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Are you looking for the best and perfect Branded Desk Accessories? If yes, you reached the right place. Our Unique Corporate Gift Ideas are guaranteeing a wow effect on your Business Clients & Customers.

In giving Business Gifts, you should only trust one of the best to avoid headaches when the time to provide is already there. Walwater Gifts ensures our valued customers the convenience, quality, and excellence in all our aspects of gift-giving.

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Personalized Desk Accessories & Gifts

Customize personalized desk accessories for executives, your office’s coworkers, clients, and more with a variety of customizable gifts from Personalization Mall. If you’re looking to add some personality to your workspace, try adding a sign or make your deck unique with a bit of decoration. For example, put up a photo that reminds you of achievement or even your favorite things! Unique and personalized gifts are perfect for Bosses Day, colleague gifts, and more. Give the gift of a smile with our wide range of desk accessories that celebrate names, quotes, personalization, and more.

Home Office Gifts

More and more people are working remotely these days. This has many benefits, including saving time commuting and having a more relaxed work environment. It also means more people are looking for ways to create a productive home office space. If you’re looking for gifts for people who work from home, here are some interesting and unique ideas. You can find practical items like a lap desk, dry-erase calendar, or even energy-efficient speakers that don’t need power. There are many personalized gifts you can use to make the home feel like an extension of your work environment. Wraps and throws, for example, are great for those days where it’s cold outside but you’re at home slaving away on the computer. 

Personalized Office Décor & Gifts

There’s no better way to beautify your work space and show your appreciation for the people that make it what it is than by buying them a gift. Check out our store for the perfect goodies to thank coworkers, partners, bosses and more. Create customized photo frames, art pieces, awards and more with names, professional titles & congratulatory messages – all suited to you. Celebrate your achievements with a gift from us. From retirement gifts to anniversary gifts, we have something for every occasion. You can make your office even more personal and have something special to remember your colleagues by with personalized gifts.

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Personalized Office Stationery & Gifts

Want to get a great gift for your coworkers, boss, business partner or client? We’re here to help. We have a wide variety of fantastic office equipment and goodies that can be personalized with different details – they’ll be sure to love whatever it is! Personalized notepads, note cards, pens, organizers and more can be printed on demand and shipped to your door through our website. Whether it’s to make a work day a little brighter, to promote an upcoming celebration, congratulate someone on their work anniversary or thank someone for all the hard work they’ve put in, our personalized office stationery and other accessories are perfect for any occasion.

Personalized Pens & Pencils

Expressing our gratitude for teachers and celebrating their achievements can make all the difference. Treat your loved ones or coworkers with personalized pens and pencils that are not only a unique gift but also an everlasting reminder of how much you care. Personalized gifts for someone special can be a thoughtful way to show that you care about them. For example, you can give engraved pens or customized pencils in order to make your gift personal and meaningful.

Personalized Pens & Pencils


Customizable and easy to personalize, this item will help promote your business and serve as a handy marketing tool. If you work in the education or artistic fields, or if you think people make lots of mistakes, then it’s great for that too!

Personalized Portfolios & Padfolios

When job hunting, interviewing, going to a conference, or meeting with clients, it’s awesome to have a professional leather portfolio. This is the ideal way of staying organized and looking polished while dealing with people or during business travel. A good portfolio or padfolio can add a level of professionalism, elegance, and charisma. This will help you make the right impression at meetings and interviews – which is especially important for new interns & entry-level employees. It also makes a practical gift for new college grads, work promotions, and landing new jobs. Adding a personal touch, like a name, monogram, title, meaningful quote, motto or message can make your portfolio indispensable. Create your own customized leather portfolios and padfolios in any size, color, and design to suit your needs.

Customize Your Business

Creating personalized journals is a great way to get your name out there. These items make great promotional gifts for events, or a new way to advertise for your company. Pick your design and start personalizing it now. Here are some of the styles we offer – so whatever design preferences you have, we can help you adjust them to suit your audience.

MEMO PADS & STICKY NOTES – Personalized and custom sticky notes are a great way to show off your company brand while keeping yourself organized. Printed sticky notes are a cheap and affordable promotional item that is perfect for your next event. They can be used across different industries, such as for personal use, corporate events, or trade shows.

Bookmarks Personalized bookmarks are perfect for any occasion and are great for use as personal gifts or souvenirs. They can also be used to inspire creativity and hard work in kids by rewarding good behavior with a bookmark rather than candy. Teachers can use them to offer motivation, too! And if your business is running a sale or promoting an upcoming book release, bookmarking can help spread the word. This is especially true if you’re running an event or conference, where tickets can be printed on the back of your promotional bookmarks.

