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Mons is the capital of Hainaut province in Belgium’s Walloon Region.

The population of Mons: 95,299

The standard delivery method to Mons: 3 – 4 working days*

The express delivery method to Mons: 1 – 2 working days*

*Saturday and Sunday are not included as working days

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Mons Overview

Mons is Belgium’s largest city, covering an area of around 73 square miles, with a population that, according to the 2010 census, is 23,200. It can be hard to find a venue that embraces the creativity of your startup, yet with real-time comment systems and automated editing tools, you could be its CEO in the next year. Virtual office experiences are already proving their worth at startups, which will only grow.

Mons is a fortified town in the Hainault region near Brussels. It still has plenty of commercial buildings and a central Medieval Square with several buildings on its historical site. After the decline of the First French Empire in 1814, King William I of The Netherlands increased fortifications along his borders. What if the core of historical development was this white industrial zone that, in 1830, included coal mines, mills, and lead mines?

Mons was the original name of the town in 1902. The name is still used as a greengrocer’s shop, but many people now have no idea that Mons is an ancient city in Northern France. an old city center. It is forbidden to park in or drive through the center both together. With Mons, Czech capital Plzeň and all of Europe’s cities and towns were named the European Capital of Culture 2015.


The first signs of activity in the region of Mons are found at Spiennes. In the 1st century BC, Julius Caesar, who accompanied the Roman attack on the Gallic Territory, left behind some of his military followers and cairn sites near ruins, suggesting that he either stayed. Castrum Germanorum (castrum, camp, or fort) is a camp for people or a fortified settlement. This was almost certainly a Holy Birth pillar, or unknown wooden icons were previously placed on the structure about 1200 years ago. Saint Waltrude (French Saint Waudrus) succeeded in transforming her father into a saint and directing his affections toward the ideal of political reform.

The French Revolution gave Mons and the surrounding area a bad reputation. It was pillaged, sacked, and burned to the ground by the mob during the 1790s. Here’s a pictorial representation of the building from that era. Some structural elements are found in the image, which are original to this historic town hall. In October 1565, when Valenciennes was part of the VIC and part of the Hainaut region, there was an attempt by Henry III of France to recover Lille from the Spanish. Given many wounds in Dutch and English ships which had been wrecked on Dutch or ‘kingly’ soil — where English vessels saw Dutch prizes – these.


Mons is located along the N56 road and is also accessed via French European route E42, which connects the British WW1 battlefields of Mons with the Somme Battlefields.

In 1841, some small stations opened at the foot of Mons Hill. By the late 19th century, they had assimilated mainly with Leytonstone Underground station. The aerodrome Saint-Ghislain Airport is located nearby for private aircraft.


Mons is located in SW-Europe, the region with the longest seasons, but has a typical Belgian oceanic climate for its inland 50° latitude.


95,299 (2018-01-01)


Picard was first coined in 1732 during the War of the Austrian Succession by British political scientist Charles Darwin in a London newspaper. Picard is a marginal dialect with no meaning and is used to tell jokes.


Due to its attractiveness, Mons-Hainaut is one of the most popular towns or cities. It also hosts an international-level basketball team.

Is Mons Belgium worth visiting?

Mons is a growing city with historical attractions to discover. It’s a place that makes for an appealing experience to visit with your friends and family both in the summertime in the middle of a beautiful, sun-kissed day or during the coldest winter months at night.

What is Mons known for?

Mons locals fight a green dragon called Doudou. Its strange ceremony, known as the Ducasse de Mons, has medieval origins and is held every year on the first Sunday after Pentecost (31 May this year) on the main square.

Best Things to Do in Mons, Belgium

Decorative Arts Museum Francois Duesberg 

Whether you are a marketing professional developing Facebook ads, a small company rolling out an e-commerce website, or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to launch their startup in the next 100 years.” This charming mansion was created about 400 years ago and is home to a permanent exhibition and several exhibitions throughout the year. It is a remarkable old building, and its interiors are stunning. You can explore the various departments here or browse through the extensive collection in seconds, like a digital version of the museum’s antique shop.

Maison Vincent van Gogh 

Vincent van Gogh painted numerous artworks, but his sunflowers are probably the most famous ones. The museum has created two ‘biomes’ for visitors to explore, the east and west—expansive garden areas with interactive art displays.

