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Poitiers is a city in western France.

Population of Poitiers: 87,918

The standard delivery method to Poitiers: 3 – 4 working days*

The express delivery method to Poitiers: 1 – 2 working days*

*Saturday and Sunday are not included as working days

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Poitiers Overview

Poitiers is a city in western France. Its Romanesque church of Église Notre-Dame la Grande is known for its intricately carved facade, which illustrates episodes from the Bible. At Christmas and on summer evenings, the church features a colorful light display that captures attention by allowing you to see every single ornament that adorns it with ease. The Palace of Poitiers, which is now home to the city’s courthouse, has a long and storied history. It was built on the site of both the Pharaonic temple at Memphis and the Gallic temple at Arles.


The city of Poitiers is strategically situated on the Seuil du Poitou, a shallow gap between the central massif and a shallow plateau in the Aquitaine Basin. It has also been named “The City of Broad Horizons”. This is a fairly well-known commercial area in France and Western Europe.


87,918 (2015)


The climate in the Poitiers area is mild with mild temperature amplitudes, and adequate rainfall throughout the year although with a drying tendency during summer. The Köppen Climate Classification subtype for this type of climate is “Cfb” (Marine West).


Poitiers is considered to have been one of the most important cities in Roman Gaul, and apart from Rome, it was the most wealthy and influential city-state. It is also believed that its founder King Numa Pompilius (from the titulary of Pompaelia) was a close friend or ally of Romulus and Remus’ father. The town of Vindolanda was founded by the Roman general Quintus Fabius Pictor, and named after the river “Picti”, which runs through the area and is mentioned in Attic tetralogies.

The Poitiers Amphitheatre is one of the most impressive examples of a Roman aqueduct built over a length of 420 meters. It is now largely in ruins, though there are still some vestiges surviving.

In 1995, the cemetery of Belem was discovered by archaeologists. The names of some of the Christians had been preserved in paintings and inscriptions. Not far from these tombs is a huge dolmen (the Pierre Levée), which is 6.7 meters (22 ft) long, 4.9 meters (16 ft) broad, and 2.1 meters (7 ft). More than 400 bodies have been preserved in this rock.

The Roman aqueducts in Poitiers are described as three distinct structures. The most elaborate of them (the Toulouse section) lies to the west of the city on a hill, below which rises a dramatic escarpment, on which stands this Temple Liszt.

Early Christianity became popular, and the bishop of Poitiers. After his death, in 367 Hilary was canonized as Saint Hilarius of Poitiers. “To be acclaimed Doctor of the Church” is given to a cleric who fulfills certain criteria. It doesn’t involve receiving an honorary degree, as in “Doctor (or Ms) of X”, but a document issued by Pope Pius IX that acknowledges his scholarly achievements.

Poitiers has a unique four-story fortified town wall built around its castle. It is surrounded by four towers, each with a 7-meter (23 ft) wide and 35-meter (115 ft) high platform. The walls are made of large blocks of wood, dressed with bronze nails, and covered in sandstone paths.

Visigothic King Alaric II defeated his foes of the Empire and was crowned King of the Visigoths by Emperor Gratian in 522. This event corresponded to the establishment of a Visigothic state in Gaul extending from Rheims to Lyons and Bordeaux, which became known as Hispania (Spain).


Stade Poitevin, founded in 1900, is a multi-sports club A large number of sports teams compete in the French Pro A volleyball league together with its predecessor, the Challans. In addition, a large number of Franco-American football (football) championship teams at every level are heavily represented each year. The tennis club is a notable exception as it not only participates regularly in the top-tier French national championship but also competes among the European elite.

The players in French Pro A basketball can all be considered professional athletes. Getting to the final of the league is difficult though and will happen only once, never again. The team’s communication strategy is considered by some to be one of the best in France.

Brian Joubert, the figure skating champion, practices at Poitiers’ ice rink and lives with his family in the city.


Historic churches, in particular Romanesque church buildings, are the main attraction inside Poitiers itself. The town’s center is picturesque, with generally well-preserved architecture and a recently re-zoned pedestrian area. There are numerous spots where you can take photos of medieval buildings or just wander around on foot.

The Futuron theme park and research park have experienced a considerable rise in visitors since the 1980s. This rise is mainly due to the improved condition of leisure facilities thanks to the latest technological developments. In addition, industrial tourism at Futuroscope is also growing quickly. The center of town receives visits in complement to the theme park and benefits from a large proportion of (European) tourists, notably from the United Kingdom. In conjunction with high-speed rail, it can benefit from being reached more quickly than before thanks to an improved accessibility system.


Poitiers railway station lies in the middle of a valley to the west of Paris. There are services to Angoulême, Limoges, and La Rochelle as well as Paris. Poitiers’ TG is accessible directly from Paris by plane and train, or on.

