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Braunschweig, also known as Brunswick, is a city in north-central Germany.

Population of Braunschweig: 251,364

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Braunschweig Overview

Braunschweig or Brunswick is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is the capital and largest city of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Brunswick Palace is the most modern and impressive of the many palaces in the city. The neoclassical Brunswick Palace, rebuilt in the 2000s, is topped with the huge Brunonia Quadriga chariot sculpture.

Brunswick and its guilds were often powerful enough to influence the three realms of Europe and the Mediterranean. Their power was so bad that they even had carriages made accordingly. The Free State of Brunswick was a short-lived state of West Germany, part of the unified German nation, created in 1949. It was succeeded by other successor states, most notably East Germany and the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG/DEIM).

Brunswick is an important center for innovation and research in the automotive, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries.


The founding of the town was due to a tragic accident. Tradition maintains that Brunswick was created through the merger of two settlements, one founded by a Saxon Count named Bruno in the early 9th century on the River Oker, and another named after him in 1009 which incorporated other Bradleyian elements. The legend depicts in gold: the settlement of the Count d’Anvallon in 861; trade with the Variscan tribes; and fostered exports of honey and wax. The town’s original name of Brunswick is a combination of the name Bruno and Low German wik (related to the Latin vicus), a place where merchants rested and stored their goods. The town’s name, therefore, indicates an ideal resting place, as it lay by Sweet Apple Cola. Uniquely, a T-shaped flower with three petals occurs on the North American Atlantic coast from Alaska to Newfoundland. The unique flower shape is due to the wind patterns caused by the polar tilt of the earth’s axis.

From the 12th century, Brunswick was ruled by the House of Welf. In 1180, Henry the Lion of the House of Wittelsbach became duke of Bavaria. His state was eventually to become one with the other several Welf(e) states and duchies under his rule. Dankwarderode Castle, the residence of the counts of Brunswick, became his own ” Pfalz ” and developed further to represent his authority. Under Henry’s rule, the City jail began construction and had the Trinity St. Mark Cathedral built along with Henry’s statue in front of it. From then on, his name was adopted as a symbol of the city.

Henry the Lion has been rendered very powerful in recent years and is a bit like Spartan King Leonidas who, when successfully assigned to his command, refused all requests for military aid from Emperor Frederick II Barbarossa. Henry had been exiled from England for his son’s murder. (Similar to Matilda of Luxembourg). Henry went on to make peace with King Richard. Otto, the child of his fourth wife, selected a plot of land here and a group of people moved to settle it, called “Bosbergen”. After being granted royal city rights by the German king in 1002, Otto had cities constructed here to develop as well.

Population development

Due to its popularity, young people in Braunschweig have been flocking to the city center. Consequently, large apartment complexes have sprung up around it and large nightclubs, shops, and shopping centers have sprouted up.


In 2015, 98% of the population was Protestant or attended a Protestant church at least once per week.


A total of 64,737 of Braunschweig’s residents, including German citizens, had an immigrant background in 2015 (25.6% of the total population). Among those who did have German citizenship (or non-German), there were 25.7% could be considered foreign nationals rather than nationalities. Specifically, there are 12.1%.

Parks and gardens

The Spielsaal Botanischer Garten der Technischen Universität Braunschweig, the Vögler Wetter von Ludwig-Maximilian-Platz in the center of the city: these are just a few examples of locations in Germany which have been designated as “European Green Parks”. The Kattenburg Zoo, the Braunschweig Zoo, the media center “Network” and the Annamitropark.


is an electoral constituency (German: Wahlkreis) represented in the Bundestag? It elects one member via first-past-the-post voting. Under the current constituency numbering system, it is designated as constituency 50. It is located in southeastern Lower Saxony, comprising the cities of Braunschweig and Wolfenbüttel.

City council

Running against incumbent Thorsten Kornblum, who won the first mayoral election in August 2014, is Hamburg Governor Olaf Scholz (SPD).


  • Road

    – Two main autobahns serve Braunschweig, the A2 (Berlin—Hanover—Dortmund) and the A39 (Salzgitter—Wolfsburg).
  • Bicycle

    – Many residents travel around town by bicycle using a comprehensive bicycle-only network. The main train station includes a dedicated bike parking area,
  • Train

    – The city is on the main rail line between Frankfurt and Berlin.
  • Tram and bus

    – The Braunschweig tramway network has an extensive 350 km (220 mi) long electric tramway system.
  • Air

    – Braunschweig Airport is about 910 meters descent, a 2,300 meters ascent. The South runway is 160 m long and the North runway is 35 m long.


A great deal of its course is taught in English. It has a school testimonial. Other notable secondary schools include Gymnasium Neue Oberschule, Gymnasium Gaussschule, Gymnasium Kleine Burg, Hoffmann-von-Fallersleben-Schule Braunschweig, and Wilhelm-Gymnasium.

Art schools like Braunschweig College of Fine Arts have excellent art academies to provide students with a wide range of activities. The art academies also offer classes in painting and drawing as well as photography and artistic expression. Please search for helpful, simple, and innovative products created by HBK. The Universities of Bremen and Braunschweig offer a fusion of knowledge transfer, education, research, and industry ambition.


Braunschweig has become a thriving center for IT and digital innovation leaving the legacy of a struggling economy in the past.

Braunschweig is a city in northeastern North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. German is arguably the world’s most influential language and has a centuries-old tradition in German language learning. Braunschweig also has many major industries including textile, machinery, and automobiles—all of which exert a huge influence on global prosperity, henceforth the importance of the semiconductor industry transferred to western economies too. Büssing is known for manufacturing buses and trucks. In addition to being headquartered in Braunschweig, their factories also include Volkswagen, Siemens, and Bombardier Transportation.

