design, along with foreign movements like British 18th-century lithography. The Museum of Modern Art is no stranger to divinity, and with its 11th annual Divine Design exhibit coming up this September – now’s the perfect time to introduce yourself to the world of contemporary French art!

Babylon Centre 

Located close to the center of Prague, the Babylon Centre is a commercial, hotel, and entertainment complex. It’s bigger than any other comparable venues in the Czech Republic and has a lot more ideas for everyone. Everyone can play with their kids in the interactive areas, which are great for children of all ages. Adults can hang out and play laser tag or bowl by themselves or try a new game like bowling. Families looking to have some fun will also find something they love at the Aquapark! If all of what sounds like too much action, then go to the wellness center for a bit of pampering and relaxation.

Dino Park 

The Šaldovo náměstí tram stop is next to an educational attraction in the central city of Prague. There, you’ll find art collections depicting the age of dinosaurs, while you get the chance to learn more about them and other prehistoric creatures. It’s great for children to learn with little or no distractions. There are 3D displays, real-world dinosaur sounds, and the ability to take photos with a digital camera. The order of the attraction changes throughout, from realistic dinosaur models to woolly mammoths to primitive humans. More dramatic is the second floor, with life-sized models of a stegosaurus, and t-rex.

Winter sport 

Every winter, the capital city of Liberec hosts skiing competitions like the Ski Jumping World Cup and the Nordic-World skiing championships. In 2009, they hosted their first-ever FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. If you’re a hockey fan, then the fall, winter, and spring are when you can watch your local team participate in the Czech Extraliga. If you want a taste of the action, the picturesque village of Bedřichov is your gateway to downhill skiing and snowboarding. It’s also a great place to take part in cross-country skiing, offering over 100km worth of trails.

Edvard Benes Square 

You’ll find the heart of the city just outside of this famous square which is a center for cultural and historical events in town. A new year and new season, time to reflect on what’s been and set some ambitious goals for next year. The New Year is a wonderful time to take a trip out of Prague or have a picnic with friends in the park. There are always side events during any big sporting event here, so if you’re into active sport skiing, it could be the perfect travel destination. The town hall is the largest and most visible landmark on the square but all four sides are also worth a visit. Several ornate gothic buildings in different colors, arcades, and bars have been built here, providing a chance for you to eat or drink in pleasant surroundings.

Mountain adventure in summer 

The Jizera Mountains in Liberec are spectacular and worth visiting when it’s time for a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Their impressive peaks, thick pine forests, and expansive surroundings are almost Nordic looking. Trail finds are crucial in the warmer months, and you’ll have to pack your backpack and make a trek on foot for the time being. Many paths are marked red with signs that indicate difficulty, length, or both. There’s a trail marker found just west of Liberec where the Lusatian Mountains meet Germany. It’s becoming more normal to see the view that you are looking at. The landscape has changed dramatically and the peaks aren’t as high and intimidating. Romance is still a force in this dreamy land.

Walking Tour of Old Liberec 

If you want to see the city’s most beautiful historical landmarks, then the best thing to do is to walk through them! The Church of St. Anthony the Great was founded in 1588 and is one of the oldest buildings in Prague. Unfortunately, there are limited opportunities to enjoy concerts near Liberec Castle. Luckily, this stunning Renaissance castle offers tours that showcase neoclassical architecture, as well as a beautiful garden that gives you a good idea of what it might have been like centuries ago. The whimsical Feast of the Giants bus stop is a sculpture, consisting of a table and picnic basket that have been arranged like a giant dinner setting. It also has engraved beer steins and plates. This is a unique place to take some pictures and share them with your friends online; it’s an Instagram favorite.

The ruins of Ralsko 

Avni is an explorer looking for a place to take pictures and make videos near Prague but decided to visit this one in Ralsko on the southwest side of Liberec. It’s a 250-square-kilometer space of deep, uninhabited woodland that covers several tall hills, and you can find coordinates online to eerie abandoned installations including barracks and even an abandoned airport. In the city of Ralsko, you will find medieval castles that have lain abandoned for decades and are now virtually invisible in their current state. You must go through them to get to the recent castle which was built around the same time they were.

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