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Rijeka is a Croatian port city on Kvarner Bay in the northern Adriatic Sea.

The population of Rijeka: 121,975

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Rijeka Overview

Rijeka is a Croatian port city on Kvarner Bay in the northern Adriatic Sea. It’s known as a gateway to Croatia’s islands. Korzo, the main promenade, is lined with Habsburg-era buildings and restaurants where you can enjoy local seafood. Nearby, you can visit the 19th-century ivan pl. Zajc Croatian National Theatre has ceiling paintings by Gustav Klimt. The hilltop Trsat Castle complex, which includes a religious shrine, has dramatic views of the islands of Kvarner Bay.

Rijeka is the capital of Northern Croatia, it’s a city with a lot of people and it’s on the coast. It’s mostly known as a place where ships are built or shipped out. Rijeka is home to the Croatian National Theatre. It was first built in 1765 and houses performances for about 1500 people at a time. In addition, it also contains the University of Rijeka, founded in 1973 but with roots dating back to 1632 and based on Jesuit principles.


The traditional name for the city can be found in many different languages. The Latin word is Tharsatica, the Croatian word is Rijeka, and the Slovenian words are Reka or Rika which also refers to the language. This city has many names in several different languages. These names include: “Sankt Veit am Flaum” (German), “St-Vitus-on-the-Flaum” (Latin).


Rijeka is located in Croatia, along the coast of Kvarner Gulf, just southwest of Zagreb. Rijeka is roughly equidistant from Milan, Budapest, Munich, Vienna, and Belgrade. Other major regional centers such as Venice, Ljubljana, and Trieste are all relatively close by. This sleepy Croatian coast looks a lot like where you might find a bay in Ireland. These two deep inlets are connected to the Kvarner Bay and are deep enough (160 feet) to accommodate large commercial ships. Rijeka is a Croatian city that is located at the mouth of the river Rječina and has mountains to the west as well. The countryside in the north is filled with the Snežnik plateau and the Risnjak massif. To the east, in South-East Serbia, there are majestic peaks like the Velika Kapela range. The terrain in Rijeka is such that its natural barriers like the Krka River and sea prevent it from growing further inland (to the north) and cause its dense city center to lie on a long and relatively narrow strip along the coast. Two important inland transport routes start in Rijeka: the D8 highway from Zagreb and Novi Sad, In the Dinaric Alps, about 31 miles from Rijeka, is where the Dinaric Alps are the narrowest and easiest to traverse. It’s also close to where Rijeka sits, giving this route a lot of potential for time-saving. For this reason, Rijeka is also the natural harbor for the Pannonian Basin business. The alternative route crosses the Postojna Gate and continues north-west to Slovenia and runs through the Ljubljana Gap into Austria. Two third more coastal routes run east-west connecting Rijeka (and by extension the Adriatic coastal cities) with Trieste and northern Italy.


Though there is evidence of Neolithic settlements in the region, it was the ancient city of Celtic Tharsatica (modern Trsat) which was established first on the hill and then by mariners, the Liburni, in the natural harbor below. Rijeka’s history dates back to the 1st century AD, but it’s been noticeable since the 12th century. In 1192, Pliny the Elder mentioned it in his Natural History as Tarsatica. AD 150 Rijeka (Tarsatica) is once again mentioned by Ptolemy in his Geography on the Fifth Map of Europe. The city of Tirsatica had originally been founded in the time of Augustus but was rebuilt after a flood wiped out the original city. The town site was reclaimed from a small river that had washed away most of the foundations (re-named Rječina). It became a city within Dalmatia until the 6th century when it was abandoned and remains unexc. A well-known example of how the city was defended is at a place called Liburnia. Remains of these walls as well as other traces of past battles are still visible there today.

Filbert Bazarig created the Baroque city clock tower above the arched gateway linking the Korzo to the inner city in 1876.

Main street Korzo

Until the 4th century, Rijeka was dedicated to Saint Vitus. In the 5th century, it was ruled by Ostrogoths and Byzantines. By 452, the city called Aquileia was burned down by Attila the Hun’s troops. The settlement of the city started centuries later when Croats settled there and created a Croatian name for it: “Rika svetoga Vida”. At the time, the Rijeka was a feudal stronghold surrounded by a wall, but it was its highest point that made it known for centuries.

