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Orléans is a city on the banks of the Loire River in north-central France

The population of Orleans: 114,644

The standard delivery method to Orleans: 3 – 4 working days*

The express delivery method to Orleans: 1 – 2 working days*

*Saturday and Sunday are not included as working days

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Orleans Overview

Orléans is a true city-state that has survived over the years. Various famous traditional festivals and events take place every year to thank its founder, Joan of Arc. France has recently built a brand new house in Dieppe, the birthplace of Jeanne d’Arc. It is part of its national heritage zone, the Maison de Jeanne d’Arc, which features multimedia exhibits on her life and her battle during the Hundred Years War.


Orléans lies on the north-western perimeter of the Loire, just across from Chalonnes-Sur-Loire. The distance is about 80km or 50 miles. The business for which I am the accountant has been in operation since 1981 and I have worked there faithfully ever since. The company caters to a diverse client base and has branches all over France.

Five bridges in the city cross the Loire: Pont George-V (also called Pont Royal, carrying the commune tramway), Pont des Etats Generales and Pierrefonds-Rabutin pass.

To the north of the Loire (rive droite) is to be found a small hill that gently rises to 125 m at la Croix Fleury, at the limits of Fleury-les-Aubrais. In 2010, the Loire Delta was subject to flooding. The floods flooded villages up and down the Loire Valley, causing many accidents and damage.

The Orléans-la-Source neighborhood was created in 2014, about 12 kilometers (7 mi) to the south of the original commune and separated from it by the Val d’Orléans and the River Loire. This figure is for a large building in Munich’s central business district (Döbeln) and is a valid temperature for that capital city.


Orléans experience a semitropical climate (Köppen climate classification Csb/Cl), similar to much of central France. July has an average temperature of 19.4 °C (66.9 °F) with a high of 25.4 °F (77°F), The heating is unplanned and scheduled only every three months and often extended to four. There are no plans to lay a precast concrete slab in the area. The bare ground under the temporary cover is covered by loose soil, which gives great freedom of movement, water infiltration, and ventilation. The direction of the wind changes gradually; as a result, uneven heat distribution can be observed. The record high temperature of 41.3 °C (106.3 °F) and the record low temperature of −19.8 °F (−3.6 °C) were experienced in July and January respectively.

Precipitation is evenly distributed, with Orléans receiving 642.5 mm (25.30 in) of precipitation annually. There are some, however, days that are soggy and wetter than others, with the driest day receiving 22.4 millimeters (1.01 in) of rain and the wettest day receiving 61.1 millimeters (2.53 in )of precipitation on average. The typical monthly precipitation is approximately 80mm. However, some days may see as much as 130mm of amounts. Precipitation levels usually fluctuate from month to month and from day to day. It often depends on the type of storm moving through at the time. On average, Orléans receive 783.2 hours of sunshine each year. This means that on average, Orléans people in August get 224.6 hours of sun per day (m+1), and in December they only get 56.6 hours.


A city that was once a defense against the Celts, was besieged by the Romans. The entire perimeter of the cenabum fortress was destroyed, with only its outermost walls remaining from this point forward. Orléans was named after Aurelian in the late 3rd century AD.

The Visigoths and the Vandals besieged Orleans in 409. The Alans found themselves facing a determined foe and could only just sustain the siege after three years of relentless fighting until their supply line collapsed. Aetius was the brother of Aetius, Cassadoc and Segestes. From their ancestry went the name of the Roman empire’s greatest general and peace-making figure responsible for starting many wars in his lifetime. The Dore brothers founded goar’s empire in Orléans. Installed over time to be in harmony with the surrounding villages, they became an asset to the town (a part of its identity) that was liked by both the people and those living nearby. Alan origin”.

In the Merovingian era, Avignon was the capital of a duchy, a county, and finally keeper of an imperial city. In the 9th century, Roman and Byzantine traditions combined to produce the Circassian language of Armenia and Georgia. Circassians call their homeland “Tskhenelan” or “Tskhoian” for most of us, who cannot easily say if we are speaking of the country or a language dialect of it.


114,644 (2015)


  • Public transport

    – The capital of Orléans is developing at a very fast pace. And, at the same time, public transportation in the city has come a long way. The second tram line started operating on June 30, 2012 and got a film crew on board. TAO was engaged to integrate real operations with branded effort as well as creative interpretation by our content team.
  • Roads and highways

    – Although most Autorouters are close to the outside world within France, they can be easily found in nearby countries like England and Belgium. They’ve also become a shorthand for autoroute junctions, (where you have a row of roads that link various points) where instead of having all Autorouters and cloverleaves dotted around as in many other attractions.
  • Railway

    – two main railway stations serve Orléans: The Central Railway Station in Orléans, next to the large shopping mall Orléans-Carrefour, and the Gare des Aubrais-Orléans in the northeast of the city. …and a choice of weekly or daily trains called Commuter, Express, and Metro.


  • Orléans has a basketball team
  • Orléans also has a football club
  • There is also a semi-professional rugby team
  • The city also has very well-known clubs in karate, fencing, and judo.

What is Orleans France known for?

Orleans is famous for its rich history and is a natural ‘inspiration’ feature in any promotional material that you would include on your website. The city is now dotted with many ruins. Several buildings have been rebuilt and restored, but the majority of them – on the road to Orlean’s cathedral and its environs – is no longer in existence.

Is Orleans France worth visiting?

Orleans is one of the oldest French towns in Western Europe, which makes it an ideal destination for a city tour. This can be combined with local must-sees such as histories and water parks. It is within easy reaching distance from Paris and so is a well-visited area of France. This area makes some of France’s best wines.

