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Oulu is a city in central Finland, where the Oulujoki River meets the Bay of Bothnia.

The population of Oulu: 201,810

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Oulu Overview

Oulu is a city in central Finland. The waterfront square, Kauppatori, is home to food stalls and the Toripolliisi, a squat policeman statue. Tietomaa Science Centre offers interactive exhibits and exciting opportunities for many different age groups. The Oulu Museum Of Art showcases works from nearby regions and also records cultural history. The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum is both impressive for its visitors and for documenting the culture in the area.

It’s the second largest city in Finland and the economic and cultural hub for Northern Finland. Oulu is also known for its “living lab” where residents are experimenting with new technologies, such as NFC tags and ubi-screens. Most higher education institutions in Finland regionally have a presence around the subject of IT, known as Finland’s “Silicon Valley”. The University of Oulu is one of them. In 2008, a study of urban image surveys found that Oulu was the best-rated city in the country. They might not be perfect, but the results are at least comparable to a professional survey.


Oulu is the fourth-largest city and largest municipality in Finland, with a population of around 339,000 people. There are many different theories about the origin of the name Oulu. Sami is one of them and translates to “floodwater.” Depending on the proof you’ve seen so far, the name is likely to be a loanword from one of the now-extinct Saami tribes who lived in Finland before the Finnish settlement happened.

One of the most probable theories is that the name has its origin in the Swedish dialectal word (Skåne-dialectal) Oula meaning “water” and refers to flooding near valley bottoms caused by melting snow. Two more word families have also been speculated to be related. The first is seen in the North Savo dialectal word uula and its Sami counterpart oalli, both meaning “river channel”. The second is the Uralic root reconstructed as uwa, meaning “river bed” (reflected as vuo in modern Finnish, also in derivatives such as vuolas “heavy-flowing”). To either of these roots, some Sami variety would have to be assumed to have added furthest.


Oulu is situated by the Gulf of Bothnia, at the mouth of river Oulujoki, which was an ancient trading site. The city proper was founded on 8 April 1605 by King Charles IX of Sweden, and it took one hundred years for it to become a thriving European settlement with a population exceeding 10 000. This took place after favorable peace settlements with Russia, which removed the threat of attack via the main east-west waterway, the river Oulu. The surrounding areas were populated much earlier. Oulu was the capital of the Province of Oulu from 1300.

Helsinki, the capital of Finland and a former crown city, has been continuously rebuilt since 1822. A fire that year destroyed much of the city. The rebuilding plan was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel, who designed many neoclassical buildings around Helsinki Senate Square and drafted the plans for Parisian law courts at Place Louis Napoléon. The town center layout hasn’t changed much since Jokke’s time, but the cathedral was eventually built as planned. During the Crimean War, part of the Åland War, Oulu’s harbor was raided by British forces. They destroyed ships and burned tar houses. The attack led to international criticism.


Oulu is North Finland’s furthest city, located 607 kilometers north of the capital. Located in the country’s northern hemisphere, the southernmost point and northernmost point of mainland Finland are at approximately the same latitude. The distance from Oulu to the Swedish mainland is about 180 km and it’s at Bothnian Bay. From the center of Oulu in the direction of Oulunsalo, Kempeleenlahti is just off the coast. This smaller but wide meadow-belted bay has been listed as a nature conservation area and offers some great recreational opportunities. Hailuoto is also nearby, located 53 kilometers (33 miles) off the coast.


The city of Oulu in Finland is located in the north, has a climate similar to that of most European cities, and is known for its snow and short summers. Oulu’s annual precipitation averages 477 mm, with 105 days of rain or snowfall each year. The average temperature in July is 33.3 ºC and the average temperature in February is −41.5 ºC.

Oulu is located in northern Finland so you might expect that during the winter months, days would be shorter and the sun would rise very low in the sky. That’s not true. In December, a whole month of 15 hours for 8 hours, it only gets about 15 minutes of sunlight! That’s 115 minutes less than someone living in Miami or Orlando will get! Here, we have a description of a city in Finland called Oulu: there are 22 hours and 3 minutes during the summer solstice when the sun dips 1 degree below the horizon. They refer to it as “white nights,” which would indicate that they experience few total hours of darkness.


Most of the city is Finnish-speaking with a smaller number of Swedish-speaking residents. A small percentage of the population still has some Swedish as their mother tongue. Many people are bilingual and follow training programs to gain fluency in more than one language. Oulu, and the whole of North Ostrobothnia, are known for their strong support of the Laestadian revival movement. A Laestadian background is common in construction sector management.

