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Targoviște is the seat municipality of Dâmboviţa County in Muntenia, Romania.

The population of Târgoviște: 79,610 (2011)

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Târgoviște Overview

Targoviște is the seat municipality of Dâmboviţa County in Muntenia, Romania. Economically, culturally, politically, and administratively, it is the main center of the county. Along with it, it is part of the Sud-Muntenia development region. At the intersection of the Romanian Plain and the Subcarpathian hills that continue towards the Bucegi Mountains, it is traversed by the parallel 44°55’27 “N and the meridian 25°27’24” E.

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is 80 km from Târgovişte.

According to the 2011 census, it had 79,610 residents  and was the 27th largest city in Romania.

The city served as the region’s economic, political, military, cultural, and artistic center for over three centuries, Târgoviște being the seat of Wallachia between 1396 and 1714.


A Neolithic settlement was found in the city’s vicinity and on its territory based on archaeological excavations. The Museum of Archeology contains remnants of the Stancevo-Criş, Gumelniţa, and Coţofeni cultures, as well as Bronze Age and Iron Age artifacts. The museum exhibits Geto-Dacian ornaments and tools from the time of the kings of Dacia, Burebista, and Decebal, as well as Daco-Roman coins from the 1st-3rd century and Byzantine coins from the 5th-6th century. In the Suseni neighborhood of current-day Târgovişte, traces of a settlement from the II-V are superimposed on another proto-Romanian payment. In the century following, rural settlements were formed above these. Medieval fairs developed between the XII and XIV centuries.

During the medieval period, it was recognized as a fair of European importance, where goods arrived from three continents and were exchanged with the locals.

Iorga believes the battle took place in Târgovişte (dating to 1369) between the voivode of Transylvania Nicolae Lackfi and the párcalab Dragomir of Dâmbovița during the reign of Vladislav I, alias Vlaicu-Vodă. In the chronicle of the Hungarian archdeacon Ioan de Küküllö, it is mentioned that there was a fortification on the site where the city is located today, as the voivode Nicolae had to retreat after crossing the Ialomița river with his army and taking strength from the wallachians’ fortifications. It proves that the city has existed since then and that the Romanians fought hard for it.

During the preparations for the Nicopole battle, the Bavarian crusader Johann Schiltberger visited the city for the first time in 1396.

Wallachia’s principal princely residence was established in this city during Mircea the Elder’s reign. The Royal Court was rebuilt during this reign, whose ruins surround the Chindiei Tower today. However, recent archaeological research suggests a courtyard was built before Mircea, the Elder.

1406 I wrote a paper to the Tismana monastery as the first official act. As he signed his treaties of alliance, Mircea I Basarab, voivode of Wallachia, duke of Făgăraş and Almaş, comite of Severin, despot of Dobrotici and lord of Dârstor, informed them of both the present and the future.

Due to its location at the crossroads of important trade routes, Târgoviște already enjoyed a privileged status during this period as the most important economic and cultural center in Wallachia.

In 1424, the ruler Dan II issued the first commercial regulation, which established the customs privileges of local merchants and the rights they enjoyed in the country. By order of voivode Vladislav II, the first collection of laws was prepared by grammarian Dragomir in 1451.

Geographical location and relief

It is located in the southern central part of Romania, crossing the parallel 44°55’27 “N and the meridian 25°27’24 “E at the intersection of the Romanian Plain and the Subcarpathian hills that continue into the Bucegi Mountains. The town lies between the rivers Dâmbovița and Ialomița at an altitude between 260 and 300 meters. It is on the border between the subcarpathian hills and the Târgovişte High Plain. Târgovişte is in the sub-hill sector of the Romanian Plain, part of the High Piedmont Plain of Ialomița, and close to the Subcarpathian Mountains, which separates the Romanian Plain from the uniformity of the Romanian Plain.

The city of Targovişte is approximately 80 kilometers from Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. Over 35 square kilometers (3,500 ha) of land comprise the administrative-territorial unit Târgovişte. It is bordered by Aninoasa, Răzvad, Ulmi, Dragomirești, and Otânga.


The city is located in the basin of the Ialomița River, which flows northwest-southeast, crossing the municipality for a distance of approximately 9 km on its way to the east, delimiting the city proper. In the area of Târgovița, the distance between Dâmbovița and Ialomița is only 8 km, with the eastern limit of the town (towards Dragomirești) being 2.7 km from the riverbed of Dâmbovița.

Târgovişte Citadel ditch was the course of the Milioara stream, which flowed through the city. Milioara, the mainstream of the Priseaca lakes, was diverted and almost completely dried up when it reached the lakes.


They were filed on November 24, 2020, at the Wayback Machine. The climate is temperate-continental, typical of its geographical location, with a multiannual temperature of 9.90 °C (January 2.50 °C, July 20.80 °C). A relatively significant difference exists between the maximum temperature recorded, 40.40 °C, and the minimum temperature, -28 °C. Southwest (16%), north (11%), and northwest (20%) are the most common directions for winds. There is 683 mm of precipitation over a multiannual period, of which 435 mm occurs in the warm and 248 mm in the cold seasons.


According to the 2011 census, the population of Târgovişte municipality amounts to 79,610 inhabitants, down from 89,930 in 2002. Romanians constitute the majority (88.01%) of the population, with Roma forming a minority (3.36%). 7.52 percent of the population has no idea what their ethnicity is. Regarding religion, most of the population (88.77%) is Orthodox. The religious affiliation of 7.6% of the population is unknown.


  • Rail transport – The railway station in Târgoviște is a secondary railway junction connecting the city with Bucharest, Ploiești, and Pietroîța.
  • Road transport – With its location at the crossroads of ancient trade routes, the city is still a rail and road hub.

Public transport – The public transport system includes bus routes within the city and bus routes to nearby towns. The municipality of Târgoviște had more than 13 routes exclusively within the city and 14 routes connecting with other localities.


On January 30, 2002, the Tony Bulandra Theater in Târgovişte was inaugurated. Based on the theme, shows are presented for adults, young people seeking meaning, and the youngest spectators. Through its talented team of artists and its diverse repertoire of classic texts and new titles, the theater quickly became well-known. The theater was named after the actor Tony Bulandra, born in Târgovişte. A total of two halls are available: the Sala Mare and the Sala Studio Mihai Dimiu.

Top Attractions in Targoviste

  1. Chindiei Tower (Sunset Tower) – Historic Sites • Ancient Ruins
  2. Princely Court – Historic Sites
  3. Princely Church – Architectural Buildings • Religious Sites
  4. Museum of Communism – Military Museums • Speciality Museums
  5. Parcul Chindia – Parks • Gardens
  6. Mânăstirea Dealu – Churches & Cathedrals
  7. Centrul Vechi Târgoviște – Neighborhoods
  8. Las Vegas Games – Targoviste, Independentei – Casinos
  9. Metropolitan Park – Parks
  10. The Metropolitan Cathedral – Churches & Cathedrals

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