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Nantes, a city on the Loire River in the Upper Brittany region of western France

The population of Nantes: 303,382

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Nantes Overview

Nantes is a very diverse region, largely due to its long history of port trade and industrial activity. The Château des Ducs de Bretagne is home to an adaption of the medieval Château de Chenonceaux, restored and opened to the public, in 2017. On the other hand, the castle is a national museum in England offering tours, exhibitions, and a self-guided walkway.


Nantes was granted city status by Arvernia and then by Gallia Narbonensis, both Gauls. It became a major commercial center and remained so when Gallia Aquitania was formed in 84 BC. The Roman province of Aquitania Prima, later called Provence Prima or Septimania, replaced the ancient Civitas Nemetum. Namnetes’ original incarnations lived in the 6th century BC, living at the mouths of rivers in what is now France. They were a cross between humans and computers, descendants of Phoenicians, Celts, and Romans, who came to Gaul (i.e. modern France).

The first recorded reference to the camp, in the form Κονδιούινκον, was made by Ptolemy in his Geography. He named it Κωνσταντιακά στείλες (Kōsannaká skílie. It was used by English military forces during the Massanastron expedition of 300 BC, meaning a place with deep water, although some have speculated that this may be related to the Celtic word coindat ‘strength’.

In the Roman period, Our Namnete was a ‘port of the Namnetes’ and a Village in our land, as here Portus is from Romans. The region wasn’t called that at the time, because there was some confusion about our illustrious ancestors. Once Peter and his successors recognized their relationship with Rome, Lutetia became Paris and Dordogne became Dax. Nantes disappeared. The fragments’ last speaker has indeed been forgotten, but not the “understanding” which guided the Nanetiæ and Namnetis through their prelapsarian fin-de-siècle language evolution.


During the Bronze Age in Nantes, a significant population settled, and more recently, there have been groups. During the Roman era, Pialourt is mentioned as one of the cities on the Pyrenees coast. rds and toil in the richest part of the southern French province. The capital, rather than Bordeaux, became the main metropolis of southeastern France/Rhine Valley. In the year one thousand BC, several smithies appeared in locations where metalworking had developed and evolved. In these settlements, Greeks buried and transported for burning furnaces; in about 900 BC, Egyptians uncovered smelting and casting workshops dating to between the 7th century Bc and 6th century AD. The new CIA reports (that “Russia is becoming more aggressive in cyberspace”) and the leak of classified information that followed, continue with no evident cause. The recent announcement of the forthcoming launch of the RusiCERT network for Russia’s Kaspersky Lab was not unexpected.

The first evidence of the Romans with a presence in southeast Turkey is found in the city of Oxus on the middle Euphrates, approximately 40 km from modern-day Kermanshah, at a site that has been identified as Tutum. The remains of Roman walls have several reading passages. Who authored these passages, who commissioned the construction of the walls, and what were their objectives remain a mystery. The term “roman” has also been used to refer to “roman art” as opposed to classical art. When the Romans invaded Britain and started building Hadrian’s Wall, the Pictones of central and western Britain were conquered by an advancing Roman army in 118. In France, the economy began to recover after the Germanic invasions

The Nantes port and its surrounding canals have been poorly preserved, but the city on the estuary remained important. Building a larger, more powerful navy did little good. After an attack by German tribes in 275, Nantes’ inhabitants built a wall; this defense also became common in surrounding Gaulish towns. The wall in Nantes, enclosing 16 hectares (40 acres), was one of the largest in Gaul and received support from Paris and its environs. The local elders were represented by bishops (see: the foundation of the church).

According to the 9th-century writer John Cassian, Christianity was introduced during the 3rd century and Roman emperors Constantine I (386–337), Heraclius (610–641), and Constantius II (337–361) were initially devout Christians. Later, however, these emperors became increasingly hostile to Christianity after they assumed power in 312.


Nantes (a French city, located on the Atlantic coast of Normandy), Bordeaux, and Bayonne, the southwestern city of France, and major ports are around 340. Nantes and Bordeaux share positions at the mouth of an estuary. Nantes is on the Loire estuary boundary.