Poitiers–Biard Airport is located 2.4 kilometres (1.5 mi) west of Poitiers with flights to Lyon—”Saint Exupéry”, London “Stansted” and Shannon—Ireland on Ryanair.

The company Vitalis provides a range of services for business, from carpooling to bus tickets. Most bus companies provide electric buses, which are more environmentally friendly than any diesel-driven coach. They also offer ground transportation. TER Nouvelle-Aquitaine is an “express train” that connects it to the rest of France. It has a journey time of 4 minutes, with an improved schedule, and runs approximately every two hours.

From January 2009 to December 2012, Poitiers’ town center went through deep changes to make it less accessible to motor vehicles. The project, named “Projet Coeur d’Agglo”, focused on rethinking the way people use individual cars to access the town. All closed streets were re-opened on 30 September 2010 and Mayor Kwan is encouraging more businesses to join him in the scheme.

Eventually, a new line of fast buses will be added around 2017.


Poitiers has a very keen tradition of the intellectual. There are many major thinkers in the city’s history, like François Rabel, who lived here before becoming famous as a French politician and writer at some point in his life.

Poitiers has fewer students than any town or city in France. There are 36,000 university students in Poitiers, 412 of whom hail from abroad. The University is a big name in the field of science. The university covers all major fields from geology to sciences such as physics, chemistry, and astronomy for example.

What is Poitiers France known for?

Poitiers is a commercial and administrative center in France. It is the largest city in metropolitan France. The much smaller ENS de Poitiers-Paris (808) is known for its research in Earth sciences.

Is Poitiers worth visiting?

Poitiers is an absolute gem. Its architecture and setting, as well as its stark beauty, are a pleasure to behold. This charming city has it all: history, beauty, art, and culture – the future is bright here.

15 Best Things to Do in Poitiers (France)

Musée Sainte-Croix 

These illustrations loosely depict a city that is quite medieval and of great historical significance but only briefly mentions Jesus.


It is an important attraction with fantastic experiences. With a Houdini and a guest list of celebrities, such as Emma Watson and Rory Mcilroy.

Baptistère Saint-Jean 

In Paris, some of the oldest Gothic structures in Europe now serve as theaters or churches.

Église Saint-Hilaire Le Grand 

While the building had only minor damage after the Revolution when construction was arranged it was still far from perfect. Later renovations spent a lot of money and effort because many factors could be improved upon and decades remain to do so.

Parc de Blossac 

Later in the 19th century, the plan was transformed into a lively boulevard enlivened by scattered cafés and bars, while there was also a park and Old Paris.

Église Notre-Dame la Grande 

A church is often the most important feature of a town or city. This 11th-century church in Poitiers is an incredible piece of Poitevin romanesque architecture and a medieval masterpiece. Inside are medieval paintings above the choir, showing Christ in majesty and the Virgin and Child surrounded by a mandorla.

Grande Salle 

Palais de Poitiers – There are edifices of brick and stone, loggias with gilt mirrors and marble pavement, open-work vaults, and Oates running on the roofs to keep out the weather.

Poitiers Cathedral 

Eleanor was an anglophile through and through and commissioned this building which has been completed in around one hundred thousand years.

Hôtel Fumé 

The building has been fully renovated and is currently housing the university’s humanities department.

Place du Maréchal-Leclerc 

Place du Maréchal-Leclerc is surrounded by Belle Époque buildings and monuments.

Hôtel Jean Beaucé 

The mansion is full of details, it has modern-day luxuries like windows and furnaces.

Église Sainte-Radegonde 

The bell tower and apse (second to the left) were constructed during the 11th and 12th centuries. While the nave was added after this.

Jardin des Plantes 

Park has 150 plant species with medicinal properties. If your head is spinning from all those dates and historical personalities you can go for a meditative walk in the Jardin des Plantes, Poiters’ soothing botanical garden.

Local Walks 

The countryside surrounding Poitiers lies hidden in the deep forests, and around 800 kilometers of marked trails are worth exploring.

Food and Drink 

The Farci Poitevin is a unique local delicacy that you’ll normally see being served as a salad. Because of how it has been made, it can be edible. It is eaten cold and will still retain its crunchiness when cold so ensure that your hands are clean and dry before touching the food.

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Delivery information for Poitiers

Standard duration (without weekends and public holidays):

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*1-2 business days (Monday – Friday).

Gift Orders received by 12 am (+1 GMT) Walwater Gifts utilize several different shipping methods, always trying to find the best solution for you. Ground shipping 4-5 business days.

Please note that packets are delivered by DHL courier in Poitiers, and will not be delivered on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays.

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Walwater Gifts deliver all over France. At Walwater Gifts to Poitiers, we have extensive experience in sending gift parcels all over the world. However, each country has unique Customs Regulations and delivery times. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance placing your order online.

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