Business Card Holders – It always feels like you’re forgetting something when you need to produce a business card. Professional card jackets keep cards close at hand and look good on many occasions.

business card

Magnetic Business Cards – When it comes to finding business cards, you’ve got options. They don’t easily get lost like paper ones and they also stick to metallic surfaces: so use them on your fridge, file cabinet, or magnetic whiteboard. You can get people’s attention by handing out a magnetic card and it will be practical too! They’re a great giveaway as you can use them to create contests & promotional campaigns; at trade shows, business conferences, or in your office as prizes. You can also hand them out anywhere- at events, meetings with clients- and they make for great mailers too!

Business Card Stickers – Looking for a new way to attract customers? Business card stickers are great for networking and can be used at events and conferences. Attach your logo, contact information, and more to your business proposals and important files with these custom labels by using templates or adding your own.

Loyalty Business Cards – Encourage repeat business with loyalty rewards. These work especially well when you want to build long-term relationships with your customers. Offering your repeat customers custom loyalty discounts can be a great way to reward them for their continued patronage. Not only does it help to both thank them for their support and bring more people into the store. The custom card also serves as an excellent promotional item that’s good for everyone involved.


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Promotional Clocks with Custom Logo

Promotional clocks can help your company succeed. Not only are they a great business gift to give away, they also let people know what you’re all about! Custom imprinted logo clocks are great for getting your company name out there. Not only will they see it every time they look at the clock, but you’ll get a bunch of compliments too!

Crestline offers a variety of logo clocks to make sure that no matter your style or need, you can find the perfect match. There are alarm clocks, travel clocks, promotional wall clocks, and multi-function desks for those who want something with a more modern look. Multi-functional clocks include special features like calendars and temperature displays, making them perfect for maximizing desk space.

Imprinted Trade Show Lanyards & Badges with Logo

Make your name easy to spot with personalized name badges and ID cards. Badge holders can be printed with your logo and given out to employees as a part of their uniform. They’re great for hospitals or schools to make it easier to tell who’s who and what they do. You could use them at events, print your logo on plastic or vinyl badge holders and hand them out to event attendees.

Personalize your name with custom name badges to easily be identified at conferences or in hospitals. They’re a great way to show off your personality, as well as promoting a professional image of yourself. Clip-on plastic or vinyl printed badges can also be given to event attendees at corporate events, trade shows and business conferences.

Promotional Folders, Boxes, Binders & Document Holders with Custom Logo

Custom binders and folders are the perfect way to stay organized while promoting your brand and logo. Promotional folders & binders can be used to store many different things. They are great for storing company policies and guidelines or anything else you need to keep inside one place. Plus, if the folder is transparent you can file these things on your desk and look at them any time!

A personalized portfolio to hand out to staff members or trade show participants is a great idea that offers a variety of materials. This could include paper stock, linen, plastic and leather. Feel professional and keep a lasting impression with our branded document holders. They are perfect for new student orientations, real estate showings, business presentations and any other occasion where you want to leave an impression.

Calendars & Planners with Company Logo

With custom planners, date books & appointment books you can easily manage your time and promote your business. They’re a thoughtful low-cost promotional item that you can give customers or clients to advertise for a year. Promotional calendars can be hung in a variety of places and offer a great place to market your company’s logo. Many people will see it, hopefully sparking interest in your products or services!

Promotional Pencil Sharpeners & Pouches with Logo

Custom promotional pencil pouches with your school logo will help keep students organized & prepared. They provide a great way to advertise your school while supporting the success of current students & future generations to come.

Promote your business on school supply kits that are made of either plastic or vinyl. These pouches can fit inside a 3-ring binder and there’s a variety of items to choose from like pencils, sharpeners, and erasers.

Branded USB Flash Drives with Custom Logo

Custom USB drives are a great promotional choice and your logo can be added to make the promotion really impactful. These low-cost, compact items are perfect for educators, students, employees, as well as current and prospective customers. 91% of people who receive a promotional USB thumb drive tend to keep it because they are useful.

Custom USB flash drives are a perfect way to get your message to potential customers. They’re compact, portable, and work on any computer. They also make things more efficient for you with their speedy data transfer rate and harsh conditions protection.

Custom Keychains

Great marketing is something that stays with people, and promotional keychains are a great way to do that. Since we see them every day from the place we keep our keys, creating customized keychains is a perfect way to promote your brand.

Get your customers more attached to your company by handing out affordable promotional items to them. These items will give a constant reminder of your company logo, the creative touch. Save someone from a headache the next time they can’t find their keys. Our custom keychains will always be there for them!

Giveaway gifts

A giveaway can be a product given away for free, typically by a company. Promoting giveaways can help improve customer retention and satisfaction, maintain customer loyalty and promote enhanced brand awareness. You can sponsor giveaways to create fun and memorable experiences for participants, which can lead to increased promotional opportunities and sales.