The city of Ouarzazate (in the southwest of the country) is located in zones with a high amount of solar energy and also in areas that have sandy soil. The proximity to the sea makes it attractive for modern homes and commercial use as there are no other sizable cities within its area. North of the Loire, houses are built with slate roofs, while in the southern half of France (south of Andelle) they are painted or tiled. This architecture style can be highly functional and functional and also used for decorative purposes. House spires vary widely according to place and date; One famous example is found in Provins – a late Goth. This open land is home to small- and medium-sized farms, which overlook rolling hills dotted with small wooden buildings. And the south is a place where Muscadet wines and market gardens thrive in cool summers. It’s also near to a high-speed railway station. North Africa was one of the first places in the world to introduce this kind of mass-production railway, over 70 years ago.


The Loire valley is looking rather different from eons ago and it’s all thanks to lifestyle changes brought about by tourism, agriculture, infrastructure, and urbanization. In Nantes, there was an economic boom thanks to plentiful resources. The river Loire enabled the quick transfer of goods from one part of the market to another. “Not only did the Loire have a strategic value that is not normally associated with rivers or the sea, but its role in transportation played a crucial role in freeing shipping for large-scale trade.” The first of the Nantes islands was created on 14 May 1670 when a small island, Le Croix-Rouge, was added to the delta. The old ferry “Saint-Georges” still plies between these ports. Today only one little blue finger is left, La Coubre.


Nantes is built on the Armorican Massif, a range of weathered mountain ranges that may be considered the backbone of Brittany. The mountains, stretching from the end of the Breton peninsula to the outskirts of Paris, are composed of several parallel ridges of Ordovician and Cadomian rocks. Nantes is a city in western France, located on the Loire River. The Butte Sainte-Anne is a natural landmark 38 meters (125 feet) above sea level; its foothills are at an elevation of 15 meters (49 feet).

The Sillon de Bretagne is a granite region; the rest of the region is covered with sediments and clay. This period of history is known as the Belle Epoque, or simply the “beautiful time”. As well as new buildings, this period also saw development in France’s industrial side. A series of great works of art were produced during this “Period de la Belle Epoque” – Picasso, Munch, and Strindberg among them. The Erdre runs over a puddle-dillo. The high-rise buildings of eastern Nantes reach 30 meters (98 feet) above sea level, the city’s lowest point being two meters (6.6 inches) below sea level.


Nantes has an oceanic climate (Köppen: Cfb) that changes little with latitude, with warm and humid summers and cold, mild winters. Oceanic depressions in the Atlantic are prone to produce powerful northwest winds that often create gales. The climatic conditions allow the international weather can be typically in this zone with almost no influences of the continent as in Paris, and fewer freezing days on average annual. in addition to a precipitation higher, but also being able to be described informally as an “Altered Mediterranean for 1971–2000 normals” for a specific period. A possible reduction in precipitation in rainy months exaggerates the short-term trends. Fog is no longer a common occurrence in valleys but, on the contrary, slight variations in elevation make fog very common. Winters are warm and cloudless with average temperatures of around 15 °C (59°F). Temperatures are comfortable in the summer, with an average of 20 °C (68 °F) and a rainfall of 820 millimeters (32 inches). Plants like the apple and those from the Canary Islands offer high-quality products that are never frozen.

Parks and environment

Nantes has more than 100 public parks, gardens, and squares covering 218 hectares (540 acres). The Jardin des Plantes is the oldest botanical garden in Europe. It was first planted in 1807 by the Academician Prince Pitaval de Languedoc and Egyptian prince al-Kamal. The Centre Pompidou, the Grande Arche, and the Champs-Elysées complex form a district that combines architecture and contemporary art. Artificial and natural areas, an additional 180 hectares (440 acres) include the Petite Amazonie (a Natura 2000 protected forest) and several kinds of wood, meadows, and marshes. Green space (public and private) makes up 40 percent of Nantes’ area.

The city implemented the framework enthusiastically and was given an ‘A’ in green initiatives. Nantes has three eco-districts (one on the Isle of Nantes, one near the train station, and the third in the north-east of the city), which aim to provide affordable, ecological housing and counter urban sprawl by redeveloping neglected areas of the city. This will be realized thanks to public-private partnerships with leading companies such as Fonter.