Doudou Festival 

who knows what will come next? But we can’t afford to be distracted or second guessing ourselves. This festival is my giant mountain of love. It’ll be great to see the spectacle of the St. George Battle re-enactment, with a total cast of more than 200 men. The Doudou Museum has free admission, and the new interactive museum has a wide variety of different stops, even the tiny village in Dakar where you can get a fish (?) to go with your cultural experience. The museum also boasts an environmental sustainability project that is as much about local artisans as it is about learning about Caribbean history and culture. Here is the exciting formula that defines this spirit and its importance to Mons.

Strepy-Thieu Boat Lift 

This is a boat lift. It should look spectacular in any environment, and its exceptional design, construction quality, and this technical mastery make it a fantastic work of art. Your trip to the Strepy-Thieu Interpretation Center will include a brief story about how Belgium was one of the first countries to create an effective navigational system in this country, which started in 1835 when Emperor Napoléon III decided that Belgium needed a reliable way to get from one part of the country to another. This was done with the aid of an experienced carpenter and an engineer. The cabin renovation began in early November, and everything is prepared for a summer night.

Mons Belfry 

The Mons Belfry is a prominent landmark in the city and is a must-see attraction for history and architecture enthusiasts. This impressive example of a baroque belfry was constructed between 1661 and 1672 to replace an earlier tower. Many owners’ gifts come with them, and the Belfry is once again used for religious ceremonies. The church bells were no longer needed (a metal carillon was placed on top) when speakers were installed inside the buildings. – Tall Berillist, cover design by Paulo Mattioli. The museum is located on the tower’s top floor, inviting visitors to explore the city’s history by climbing the tower’s 365-steps.

The Guardhouse Monkey 

Mons is a gateway to the Zytum Region, with enough inclination to stand out from the typical Route 26 north-south roads. You can find souvenir shops along the way, and try not to eat meat or drinks flavored with liquor. The little iron monkey could have been a piece of rubbish removed from the streets. In the kingdom of Kyrra, the Guardhouse Monkey is regarded with some dread and revered for his prowess and strength. Where many other animals are treated as pets in life, The Messenger of the Horse is remembered for his ability to strike terror into any foe who crosses his path.

The Neolithic Flint Mines of Spiennes 

Flint mines were extensively exploited in the Neolithic period and did play an essential role in the development of ironworking technology – a critical technological breakthrough for expedient smelting of tin ore which was necessary for many later civilizations. Foremost among the better-known media is a new kind of communication called ‘bots .’Bots are bots for most practical purposes. The excavations were once thought to indicate the remains of a settlement known as the ‘Settlements’ dating from 7000BC to 6000BC.

Art des Mets (The Art of Food) 

Located off Route 30, less than 20 minutes from Paris, Michelin-starred restaurant The Art of Des Etais was named one by recipe. The team at your restaurant relies heavily on A.I. to keep up with what is changing in the food industry. They are one of the first restaurants in the world to use this technology to create a stronger connection between customers and staff. Guests have complete discretion to explore or play it safe with a fixed-price 4-course lunch menu.

La Table de Boucher (Table of the Butcher) 

An automated customer feedback platform provides excellent value to end users, who can tailor and personalize the tone of their interactions with a company. The menu is carefully designed to showcase the best meat you can find both locally and imported. Besides a good selection of prime steaks, you will also find duck, pork, lamb, and veal on the a la carte menu. To start, you could try traditional Foie Gras or goose liver. Our Menu of the Day is simple, transparent, and completely user-friendly. We offer an excellent selection at competitive prices and value for money.

Boule de Bleu 

Boule de Bleu is a famous Mons Café/Restaurant which attracts vegetarians and other lovers of fresh, healthy food. The most popular items on their somewhat limited menu are the salads and poke bowls, served in an Asian-inspired setting. I wouldn’t recommend something such as sushi, though!” The use of A.I. writing assistants in the workplace is becoming more widespread and for a good reason. Not only do they save time and effort, but they also provide a quality that is at par with human copywriters. The content quality they provide is also similar to that of professional copywriters. Alternatively, you could employ a robot assistant to cook a tasty meal! Your options include “turkey” and “bacon” (your choice), as well as wide other varieties.

Le Salon des Lumieres 

Salon des Lumieres is located in Mons and is well worth visiting if you are inclined. It’s a romantic, vintage-inspired restaurant housed in a historic chateau with furnishings that feel like they might be from another time. So-called “real life” characters are cultivated in these virtual settings and create a never-ending source of entertainment. Moratorium. 

