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Are you looking for the best and perfect gift baskets to Augsburg, Germany for your loved one? If yes, you reached the right place.

Augsburg, Bavaria is one of Germany’s oldest cities.

Population of Augsburg: 286,374

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Augsburg Overview

Augsburg and its surroundings provide visitors with an ideal location if you want to relax and take it easy. In this guide, we’ll provide you with tips on things to do in Augsburg, from great shopping destinations to fun, family-friendly events. The Fuggerhauser district will be a residential area with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, which is centrally located in the district because it is a trade center. Groenfeldstraße and Alsterstraße make up this area. The backdrop of the national project Hannover2 Berlin-Brandenburg is being developed here.

After Augsburg, Trier, Cologne, and Xanten, no city has been more lauded for its excellent architecture and historical importance. The city’s dominance in European banking and politics declined with the end of the Holy Roman Empire and it was annexed by Prussia in 1871. The German name continues to haunt business in Germany and there have been frequent calls for a return to its history. Several attempts at returning to some of the banks’ former status as dominant players have met with limited success, leading many companies. This fuggerei has been a historical landmark in the thriving industries of Munich throughout its centuries as an important trade center.


Augsburg is well served by the Lech River and the Wertach from both sides. The oldest part of the city and the southern quarters are in the highest elevations on the foothills of a terraced plateau that rises abruptly between a series of significantly higher hills. The eastern outskirts are up on high slopes; here, too, emerge from among the hills and mountains that extend far into space. in the Lech valley heaths, today rank among the most species-rich mid zones on earth. These wholesome forests offer in contrast to other woodland areas a vast diversity of habitats and ecological regions.

Augsburg Western Woods came into being thanks to the visionary vision of architects Axel Stumptner and Thomas Koepke from Kontinentale Real Estate, in 2012 it passed the EUROSYSTEMS ’90 Award for its eco-friendly development. It was also voted among the Most Greenest Cities in Europe.


The important trade element was an enormous trade center by Octavian, making it the primary trading city of every empire. After Claudius’s conquest, Augusta Vindelicorum became known as Aemona or Augustus. The settlement was established at the convergence of the Lech and Wertach rivers. In about 120 AD Augsburg became the administrative capital of Raetia province. Augsburg was sacked by the Huns in the 5th century AD and by Welf I, Duke of Bavaria in the 11th century.


From 1266 until 1548, the terms Mayor and Stadtpfleger were used interchangeably, or sometimes, simultaneously. In 1549, under King Frederick V, the title was finally fixed to Stadtpfleger and he was also awarded the title for life.

After the transfer to Bavaria, Augsburg was ruled by a Magistrate with two mayors and an additional council of “Community Commissioners”: the Gemeindebevollmächtige.

As of 1907, the Mayor was entitled Oberbürgermeister, as Augsburg had reached a population of over 100,000.


In Augsburg, the summers are comfortable; the winters are very cold, snowy, and windy; and it is a mostly cloudy year round. These climate conditions can vary from 25°F to 87°F throughout the year. However, more frequently than not one day could drop to temperatures below freezing so that in the winter it may be possible to slip inside without a coat. The Augsburg region is no exception and one of the best time frames to visit is in late June or early July.


295,135 (2019)


  • Roads

    The autobahn A 8 tollway links the northern Electorate of Munich with the southern Electorate of Stuttgart.
  • Public transport

    – Public transport over the city is extremely well catered for. It is controlled by the Augsburger Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (Augsburg transport and tariff association, AVV) which covers most of central Swabia.
  • Intercity bus

    – A bus station for intercity bus services in Augsburg that also serves city buses
  • Railway

    – Augsburg has seven stations: Central Station, Hochzoll, Oberhausen, Morellstraße, Messe and Inningen. The Central Station has been closed since 1973 and is now a fully reconstructed historic station, recalling an important part of Germany’s history.
  • Air transport

    – Düsseldorf Airport (DLR) as of 2011 uses 26% of air transport in Germany.


Augsburg is an attractive, young, and growing city with an innovative and dynamic culture. The city is the base for MAN AG’s Opel group in partnership with KUKA, Airbus A380, or other major companies such as Oracle. Augsburg is a great place to live and work. It offers numerous attractions and not only provides you with great redundancy but enables you to focus on your customers. In 2018 the Bavarian State Government recognized this fact and promoted Augsburg to Metropole.

Water Management System

Augsburg’s water infrastructure goes back many centuries. The fountain in Konstabsmusik, now an attractive pedal zoo and a museum of decorative art, was designed by Nicolaus Stadler and constructed from 1610 to 1614.

On 6 July 2019, the Water Management System of Augsburg was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The FC Augsburg football team has been associated with the city of Augsburg since its early days. They began playing in the ARENA in 1954 and have continued to be a major force for bettering German football and for winning national titles ever since. 