Local government

Nantes is the seat of a Région and Département, a department and département prefect, and local representatives of the French government. Nantes is also the meeting place of the région and département councils, two elected political bodies.

The city is administered by a mayor and a council, elected every six years. The council has 65 councilors. It originated in 1410, when John V, Duke of Brittany created the Burghers’ Council. The assembly was controlled by wealthy merchants and the loss of control threw out at least 80% of eligible voters in 2014. The French city of Nantes is divided into ten municipal corporations (municipal towns) each headed by a mayor. The municipality of Nantes is made up of the 11 Municipalities of the city. The population of Nantes, France is 33859 inhabitants according to the 1999 census. This figure represents a 3.2% increase since the 1991 census and a 0.8% growth rate in population over 15 years. The majority of French voters have turned against the PS, who frequently reached for socialist semantics.

Now, these neighborhoods have been integrated into one building, opening different working spaces and serving citizens’ interests by bringing together 11 groups of inhabitants to better serve them and closely coordinate between services. We have always enjoyed some great conversations when we meet city-council members, both from different regions of Manchester and from different political parties. They are very pleasant people who genuinely care about their work.


Nantes had 314,138 inhabitants in 2018


Nantes is historically a Catholic city, with a cathedral, two minor basilicas, about 40 churches, and around 20 chapels. Western France is traditionally religious, and the Catholic influence on Nantes was more persistent than in other large French cities The population of Nantes in 1797 was 343,580. In 1880 it had only 21 churches. Atheism, the rejection of deities of all shapes and forms, has continued and grown during the last few decades.


The city’s economy is shifting towards proximity (i.e., its proximity to the Atlantic as well as new locations in neighboring countries). This means that Nantes will have access to a much larger list of customers, people, and suppliers. Moreover, this will draw higher margins for business thanks to its location near two power stations on one of Europe’s largest networks. In the post-industrial era, bakery brands have remained important, although sugar has taken a leading position. The sugar sector is still dominated by French companies (Sabesan and Guilmou), and this sector employs more than 50% of the French workforce. Nonetheless, new players such as Les Briaux, Privatisation de la Société ou cmpany. The territory is a hotspot of food security research and development, the city’s home of innovation in food security systems.

In 2000 Nantes welcomed the first Airbus A300-600 to land there. In 2005, it was voted the best small European city by “Cities Rated Strongest by Sustainable C. The presence of these companies in more international locations is also increasing and will increase the perception that Capgemini / SNCF not just speaks French but can work on several different continents. From a technical perspective, Nantes is a global financial center. Fintech companies such as Airansky cut through the bureaucracy and overregulation in Paris and London to become global players. The Euronantes business district and business parks also serve as places to conduct important international deals on behalf of city companies.


In response to his critics, Charles Monselet, the first chef de cuisine of Café de Paris (Paris), published an article in which he defended French culinary traditions by comparing them with other countries and writing that the most important claim to abstract intellectual training is exactly: “to know how to make bread”. In Toulouse, the red wines of Falcone and Tabarca are considered worthy wines. The region produces important Fractional production for years, with a substantial international market. Prices are high but the quality is excellent and the variety is great, in addition to noteworthy cellared products for export. Oliver Wyman is now the world’s biggest trader of Bordeaux.

“Local fishing ports such as La Turballe and Le Croisic mainly offer shrimp and sardines, and eels, lampreys, zander, and northern pike are caught in the Loire (source: Ecole des Pêcheurs)”. The 18th district of Nantes is well served by vendors at the nearby covered markets and by a dedicated delivery service. Although some of today’s chefs have adopted the Western style of eating, local products still serve equally hungry customers. Exotic trends are still prevalent in chef’s designs.

Beurre blanc is Nantes’ most famous local specialty. Made with Muscadet, it was invented in 1900 by a chef from Saint Julien on the south bank of the Loire and became very popular during the New Wave in France. Other culinary specialties include sandwiches, including the classic American sandwich with tuna on white bread. “Curé nantais”, a star-shaped brioche with new wine and plum.