In 799, the Franks attacked Frisia with a large army, leading to several skirmishes across Northern Italy. Eventually, they were met by resistance in Trsat and the commander, Duke Eric of Friuli, was killed in one such skirmish. The Frankish forces finally occupied and devastated the castle and Croatia was forced to submit to Western overlordship. From 925, Croatia fell under Carolingian rule, while in 1102 it became a province of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia under personal union with the Kingdom of Hungary. Trsat Castle and the town in Rijeka were rebuilt under the rule of House Franjković after the Papal dispensation. In 1288, local citizens signed a law codex referred to by some sources as the “Law of Vine Court” which was one of Europe’s earliest written codes.

In the period from about 1300 to 1466, Rijeka was ruled by several noble families, the most prominent of which was the German Walsee family. Rijeka even rivaled Venice at this point in its history when it was sold by Rambert II Walsee to the Habsburg emperor Frederick III. Austrian Habsburg rule was reigned in for over 450 years after the battle of Mohács before it was occupied by Croatian irregulars and subsequently by Italian irregulars in 1918.


The city proper has a population of 128,624 in 2011.


Rijeka is classified by the Köppen climate classification as an oceanic climate, with warm summers and rainy winters. The terrain here is unique with countless twists and turns, steep mountains rising just a few kilometers inland from the shore of the Adriatic Sea. There are many contrasts between the climate, landscape and plants present here. Beaches are a lot of fun in the summer months and they can be enjoyed in countless coastal areas around the city. The Platak ski resort is conveniently located for city workers and offers ample snow during the winter months. Kvarner Bay and its islands are also visible from the ski resort. Rijeka doesn’t have a traditional summer drought like other Mediterranean cities, with snow usually coming three days per year. The climate cycles between dry and wet throughout the year. Some regions experience more rain in winter while others have more precipitation in summer. There are also a few days per year where the temperature spikes to dangerous levels and there is fog present.


The Port of Rijeka is the largest in Croatia and had a 2017 cargo throughput of 12.6 million tonnes, mostly crude oil and refined petroleum products, general cargo, bulk cargo, and 260,337 TEUs. Rijeka’s history dates back to 1281 and 1719 when the port was granted a charter as a free port. It is managed by the Port of Rijeka Authority today. There are regular ferry connections that operate between Rijeka and the neighboring islands, but unfortunately, there aren’t any passenger ships crossing. You do have access to coastal lines leading directly to Split and Dubrovnik that function on a twice-weekly schedule (providing you with international travel).


The history of sports in Rijeka started in 1885 with the foundation of the Club Alpino Fiumano. Dublin has been around for billions of years and is recognized as one of the most historic cities in Europe. Founded in 1887, the Young American Cycle Club was the first club in what later became known as America, while Nautico Sports Club Quarnero was founded by a Hungarian minority in 1888. Football has been around for a long time and was first played in Croatia back in 1873. The match was contested between two different sides and left a lasting impression on the country and the world. The first football club in Fiume was founded under the name of FC Fiumei. The dominant club of 1860 became famed for its hydro-airplanes and was renamed Torpedo Factory in 1908.

Today, HNK Rijeka is the city’s main football team. They compete in the Croatian First Football League and were the champions of Croatia in 2016-17. They won their first-ever title which was a victory after many years of rotating between second and third place. 

Rijeka has a lot of other higher-profile sports clubs like RK Zamet, ŽRK Zamet, VK Primorje EB, KK Kvarner, and ŽOK Rijeka.

Is Rijeka worth visiting?

Rijeka is on the country’s Adriatic coast and, while it is less glitzy than nearby Opatija, the city is well worth a stopover for a couple of nights. It offers many things to explore beyond its seaside location and is also a great springboard from which you can explore the surrounding Kvarner region.

What is Rijeka known for?

Located on the Croatian Adriatic coast, Rijeka is a port city that has a traditional history of Carnival and boat building. It’s rich in Roman legacy and Italian cultural history with Austro-Hungarian architecture to boot. Though it used to be part of Yugoslavia, the city now has an alternative vibe.

15 Best Things to Do in Rijeka (Croatia)

Trsat Castle 

There is a watchtower or stronghold at this elevated location since the time of the Illyrians, who ruled much of the Balkans before the Roman influence. In reality, the castle changed hands between the Venetians and Habsburg Empire in the 1500s around Europe. However, it had been forgotten until the 19th century when an Irish commander known as Field Marshall Nugent elevated his rank to be located there. It was a complicated time and led to much more political anarchy for Europe as a whole.

