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Are you looking for the best and perfect Branded Apparel? If yes, you reached the right place. Our Unique Corporate Gift Ideas are guaranteeing a wow effect on your Business Clients & Customers.

In giving Business Gifts, you should only trust one of the best to avoid headaches when the time to provide is already there. Walwater Gifts ensures our valued customers the convenience, quality, and excellence in all our aspects of gift-giving.

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What is branded apparel?

By putting your logo on clothing and other items, you can help to increase people’s awareness of who you are.

Basically, if you find a logo printed on or embroidered in any way on any product, then that is considered branded merchandise. The intention of branding a product is to advertise or promote the company and to generate brand awareness.

Why is branded apparel important?

Logo apparel builds awareness of the brand with customers. It makes sense if customers are surrounded by staff who are wearing a shirt with a logo, they will associate that brand with the store, the products, and the satisfaction experienced in that store. Branded gear builds marketing and service team camaraderie.

What is customized apparel?

Custom apparel refers to clothing and other accessories that highlight a company’s logo, message or contact details. Some even have their social media information embroidered on the fabric.

5 Reasons Why Custom Apparel is Good for Business

Brand Awareness – Custom branded apparel can be a great way to get clients, customers, and staff to help advertise your business. You’ll not only be gaining continuous advertising for your brand but people will also wear them with pride – in front of others and quietly – probably sporting cool styles too. A premium quality custom branded apparel is great for businesses and customers alike. .- Custom branded apparel can be a great way to get clients, customers, and staff to help advertise your business. You’ll not only be gaining continuous advertising for your brand but people will also wear them with pride – in front of others and quietly – probably sporting cool styles too.

Loyalty & Relationship Building – A unique brand logo design can be a great addition to your marketing material and help build business relationships. Building long-term relationships with clients and employees are important for keeping them loyal to your brand. It also contributes to a higher chance of retaining those services or skills over time, as a result. With that in mind, it’s important to create designs that speak to the value of your products or services and is desirable. This way, you can promote loyalty and retention.

Cost-Effective Marketing –Custom branded apparel is a gift that keeps on giving, because of the impressions they make. Unlike other forms of marketing which are short-lived, it’s designed to be worn over and over again. Spending time with logos every day is probably a given. When you see clothes with your company logo, they can influence both the people around you and your staff. If you want to get more out of these clothes and make a difference in people’s lives, we can help!

Competition Marketing – Unique branded apparel is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. With so many different items with your name on them, it’s easy for information or reviews about you or your products/services to travel far and wide. Creating a great design and using high-quality materials can give you the freedom to explore your ideas and improve your overall quality.

Promotion & Giveaways – Customized branded apparel is a great logo merchandise for giveaways on your best marketing channels. You can create a buzz for your items by using your email database and across your social media platforms. Give your followers apparel items if they want them in order to generate a demand for products or services.

Example of Branded Apparel

Custom Dri Fit  Polo Shirts with Personalized Logo for your Company

The dry-fit technology used in this fabric wicks away moisture and/or sweat from the body. The microfiber present in it keeps you drier and cooler too, which is really important for athletes. The clothing is also light and comfortable. This means it’s not just a vain piece of clothing – but can function as an athlete’s gear, they will be free to exercise while not worrying about their sweat ruining their clothes. Dri-fit is sweat-proof and breathable so it works great when you’re outside for long periods. Its natural cooling system also means it can be used in warm or humid weather. Fun Fact: Some brands even add UV protection to their dry-fit gear too!

Custom Polo Shirts Personalized for your Business

A lot of people own a couple of polo shirts and have more than one for different occasions. They can be casual with jeans or nice and business-casual no matter what suit you’re wearing. Neither does it matter if you are only wearing rugged Levi’s jeans or a polo shirt―a simple blazer will easily make your casual outfit look put together. The combination of lightweight cotton pique, flat collar, and embroidered logo gives off a polished look on the court or at the office.


The fashion industry is always evolving, but nowadays casualwear means things like athletic wear for staying in or going out and is worn on a daily basis. It has become commonplace even among corporate companies to purchase Dri Fit material for custom printed t-shirts.

Custom Caps

Have you been looking for a unifying uniform or design for your team? Check out our custom embroidered caps. They come in great colors and designs to work well outside, on sunny days, or as business giveaways. You can get them personalized with your team’s logo to help create positive associations!

Custom Polo Jacks 

Create a high-quality Polo with your logo printed on it so you can make a lasting impression wherever you go.

