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Tirol is a western Austrian state in the Alps.

The population of Tirol: 746,153

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Tirol Overview

Tyrol is a western Austrian state in the Alps and it’s known for its historic sites, ski resorts, and folk traditions. It is also home to important landmarks like Habsburg Palace, Gothi Castle, and many others. The city’s symbol is the 15th-century Goldenes Dachl, a loggia from the Golden Roof commissioned by Habsburg Emperor Maximilian I.


Tyrol is divided into two major parts, separated by a wide strip of land. The part on the north is called North Tyrol, while the southern part is called South Tyrol. Although Tyrol is Austrian, it borders Italy. Salzburg, Austria and Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol are neighbouring states. Tyrol is the third-largest state in Austria with a land area of 12,683.85 km2.

Tyrol shares its borders with the German state of Bavaria in the north, and Swiss Canton Valais in the south. In the east, it adjoins the Austrian Federal State of Salzburg; and in the west, it shares borders with Vorarlberg. East Tyrol shares its borders with the federal state of Carinthia to the east and Italy’s Province of Belluno (Veneto) to the south.

As the state seems positioned on a mountain range amid the Alps, its territory stretches entirely within the Eastern Alps at Brenner Pass. Austria is the second-highest easternmost country in Europe, following Croatia. With a height of 3,797 m (12,457.35 ft), Austria has many high mountains and interesting National Parks to visit across its border with Carinth.


Tyrol has a rich and mysterious history with numerous World Heritage sites, such as the ice cave Haus am Irrsee. There is still so much to explore about this region’s culture and people. Researchers have been able to trace the rise and decline of many settlements since ancient times. Signs of early agricultural villages and settlements surface back in 5000 BC on many different continents. An ancient settlement that was eventually covered by a lake can be traced back to 1800 BC and 1300 BC. From these settlements, two prominent cultures emerged: the Bronze Age culture of the Laugen-Melaun people and the Iron Age culture of the Fritzens-Sanzeno people.

The region was conquered by the Romans in 15 BC. The northern and eastern areas were incorporated into the Roman Empire as the provinces of Raetia and Noricum, leaving deep impressions on their culture and language, with a shared Latin dialect- highly influenced by South Germanic languages. Tyrol and the Ostrogothic Kingdom were ruled by the Goths from 284 to 589. The area was absorbed into Austria in 1803. The Lombards, Bavarii, and Alamanni all ruled over different parts of Tyrol for approximately 356 years. In 553, southern Tyrol became part of the Lombards’, northern Tyrol under the Bavarii’s sphere of influence, and western or Bolzano came under the control of the Alamanni for a very short time.

In 774, Charlemagne united the Franks to conquer the Lombards. The country that would later be known as Austria and Tyrol became an important bridgehead for the Germanic imperial power. The Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire granted Trento, Bolzano, and the Puster Valley to the Bishopric of Trent in 1136 – effectively placing the region under one governance.

In the coming centuries, the counts in Tirol Castle near Merano extended their territory over much of the surrounding areas. Later counts held their territory directly from the Holy Roman Emperor. The Meinhardinger family, originating in Gorizia, controlled the Tyrol, Gorizia, and the Duchy of Carinthia by 1295. By that time “county and reign of Tyrol” had established itself firmly in the “Land on the Adige and Inn”, as the region was then called. After the Meinhardiner Dynasty died out in 1369, the Tyrol region was given to the House of Habsburg, who ruled over it for five and a half centuries until they were taken over by Bavarians in the early nineteenth century.

In 1919, after World War 1, more countries were coming together to form new countries. The Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye ceded part of Tyrol to Italy, leaving the German-speaking people feeling discontent. The historical region is formed by the present-day Austrian State of Tyrol, the Italian provinces of South Tyrol, and Trentino. The boundaries of this Tyrol–South Tyrol–Trentino Euroregion correspond with the former Habsburg County (of) Tyrol – which is no longer a country in its own right but more of a geographical area still.


754,705 (2019)


Tyrol is a region where there is significant Roman Catholicism. It has a large number of predominant religious groups who dominate the area overall, but Tyrol does have a significant population of German speakers as well.


In 2018, Austria’s GDP was 34.6 billion euros and accounted for 9% of the country’s economic output. The GDP per capita adjusted for purchasing power in the same year stood at 40,900 euros or 136% of the EU average.


Tyrol has long been a central hub for European long-distance routes and thus a transit land for trans-European trade over the Alps. As early as the 1st century B.C., Tyrol had one of the most important north-south links of the Roman Empire, Via Claudia Augusta. Roman roads crossed the Tyrol from present-day Italy, following the course of rivers. Via Raetia – a historical path that goes up onto the Seefeld Plateau and into Bavaria. Porta Claudia – a fortification built in the early 17th century to mark the importance of this area for trade and military purposes.

Tyrol has had international connections for a long. Innsbruck Airport is an impressive example of its development and is just one site among several smaller airports in the region. Dozens of companies have a common tariff scheme. The Tyrol Transport Association is one such group that pays for similar services to the public.


The traditional form of mural art in Tyrolean villages and towns is Lüftlmalerei. At work, the “Kletzenbrot” is popular during Advent; a sweet bread made with dried fruits and nuts.