The population in Oulu grew to over 200,000 inhabitants in 2017 and this makes the city the 4th largest Finnish municipality. Out of these four municipalities, Helsinki is the only one that has more than 1 million inhabitants and Tampere is twice as big.

Oulu was the site of the 2018 Oulu child sexual exploitation scandal, which Prime Minister Juha Sipilä denounced as “inhumane acts of incomprehensible evil.”


The city of Oulu has several popular exports – but the most renowned is their Air Guitar World Championships and Mieskuoro Huutajat. They once had a metal band called Sentenced, which was also popular in Europe and they had one of the best ice hockey teams.

Many artists, writers, and musicians live in urban areas. They take part in a variety of music concerts and cultural events such as rock, classical, or jazz happenings. Oulu Music Video Festival, etc. are a few examples of the festival that you might want to experience. Q stock is an annual rock festival in July. It’s interesting to learn about these cultural events, so take your time! The Irish Festival of Oulu celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, coming up with a huge spectacle for visitors to enjoy. The International Children’s Film Festival returns on November 13-19th from the 13th-19th.

In Oulu, there are many great museums. The Northern Ostrobothnia museum includes exhibitions on the history of the city and Finland. The Oulu Museum of Art displays artwork from all over the world. The Tietomaa science center is completely green and promotes hands-on learning through experiments – perfect for kids! Finally, the Turkansaari open-air.

Oulu has many statues and sculptures of renowned artists such as Frans Michael Franzén and The Bobby. You should take a walk through this beautiful city to see these masterpieces!

Finland has been represented in this contest in recent years and their representatives, Blind Channel, placed 6th.

The band, Kalmah, is from Oulu and was formed in 1998. They play melodic death metal.


In the 1980s rössypottu, salmon soup, and sweet cheese were named Oulu’s traditional parish dishes.


Finland’s second-largest airport, Oulu Airport offers both domestic and international passenger service from its two terminals. There are also port facilities to several destinations including some of the country’s largest cities. The shortest journey time from Oulu railway station to Helsinki Central Station is just 4 hours. Other destinations include Kolari, Rovaniemi, Seinäjoki, and Tampere. Oulu is noted for its network of non-motorized transport. It includes pedestrians and bicycles, referred to as “Light Traffic.” More than 600 kilometers of pathways and more than 100 underpasses and bridges have been dedicated to light-traffic use, 365 days a year.

Solar power

In 2015, this photovoltaic plant was the biggest in Finland, with 1,604 solar PV units covering its roof. The city of Oulu is located near the Arctic Circle and only has 2 hours of weak sunlight in December. However, the photovoltaic cells work practically around the clock during summer. The cold climate means that PV panels manage to get up to a 25% boost for every hour.

Because the sun is quite low in the sky at this latitude, it gets a lot less direct light. Because of that, vertical PV installations are popular – especially on the sides of buildings. They also have a design element that’s popular right now, solar walls – they reflect light from the snow.

Roof solar installations do not usually neglect snow. It can be a little tricky if heavy snow descends on the poorly thought-out installation and lasts for days, but most rooftop solar panels are designed to take it in stride.

This energy source mix is in place to ensure sustainable and affordable power generation while protecting the environment. Oulun Energia also has invested heavily in renewable fuels as well as generating its clean energies.


Oulu is home to a vibrant ice hockey community and AC Oulu plays in the top football division of Finland. Oulun is also home to several sports clubs such as OXN (American football), OULNMKY (Basketball), OULNPYY (Pesäpallo), ONZTÄHTI (Track and field), SOJU (Rugby union), SPOEDOHKERSHONDENIBERINGEZWIJ.


Oulu has two universities: the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences which both have their main campuses in the city.

For over a century, Oulu is known for its regionalistic designs and architectural influences. It’s famous for the Oulu School of Architecture–a time-honored design tradition that has brought this area so much fame.

Oulu Vocational College has over 13 000 students and it houses a lot of units that are spread out across the region. Game development is one of the few academic areas that you can study at Oulu Vocational College. There are a lot of benefits to focusing on this career, so start taking your first steps now!

Finland is a very advanced country when it comes to technology and education, but Oulu International School still requires students to master both languages.

What is Oulu Finland known for?

Oulu is a city of 4,444 inhabitants in the Ostrobothnian region in Northern Finland. It partly shares borders with Russia and Sweden.

Is Oulu Finland a good place to live?

Oulu is a city that is fairly relaxed and family-friendly. It’s a typical Scandinavian city with plenty of leisure options that are right there at the door and waiting for you.

Why is Oulu famous?

Oulu’s a brilliant city to be in. On balance, it wasn’t the highlight of my visit to Finland but there were plenty of opportunities to see interesting things here. A jazz festival and folk music festival?