Giveaway Ideas

Customized Ballpen, Personalized Notebooks, Planners & Notepads, Customized Tumblers & Thermos, Customized Printed Umbrella, Customized Name Pins, Keychains, Custom Engraved Glassware, Stickers and Bumper Stickers, Tote or Shopping Bag, Calendars, Food or Chocolates, Wrist Strap Key Holders, Wristbands

Desk gifts for coworkers

Paper weight, Book, Colored pens, Water bottle, Luggage tag, Stress ball,Desk cleaning set

Custom Stamps & Ink

Streamline your work with pre-inked custom stamps. They’re a great way to save time, whether you want to add them on invoices or receipts, track customer visits, or use them as your signature to sign important correspondences.

Signature Stamps Save time and effort on invoices, checks, and more with our pre-inked signature stamp

Self-Inking StampsWhether you’re a business or an individual, you might want to explore the options of text, logo & return address stamps. You could automate your envelopes, invoices, and more with these nifty stamps.

Pre-Inked Stamps stamps with pre-inked ink let you spend more time working on other things and take less of your wrist by adding your hand-drawn logo or business signature to all of your promotional material, like letters or posters. Affordable and easy to use, custom pre-inked stamps will create thousands of impressions before re-inking. They’re perfect for bulk jobs like package branding, mailings, and order taking.

Envelope SealsNow you can add style to invitations, announcements, and cards without stressing about time.  

Custom Envelopes Give your business mail a professional look with custom-designed envelopes. Choose between simple, unbranded designs for an easy fit in any mailbox or branded and personalized envelopes to add that perfect touch of classy flair.

Custom Checks – Checks are a very versatile form of payment for sending off invoices, managing company expenses, and any other situation that requires it. Custom printed checks can be the difference between successful or unsuccessful transactions.

Gift Certificates – Send your customers an unforgettable gift with our custom gift certificates.

Custom Notebook – Marketing with giveaways is an effective way to reach new customers or let family and friends know about your project. It can also be used for office promotions, team morale, or a simple birthday present.

Custom Mousepads – Bring some more life to your office or desk with these custom mouse pads. Durable, rubberized bottoms with cloth tops to provide you with a smooth experience, these mouse pads simply brighten up the place.

Custom Highlighters & Markers – Make your brand stand out with custom highlighters and personalized markers. These fun, colorful writing tools are perfect for tradeshow giveaways and company events. With features like combination pens or stylus tips, your highlighter or marker choice is sure to get noticed.

Custom Executive Pens – Custom pens in a variety of styles are perfect for gifting to employees and clients alike. Made with high-quality materials, these pens are built for years of dependable use.

Custom Memo Boards – Personalized memo boards are an excellent promotional item for you to distribute everywhere! They’ll make great gifts for sports coaches, teachers, and people at tradeshows. Customize the design to your taste with a variety of unique options. You can also add your own logo or message anywhere on any of our boards.

Custom Packaging tape – Custom packaging tape will make your shipments stand out. Branded tape can positively affect your business, improving brand exposure and delivering your packages with ease.

Christmas gifts

Thanking your coworkers with gifts is a great way to show appreciation, admiration, and gratitude. Gifts can come in all shapes & sizes: they could be homemade, store-bought, or anything else!

Christmas gifts for female coworkers

Desk plants

Coffee mug

Pen holder

Gift basket

Hygiene kit


Greeting card

Christmas gifts for male coworkers



Wireless earbuds

Back and neck massager

Beard grooming kit

LED desk lamp

Alarm clock

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    • We are a European provider with delivery to 25 European countries

We ship our gifts to European Union countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

    • Walwater Gifts is an original gifts manufacturer, without a middleman fee

SendGiftsInEurope is an original gifts producer, every gift is hand-made in our warehouse

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For more than 10 years we do our best to keep all our customers happy and satisfied

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Deliveries throughout the European Union from our warehouse, resulting in faster delivery times

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Due to our central location in Europe, we provide low shipping charges for Europe and we guarantee no hidden delivery costs in our prices

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Selecting only the finest brands, no supermarket food brands because we believe gift baskets should be something special

    • We test all wines and foods before we put them in our gifts

All our wines are tested and approved by the management and the staff (no, we’re not constantly drunk, but a glass or two of wine is perfect for inspiration)

    • Branded gifts

Walwater Gifts may offer branded gifts. We can customize the entire gift with your company logo, name, ribbons, and more

    • Additional gifts available – add ons

We understand that we cannot always fit all needs which is why we offer additional gifts for each gift basket in our range. Add as many bottles of wine, Teddy bears or other gifts with no extra shipping charges – personalize it! And we have free cards!

    • Gift baskets for every occasion

SendGiftsInEurope offers gifts & gift baskets for every holiday and occasion in Europe

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