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Sillamae is a town in Ida-Viru County in the northern part of Estonia

The population of Sillamae: 13,288

The standard delivery method to Sillamae: 5 – 6 working days*

The express delivery method to Sillamae: 1 – 2 working days*

*Saturday and Sunday are not included as working days

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Sillamae Overview

Estonia’s Sillamäe is a city on the country’s north and south coast and has a population of over 13,666. Entering the town of Estonia (10.54 km²) is easy due to its location near the sea which can be depleted during heavy or drier events.


Sillamäggi is one of the oldest towns in Estonia and dates back to 1502. The bridge across Sõtke and a mill in Sillamäggi are among the oldest structures in the town.

“Sillamäggi” means “place that is quiet and peaceful.” It was developed in the 1800s into a resort village offering a more tranquil experience than the nearby resort town of “Hungerburg”. Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov owned a dacha in Sillamäggi and vacationed there during his summer breaks from 1891-1917. Among other famous vacationers of Sillamäggi were poet Konstantin Balmont (1905), painter Albert Benois (1898 and 1899), physicist Paul Ehrenfest (1908–1912), botanist Andrei Famintsyn (the 1890s), historian Mikhail Gershenzon (1911–1914), inventor Boris Rosing (1902–1911), composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1868).

During the 1920s and 1930s, the oil shale mining industry began to take off in the area surrounding Sillamäe. This Swedish company began work in 1927 to build an oil shale processing plant and a power station at the location of Türsamäe manor, on the western side of Sillamäe. The Kamoosi Plant, located in Sillamäe, Estonia, reached a total capacity of 500 tonnes per day in the mid-1930s. As the importance and potential of the plant grew, a small harbor was constructed to support its activities. However, much of this harbor was destroyed during World War II.

German forces built several concentration camps in the area around Sillamäe, employing laborers to work in local mines. By 1944, they withdrew from the city and sabotaged their processing plant. The Tannenberg Line was the name given to a defensive position in Central-Eastern Europe during World War I. It is known for its defense against Soviet attacks at the Battle of Narva.

From 1946–1948, the former oil shale processing plant in Sillamäe was rebuilt by the Soviets to extract uranium oxide from the locally mined Dictyonema argillite ore (a type of oil shale). During that time, many war prisoners were employed in the construction and mining activities in Sillamäe.

When looking at the history of how uranium became a part of WWII, we can find that the Soviets were playing an important role in the process. In 1946-1948, they rebuilt a former oil shale processing plant in Sillamäe to extract uranium oxide from the sands. Uranium was then shipped to Moscow for conversion and use in their nuclear weapons program.

Sillamäe was officially made a town in 1957, but it has been around for over 500 years. It grew out to include Kannuka and Türsamäe several centuries ago and even before that, it included Sillamäggi and many other settlements. During the Soviet Regime, a town in Estonia named Sillamäe was closed down due to its role as a local production hub for uranium. They had to rely on secrecy and security measures related to uranium production for this reason.


After uranium processing ceased in 1989, the economic activity in Sillamäe, also known as Shlakhta in Russia, experienced a significant decline throughout the 1990s. This led to high unemployment among the local population when it became independent again from the Soviet Union in 1991. AS Silmet is one of the top producers of niobium and tantalum in the world. They’ve been in continuous operation since 1997 and remain hugely profitable to this day. It’s a rare metal producer – some of its well-known products include hydroxides, oxides, and other grades of metal. Rare earth elements are minerals that are rarely found in the Earth’s crust. There are many interesting uses for these minerals, and they can often be found together or dissolved into solutions like oxides. Rare Earth Elements Carbonates, Oxides, Metals, and Solutions

On April 4th, 2011, rare earth metal producer Molycorp announced a deal to buy a 90% stake in AS Silmet. The deal was valued at $89 million on the date. A few days later, this firm also changed its name to AS Silmet-Molycorp.

In 2005, a deep-sea port (SILPORT) with facilities able to handle dry bulk, liquid fertilizers, and oil was opened in Sillamäe. A regular ferry service between Sillamäe and Kotka, Finland was inaugurated in 2006 but was forced to shut down in 2007 due to financial difficulties. Even though the volume of cargo at Sillamäe dropped by around 3% in volume, the port still managed to register a 20% increase in tonnage year-on-year. There are promising signs for cargo operations.


In Sillamäe, summers tend to be warm and partly cloudy while winters are long, snowy, windy, and overcast. Temperatures during a year typically vary from 17°F to 80°F. Sillamäe is the perfect place to visit for a fun-filled warm-weather getaway in Estonia. It has the second-highest number of sunny days and its climate stays dry, so it’s never humid.


In Sillamäe there are five comprehensive schools, four kindergartens, and a vocational school. Sillamäe vocational school offers 10 fields of study, including both basic skills and more advanced training.

Sillamäe Musical School has been in business since 1952 and students from this school are internationally successful performers. They not only represent Estonia on a national and regional level, but they also take first place internationally in their given professions.

Ulei is an app that tries to help kids with their schoolwork by adapting to their interests. It can provide hints, lesson plans, reviews, and more.

The Best Attractions In Sillamae

  1. Kulturzentrum Sillamae
  2. Sillamae Museum of History and Culture
  3. Sillamae Beach
  4. Church of St. Michael
  5. Jõhvi City Gallery
  6. Kukruse Oil Shale Museum
  7. The Lords Resurrection Cathedral
  8. Baron von Velio’s house

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*4-5 business days (Monday – Friday).

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*1-2 business days (Monday – Friday).

Gift Orders received by 12 am (+1 GMT) Walwater Gifts utilize several different shipping methods, always trying to find the best solution for you. Ground shipping 4-5 business days.

Please note that packets are delivered by DHL courier in Sillamae. Therefore DHL will not work on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays.

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When you provide us with complete and accurate delivery information, your gifts will be delivered promptly and you will be spared re-delivery charges. Please check your delivery address carefully. Incorrect or incomplete addresses will result in a € 20,00 handling charge in addition to all charges accrued for re-shipping each item. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

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Shipping restrictions:

Based on the reason that we are sending our gift baskets to Sillamae from our European office, there are no Shipping Restrictions. Therefore this all includes Walwater Gifts which contain alcohol brand gifts to Sillamae.

Cities we deliver to Estonia

Walwater Gifts deliver all over Estonia. At Walwater Gifts to Sillamae, we have extensive experience in sending gift parcels all over the world. However, each country has unique Customs Regulations and delivery times. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance placing your order online.

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