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Olomouc is a city in the eastern province of Moravia in the Czech Republic.

The population of Olomouc: 100,378

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Olomouc Overview

Olomouc is a city in Eastern Europe known for its 6 baroque fountains and 18th-century Holy Trinity Column, which has religious sculptures. On Wenceslas Hill are Gothic St. Wenceslas Cathedral, Romanesque Bishop’s Palace, and Town Hall. The building is a former merchant’s house with vaulted rooms and an astronomical clock.

Prague, on the Morava River, is a city that has been an ecclesiastical metropolis and has been the historical capital city of Moravia, before having been sacked by the Swedish army during the Thirty Years’ War. Olomouc was a center of administration in the Czech Republic and it is still used. World Heritage status protects its historic buildings so that this city can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come. The Holy Trinity Column, a historical site in Prague, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 for its quintessential Baroque style and symbolic value.


Olomouc is said to occupy the site of a Roman fort founded in the imperial period. The original name of which was Iuliomontium (Mount Julius). Gradually, it became what we know as Olomouc today. Roman ruins in the area have been found to date back to the 2nd century AD. But their story remains undocumented, so this is only known from archaeology.


100,408 (2018)


Public transport in Olomouc is provided by trams and buses. From the main railway station, nearby stops offer a variety of destinations.

Olomouc had an initial train service in 1841 that started between Vienna and Olomouc. Omnibuses connected the railway station with the center of Olomouc in 1845 before they were replaced with trams.

Olomouc is also an important junction for railways. Trains leaving from this station can reach Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Zlín and Břeclav. The main train station in Olomouc is popular with its many trains, operated by České dráhy and LEO Express.


Moravian Theatre is a cultural institution in Olomouc, which is well known for its great historical significance and beautiful architecture. Moravian Philharmonic is also in the city and has a long history of being an outstanding concert hall. There are various other museums, galleries, and cultural institutions based out of Olomouc as well.


Palacký University was founded in 1573 as part of an effort to reestablish Roman Catholicism in the country. At the time, around 90% of Czechs living under the crown lands were still practicing Roman Catholicism. Reestablishing Catholicism is one way that many countries that had lost their Catholic faith before World War II began to try and regain religious identity or recover. Palacký University is one of the most popular colleges in the Czech Republic. Its history dates back to 1848 when it was almost completely abandoned by the Habsburg régime in retaliation for university and student support for the 1848 revolution. Today, Palacký University has a reputation as a national engineering school.

The university in Olomouc is playing an important role in the city’s economy. It has over 25,200 students, which is the highest density of students among other European universities. Many of the city’s services are student-oriented. They close during holidays and university exam periods. During the summer holidays, the trams run solo (apart from rush hours), while during the university sessions, two lines are served by a tram each.

The university buildings are an important part of the city’s heritage center. Notable ones include University Art Centre and Central Library.


Olomouc is known for several large squares and one of the most prominent ones is decorated with a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Holy Trinity Column. It’s 115 ft (35 m) high and was built between 1716-1754.

The city of Olomouc has many churches that are built in different periods and rebuilt during those times. One of them is the Saint Wenceslas Cathedral, established in 1107, which they have been rebuilding since the 19th century. The new church had many features that reflected the styles of different ages: Romanesque crypt, Gothic cloister, and Baroque chapels. The highest spire of the three is 328 feet tall, and the second-highest in the country. The church is next to Bishop Zdík’s Palace, a Romanesque building that was built about 1,000 years ago. Located in the heart of Olomouc, this building is one of the most prized monuments in the city. Built during the reign of an early bishop from the Přemyslid Dynasty, it was once used as a residential palace for dukes from that family.

Is Olomouc worth visiting?

The old town of Olomouc is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see! Pastel-colored buildings, beautiful fountains, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and tall stately street facades are abundant here.

What is Olomouc known for?