Central Market 

Rijeka has a beautiful fish hall that was built in 1916, using the grand entrance of an older neoclassical building as inspiration. The best way to ensure your guests are happy with the experience is by ensuring that you choose a venue that will be able to accommodate their dietary requirements.


If you’re looking to get acquainted with daily life in Rijeka, Korzo is one of your top choices. This long and broad promenade has upmarket shops, cafes, and some greenery too. It’s a good place for a coffee break as well. As the weather gets cooler, Korzo becomes more of a destination for local people who enjoy outdoor activities like going out to dinner and partying at bars. You’ll also see couples and single people all over the place.

City Tower 

In the city center, you’ll find the iconic City Tower, which is best known for its stylish Baroque front. You can learn more about its origins here.


Whether you come for the crystal-clear water, the scenic views of the bay, or if you love performing at this magical place yourself, everyone has countless reasons to visit Kastav. Kastav has a wide range of fun things to do during the summertime, from concerts and fairs to traditional events and festivals. If you are looking for something exciting, check out what’s happening in your area!

Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc 

The National Theatre is a gorgeous neoclassical building in Budapest, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular venue for cultural events. It was designed by Austro-Hungarian architect Otto Wagner in the 1880s and is considered to be one of the capital’s most influential buildings. If you’re coming to Rijeka, make sure you check the website, where you’ll be able to find plenty of things that are sure to tickle your fancy.

Peek & Poke Computer Museum 

The Vintage Computer Attraction is an amazing, interactive experience. There are plenty of games and you can learn a lot about their history. If you’re into vintage hardware, this is right up your alley! Different people will have different favorites here from Nintendo Wii to Sinclair Spectrum.

Torpedo Factory 

Rijeka is known for several high-quality accomplishments, but one achievement it’s especially proud of is the town’s claim to fame in regard to the invention of torpedoes. A retired naval officer named Ivan Lepps was trying to think up ways that Rijeka could defend against invaders and he happened to come up with the idea for this tool which has helped. In the moment of inspiration, he conceived his invention, the self-propelling “Coastal Savior”. He collaborated with Robert Whitehead to create a prototype so that it would be produced.

Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral 

This impressive attraction is located in a marble-clad neoclassical palace from the late 19th century, which was built for the Hungarian governor Lajos Batthyány. The building is white and distinctly elegant. The museum organization is focused on a variety of departments – Archaeology, Ethnography, Culture and History, and Maritime Exhibits. The museum was founded in the 1960s.

Modello Palace 

Other well-known buildings designed by the same company include Rijeka’s City Hall which is just a few blocks away from this building, as well as hundreds of important buildings across the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This building is made of stucco and the design is reminiscent of a savings bank, one of the buildings that were part of this historic project.

Astronomical Centre Rijeka 

When it comes to Croatia’s only facility to combine a planetarium and an observatory, Rijeka has the Sveti Križ hill in an eastern suburb of the city. It’s quite recent and opened up in 2001. The center has invested the most ever in Croatia’s “technological culture” and has turned a Second World War military fortress into a playground – an investment that they say will pay off.

Roman Arch 

For centuries, locals believed that this archway in the center of Rijeka was an old Roman triumphal arch. However, it was part of the gateway to a late-Roman military fort – Tarsatica. The cathedral crosses all streets in Rijeka and has done so for many centuries now. It’s almost the oldest building in the whole city and it has been renovated many times over. The houses beside it cross the intersection of Korzo and Ulica Stara vrata, having been integrated by each side for decades.


The offer of 11 beaches on this length of coast is notable considering the high quality and attention to safety that a Blue Flag brings. These are Ploce and Kostanj beaches in Croatia. They have a natural sandy and transparent coast with gentle waves that tourists love to visit.


Opatija is bursting with beautiful architecture dating to the rule of Franz Joseph I. If you happen to be staying at the Villa Angiolina, a formal French-style palace built in 1885, you can admire its extravagant gardens as you walk along the Lungomare, an early 20th-century seaside promenade.

Local gastronomy 

The food here is what you’d expect from this part of the world: diverse and with a lot of influences. You can check out various dishes like risotto, stuffed squid, and other typical Italian dishes. A light summer dish that combines tuna and other ingredients is Tuna Tartare. It has a lemon peel, and cherry tomatoes, along with a sprinkle of samphire.

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