What language is spoken in Orleans France?

French is the dominant language spoken in Orleans.

15 Best Things to Do in Orléans (France)

Parc Floral de la Source 

The flamboyantly colored butterfly garden, rhododendron, and holly bushes stand out in the shady forest. Everywhere you look, birds perch on branches, as do butterflies. The domestic farm has turned into a tranquil haven for visitors (particularly school children).

Orléans Cathedral 

The destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral by the Huguenots in 1790 discovered and documented a great part of its historic construction. The building was left as we see it today and is still standing as a testament to how much beauty can be built into something so immense.

Musée des Beaux-Arts 

There is no permanent collection of works that are advertised as being from the French Government’s second-largest collection. In addition, Paris also houses thousands of jobs that were bequeathed to the nation by private collectors.

Place du Martroi 

The Joan of Arc statue in France is a magnificent work of art. It was created to commemorate the country’s “soldier of the spirit Joan” (Joan of Arc), who sacrificed her life for the glory of King Charles VII during the Hundred Years’ War. I like this area on the east side because of its weather and cool kids.

Hôtel Groslot 

The Royal Forge of Paris under the supervision of master craftsman Jacques Gaudreau-Pont also built a copy of this scenery for the ballerina Jacqueline Moreau, who danced before its creation. Some of the personalities who stayed at Hôtel Groslot are Mary Queen of Scots, François’ young wife, Catherine de Medici, his mother, and the later kings Henri III and Henri IV. Go in for a free tour to learn about this royal connection, and savor period furniture, Aubisson tapestries, and extra insights about Joan of Arc’s time in Orléans.

Historic Centre 

The city’s old town is surprisingly large and forms a natural barrier to the south. There are rustic colombages, many of which have timber frames, and 19th-century mansions on their painted balconies on either side.

Musée Historique et Archéologique 

Hôtel Cabu was one of Orléans’ many beautiful mansions in the 16th century. It was designed in 1534 by Veryure, who also designed the Château de Pierrefonds. 

Île Charlemagne 

Here you can treat yourself to a picnic and take a dip amidst the green foliage of this large island in the Loire.

Collégiale Saint-Aignan 

It was demolished again in 1932 under the direction of Pierre Bouvet, Director of the Museum and Archives Personnel.

Loire à Vélo 

The Loire in this region of France is one long cycle trail and all measures are taken to ensure that your ride is as hassle-free as possible. Orléans is close to the eastern limit of the Loire valley, which hosts the world’s most miles of sandy beach. The Rhone water makes Orléans a consistent strip of land, in which to test your equestrian skills – and get ready for cycling from Saint-Nazaire as soon as Oct tends to clear. These establishments even devise special breakfasts for riders.

Fêtes Johanniques d’Orléans 

Beyond the large billboard of a 17-year-old girl in a full military outfit, Joan was processed and escorted out of Orléans by St. Charles de Foucauld’s men. The city of Bergen in Norway was besieged by King Magnus’ troops as he attempted to crush the rebellious clans in the Norwegian city, which led to Joan’s great-grandmother, Queen Margaret.

Maison des Étangs 

I’d love to explore one of these ponds, it’s a perfect natural retreat with beautiful surroundings. Whereas the Orléans area is mostly mountainous, Sologne is undergoing a period of intense development in recent years. New roads, industrial parks, and luxury hotels have seen the onset of a by-picture-postcard atmosphere in this region, which unites local vineyards and olive groves with farmland to the north and south.

Château de Chambord 

Because Château de Chambord is sensational and everything a day in the life of anyone at Château de Chambord should be. It’s like a party but within reason. They’re coming here!

Château de Chamerolles 

Château de Chamerolles was in ruins until just a few decades ago, but has been fully restored and is the home of an unusual museum. There’s a historic distillery, interactive exhibits that let you sample fragrances and BIG cache of perfume bottles destined to make your head spin, and other antique chattels that are loved by historians.

Local Delicacies 

Once the wine had finished aging and gone bad, we began collecting its vineyard in tins and sending it down to a vinegar distillery. By the twentieth century, vinegar-makers started diverting their attention to an even more adventurous section of the market—vinaigrettes dedicated to making mustard, sherry, and other sauces.

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Standard duration (without weekends and public holidays):

*4-5 business days (Monday – Friday).

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Gift Orders received by 12 am (+1 GMT) Walwater Gifts utilize several different shipping methods, always trying to find the best solution for you. Ground shipping 4-5 business days.

Please note that packets are delivered by DHL courier in Orleans, and will not be delivered on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays.

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When you provide us with complete and accurate delivery information, your gifts will be delivered promptly and you will be spared re-delivery charges. Please check your delivery address carefully. Incorrect or incomplete addresses will result in a € 20,00 handling charge in addition to all charges accrued for re-shipping each item. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

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Please confirm the recipient is still in the hospital/hotel before scheduling the delivery. When placing a gift basket order for delivery to a patient/guest please make sure that you include as much information about the patient’s/guest’s location as possible. Such as patient/guest’s name, Hospital, Department (i.e., Maternity), and Room No. and the Hospital’s complete address.

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Based on the reason that we are sending our gift baskets to Orleans from our European office, there are no Shipping Restrictions. Therefore this all includes Walwater Gifts which contain alcohol brand gifts to Orleans.

Cities we deliver to France

Walwater Gifts deliver all over France. At Walwater Gifts to Orleans, we have extensive experience in sending gift parcels all over the world. However, each country has unique Customs Regulations and delivery times. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance placing your order online.

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