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Salzburg is an Austrian city on the border of Germany.

The population of Salzburg: 152,367

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Salzburg Overview

Salzburg is a city in Austria with incredible views of the Eastern Alps. The city’s first settlements were around 2000 BC, but it was most prosperous during the 16th century. Salzburg borders Germany and has two bridges crossing the Salzach River, with iconic medieval and baroque buildings on its right bank overlooking the 19th-century Neustadt. The Altstadt birthplace of famed composer Mozart is preserved as a museum displaying his childhood instruments to the public.

Salzburg, Austria was founded as a bishopric in 696 and became an archbishopric in 798. The town’s main sources of income were salt extraction, trade, and mining. The medieval fortress of Hohensalzburg is one of the largest in Europe. It dates back to the beginning of the 11th century and since then, it has seen a lot of significant visits from many different people. The 17th century brought Salzburg fame, as it was during this period that the city became a center for Counter-Reformation on an international scale.

The historic center of Salzburg is one of the most intact city centers in Europe. It was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 for its Baroque architecture. Salzburg, Austria has three universities for students and a large population of tourists who travel here for days.


In 2020, it had a population of 156,872.


Today, more than 55% of the city’s population is Catholic. The next biggest group of believers are Protestants and Muslims with some 7% each.


The area shown in the picture is the location of a human settlement from the Neolithic Era. Excavations have found artifacts that date back to around the 5th century BC when Celtic people supposedly inhabited this region.

Around 15 BC, the Roman Empire merged the settlements into one city. After receiving municipal status in 45 AD, Juvavum developed into an important town in the Roman province of Noricum. By the late 7th century, Juvavum had declined so sharply that it nearly became a ruin.

Saint Rupert is best known for starting a city after visiting and naming it after himself. He also funded the construction of the basilica by asking Theodo to make him bishop in the year 700. Rupert chose Juvavum, ordained priests, and annexed the manor of Piding. Rupert named the city “Salzburg”. He traveled to evangelize among pagans.

The name Salzburg means “Salt-Castle” (Latin: Salis Burgium[citation needed]). The name derives from the barges carrying salt on the River Salzach, which were subject to a toll in the 8th century as was customary for many communities and cities on Eu. Hohensalzburg Fortress is a famous landmark in Innsbruck and has been constructed on the site of an ancient fortress. It was greatly expanded during the following centuries.


Salzburg is on the banks of the River Salzach, at the northern boundary of the Alps. It’s close to many alpine peaks and stands in contrast with the hills to its south. The closest peak is Untersberg, which’s only 16km away from Salzburg. The Altstadt of Salzburg is a historic district unlike any other. It houses some of the most impressive and beautiful architecture in the city, not to mention it’s full of cozy places. With its many churches, towers, and old townhouses, you’ll be swept up in its charm from the very beginning. Salzburg is approximately 150 km east of Munich, 300 km east of Vienna, 280 km northwest of Ljubljana, and 188 km south of Graz. It has a similar latitude to that of Seattle.

Salzburg has often included the surrounding towns of Freilassing, Ainring, and Piding. These were once separate towns but eventually became a single city due to their proximity to Austria.


Salzburg is part of the temperate zone. This region doesn’t see a wide range of temperatures, so it’s often one to two degrees Celsius warmer than the rest of Austria. The area is completely humid, which is due to its continental climate and relatively cool summers. Salzburg’s oceanic climate changes significantly during the seasons; autumns tend to be mild and winters are cold. It is classified as a four-season oceanic climate with a difference between the warmest and coldest months of -3°C (27°F). Due to being located on the northeastern side of the Alps, and its strong climate influence, sizeable amounts of precipitation are seen during the winter and spring months. The name for this type of precipitation is Schnürlregen in their local dialect.

Romanesque and Gothic

Over the course of its history, Western Europe has seen a changing landscape with the adoption of new architectural styles. Medieval churches and other buildings commonly dominated the cityscape in medieval times. One of these was the cathedral of Archbishop Conrad of Wittelsbach which was among the largest basilicas north of ‘the Alps’. The Franciscan Church is one of the most prestigious religious gothic constructions in Southern Germany, begun and finished by Hans von Burghausen and Stephan Krumenauer. So this is how the non-existent, non-existing, and non-reproduced Collegiate church of “Nonnberg” and its derivatives were built, along with the other Gothic creations: Margaret Chapel in St. Peter’s Cemetery, St. George’s Chapel in Hohensalzburg Fortress, and the stately halls of the “Hohe Stock”,


Salzburg is an educational center where three universities are located as well as several professional colleges and gymnasiums.

What is Salzburg known for?

Salzburg is best known for its cultural heritage. Mozart was born in Salzburg and lived in the city until his death in 1791. The annual Festival still takes place here today, attracting thousands from around the world to see its spectacular performances of classical music.

What is the best time to visit Salzburg?

It’s best to visit Salzburg when you want to get away from the summer crowds. It’s also a lovely time of year whether you’re looking at the flowers in their beds, admiring the snowy Alps, or getting your fill of culture. March and April are great times to be here.

