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Osijek is the fourth largest city in Croatia

The population of Osijek: 105,921

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Osijek Overview

The city of Osijek is situated on the river Drava in the northeast corner of Croatia and was first mentioned in 1094. It is a popular tourist destination with beautifully preserved medieval architecture. Osijek is situated on the right bank of the Drava, 16km upstream of the confluence with the Danube, at an elevation of 94 meters.


The origin of the city’s name stems from its position on elevated ground which prevented it from being flooded by the swamp waters. The name “Osijek” comes from the Croatian word oseka, which means “ebb tide”. It is no surprise that Habsburg has such a long history. Being one of the oldest schools in Austria, it was first established within the Ozturk Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey), The city prides itself on having cultural diversity, with German, Hungarian and Serbian minorities being present (or have been present in the past). Some of Osijek’s versions of its name are Eszék in Hungarian and Serbian, Esseg or Essegg in Latin, and Essek or Osijek in Turkish.

The city’s ancient name was Mursa and it derived from the Proto-Indo-European word móri (sea, marshland). The origin of the name might also be seen in the place names “Marsonia” and “Mariniana”.


Human settlement in Osijek dates back to prehistoric times, with the oldest modern inhabitants belonging to the Illyrians. They were followed by Celtic tribes that later invaded and occupied this area of Croatia. After the conquest of Pannonia, Osijek was under the administration and protection of the Roman 7th legion. They had a military castrum at the colony, which also guarded an important bridge over the river Drava. Hadrian made old Mursa his Roman colony in 131. After that, Mursa had a turbulent history with several decisive battles taking place in its immediate proximity, among which the most notable is the battle between Aureolus and Ingenuus in 260 and the especially brutal battle of Mursa Major. The tribal warfare the Goths engaged in had long-term consequences for the region and the colony. Both were already facing growing pressure from invading Goths and other enemy tribes. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the destruction of local tribes by Avar Kaghanate in the sixth century, this area was resettled by Slavic tribes.


Osijek has a Köppen climate classification of Dfb. The climate has changed in the Pannonian Basin from cold temperate to subtropical because of rising average temperatures. For instance, the mean temperature in the warmest month is now above 22C and rarely below 0C.

Institutions and industries

The city has a wide range of facilities, including “The Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (established in 1975)” and “The Croatian National Theatre”. The “Museum of Slavonia (established in 1877)”, and the printing house dating back to 1735″, among other institutions are also present. The city also has several gyms, the oldest of which date to 1729, an art school from the 19th century, and a sugar beet farming institute.

Based in Osijek, Saponia is the largest factory of its kind in the area. It’s a top company whose products are famous throughout Croatia for their quality. It’s one of the largest companies in the city area which also exports to other countries. Other industries include a regional brewery, Pivovara Osijek (the first Croatian beer), a sugar processing plant, and the Niveta brush factory founded as Siva in 1922.

As Osijek’s industrial sector has dwindled, it has made room for other sectors to thrive. One of the earliest factories, established in 1856, was the Drava match factory. Unfortunately, this facility is no longer operational.

Other industries AI is impacting are the production of synthetic materials, agricultural machinery, metal furniture, wood and timber, textiles, footwear, and silk. Metals processing and printing are also heavily influenced. However, these industries went into decline in the 1990s and some closed down completely. Even so, the region has retained its importance in agriculture.


In the November 2007 elections, no party held a majority. This, however, is not all that unusual for Croatia as local elections have proportional representation. The three possible coalitions seemed to have more political problems than usual, making it more difficult to form a coalition. Last month’s elections were izvanredne and caused by the breakdown of our coalition. It was necessary to hold new elections as there was disagreement among both the Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) and the Croatian Democratic Assembly of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB). After disagreements about the construction of a new stadium, an agreement was made to stop construction.

At the 2007 election, 7 seats each were gained by HSP and HDSSB, 6 seats for SDP, 4 for HDZ, and 1 for HNS.

A possible coalition between HDSSB of the Social Democratic Party provoked criticism from Damir Kajin, who called it a ‘sellotape coalition’. The reference was related to the charges of war crimes that the HDSSB leader Branimir Glavaš is facing. After the two parties failed to reach a coalition, the Croatian government called new elections for the city. These elections took place on 9 March 2008 and gave the HSP 9 councilors, HDSSB 6, HDZ 5, SDP 3, and a coalition of HNS and two smaller parties 1. Anto Đapić has expressed his hope for a coalition with the HDZ.