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Custom Hoodies with Personalized Logo for your Company

During cold weather seasons, hoodies are the first things we grab because they provide a sense of warmth and protection. They’re also comfortable and stylish so it’s no surprise why they’re so popular!

corporate branded apparel

Custom Round Neck Shirts with Personalized Logo for your Company

Round neck or crew neck shirts are great because they can look good on people of all figures and shapes. They’re especially flattering for people with tall figures since they make your shoulders appear slimmer and longer.

Custom V-Neck Shirts with Personalized Logo for your Company

There’s no need to compromise on style & comfort when getting a custom v-neck tee. Not only will this elevate any outfit, but you can use it in a variety of settings without being too ostentatious.

Custom printed v-neck t-shirts are a popular choice because they can flatter anyone. V-necklines make people look taller and this is especially important for men. Unlike other types of necklines, v-necks guide the eye around the wearer’s face. If you want to complete the outfit, you can also add a necklace.

Custom Jackets Personalized for your Business

Jackets are a practical type of business giveaway- they make you constantly visible to the public and can be worn outside another garment. They are designed to be worn anytime and anywhere. There are many cases where a jacket can come in handy, so it’s a good idea to always keep one in your bag. Not only will it save you the trouble of scrambling for one when you need it, but you’ll also be prepared for any sudden changes in temperature. One of the great things about jackets is that not only do they help prevent you from feeling too cold, but they also provide a soft place to wrap the body up in.

Custom Vests

Working outdoors or in low visibility? We’ve got easy-to-layer custom vests that can go up to 60% brighter. Embroider your name and logo on our Visibility Vests, or add your company’s emblem. Create a coordinated look for your team.

branded company apparel

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Custom Visors

We offer custom visors that are both practical and stylish! Whenever you use them, they help promote your business with their logo or message. Making them is a great way of getting your company noticed while you’re enjoying the great outdoors, or even at the beach or golf course.

Personalized Bandanas – Originally referred to by the French word for ‘head-covering’ – a course-chef, also known as a bandana or bandanna. They started out being worn exclusively as headbands, but now they’ve made their way into the mainstream culture more broadly as not only an option to tie your hair back with but a staple accessory that one can wear in a variety of ways. Our cotton and microfiber bandanas can be customized with your logo, text, or design.

Custom Face Mask – Face masks have become an essential item to carry around these days. Whatever the length of your errands, they’re always a good idea. New rules are in place for a reason – you might be exposed at any time!

Personalized Robes – Sometimes we all feel like having a lazy day and relaxing in the bathrobe. Personalized robes come with extras such as embroidered initials, complimentary monogramming, or names. Couple these with the comfort, quality, and softness of our robes to get a perfect gift that any pampered person would like – they’ll love you for it! Our new products for men and women will delight your loved ones. They’re made from luxurious, high-quality materials, with custom details and embroidery that’s just for them.

Custom Work Pants with Personalized Logo for your Company

Pants are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can wear. You can wear them for a casual or formal occasion, indoors or outdoors, and they’ll always look stylish! This is why it’s so important to find quality workwear. They need to look professional and represent your business, but should also be practical for the employees who will wear them every day.

Custom Aprons with Personalized Logo for your Company

Restaurants must be mindful of how their food is viewed by the public because there are many aspects of their operation which could lead to criticism. From signage to the style of the tables, everything needs to be clean and look aesthetically pleasing. The food business is heavily regulated with strict standards to ensure that people can enjoy it safely and that food is handled well. It would be great to have custom aprons that not only do their job but also look pleasing to the eye. You deserve aprons made with high-quality material and that are a pleasure to look at. These will encourage your employees to take pride in the work they do for your company.

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Custom Scarves – Adding a personalized touch to your wardrobe is easier than you think, and it’ll keep you warm too! Whether it’s with a custom scarf or some other type of accessory, you have plenty of options when designing what will be the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. You can personalize your own silky premium scarf with beautiful embroidered details, or get a soft and sheer mid-weight pashmina made to order with delicate fringe accents. Each scarf is either custom embroidered or printed edge to edge on both sides. We have over 1000 design options available!

Custom Work Gloves with your Logo – Gloves can be a very effective way of creating awareness and gaining new customers for your company. You can advertise your products whilst you wear gloves and it’s an easy way to get some free promotion! Giving away free branded rubber gloves can have a huge effect on your company’s success.

Uniform Neckties – The Brand that Promotes the Company – Corporate ties are a nice way of communicating your company to the world. They give employees (and others) a chance to express themselves while promoting your brand.

Custom Wristbands & Silicone Bracelets – Wristbands are a great way to keep your event’s branding on hand. They can be used for all kinds of purposes, such as promoting your company or charity and making your branding visible at an event. Rubber bracelets work great for races, fundraisers, activist gatherings and more. You can wear them to shows, conventions and other events. Plus they’re perfect for summer camps. And they make a great gift.

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