15 Best Things to Do in Salzburg (Austria)

Salzburg Fortress 

Otherwise known as the Hohensalzburg Fortress, this imposing fortress sits on top of Festungsberg Hill and has been a central power center in Salzburg since the 1000s. Since its inception, the castle has undergone many different transformations, expansions, and additions including a Funicular Cable Car that gives easy access to tourists. Some of the rooms inside the hotel will get you lost trying to explore them all, with various artifacts and traditional decor. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a map in hand during your visit. The Aerophone is present in the powder room and the Chapel has many pillars made from marble.

Salzburg Old Town 

The Salzburg old town is a world heritage site and one of the biggest in the area. It has lots of different sights, fascinating buildings, beautiful squares, and small side streets that lead off to more sights further down. Medieval and Baroque architecture is apparent in this building as well as in the old town. It’s a nice place to walk through.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens 

Mirabell Palace is one of the finest historical buildings in Austria, with stunning gardens and various collections of artwork. The garden in front of the Salzburg Cathedral provides you with wonderful views and is surrounded by several fountains, hedges, and themed gardens. There are even plenty of places for picnics so that friends and family can join you on your perfect day in Austria.

Mozart’s Residence 

The family’s story, which has been passed down through generations, is preserved in this restored building. Just like the original, it shows off biographies of family members as well as displays their daily schedules.

Hellbrunn Castle/Palace 

Hellbrunn was created in the 1600s as a residential villa and has a lively, yellow rendering. Its formal front façade is fully symmetrical. The palace gardens are a must-see and contain many hidden wonders. The trick fountains are simply magical, so make sure to visit them!

Salzburg Cathedral 

This cathedral originally was built in the 12th century before some reconstruction took place under two archbishops. The imposing front facade includes two towers and is on a “Domplatz,” which is a German term meaning “cathedral square.” The interior is simple but striking and rich in detail. The columns and exquisite organs are almost too beautiful to behold. Frescos on the dome are even more breathtaking and intricate than expected!


The Neugebäude or New Residence was the final project of its kind by Hausmann and has beautiful Stuccos along with being host to the Salzburg Museum. Its main draw is its musical Glockenspiel which is still heard today. This amazing arrangement of 35 bells was created in the 18th Century in Antwerp and shipped over to Salzburg where it took several years to tune and set up correctly (Or to the best of the clockmaker’s ability who installed it!). These pieces are also available in the mornings and evenings. They’re perfect for a soundtrack to your day, as they can blend beautifully with any background or environment. You might also find yourself confronted by Mozart and Handel on a daily basis!


This iconic and popular street is famous and fun. It leads to a stretch of old-town shopping experiences. Getreidegasse is a bustling street that is home to many small shops. From the main street, there are many small streets and courtyards with romantic areas. The style of these areas is typical of Vienna’s Austro-Bavarian architecture. At the end of the street, you can find specialty shops like jewelry and fashion where you’ll discover more. There are many eateries and cafes in the area, as well as historic destinations. The neighborhood is perfect for foodies.

Toy Museum 

It contains various historical toys and games from the olden days, such as a horse-drawn cart and game cards from the 1800s. Many children love having an immersive experience with their favorite characters and interacting with them in different entertaining ways. It also includes rides such as a marble run, race course, and toy shop for kids to learn about what it was like in the olden days.

Mozartplatz Square 

Mozartplatz is a peaceful square that has been around for more than a century. The statue at the center of this square is regarded as one of Vienna’s most iconic statues, dating back to 1839. Besides the bronze statue, there are several museums and attractions located near the square. The Salzburg Museum, The Salzburg Christmas Museum, and the Traklhaus are all located around the square. Additionally, there is another adjoining square just a few feet away with more attractions that you can explore yourself!

Hangar 7 

This fantastic-looking building features a flying saucer with fins, capturing the creativity of both art and aviation. It is not commonly found in typical aviation hangars, but it contains many aeronautical relics. The hotel is near the airport, which provides the perfect way to enjoy the city without worrying about connecting flights and long waits. The Hangar contains many of the main attractions in Monaco and an amazing display of all sorts of aircraft at all different scales, ranging from a World War I Ace fighter to a Garuda, to an Alpha Jet Aircraft. Hangar 7 is a fun and exciting place to visit, with amazing architecture and well-presented displays. Check out the swanky social areas too!

Mozart’s Birthplace 

Mozart’s birthplace is definitely a defining one – the museum contains everything from his childhood life to musical instruments and where he composed some of his famous pieces.

St. Peter’s Abbey

A very different building, the Abbey is also home to Catacombs and a Cemetery, an attraction all in one. The Long Gallery includes many paintings and also includes an extensive library with over 100,000 books. Unfortunately, the library is only accessible by very selective guided tours. If you are traveling to Salzburg, it is a good idea to stop by St. Peter’s Abbey in the Old Town. It was founded by the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg as a Benedictine monastery in the early 8th century and has been featured in many historical events over the years.

The Eagles Nest 

The Third Reich era building was constructed as a mountain getaway high up near the town of Berchtesgaden in Germany and although is not in Salzburg itself, it is easily accessible as a day trip from Austria. Today, the building overlooks many visitors. With its architectural design and historical significance, it is a popular destination for Bavarian Alps enthusiasts. The amazing views of the Alps are one of the main attractions.

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