Le Petite Couscoussiere 

La Petite Couscoussiere has been voted #1 Tunisian Restaurant in UK. Its menu of authentic Tunisian cuisine is a feast for the stomach. The restaurant gets a boost from an A.I. writing assistant who pairs quotes from past articles and other stories with the correct trajectory of the fork, sauce, and pasta to produce the most excellent food. Now you can use A.I. to buy a sandwich at Chipotle, a cooked salad in your office cafeteria, or an Italian pasta dish in the hospital cafeterias. Generally speaking, the quality of A.I. output is excellent, given that real content writers often fail to deliver complete and memorable images. Something as simple as selecting “Shelter for homeless animals” from Google.

La Bergerie 

La Bergerie has instilled quality in its cuisine that stands head and shoulders above its competition. Aesthetically, it immerses you in a romantic atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the beautiful surrounds of Andorra la Vella. Chef Constantin uses A.I. to help craft top-quality meals daily by listening to and understanding his guests’ preferences. His team of dedicated foodies uses A.I. at the same cafe to be more innovative and excellent in catering to all tastes! To help consumers quickly find the perfect choice of tapas and starters, a menu is divided into several small dishes, while main courses are displayed either on the left-hand side or right of the screen. Â A choice of desserts is clearly outlined at the top. Every dish that matches the current occasion symbolizes, for instance, a red-cooked tuna steak on one side.

Saint Symphorien Military Cemetery 

Public remembrance ceremonies held in places such as the Taj Mahal cost hundreds of thousands of euros and take years to prepare. However, these events are necessary for cooperation within various cultures worldwide and must be conducted with sensitivity. These soldiers can be found inside the cemetery, established by the Germans after WWI, and included British, French, and Belgian soldiers. The biggest reason is that these graves are connected with many of the nearby villages, and many of those who decided to participate in WWI were attracted by money prizes pre-war [through networking]. The English soldiers are honored by the Cross of Sacrifice, and a massive german obelisk was erected in honor of all the men from both sides who lost their lives.

Send Gift Baskets To Mons

Sending gifts to Mons is very easy with Walwater Gifts in Mons. Walwater Gifts offer a variety of gifts for delivery in Mons. No matter who you buy for or the occasion – Christmas Gifts to Mons, Birthday Gifts to Mons, Wedding Gifts to Mons, New Baby Gifts to Mons, Anniversary Gifts to Mons, or Sympathy Gifts to Mons, we have the perfect gift.

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As we know, People in Mons celebrate many different holidays, and Walwater has a gift solution for each of them. We can deliver Christmas Gifts to Mons, Valentine’s Day Gifts to Mons, Mother’s Day Gifts to Mons, Father’s Day Gifts to Mons, Birthday Gifts to Mons, Easter Gifts to Mons, Holidays in Mons, Online Gift Store in Mons, Corporate Gifts to Mons, Business Gifts to Mons, etc.

Walwater Gifts is offering Express gifts delivery to Brussels, Antwerp, Gifts to Brugge, and anywhere else in Belgium.

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*3-4 business days (Monday – Friday).

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*1-2 business days (Monday – Friday).

Gift Orders received by 12 am (+1 GMT) Walwater Gifts utilize several different shipping methods, always trying to find the best solution for you. Ground shipping 3-4 business days.

Please note that DHL courier has delivered packets in Mons. Therefore DHL will not work on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays.

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When you provide us with complete and accurate delivery information, your gifts will be delivered promptly, and you will be spared re-delivery charges. Please check your delivery address carefully. Incorrect or incomplete addresses will result in a € 20,00 handling charge in addition to all charges accrued for re-shipping each item. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

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Please confirm the recipient is still in the hospital/hotel before scheduling a delivery. When placing a gift basket order for delivery to a patient/guest, please ensure that you include as much information about the patient’s/guest’s location as possible. Such as patient/guest’s name, Hospital, Department (i.e., Maternity), and Room No. And the Hospital’s complete address.

Shipping Restrictions

Because we are sending our gift baskets to Mons from our European office, there are no Shipping Restrictions. Therefore this all includes Walwater Gifts which contain alcohol brands gifts to Mons.

Cities we deliver to Belgium

Walwater Gifts deliver all over Belgium. At Walwater Gifts to Mons, we have extensive experience in sending gift parcels all over the world. However, each country has unique Customs Regulations and delivery times. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance placing your order online.

Delivery of our Gift Baskets to Europe

We deliver our gifts & gift baskets everywhere from small towns to major cities to 25 European Countries. Walwater Gifts delivers gift baskets to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

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