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How To Send Corporate Gift Baskets to Germany for your a Business Partner?

There is a lot to consider when you are thinking about sending corporate gift baskets to Germany, especially when it’s come to sending business gifts to a German business partner or a colleague.

Yes, it’s true, corporate gifts ideas to be delivered in Germany, always had been a hard task to deal with. Almost every company keep the interest in sharing thoughtful wishes, express their gratitude for the business relationship they adopted during the time and more.

Corporate Gift Baskets to Germany with Walwater Gifts

Partners who are interested in picking up the best corporate gift for their company needs, also require facing answer questions about the business person who supposed to get the chosen gift. Questions which usually appear could be related to concerns such as:

In addition to those questions, the sender need to focus on issues concerning budget limit, repeating gift every year, relevancy, the partner culture and habits , special restrictions from the management, how the gift will be displayed , how it will be wrapped, what is the appropriate delivery time…. and much much more.

We will try to guide you how to pick up the right business gift or the perfect corporate gift baskets among various option out there, based on the proper budget, sizes and quality.

Corporate Gift Ideas, How to start with that?

Working According to a Set Budget

Before you even start looking for an idea, since you work for a company that already set up the annual budget, it’s better to verify once again with the financial department or the person who decide on the company, what will be the budget for each gift!

In many cases, the company determines the budget according to how important the partner is to the company revenue. We wish to make the thing clear, the relevancy means, if the company reach the maximum potential with that partner or the sender is still looking to aim for a higher level with each specific partner.

Many companies do collaborate with few people at the same place where the gifts should be delivered to. That’s mean, that during the time, strong business relationship been established with more than one person at the same place. Based on that fact, it’s very often that corporate gifts will be sent to the same location, reaching a few people who are working together during the year.

However, the gift value, design, and display can be changed from one recipient to another. For Example – the marketing person may get a red wine bottle while the company director will receive a substantial corporate hamper filled with chocolates and Dom Perignon champagne.

This is where the budget needs to be checked once again according to the company wishes, which decide what will be the maximum amount they are interested in going with business presents. By checking the right amount in the first place, the sender will avoid recollecting corporate official proposals or new offers based on different budget.

Consider the Gift Display and Efficiency

When business partners send corporate presents to each other, the gift should reflect the business level they share with each other. By sending a simple plastic pen with the company logo to an active partner who spends millions of dollars with that company during the year, not only that the sender might insult his partner, but the business relationship can be irreversibly damaged.

There are few interests that each company need to consider on top of the budget, including trying to make their partner feel special in the best possible way. By picking up an item, it’s essential to exclusives and relatable gift that will leave a good impact on the business partner. The gift business not always needs to be very expensive, but better to send a useful and significant item to be efficient during the time.

A smart company will try to avoid a situation where their partner who did not like the gift he or she received, will just pretend to like what they got anyway. In the business world, this situation may cost in a yearly budget, that’s why companies searching for unique business gifts to be used during the year OR that the chosen gift will leave a substantial impact as getting this gift for the first time.

Branding the Greeting Message OR the Entire Gift

Big Companies already knows that by sending branded gifts to their partners, the first impression stays effective for the coming future. When a company decides to send out branded gifts, which includes the company logo and colors, the company already knows, that whoever will receive that gift, will feel that the company respect their brand and their partners. Any Branded corporate gifts are considered to be more valued, especially when the receiver will compare that gift together with other presents he or she might get.

When a company makes that decision to promote the brand by providing a unique gift, the immediate result is to show the business standards and brand strengths, this action will improve the partner opinions about the company that sends him the gift. Not only that the brand will stay visible to the partner and at their minds, but is also the opportunity that brand will get exposure to other potential customers who might show interest about that company. The fact is elementary, Branded corporate gift do gain goodwill and stay a long time in people head than a regular present.

The branded gift could be efficient if the company decide to customize the ribbons, hang tags, the package, the items with their company name, but it’s also essential to use branded greeting card, especially if the company cannot afford to brand the entire gift or If the gifts quantity is not so high, most probably personalizes the entire gift could be costly!


KEEP IN MIND, some gift providers would need a time frame to be able taking care for personalizing any gift and complete all preparations with their vendors (print shops, packaging, ribbon manufacturers, etc.). To make this happen.

Conclusion – Any company must check the minimum gift quantity that they wish to send out, if it’s possible to customize all the entire gifts with the brand, just go for it, if the company wish to keep it simple, it’s better to print a designed greeting card with the company logo.

Asking for Quantity Discount When the order contains more than one gift.

There is a huge difference when someone purchases 1 gift to a company that wishes to order 1000 gifts! For any gift vendor, when a company contact them in advance and request an offer for a few items at once, the vendor can calculate his cost better than if someone orders a single piece. For a vendor, it’s also better to get a special discount from his suppliers when he knows that he was getting a shopping list in advance.

