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Varaždin is a city on the Drava River, in northern Croatia.

Population of Varazdin: 46,319

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Varazdin Overview

Varaždin is a town located in northeastern Croatia that is particularly known for the abundance of art museums, architectural wonders, and artistic festivals. In particular, the city’s 17th-century Sermage Palace displays art from around the world with individual works by European masters. The Varaždin City Museum has been around for a while, and they have some really interesting artifacts to check out. The old fortress is mostly in ruins, but there’s still one part that makes it worth seeing-Lisak Tower.

The center of Varaždin County is located near the Drava River at 46.313016.3675E and is known for its baroque architecture, music, textile industry, and food and IT development.


In Hungarian, a town known as Varasd is referred to as Varasdinum and in Latin, it’s called Varasdin. The German name for the town is Varaždin and their origin traces back to the word varoš which translates to a city in Hungarian.


46,946 (2011)


Varaždin was mentioned in a legal document on August 20, 1181. This first written reference came as a result of a nearby thermal spring.

Varaždin became a free royal borough in 1209 which allowed it to become the economic and military center of northern Croatia. Due to Ottoman raids, the town was structured defensively around the old fortress and acquired a unique look. Croatian Knights of the 12th century; Founded by a charter from the kralj-vojvoda Petar II.

By the end of the 14th century, Varaždin had passed from the hands of the clan that it had been ruled by for so long. The Counts of Celje took over and are still in charge of it today. Over the following centuries, Varaždin had several owners. The most influential being Beatrice Frankopan, wife of Margrave Georg of Brandenburg-Ansbach. She built the town hall and added to the existing fortification. At the end of the 16th century, Count Thomas Erdődy became its owner. He assumed the hereditary position of Varaždin prefects (župan) and the fortress stayed in his family until 1925.

Monuments and sights

Varaždin is an excellent example of a rich and well-preserved urban complex. In addition to being a great place to live, it’s also home to some amazing architecture that showcases the wealth of history this city holds. Every once in a while you’ll find yourself wandering through its cobblestone alleys and marveling at the curious medieval buildings along the way. Varaždin’s cathedral, completed in 1647 and inscribed on UNESCO’s list of worldwide monuments, has a Baroque entrance with numerous ivory sculptures and an 18th-century altar. It won the country’s recognition for the way it was restored in 1993 thanks to the efforts of Štefan Neuwirth, who studied there for four years. The Varaždin Baroque Festival brings in some of the finest musicians from all over Croatia and the world every year. That’s why it’s recommended for visitors that not only will you have an opportunity to enjoy top-notch performances, but also a chance to see local artisans in action. The Špancir Festival is held annually in September.


Varaždin, Croatia, has a warm-summer humid continental climate bordering a maritime one.

Economy and tourism

Varaždin is one of the few Croatian cities that still has a strong industrial presence. Besides Varteks, it also features other industries: food, metal, and construction. The Information Technology and financial sector as well as the banking and investment sector, are all well developed here. This has allowed for further economic development on the island by creating a free market. 

Today Varaždin, Croatia is a tourist destination for the summer holidays. The city has countless areas of interest that range from cultural areas, such as museums and theaters, to shopping centers in the downtown core. It also has sports and recreational facilities and rich history of cuisine. ŠpancirFest is an annual festival that celebrates the end of summer. It lasts 10 days and is celebrated with music, street performances, and artists for the entire duration. This year it began on September 3rd.

Varaždin is known as the center of historical music and culture, with its Baroque Evenings festival. The festival celebrates baroque music and culture and is held at the city’s historic venues, where both have a special place in Varaždin’s identity.

Varaždin is also the host of the Radar Festival, which has hosted concerts by top names like Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana, and Manic Street Preachers. You can catch up on all your favorite artists at the end of summer.


Three highways run to the city of Varaždin. Besides the A4 road, D2 and D3 also lead to it, with D35 being a petite military bypass for vehicles only. Varaždin is also a hub for the bus transportation company “AP Varaždin”. It offers inter-county, inter-city, and international services.

VArtidn’s railway station is one of Varaždin’s largest and most important train stations in northern Croatia. It is situated on three Croatian railway corridors that are used for both passenger and freight trains. Varaždin is connected to major Croatian cities by rail. Its center features the terminus of L201 and R202, two of the biggest local lines connecting southern Croatia.