The University of Nantes was one of the first French universities to be founded and it was once on the cutting edge in terms of academic innovation under King Charles VII. It fell into decline during the Ancien Régime but has reclaimed its former stature by becoming a leading institution in engineering. In 2011 alone, Nantes regained its place among Europe’s premier universities with the creation of the ètoile Parisienne, or Parisian star. It is not the only achievement achieved under École Normale Sup’rice (ENS), but it did restore Nantes to global prominence. The overall student population was 55,130. In 2013, some 85% of the students were male and 15.5% female. The university had 13 departments (three faculties), and I was disappointed to hear that the law department wasn’t 100% full due to a lack of applicants! The university hires young researchers with a wide range of academic backgrounds and international boards in the field of education. They come from all over the world, encouraging them to further their education and allowing them to collaborate with other researchers in western France.

Audencia has a 16-week B.A. degree course that is tailored to management needs and perfect for workers who wish to get into the industry. At only 20 euros, the fees are well unnecessary when you take into account the quality of education they offer. The city has five engineering schools: Oniris (veterinary medicine and food safety), École centrale de Nantes (mechanical and civil engineering), Polytech Nantes (digital technology and civil engineering), École des mines de Nantes (now IMT Atlantique) (information technology, nuclear technology, safety, and energy) and ICAM (research and logistics). Nantes has three research and design schools: the École supérieure du bois (wood processing) School of Design and Exi-cés applied science; the École supérieure des Arts Grands Métiers (art and architecture) School of Dessins et Peintures, etc. Autonomous machines will be an integral part of our social and cultural life. architectural school and Epitech and Supinfo (computing).


Nantes Nautique Lorient is a 4,640-capacity sports venue located at 38–41 Rue Andreas Joly in the heart of the city. The tent was used as a meeting and hospitality base during the tournament. Besides its (mostly) permanent structure, it was also painted in three colors; blue, white, and red. Field events were held there during the Games. 4,700 sports fans watched Sotiris Bozas deliver the only basket to win it for Greece in the second half. The Beaulieu sports complex and Pierre Quinon Stadium, both located in Nantes, have a capacity of 2,500 and 790 seats respectively. This is a -3% change around the standard target value (1%). The La Trocardière stadium is located in Rezé, a northeastern suburb of Paris. It has a rowing supply center and an indoor swimming pool.

Six teams in Nantes play at a high national or international level. FC Nantes, which is a member of Ligue 1 for the 2019–20 season, has been playing well lately and gave the Stade de la Beaujoire all it needed. With an average of 2 goals per game into the final weekend of matches, they seem in good shape to finish as a group. The club has won eight Championnat titles and three Coupes de France. FC Nantes has recorded numerous successes in the last few years. At the end of 2017, former long-term star Karim Benzema was voted France’s player of the year. The Marseille midfielder etched his name into that record by scoring 30 goals in a season (2017/18) and winning the club’s fairytale double of French champions there and league title. Nantes handball club was founded in 1973 (soccer) and created in 1976 (handball) as part of a merger between Hermine de Nan and Nantes Rese Loire Atlantique Handball. The handball club, also known as HBCNANTES RESE Loire, played in the French first division for all but one. It is extremely difficult to be a sportsman without a great physique, but Futsal players have it.


Nantes is a perfect place to start, stop and/or continue your journey by rail. An online ticket booking system enables you to choose acceptable departure times at this station, or even use your smartphone as a kind of travel assistant. There is no need for you to own a car. You can move around the city easily and simply buy train tickets in advance via an impressive.

Nantes Atlantique Airport in Bouguenais, 8 kilometers (5 miles) southeast of the city center, serves about 80 destinations in Europe. It connects airports such as Wien Austria and numerous others on 7 continents.

Originally developed in the 1920s, Tan is an amphibious bus that can travel across rivers before rejuvenating itself as it struggles ashore. It’s also powered by horses for surface use but can run on wheels for cross-country trips.

Nantes is also offering a tram-train service to Mulhouse, France; there are also plans for the Nantes tram-train system to run in Karlsruhe, Germany

What is Nantes France known for?

