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Ostrava is a city in the north-east of the Czech Republic

The population of Ostrava: 291,634

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Ostrava Overview

Ostrava is a city in the northeast of the Czech Republic, and the capital of the Moravian-Silesian Region. It has about 280,000 inhabitants and lies 15km from Poland’s border.

The city of Ostrava grew to be one of the most significant hubs of industry in the Austro-Hungarian empire. It became an important industrial engine through its proximity to coal mines and other industries. Not only was the city known for its status as a coal-mining and metallurgical center, but it has undergone radical and far-reaching changes since the fall of communism – such as an economic shift from heavy industry to creative industries. Many industries have been restructured and the last coal mine closed in 1994.


The first written mention of Slezská Ostrava (Silesian Ostrava in 1229. The township of Moravian Ostrava (Moravská Ostrava) was referenced for the first time in 1267. Ostrava is built on the banks of the Ostrice River, which forms its boundary. Moravian Ostrava and Silesian Ostrava are two parts of the city that still exist today from that division. The settlement on the border between Moravia and Silesia and on the Amber Road offered many benefits for traders, as well as its strategic location. The town grew in size due to its natural resources, distance from other towns, and an open approach to trade from all over the globe.

After the Thirty Years’ War, Ostrava began to decline in importance. It was occupied by a Danish army from 1626-1642, then by a Swedish army from 1642-1650.

The coal deposits were a turning point in Ostrava’s history. The discovery of coal not only led to the city being transformed from a small village into a metropolis, but it also paved the way for extensive industrialization that spanned decades afterward. In 1828, Rudolf Jan, archbishop of Olomouc, established an ironworks that would later be renamed the Rudolfshütte. The ironworks passed into Rothschild ownership and eventually became known as V Manufaktur. Nikola Tesla is credited with the invention of alternating current, which helped enable the construction and growth of factories in Ostrava.


Ostrava, located at the meeting point of four rivers, is situated mostly in the Ostrava Basin. Its southwestern part extends into Moravian Gate. Frequently used words when discussing what it is that Ostrava is composed of are those of low-lying, primarily industry and dense population. There have been claims that this defines its unique characteristics within the region, which differ from other neighboring regions that are typically known for flora and fauna.


The city has a humid continental climate. The climate in Montreal is mild and humid, with an average annual temperature of 10.2° Celsius and an average annual rainfall of 580 millimeters.


289,629 (2018)


Ostrava is an important city for transport and logistics in the Czech Republic. It’s in the northeastern part of the country and is known as a transportation hub.

  • Air
  • Roads
  • Trams, trolleybuses, and buses
  • Rail


As well as creating various other problems, in particular concerning air quality. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute measured the levels of two different compounds using their air quality monitoring equipment. These measurements show that our air is not just polluted; additionally, it is also very dusty.

Although the city of Ostrava still faces environmental issues, they seem to be improving over time. In 2015, one of the biggest polluters in the region implemented 13 major ecological investments worth $3 billion. One new installation filters out 61 tons of dust per year. The City of Ostrava is also involved in a variety of environmental projects, which includes a new web portal that allows you to check the current air quality indicators and fire up project funding.

Oil lagoons have been plaguing the city for decades and neighboring residents and environmentalists are growing increasingly impatient with the development’s lack of progress. The Czech government took over in 1996 and has already drawn up plans, but there is little indication as to when or if they will be implemented. Diamo is the state-owned company that was created to implement these plans. The situation has been a subject of high-level government discussions, and Finance Minister Andrej Babiš visited Ostrava in March 2015. The Ministry of Finance is currently developing a conceptual approach to the cleanup work and future public tenders are expected.

One of the most immediate effects on air quality in Ostrava is the high concentration of benzopyrene. The environmental pollution is so bad that it is referred to as Černá Ostrava, and locals have songs about it.

Judicial institutions

Ostrava, a city located in the Moravian-Silesian Region, has a Regional Court as well as a District Court. The Regional Court is based in a historic building on the Ostravice embankment (Havlíčkovo nábřeží) and its jurisdiction extends to the whole of this region. Trial courts in the City of Ostrava and surrounding municipalities have been handling trials for years. The Tušín District Court is the largest in terms of judges with 10,000 active cases per year compared to Brno District Court’s 4,000 active cases. In addition to the courts within Ostrava, the area also houses many district and regional prosecutor’s offices as well as a branch of the Olomouc-based Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office.


Ostrava is one of the most popular cities in Poland for sports. It has several sports clubs, hosting many major sporting events such as the European City of Sport award in 2014. Several top-level sports are played in the Czech city of Ostrava, including FC Baník Ostrava (football), HC Vítkovice Steel (ice hockey), NH Ostrava (basketball), 1. SC Vítkovice and FBC Ostrava (floorball), Arrows Eastrava (baseball and softball).