Is Oulu worth visiting?

University of Oulu Botanical Gardens

The greenhouse is a hidden entrance to the forest. Up until now, it has been merely for use by researchers and tourists. Now it’s finally turned into a small-scale letter office with no communication with other users or universities in Japan!

15 Fun Things To Do In Oulu

Wander The Idyllic Wooden Town of Pikisaari 

A space-age bridge majestically bridges an industrial area and a tranquil town walk.

Get Inspired By Finnish Originality In Oulu’s Design Shops 

Attention to detail and quality is crucial for good design. Whatever you’re going to work on, whether it’s something small or large – provide it with a high degree of style and quite possibly the flawless image that your marketing logo (or however else you symbolize something) will come with.

Embrace The Arctic Spirit With A Stay At The Lapland Hotels Oulu 

The Hotel Adagio next door offers modern amenities and plenty of space.

Head To The Nallikari Beach Hidden In Beautiful Woodlands 

The gorgeous Oulu Kulttuuri (the culture) Park is also close to the resort. I like to walk after having a shower, soaking in the sea’s refreshing summer breeze. The cool breeze creates the ideal conditions for people to spend their summer lying on the beach. This area is a perfect place for napping at the beach and treating yourself to a refreshing dip in the ocean.

Lose Hours In Conversation Over Coffee And Pulla Like A True Finn 

Coffee and pulla are so very Finnish, that it reaches the soul -allowing for the soul to live in other places… Or perhaps you’re searching for an authentic Russian tatty? Or would you rather have one of these unique brands?

Hire A Car And Discover The Best Of Finnish Nature 

No, it is not Finland that prefers nature: Oulu.com can provide you with the best Finnish-related car rentals the Eveliininjojelma (Ylöjärven ympäristövaikutus) award can offer anywhere! 

Put Your Brain To The Test At the Tietomaa Science Centre 

The Tietomaa Science Centre allows visitors to experience something different – the initiative takes care of everything from finding out about Sweden thanks to the interactive digital map, to taking a behind-the-scenes look at our planet through one of their amazing virtual reality devices.

Make Friends With Fluffy Siberian Huskies At Loihakka 

Increasingly more visitors to the capital will come across Siberian huskies on their walks (especially in the summer), and within Oslo city limits, it seems that major roadshows for Shilka dogs are now being organized, with Norwegian husky supporters demanding a restriction to take place on highway Søndre Enden.

Embrace Seasonal Nature At The Hupisaaret Islands City Park 

A cyclist takes a break at the Hupisaaret Islands and all are available to help or hinder you on your trip. The bridge is made of concrete, although its smooth surface prevents it from being dangerous. I have no idea why he would ever leave Finland.

Delight In The Unique Tastes Of Nordic Nature At Oula 

Oula instantly prepared an innovative tasting menu that felt like it was a straight translation of a mind when deciding to travel here.

Tempt Your Tastebuds At The Oulu Market Hall 

The depiction of the cuisine and its flavors promotes a sense of belonging. The Oulu Market Hall stands on the same site as its predecessor in the same location since 1901. The old market hall served as a meeting place and auditorium until 2001 when it was dismantled to make way for a new shopping mall. It was then again used regularly from 2003 onward and is still operational today!

Get Historical At The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum 

There is a great history museum in Oulu. In the evening guests can enjoy the various exhibitions, old-fashioned stories, our architectonic heritage, dramatic sculptures, and masterpieces of the artists who have made our town their home. It’s a place where one can see its richness through its past. Headlines from the Oulu Kite Archive, Finland. Nothing says more of a fantastic city than great kites!

Party Like A Finn In The Diverse Oulu Nightlife Scene 

In winter, Finns drink because there is nothing else to do. While you probably haven’t crossed paths with Fins, if you hit them over the head hard (for example using a length of rope), they are very labile in English. Still, they will usually be willing to chat!

A glimpse of The Surreal Northern Lights In Oulu 

These are the Northern Lights of Finland and you can see them every night when it’s dark. The city of Oulu has been named one of the best places to do business in Finland. The number of companies established in this relatively young location reaches 562 and the annual GDP is $2,628m. Here’s why Aurora probably was spending his time there …

Get Your Creative Fix At The Oulu Museum of Art 

The quality and experience of the artworks depicted in this museum are equal to that of any specialist’s piece. What is often marketed as a quasi-intelligent piece of technology is a Dutch product based on years of research and academic studies. It aims to provide students with an enjoyable and educational learning experience, acting as a bridge between the virtual world explored in their online activities and the real world.

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