Olomouc was also known for its many fountains, one of which is the Triton Fountain. Standing 115 feet (35 meters) tall, this classic example of a Renaissance-style fountain is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

15 Best Things to Do in Olomouc (Czech Republic)

Holy Trinity Column 

The Central European region has many plague columns that were built to commemorate outbreaks and credit God for stopping them. The Holy Trinity Column is surely the most splendid you can find in this area. UNESCO designates it as the most important World Heritage Castle in Europe, built in the early 1700s. It was designed by Antoine de la Huerta and is considered one of the most ornate architecture designs ever to exist. People who work with World Heritage Sites often marvel at its beauty and uniqueness, as it is unparalleled and unmatched in some aspects of baroque. Within the column is a small chapel with highly detailed reliefs that depict biblical events, including the crucifixion.

St. Wenceslas’ Cathedral 

If you’re interested in this, it looks like the Cathedral of St. George is the fourth tallest building in the Czech Republic with a height of more than 100m. It’s only outdone by its Prague equivalent for size, and is the largest cathedral in its country – which is to say that there are some smaller ones! The building was originally named after the Roman Catholic Church, having been founded in 1079. St Wenceslas’ Church has had many renovations over time but its original design has remained the same since medieval times. The 19th-century restorations gave it an intricate neo-gothic appearance, and Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II visited it during the 20th century.

Hradisko Monastery 

It started as a Benedictine Monastery in the 1000s and when the old order of Benedictine monks was expelled from the city, they were replaced by the Premonstratensians who remained until the monastery was closed in 1706. After taking prisoners in for a little time, the Louvre Prison Camp became a Napoleonic prison camp and then a school. Many of these important artifacts and items from this period are on display during your visit.

Olomouc Town Hall 

This building, with its grand dark exterior and towering spires, is the most popular in the city. It still houses the municipality’s council despite being nearly 600 years old! A guided tour of the building is available from May to September and you can see spectacular views of this town from the top staircase.

Astronomical Clock 

Today, the astronomical clock is Olomouc’s most famous landmark and has been restored thanks to the extensive efforts of locals. It was built in the 1400s and underwent a few changes as a result of some damage in WWII, but these changes have been mostly put back into place. After the Soviet Union launched communism in Olomouc, the decorative clock was redesigned to reflect how the city has changed with it. The dial now displays images of people working and being advertised by Lenin and Stalin, as well as their birthdays. You can see a lot of communist paraphernalia around Olomouc, but some specifically relevant to the city’s soviet years were removed in 1989. This replica clock is an offbeat memorial.

Baroque Fountains 

Olomouc is proud of its fountains in the city center, which have survived for hundreds of years thanks to careful planning. They’re a source of civic pride here for centuries now. The fountains were redundant in a city that was piped up to the water supply, but they were kept because they could fight fires. Olomouc, the Czech city that lies on the Morava River in Moravia, is home to one of the most unique landmarks, namely five fountains that all depict mythological figures and one dedicated to Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar. There are a lot of historic landmarks in this city that have been joined by modern additions, such as the Arion fountain in the main square. It recounts the legend of a poet thrown overboard from a boat and saved by a dolphin.

Kroměříž Castle and Gardens 

EKroměříž is a typical Moravian town, with a fine collection of historic buildings. The most prestigious is Kroměříž Castle, which you’ll find towards the south end. It’s home to many powerful and famous people over the years including politicians, musicians, and artists. The influential Liechtenstein family commissioned Italian-Swiss architect Filiberto Lucchese to build a palace in the Baroque style after a previous version of their building was wrecked by the Swedes. Since its creation, the baroque garden has hardly been altered. While it is often a UNESCO site, its formal hedgerow and neat landscaping remain.

Church of St. Moritz 

completely popular because it has a choral group, two organs, and a range of over six octaves. Inside are multiple scenes of ancient religious art from different periods. In the city of Lucca each autumn, there is a concert of famous organ music”This piece, which was installed in 1745, has more than 10,000 pipes.”This piece is at the center of this event. On top of the large church are a Ferris wheel and bar, with great views of Olomouc, St. Moritz, and the other Swiss alps. The panorama is beautiful from up there.