Cultural events

Several different events take place in the city all year round. The Croatian Tambura Music Festival is the highlight of May, with tambura orchestras from all over Croatia attending. It is also followed by Osijek Summer Nights, which has various cultural and entertainment programs. The Day of the City of Osijek is celebrated with a series of cultural and artistic activities, exhibitions, and performances. The natural surroundings of Osijek provide opportunities for hunting and angling on the Drava river and its backwaters. Hunting in the area known as Kopački Rit (in Baranja) is popular outside of Croatia as well.


With a plethora of wineries and organic farms, Osijek is one of Croatia’s most well-known culinary destinations. Croatian food and drink often use paprika, whilst focussing on the main meats that are eaten in Croatia such as venison and fish. Some dishes include riblji paprikaš (a fish stew made with paprika). The two breweries in Osijek are Osječko and Esseker.


The Copacabana recreational and sports center opened in 1980 and is located on the left bank of the Drava River. It offers a range of activities for people who enjoy swimming – both outdoors and indoors, as well as lots for beach-goers like sand-sailing, parasailing, or water skiing. The city of Osijek offers a variety of playgrounds suitable for various sports and games, such as football, basketball, handball, and tennis. NK Osijek is the city’s most important professional football club. Their supporters’ group is called Kohorta Osijek and they are playing in Croatia’s first division league (1. HNL). The city also houses a few smaller teams like NK Grafičar Vodovod and NK Metalac. Slavija Osijek was the city’s most successful team, but their collapse in 1941 is something we’ll never forget.

A new sports hall was built in 2009 to host the World Men’s Handball Championship. Osijek is also home to “Pannonian challenge”, which offers competitions in skateboarding, inline skating, and freestyle BMX. Osijek recently hosted the Davis Cup World Group between Croatia and Spain on February 17th.

Tourism, sights, and attractions

Osijek is home to a multitude of desirable traits that include stunning Baroque architecture, plenty of open space, and an exciting range of recreational opportunities. Some of the most important things in the city are the main square, Ante Starčević Square, Tvrđa the 18th-century Baroque citadel, the promenade along the Drava (“promenada”), and the suspension pedestrian bridge toward Baranja.

Osijek is also home to one of Croatia’s few zoos and has a beautiful park found on the Drava River. It’s easy to find national landmarks here from the early 1900s that have been listed as protected sites.

The Co-cathedral of St. Peter and Paul has a Neo-Gothic design with one of the highest towers in Croatia. Standing at 90 meters, the tower dominates the Osijek skyline. Locals often call this parish church “the cathedral,” though it is Orthodox. The parish church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul was designed by Franz Langenberg, who also helped design Westminster Cathedral. The church contains 40 windows, although not all of them are in perfect condition after the bombing in the 1990s. The church also contains sculptures by Eduard Hauser.


Transport links to and from Osijek include major railway and highway junctions, a river port, and an airport. International flights from the airport to Cologne-Bonn Airport, Germany started back in March 2008. A four-lane highway, part of the Pan-European Corridor Vc, linking Osijek to the rest of Croatia’s highway network was completed and opened in April 2009. One can take a train and bus from Osijek to destinations like Zagreb, Rijeka, Požega, Virovitica, Našice, Slavonski Brod, Erdut and Đakovo.

The Zagreb Old Town Street Tram is the last tram system in Croatia to be in operation outside of Zagreb since 1884, and it’s also the only tram network still in operation in Croatia. The network has been completely revamped and more than doubled in length, with the city’s old trams also given a modern makeover.

What is Osijek known for?

Osijek is proud of its Habsburg and Hungarian heritage and puts a lot of work into its cakes, pancakes, and pastries.

What is Osijek's most famous part?

Osijek has a lot of famous old buildings and landmarks that have stood the test of time. Two examples are the St. Peter’s and Paul’s Catholic Church (19th century) and the “Eight House” buildings on European Avenue (early 20th century). Each is a remarkable example of historic architecture at its finest, as they have each withstood the

The Best Attractions In Osijek

  1. SS Peter and Paul
  2. Red Fico
  3. Portanova
  4. Church of the Raising of the Holy Cross
  5. Udruga Gloria Maris
  6. Arheoloski muzej
  7. Muzej Slavonije
  8. Osijek Zoo
  9. Kuzni Pillar
  10. Paintball Raptor
  11. Putovanja Slavonijom
  12. Escape Room Osijek
  13. Vinoteka Vinita

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