Some of the sports venues in the city include athletics, football, and ice stadiums. There are also facilities for other sports like tennis, squash, and swimming among others. SAREZA has a large outdoor swimming pool in Ostrava-Poruba. It is the largest such facility in the Czech Republic.

What is Ostrava known for?

Ostrava is fairly populated and well-known for the coal mines, blast furnaces, and steelworks factories found here. The most famous one of these is Dolni Vitkovice.

Is Ostrava worth visiting?

There are still activities to enjoy in the city center of Ostrava, whether you’re a traveler who is liking life, or just looking for something new on a rainy day. Ostrava is an industrial center on the border with Poland, which might be known for its steel industry. It’s worth taking a long weekend to see the old city and important sites in this area.

15 Best Things to Do in Ostrava (Czech Republic)


Ostrava is one of the most prideful cities in the Czech Republic and its industrial roots have left behind some incredible relics for today’s visitors to explore. From automation to thermal power plants, many unique attractions showcase where we have come from and what industry has meant for the city. The cavernous gasometer is a large concert hall that has been preserved as part of a tour that includes a 60-meter-high lookout accessible by an industrial elevator. It’s one of many sites on the European cultural heritage list. Vitkovice is known for one of the main reasons: its steel-manufacturing supply chain is all within walking distance from each other. There are coal mines, coke plants, and iron and steel works, all next to each other.

Landek Park 

Ostrava, the heart of Czechoslovakia, is home to some of the country’s largest industrial complexes. Landek Park and its mineral deposits have been a vital part of this technological vision since time immemorial. Over the last two centuries, industrial mining in Ostrava has gone through a lot of changes. Landek Park lets you experience just how hard that can be. With their fully immersive nature and open ends, these tours will give you a taste of what life’s like on an actual mine site. Browsing the museum, you’ll get to know about the history of mining rescue. You will enter a mining cage for a simulated descent into a tunnel where you’ll be immersed in the sights and sounds of what could be an active coal mine.

New Town Hall 

This functionalist building on the left bank of the Ostravice River has been used as a town hall in Prague, the Czech Republic since the 1880s. It was once Czechoslovakia’s second-tallest building before being overtaken by Karlstein Palace. A 360-degree view and guided tours with detailed explanations of top attractions in the city provide a unique experience for visitors. The viewing platform is 72 meters above ground level, and on a clear day, you can see out to Poland as well as the Beskydy and Jeseníky Mountains. You’ll also get an amazing view of Ostrava itself; you’ll be surprised by the complexity this industrial city offers.

Masaryk Square 

This area is one of the most important areas in central Ostrava where the architecture is preserved and is an important part of the city’s history. It also helps promote economic growth, particularly in its larger shopping mall. Masaryk Square is a delightfully colorful and charming spot where people enjoy meeting up, and when the weather is nice. Inside these beautiful buildings, you can find old-fashioned shops, elegant cafes, and outdoor tables where caf goers can enjoy a glass of wine with friends. Public squares or urban spaces often have a variety of monuments that are part of the history and culture of a city. One square, in particular, is full of interesting sights, which includes two very different historical figures — Marian Plague Column as well as St. Florian’s statue, which was restored by local firefighters after being swept away by flooding. If you visit Ostrava in the winter, check out the traditional Christmas Market at King Tomys Square.

Silesian Ostrava Castle 

This fortress has been around for over a millennium, and the rivers that meet near it have had strategic consequences for this region. It’s also often visited by tourists and people interested in learning about medieval architecture with its many towers. Originally built in the late gothic era, it was converted into a chateau in the renaissance period and later taken down to make way for mining. At this point, it had sunk 16 meters and was ruined for good. Today, the castle has been faithfully restored and is now perfectly stable with some exhibits about the city’s history and the methods of torture once performed in its dungeon.


The Czech Republic’s second-largest zoo is dedicated to ethical animal management. It has EEP and EAZA membership and is up to the standard for European standards in zoos. This is a place where you could spend hours walking around checking out all of the enclosures. West Africa has a long and rich history of evolution. Around 200 animals are being put on display in the House of Evolution for everyone to see. It starts with invertebrate life, then goes on to include reptiles, birds, mammals, and primitive Sarcopterygii fish that was found there. Other zones include a Safari, an Amazon hall, a Botanical Park, and a Farm where kids can meet domestic and farm animals.

Miniuni Miniature Park 

Brandenburg Gate, Eiffel Tower, and London’s Houses of Parliament are all here, just a short walk from the apartment building. It doesn’t get any better than this! The Wonders of the Ancient World are now just a short trip away for anyone who visits this beautiful Czech Republic park. It has miniature railways and steamships that sail along its waterways and offer lots of peace for walking or biking. Even if your days aren’t sunny, you can queue that out with a nice stroll through this quenching destination.