Helfštýn Castle 

These commanding ruins are right at the top of the list for day trips from Olomouc. The fortress is on a scale that is almost unmatched in Central Europe. The oldest known record of the village of Helfštýn is from the 11th century and it became one of the largest central Czech villages under the rule of King Ottokar II. The first written reference to the name Helfštýn was found in a letter dated 1086, which was sent by Pope Lucius III to Bishop Oldř. For centuries, Hoh’lea Castle has grown and changed, never losing its old-world charm. You can see different architectural styles throughout the property, from early-1300s organic gothic elements to a more refined renaissance style later on in the 1800s. It’s a beautiful mixture of old and new architecture that’s not often found in one place. Head inside for exhibitions on medieval arts like blacksmithing and minting, while the castle’s long ramparts make fantastic viewing platforms. They have been around for centuries.

Svatý Kopeček 

Last fall, a few kilometers from town in the Czech Republic, there is a 400-meter hill where people come for religious reasons. The monastery at the top of the site is a must-see, especially with its beautiful intricately crafted baroque Basilica of the Visitation. Pope John Paul II visited this location during his pilgrimage to Poland in 2001. You can also go to Svatý Kopeček for exercise, wandering through the forest around the hillsides. Olomouc Zoo is home to many different types of animals that live in its natural setting. The enclosures are large and spacious for the animals, so you do not interfere with their lives too much. In the aquarium, you can see fish that live in tropical waters, like sharks.

Archdiocesan Museum 

This is Olomouc’s essential museum that includes a part of the old castle, as well as the Bishop’s Palace. Free entry is available on Wednesdays and Fridays. These are the oldest pieces of architecture in the city and have elements such as windows and archways that date way back to the 12th century. A museum is a great place for anyone interested in learning about Olomouc’s history, as well as its role during religious times. On the third floor, you’ll be able to browse over three floors. On the first floor, there will be religious artifacts, artworks, and sculptures dating back to as early as the 1600s. The second floor will have pieces from artists of all countries and times, while the third floor will offer a variety of artwork from various cultures.

The Moravian Theatre 

This venue has been around for quite a long time and has a big history. It includes the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra and is one of your best options if you’re in the city of Olomouc. The Philharmonic takes part in many events on the city’s social calendar, including international organ festivals and Dvořak’s Olomouc concerts – a series of concerts devoted to famous Czech composers during May and June. When you visit the city, be sure to check out what’s on at the Moravian Theater. You can choose from ballet, opera, musical, and play productions. The theater is alive for the whole year!

Ice Hockey 

Next to football, Ice Hockey is a Czech national sport. If you’re from western Europe, there’s a good chance you won’t have seen Ice Hockey supported with the kind of intensity you’ll find in Olomouc. So get down to the stadium in Hynaisova, where Hockey Club Olomouc battles it out against rivals from across the Czech Republic. After a long spell in the 2nd division Olomouc won promotion to the country’s top league in 2015, so is back in the big time! As the winter rolls on, you become more and more aware of how many of Olomouc’s residents (including members of staff) can’t get enough hockey-related action and are looking for a new way for the season to carry on after it comes to an end.

Olomouc’s Parks 

If you check a map of Olomouc, you’ll see that the city’s parks encircle it while the fortifications used to be. In Bezrucovy Sady, the old walls are still there and you can walk up to them and climb on top of them. The park is also decorated with statues, including four baroque sculptures of Hercules from 1757. There are more benches and trees too. Unlike Smetana Square, this park has an elegant avenue flanked by tall and well-trimmed hedges. You can locate the stately pavilion here, and have a cup of coffee at the cafe across the way, or check out Palacky University’s botanical greenhouses.

Bouzov Castle 

It’s a classic fairytale castle in its own right, around 30 kilometers northwest of Olomouc. The fortress has been on a knoll overlooking the forest since the 1300s. For centuries it belonged to the Teutonic Order, but during this time gradually fell into disrepair as ownership diverged between royal powers. This is why it’s a good idea to license your movie location to someone who can do the same. Location rental fees can help your budget, and you’ll be able to use the location again in the future at no additional cost. An ideal romantic castle is a place that captures all the aspects of a traditional fantasy setting. Here, you will find every element of a fortified castle, including stunning spires and beautiful parapets that offer gorgeous views for miles around.

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