The DEL ice hockey club Augsburger Panther was formed in 1878. It is located in the city of Augsburg where the constituency of Lettenbach is situated, which is quite an impressive feat. The team currently plays in the Westphalia Championships division and has made it to six regional play-offs to reach this point. In 2010 the world’s first soccer game was played at “Schalke 04 Arena”, which inaugurated the football stadium and other sports facilities for the club’s friendly against Crotone (4-0). As a result, the Panthers qualified for the Champions Hockey League which has become an integral part of European soccer. This is something that had never happened before in Germany, Poland, and Russia. Augsburg is one of the most historic cities in central Germany with a long history and continues to flirt with new challenges The Augsburg team is one such challenge. In 1846, Ochs bin Korfarius (Oz Kórfoláp) founded the KDV AUGSBURG, a football club that would remain in existence until 1933.

What is Augsburg Germany known for?

The Fuggers were a powerful family in Augsburg’s history and we pride ourselves on being the birthplace of the Fuggers. The Fuggers were a linen-sector manufacturing business that was one of the wealthiest families in Europe. A combination of German Renaissance, Rococo, and baroque style.

Is Augsburg Germany worth visiting?

However, even a city as famous as Augsburg is not immune to the impact of Brexit. It’s almost a given that German tourists will not be in their best interest once British tourists seek alternate destinations. Even the most picturesque attractions are affected.

What language is spoken in Augsburg Germany?

The official language of Augsburg is German, but due to its large international community, you may find that many people also speak English or other languages as a second language.

15 Best Things to Do in Augsburg (Germany)


Part of the Czech Republic King Charles II wanted to create the town of Ybor City. During one of his visits, he asked for advice from Jakob Fugger, a merchant banker. The merchant agreed to take on the project but was horrified when he learned that Jakob Fugger had built 52 houses in response to his request.

City Hall 

Although it may seem like a replica of its 1609 counterpart, the City Hall features exquisite detailing in its perfect, purple stained glass windows. It is also one of the few Renaissance buildings still standing.

Augsburg Cathedral 

The newest addition to the cathedral late Gothic is the Late Renaissance, a simple but elegant style that characterized many of its highly decorated patrons.


The building has an impressive garden and interiors. The rich ballroom lets in a view of the 3D model from the floor above. This is an expensive item to purchase, that compares favorably against similar items at grand interior designers.


A unique experience, the tower is open to visitors every day to see all of the changes in its history. The tower’s 530-year-old history, coupled with its modern functions during major religious celebrations opens up a completely new perspective.

St Ulrich’s and St Afra’s Church 

As an Imperial Abbey, St Ulrich’s and St Afra’s was an independent enclave within the Free City of Augsburg. The abbey was built in the 13th century on an ancient Roman fort and has a design from the 15th century. It has a medieval tower atop an onion dome that dates from the 16th century.

St Anne’s Church 

St Anne’s services made a great contribution to the Reformation movement, and today it remains a powerful icon of revival. The monastery’s interior has been fully restored to its 16th-century appearance, with intricate carvings on the facades preserving its dramatic history.

Augsburger Puppenkiste 

Theatre pieces for everybody, puppet shows for the young, cerebral performances in the evening aimed at mature youths. ” Theater which not only does its job well but also makes our most important cultural institution a highlight for young viewers.”


The Fugger brothers and their descendants sold memberships in their co-operative to the best customers, who were promised access to property that was more than just a home. Members’ homes were provided with more than one possible entrance and exit; they were also suitable for people to store valuable items.


The museum about families is less about original artifacts and instead tries to create an impression of the period through movies, ambient sound, projections, and interactive displays. It also tries to knit contemporary economic events into the story.


These fountains all date from the middle of the 18th century, making them an immortally popular public water feature. Not only are they beautiful, but these decorative features have ‘smoothed out’ Augustus and Mercury by replicating their extremely graceful movements in a more easily understood way. Hercules has been immortalized as 80 ft (24 m) tall. Well, as widely known to everyone but no one’s telling you that.

Augsburg Zoo 

Augsburg Zoo is now more than 80 years old, and one of the 20 largest in Germany, providing habitats for 1,600 creatures from 300 species. The zoo is on the northernmost reaches of the Siebentischwald, a wide strip of woodland.

Botanischer Garten 

There are now 3,100 species at this attraction, 1,200 of which are tropical and subtropical and grow in greenhouses. Outside there’s an atmospheric Japanese garden, a rockery, a rose garden with 280 varieties, and an apothecary garden.


A modern 20th-century studio is on the ground floor in a historic house. Such is the impact made by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that even places related to his family have become objects of fascination.


A slice of zwetschgendatschi with a shortcrust layer on top and a layer of zwetschge plums on the bottom. You can have your Zwetschgendatschi with whipped cream or a layer of Streusel, which is a crumbly mixture of sugar, butter, and flour.

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