What is Tyrol Austria known for?

Austria’s largest national park, the Hohe Tauern, and five provincial nature parks are in Tyrol: Alpenpark Karwendel, Wilder Kaiser. The landscape in winter turns into a white wonderland with mountains covered in snow for snow sports enthusiasts, while the summer provides hikes through alpine lakes and trails.

15 Best Things to Do in Hall in Tirol (Austria)

Münze Hall

The Muenze Tower and Columna Hall are one of the finest pieces of architecture in the Hall of Tirol, and it dominates the skyline of its picturesque village. The tower has a Gothic-style architectural design that includes levels and windows. The roof is red with various small gray stones crenulated out of it.

St. Nikolaus Church

The church is part of the Hall of Tirol, which is one of the most important buildings in the center of the town. Its central location makes it a prominent site. This church has a unique design and is often seen from different vantage points. However, the views are captured in a way that lets you know the structure’s beauty and significance even if you can’t get up close.

St. Magdalen’s Chapel 

This small chapel is located close to the Church of St. Nikolaus and dates back to as early as 1330. It used to serve as the town’s cemetery chapel and has a Romanesque style. There’s still time to get in touch with friends or loved ones who may have died here over the centuries. The Chapel of Peace is now a sacred space where loved ones can visit and grieve in peace. There’s also a variety of events held throughout the year so you’ll never be bored.


This building has a long history, having been founded in 1571 by reformers. It was meant to cater to the needs of the Herz-Jesu convent, which ran it until they moved out in 1801. There is no shortage of magnificent churches in Prague, and the inner courtyard of this particular one is a beautiful baroque example. You should certainly spend some time here if you have the chance. Inside, there is also lots to explore with ornamental gold trim on various surfaces that make for quite an impressive sight.

The Mint Museum 

The Mint Museum is located inside Muenze Hall and you can buy a combined ticket for both the tower and the museum for eleven euros. Many years ago, coins made of gold, silver, or bronze were minted here. The museum now offers an insight into how this was done and what it entailed. One of the most famous museums in Australia, the Machine Room on Victoria Street has a fascinating collection of coins and artifacts related to minting processes.

Naturpark Karwendel

This mountain nature park consists of 11 protected zones and is best explored through hiking trails or through a guided tour with an indigenous ranger. It also offers insights into the area and is an interesting way to learn about different cultures. One of the finest features of the park is the Ahornboden area which contains one of the finest Sycamore forests in Europe – The trees are simply amazing and truly breathtaking to behold.

Stuibenfall Ötztal Valley 

This valley is absolutely breathtaking! It has the highest vertical drop of any region in Tyrol, and its waters flow at an electric 2000 liters per minute. This natural beauty can be reached from a hiking trail. You will find the waterfall here and you can see it from the Westen Schiefersgrund, one of the many invigorating trails in this region.

Tirol Farmstead Museum 

The museum gives you an authentic feel for what farming used to be like. It’s spread over 14 buildings, including original farmhouses that have been re-created to their original beauty. Each building offers many interesting old artifacts from a bygone era and holds a record of farming in earlier centuries. The museum alongside them gives insight into how life was back then.

Walk through the old town 

Tirol is full of little charming towns inside beautiful valleys with lots of great traditions. One such tradition is “town markets,” where people come out in their best dress clothes and wave goodbye to each other. The market square at the heart of Hall of Tirol is one such place where visitors can spend time browsing, sipping coffee, and unraveling the history behind each house. The Muenze hall is a must-visit while in Vienna. It is also easy to walk through the nearby park and take in views of the architecture, before continuing on to see the Church of St. Nikolaus and finishing at the square adjacent to it.

Enjoy a fine meal at the Bretze restaurant 

Bretzepark Carruthers was founded with a vision of providing professional service in a warm, inviting setting with a delicious regional Austrian menu. Instead of relying on stationary, generic advertisements for its marketing efforts, Bretzepark Caruthers has focused on word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers and revelers hoping to return to its quaint Sondergasse locale. The cozy atmosphere of the interior features beautiful wooden beams and wooden furnishings, as well as walls full of interesting paintings that you can admire while going to one of their fine meals.

Have a drink in the Loewits Pipistrello Bar

The character of this bar is what makes it truly special. The walls are rough, centuries old, and made out of stone which gives the bar an almost cavern-like quality. The atmosphere at Hall of Tirol is amazing and the character of the bar is eccentric. Together, these factors make this one of the best bars in the Hall of Tirol.

Bergbau Museum 

As salt mining was a huge part of regional history, it stands to reason that there is a mining museum in the Hall of Tirol. You will learn all about the use and importance of salt in the region and its history. There’s also lots of info on tools and conditions people used to work with! There is an amazing replica of a disused mine from the 1960s, as well as a mine shaft that doubles as a slide that gives you the feeling of being deep underground.

Glungezerbahn Ski Resort 

The resort is home to the longest downhill run in the Tyrol region (over 15km!). Children and beginners alike can enjoy skiing on various trails and also has some fantastic landscape views from its top.


This lovely garden is located next to the Jesuit Church in the old town center just off of Milser Strabe and is perfect for relaxation and conversation. At one end of the garden lies an old summer house which once served as a ballroom, so don’t forget your dancing shoes!

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