Is Varazdin worth visiting?

Varazdin is an attractive tourist destination that attracts many visitors on account of its historical beauty. The modern city is centered around a beautiful historical core, with many interesting features making it one of Croatia’s best places to visit.

The Top 10 Things To Do in Varaždin, Croatia

Explore some of Croatia’s best museums 

Varaždin is a city of culture, with many museums showcasing Varaždins’ impressive past. The Old Town Castle houses a lot of this history, too–from historical relics to ornate carvings donated by the most prestigious families. With exhibited objects, maps, and photos of historic buildings and town plans, the Varaždin City Museum tells the story of the town from its founding to its modern days. It features all rulers in between.

Admire the architecture of the city center 

Varaždin is a town that’s worth a visit if you’re into Baroque architecture. They have plenty of graceful buildings and you can see for yourself just how beautiful it is. After all, the city isn’t referred to as the Baroque capital of Croatia for no reason. The town center still retains that quality, even when you’re in 2019. But calling it ” stuck in the past” is doing a disservice to Varaždin and its amazing culture.

Get inspired by masters, old and modern 

One of the most impressive stops on your tour of Amsterdam’s Sermage Palace is the Gallery of Old and Modern Masters. Spanning over 30,000 square feet, this space houses a huge variety of artwork from several renowned artists. This gallery is a must-see to experience art in its many forms over the ages, from paintings done 500 years ago up to modern works. It’s a perfect way of appreciating the big picture.

Face your fear at the World of Insects 

Varaždin’s World of Insects might not sound like a perfect match for your typical day trip, but these experts at their time and even have attractions inside that you likely have never seen before. This museum is beautifully laid out, with myriad species on display. It’s not particularly well-versed in English but as they don’t have any commentary looking at the 4,500 different creatures it ticks all the major boxes.

Survey the souls at the cemetery 

It sounds a little macabre, but don’t pass on a tour of Varaždin’s cemetery. This green wonder is as tranquil and respectful as cemeteries can get and is a spellbinding mass of reverent tombstones. Herman Haller made a pivotal change to the cemetery, changing it into its current form today.

Investigate the complex history of Varaždin’s cathedral 

On the outside, it looks like any other cathedral in Croatia. However, once you get inside, you’ll see that this one features a unique blend of Baroque architecture. The interior will capture your attention and not let go until you’ve explored all of its treasures. This is the story of a cathedral in Croatia—a story told by different people throughout its history. It was even used as a military barn for a short time in the late 1700s. There’s no better location to see Baroque Evenings performed during Varaždin’s annual festival.

Enjoy high culture at an annual festival 

Not only does Varaždin’s architecture pay homage to the great Baroque period, but it also features many other golden architectural styles like Renaissance, Gothic and Romanesque. The Varaždin Baroque Evenings music festival is a major stop on the classical calendar, held annually in late September and early October. The concerts take place in a variety of stunning locations across Varaždin and the surrounding area and are packed with beautiful music.

Change your luck with a rebellious bishop 

To say the Catholic Church has long reigned supreme in Croatia is a true understatement. So to suggest that someone is going against the pope’s orders is quite a brave move. The Croatian language was introduced in 926 by bishop Grgur Ninski. There are quite a few statues of Ninski scattered around the country and touching the toe of one can bring about many benefits, especially for those who come from Varaždin.

Sample some local tipples at the brewery 

Varaždin is a city in Croatia with plenty of things to offer. Some of these include delicious local beer, Croatian culture, and Serbian stores. Pivnica Medonja is one of the best breweries you will find in Varaždin and it’s worth visiting. Our pub is one of the best in Croatia and we know it. We have a lot of different craft beers and varieties that you won’t find anywhere else, so for sure bring those friends that you’ve been bragging about “our beer is the best!”

A romantic stroll along the waterfront 

Drava River runs through some of Europe’s most beautiful places. It takes a bit longer to get there, but it’s worth it! Varaždin is a nice city. There are lots of beautiful sights and people, which can be a great ending to a wonderfully romantic trip you’ll take with your special someone.

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Walwater Gifts deliver all over Croatia. At Walwater Gifts to Varazdin, we have extensive experience in sending gift parcels all over the world. However, each country has unique Customs Regulations and delivery times. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance placing your order online.

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