That’s why, its recommended to start looking for options before the top season starts, for example, during December, when the many orders start coming in, and the products that been ordered in advance are starts running out from the vendor stock. If there is enough time for the gifts producer than the producer can also design gifts according to the buyer wishes and budget. The bigger the gifts Producer Company is, the more chance the buyer can get better customer service and attractive prices.

Keep in mind that the closest the date arrived, the less chance any discount will be provided, as the vendor knows that not only the preparation for a big order would take more time, but also that his gifts will be sold out since the demand is increasing. Therefore, if you wish to avoid left behind with no presents for your partners, it’s better to start the procedure the sooner you can, and if your company is interested in sending to send many gifts to their partner, the better would be to start it even before.

Also, the payment method can have a direct effect on the price, since the credit card companies charge the gift company some percentages, you can offer a reliable gifts producer that the money will be transfer to their bank account and he can save up to 5{cad638c9bd739fe5cc4dbe6ea0b984532bfcb08f6de1be399ae7fdcd4501489f} discount from the total amount.

Why it’s a Good Idea to send gifts locally (The Same State or Country)

Before we review this issue, please keep in mind that The EU (European Union) together with some other States in the USA is a different issue, we will explain this later in the article.

As many people and companies are not aware of this, but there is a big advantage in sending corporate gifts locally, meaning from the same country. In addition to the low delivery charges, if you compare sending parcels by air, there is also the tax fee issue and other restriction that companies who interested to send presents, need to pay attention to.

When a company has business partners at the same city or town, it’s straightforward to send gifts with private courier and get it over with. However, when the business partners are located elsewhere, either nationally or internationally, here are some issues that need to be noticed.

First, if the company partner is located in another country, it is better always to use a local vendor who can provide the service within few days, by using a local courier company that will complete the delivery to the receiver’s address. This would be the fastest way and also the most comfortable way, as the shipment could be travel to the partner destination with less chance to be damaged (if the gift is packed safely of course). However, the main advantage of sending the gift from inside the country is that there will be NO duty fee from custom!

Corporate gift baskets to Germany

These apply almost too any country unless there are special zones that have special custom restrictions with the government. Nevertheless, most countries have the same brand trademarks in the location, for example, fine whiskey as Jack Daniel’s can be found in many countries that approve alcohol been sold in their territory. In addition, by sending gifts from abroad to any location in the world, another issue needs to be taking into consideration, by applying all the restrictions that country request. Alcohol can be a great example for it, as custom would be almost charged in most cases, but for some countries, it is prohibited to let alcohol enter so that the entire gift will be destroyed! Same is for sugar, fruits and more.

As for Europe, the method works a bit different when it comes to custom, since most of the countries in Europe, are European Union members. That means, that between 27 all the members there is no customs fee if it is been delivered between them. For example- If a gift that includes alcohol and chocolates will be sent from France to Germany, Or from Belgium to Greece, the recipient will pay NO CUSTOM FEE!

As for sending a gift to the USA from Europe or anywhere else, this procedure could be more complicated, as in addition to the customs fee, all the products that contain the gift, must include FDA numbers and certificate.

Corporate Gift Baskets to Germany - Why Walwater Gifts is the best option?

As you can see, we have the knowledge and the experience on how to send out Corporate Holiday Gift Baskets or Corporate Gifts in Germany, we also consider by many customers as one of the biggest gift companies in Germany who maintain excellent customer service. Many local and international individual and businesses were using our service since 2006 when we started our business.

Our gift verity is saying it all, as we use well-known trademarks in our gifts, together with clean lines and classic simplicity. All our gifts are designed by hand as we pay attention to the smallest detail to keep our customers happy and pleased. By using our business gift baskets service in Germany, you can be sure that the tastes, design and display, your company impression will stay long after the gift will be delivered.

Despite every year our business grows, we maintain the saying that “Better quality over quantity “, that’s why all our gifts look spectacular and undoubtedly generous than other gifts company in Germany you may find. We will provide your cooperate/ business partner who is working with you during all year, an unforgettable gift that will keep your business relationship for many years to come.

We will provide your cooperate/ business partner who is working with you during all year, an unforgettable gift that will keep your business relationship for many years to come. Picking up the perfect corporate gift with Walwater Gifts will be your best choice to work together, hand by hand, with a gift professional company that knows exactly what your partner needs. We provide excellent service and fair prices to any existing or new corporate customer.

Delivery of our Corporate gift baskets to Europe

We deliver our gifts & gift baskets everywhere from small towns to major cities to 26 European Countries. Walwater Gifts delivers Corporate gift baskets to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.



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