The Ostrava Museum 

You’ll learn a lot of history while walking the paths in the exhibition, which was an important part of understanding this city. It was originally built in 1733 and made extensive use of brick. The natural history museum has a section talking about the geology of Ostrava, which you can find in the exhibits on mining and coal. The museum is also able to give visitors insights into the social aspects of coal mining by touching on various exhibits that showcase a variety of artifacts from that industry. There’s a new museum in Ostrava and the city has donated many valuable pieces, including a high-quality astronomical clock. The clock has 2,500 moving parts and was designed by Jan Masek, a technician for the city.

Michal Colliery 

The historical Michal coalmine will fascinate visitors, who will enjoy the contrast between industrial history and classic aesthetics. It was never modernized and remains almost as it was when it was built in 1843. The buildings above ground have been lovingly preserved and will acquaint visitors with the mining lifestyle in the earliest days of electrification. It’s a nostalgic look into the early 20th-century style, culture, and lovely life! You can enter the underground city of Ostrava to follow the last men and women who worked down there. The means of transport are surprisingly rundown, including tippers, hoists, compressors, and even a transporter crane truck.

Ostravar Brewery 

Your use of light beer will be limited to Upper Moravia. While it is a local favorite, it’s not popular elsewhere. It is worth noting that Ostravar Light Lager doesn’t carry the same level of reputation outside of this region, but has plenty going for it at home. Wouldn’t you want to be able to walk around a 19th-century brewery and learn how beer is made? Here at the Praga brewery, you can, and when you do, over 400 years of experience will help to guide your steps! With such a rich history, you can browse through vintage paraphernalia like a historic barrelhead and transport glasses from the early 20th century. The highlight of your tour will be at the end when you taste some of their varieties at the brewery’s 1940s tap room.

Ema Slag Heap 

OK, so a slag heap may not be everyone’s idea of a holiday attraction, but Ostrava is a city that appeals to people who embrace the gritty things in life. The Emma Slag Heap is on the right bank of the Ostravice River and it is an oddity. The weird thing about the pile guys is that it’s only 315 meters above sea level, but has a subtropical climate. Fascinating plant life can grow there and other things too! That’s because the garbage still burns deep, even after the process! It all smells awful but you’ll see white smoke from venting.

Sareza Aquapark 

It gets really hot in July and August, which makes this well-appointed leisure complex essential for families visiting Ostrava. Kids will love the play areas, which include a slide and splash pool, family-friendly adventures in the freshwater pool, plus swimming lessons for those who want to take their skills to the next level. New York is also full of outdoor activities like football fields and minigolf courses. Refreshing summer vacation can mean different things to different people. For some, that means a trip to the beach or the mountains. For others, it might mean a stay in a luxury resort or hiking your way through exotic places. With such a range of options available, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs!

Cez Arena 

If you’re into ice hockey or didn’t realize that was your thing, the Cez Arena has a big reputation in the hockey world. They hosted the World Championships in 2004 and 2015. The Cez Arena is an arena in the Czech Republic that caters to ice hockey fans and has a capacity of 10,000. It hosts the home rink for HC Vitkovice Steel, a team that goes back to 1928 and plays in the Czech Extraliga. The season runs from autumn to spring, so if you’re in town at this time, Federer and Djokovic have been known to play “tennis” outside the season. They’ve recently won a tournament in Canada, which is on the bill for this off-season.

Ostravice River 

Another important thing to check out during your stay in the city is the riverside. It’s a tranquil spot that is perfect for an invigorating walk or just simply watching water while all the world’s problems melt away. At the banks, you can join a bike tour along with a guide and explore what waterways have left of civilization behind and follow their course as they leave. If you’re looking for a bit of change, then consider walking along the river. Although it looks like a walk in a park, these trails around the water keep the areas groomed and well-kept. If you want some peace, though, consider grabbing a bench to read your book while enjoying the birdlife.

Antonín Dvořák Theatre 

The neo-classical Opera House opened in 1907 and has witnessed a lot of change in its time. This is the story of how a building changed over time. Sometimes it was host to German opera performances, sometimes concerts and operas performed by other nations. From 1918 to its demise, the building was nationalized and remained in use until the Velvet Revolution when it was renamed after Czech composer Antonín Dvořák. Book a seat for two of the operas or ballets hosted at the theater – both for the show and to see the opulent interior neo-baroque decoration. There’s liberal use of gold leaf, sculptures, a huge chandelier in the main hall, and sumptuous paintings throughout the amphitheater.

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