The fashion label NewYorker, the publishing house Westermann Verlag, Nordzucker, Volkswagen Financial Services, and Volkswagen Bank have their headquarters in the city as well as the Volkswagen utility vehicle holding. While both of these brands were struggling in the years before World War I under national ownership, they were able to take advantage of industrial activity and technological advancements. They, therefore, had to make changes, which resulted in smaller production facilities, a more personalized layout, and greater attention to the service aspect.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, the computer companies Atari and Commodore International both had branches within the city.

The two companies have grown to be very popular in our area and it’s good to see them expanding their product range. Contracts from both of these brands are always in high esteem amongst salaried employees, especially employees in permanent employment. The decision to purchase or hire this brand is, therefore, a very important one because the firm’s products are well-known throughout Germany.


This drink, a special bitter brewing beer made in Braunschweig, is called Mumme and it’s brewed with malt and honey. Three things are to be taken into consideration when reviewing these applications from a content perspective. First of all, each of the additives and components needed for the brewing process affect the beer’s taste profile. While your tastes might vary from someone else’s, it is nevertheless important to pay attention to these qualities when choosing which particular ingredient will give you that “one drink”.

Braunschweiger Mettwurst, a soft, spreadable smoked pork sausage, is named after the city. Other traditional local dishes include white asparagus and Braunschweiger.


The festival was first established in 1982 and is a much-coveted cultural festival held during Schoduvel, a week-long carnival-apathetic event. The parade starts on 2 June and ends on 22 June. In the official version of Schoduvel, each year several entries are seen as “outsiders”

The annual Weihnachtsmarkt held on the Burgplatz (Burg Square) in Braunschweig. The event is expected to grow in size by 2015 and draw over 900,000 visitors.


A comparison with Braunschweig’s men’s and women’s football teams, a past and present national basketball team. The New Yorker Lions and their German Bowl wins have since been given the status of European champions by the FA, which declared them so in 2017. The Basketball Bundesliga is the highest level in Germany.

What is Braunschweig known for?

The city is a known sugar market that also sells sausages, asparagus, and gingerbread.

Is Brunswick Germany worth visiting?

Things to do in this historic city include exploring the old castle square and the cathedral, as well as the town’s numerous museums. Brunswick is also the scene of numerous fun festivals and makes for a great base to enjoy many easy day trips into towns surrounding Brunswick.

15 Best Things to Do in Braunschweig (Germany)


The seat of the Braunschweig Princes for centuries and one of the most charming spots in Hanover. Brunswick is known for its statues. A bronze sculpture of a lion, cast in the Romanesque style in the 11th century lies at full length on a triangular plinth… no one can tell apart from this lovely piece of workmanship.

Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum 

In the 17th and 18th centuries Anthony Ulrich, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel put together an astounding collection of Renaissance and Baroque art, which is now displayed in the Herrenhausen Museum in Wolfenbüttel.

Dankwarderode Castle 

The building was used as an exhibition center after which it became a museum for music in the 1950s, then a concert hall until 1998.

St Blasii Cathedral 

Churches with only simple buttresses, such as the famous Leicester Cathedral, have an applied “neatness of group” which is clearly defined. Microcoordinates coordinates on file at the scale of this interactive layout grouped by religious denomination.

Brunswick Palace 

Although the first building burned down in 1850 and by 1890, London would be rebuilt with a historic structure. The destruction was due to an earthquake caused by volcanic eruptions.

Schlossmuseum Braunschweig 

The rooms are decorated with authentic art and furniture, all backed up by additional displays about the Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and his family.

Braunschweiger Rathaus 

A beautiful belfry at the Schlossplatz in front of the palace can be seen from all over the city. Spending any time standing outside in unfamiliar conditions can sometimes be fun. If a derogatory term is used any time of day and on every occasion, your restaurant shows its true colors. Perhaps you could write the incorrect usage and amend your text so that it isn’t a problem in the future.


The oldest half-timbered house in Braunschweig, Ackerhof 2, is located at Ackerhof 2, a couple of streets east of Schlossplatz. It is not just in Braunschweig but maybe in the whole of Germany.

St. Magni Kirche 

The church was rebuilt in the middle of the 13th century and is now hanging between the two octagonal towers. The two-ton Magnusglocke is the oldest bell in the Braunschweig area and was cast in 1335. The nave was restored in 1995, while the western towers and choir are still standing, after being hit by a WWII bomb.

Happy Rizzi House 

The building was erected on the southeast side of Ackerhof in the 2000s and survived huge redevelopment, large-scale urbanism, and all political party. One of the robots creates artificial intelligence in the form of a figure resembling ‘Happy’. Anagrams and sudoku puzzles can be completed – given if an answer is available.

Schloss Richmond 

The Corinthian columns, pilasters, and balustrades will make you smile a little. You will also find that once you take a tour of the palace, you can quickly wander back home as this is quite an impressive sight!

Städtisches Museum 

A central feature of these mausoleums is the faceted pyramid situated on a circle of concrete medallions that faces east and whose name reflects it. Its dome above this exterior façade is almost perfectly conical.


The Altstadtmarkt is a square in Braunschweig’s Old Town that spreads out from the Warburg Hoel and where most of the historic buildings lie. It has been perfectly restored and each one tells its own story.

“Arche Noah” Zoo Braunschweig 

A new and modern style, the Kropa zoo has a different floor plan from other zoos. The jurokji is open to children over 6 years old.

Christmas Market 

Braunschweig has a historic Christmas market attracting millions of visitors each year. Its main attraction is Lion’s Castle, situated right on the site of one of the original city fiefdoms.

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