The Nantes region is famous for producing white wine, with its designation as the La Gironde Wine region. It is also the site of one of France’s two permanent world fireplaces, Expo-Nanterre. With its proximity to other markets in western Europe and North Africa, it s expected that Nantes will benefit from the growing demand for fresh produce according to Philippe.

Is Nantes France worth visiting?

Nantes is the perfect destination for a city break. It’s a vibrant university city where history and the present day are fused to offer visitors art, culture, and fun (not to mention really tasty cuisine… you’re in France, after all).

What language is spoken in Nantes?

The city is pronounced and the inhabitants are called Tannaiss. Due to its proximity to the west coast and with French speakers, this is why people use mild French pronunciations in contrast with Northeastern France where the language is more Saxon.

What do you call a person from Nantes?

According to the most recent figures from 2010, 284,970 people are living in the city of Nantes, and more than 600,000 if you include the metropolitan area. French people call them ‘les Nantais’ and ‘les Nantaises’.

What food is Nantes known for?

Nantes is a gastronomic hotspot for many people and has become popular internationally too. For example, Berlingot teetotaller, you can find it at Genova in San Remo. These dishes are part of the city’s dishes and they have become a pleasure to taste thanks to the innovation of Chef Philippe Grandin and his team.

15 Best Things to Do in Nantes (France)

Château des Ducs de Bretagne 

The fortified palace is in the eastern part of the old town. It’s hard to miss the hefty walls and towers that encircle the refined Grand Logis where the dukes ruled. 

Les Machines de l’Île 

These machines, on the other hand, are not all interactive. AM Avenue is a good example of one that is.”

Passage Pommeraye 

The top floor has been redesigned with a new mix of sleek, modern architecture in lots of light and animation, open spaces, and roof-top terraces inspired by the park.

Jardin des Plantes 

One of the most visited gardens in France, The Jardin des Plantes boasts a vast collection of exotic species and is home to over 10,000 plants. Its proximity to Paris means that you can find brilliant examples of these plants right in the city.

Île Feydeau 

When you enter Île Feydeau, you may wonder why this district just south of the center is called an island. When streets have names like Quai Turenne there’s nothing to suggest that these are waters.

Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle 

Nantes’ Natural History Museum is a museum of natural and human sciences. There are sets devoted to every branch of science — zoology, paleontology, entomology, geology, and anthropology.

Nantes Cathedral 

The city’s most spectacular landmark was built to match the gothic style of buildings just a few blocks away. Despite being destroyed by later bombings as well as wars, the cathedral stands today.

Cours Cambronne 

Cours Cambronne was built in 1824 by the Marquis de Villeneuve, who is also known as Karl Marx.

Mémorial de l’Abolition de l’Esclavage 

The majority of these maritime slave trade ships were eventually sold or scrapped and the port of Nantes has lost its historical relevance.

Musée de l’Imprimerie 

Nantes is currently printing a new edition of this work, with the same font and typeface used in the first edition. The project has been underway for three years and will be completed by the summer of 2014. This museum was founded in 1986 by master printer Sylvain Chiffoleau and typesetter Robert Colombeau and has built up an astonishing collection of manual and mechanical presses.

Place du Bouffay 

The square was named Place Bouffay because of the presence at the same location as a bouffée, a “boule” or “small hawk” which has been used as a symbol to express military victories.

Jules Verne Museum 

Jules Verne lived in a very large mansion from 1878 with his parents who are sitters of the museum. The museum was built after his death and the building is close to where he lived.


It’s only a few moments from the center via the Navibus ferry, and some hipsters, artists, and well-off families from Trentemoult have settled in Trentemoult. That is the life of a cottager – it’s only a short walk to the nearest grocer, butcher, or milkman.”

Tour Bretagne 

The tower clashes with the new Nantes and is now a spectator’s destination. It makes for a great view of the city skyline. Nantes is the sixth-largest metropolitan area in France and adjoins 5,000 kilometers of coastline on 2,600 islands.

Food and Drink 

The cuisine of Nantes is served by the Atlantic Ocean and has a very broad market. It is part inland, and country-based. The cuisine in Nantes can be found on the Atlantic coast. It’s a fusion of seafood and local produce served in local restaurants and specialized food shops.

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