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On the left bank of the river Mureş, Deva is a city in Romania, in the historical region of Transylvania.

The population of Deva: 56,647 (2011)

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Deva Overview

On the left bank of the river Mureş, Deva is a city in Romania, in the historical region of Transylvania. Located in Hunedoara County, it is the country’s capital.


The first recording of its name was in 1269, when it was called Castrum Dewa. There has been controversy over the origin of the term. Traditionally, the name is derived from the Dacian word dava, which means “fortress” (as in Pelendava, Piroboridava, or Zargidava). According to another theory, the name comes from the Legio II Augusta, a Roman Legion transferred from Castrum Deva, now Chester (Deva Victrix), in Britain, to Deva. Based on the name Gyeücsa, János András Vistai assumes the name is of old Turkic origin. It is also possible that the name is of Slavic origin, where Deva or Devín means “girl” or “maiden” (a similar case exists in Slovakian for the Devín Castle, situated at the confluence of the Danube and Great Morava) or from the Old Hungarian name Győ. It is also possible that the name Deva comes from the reconstructed proto-Indo-European dhewa (“settlement”). Deva appears as Dewan (first mention), Deva (second mention), or Diemrich (third mention).


A privilege-grant for the Count Chyl of Kelling (Romanian: committee Chyl din Câlnic) in 1269 mentions “the royal castle of Deva,” the first document showing the city’s existence. After being partially destroyed by the Ottoman Turks in 1550, it was rebuilt, and the fortress was extended. The Magna Curia Palace (the Bethlen Castle) was transformed and developed in Renaissance style by Prince Gabriel Bethlen in 1621.

A group of Roman Catholic Bulgarian merchant refugees from the unsuccessful anti-Ottoman Chiprovtsi Uprising of 1688 settled Deva in 1711–1712. Initially, the refugees mainly came from Chiprovtsi and Zhelezna but also from Kopilovtsi and Klisura. Refugees came to Deva from Wallachia and Alvinc (now Vințu de Jos, Romania), where a similar colony had been established in 1700.

In 1716, 51 families and three Franciscan friars established their neighborhood, which was called Greci (“Greeks,” i.e., “merchants”). Despite the colony’s maximum population of 71 families in 1721, their influence over local affairs caused Deva to be officially called a “Bulgarian town” for a short time. Along with their permission to settle and property acquisition, the Bulgarians received royal privileges from the Austrian crown. The Bulgarian population funded and built Deva’s Franciscan friary in 1724, so the monastery became known as the Bulgarian Monastery. By the late 19th century, the Bulgarian ethnic element in the town had disappeared entirely due to the Great Plague of 1738 and gradual assimilation into other Transylvanian groups.

Jewish history

An organized Jewish community was formed in 1848 after Jews settled in the town in the 1830s. Hungarian patriotic sermons were delivered by Rabbi Moshe Herzog (1893-1898). Reconstruction of the synagogue took place in 1925. Under the leadership of Hayyim Yehuda Ehrenreich, a rabbinical scholar whose periodical Otzar ha-Hayyim became renowned in Jewish academic circles, the strictly Orthodox established their congregation in 1923. In 1927, he found a press to print classical Hebrew literature.

It was during the mid-1920s that Zionist organizations were especially active. The Jewish population in 1930 was 914, or 8.7% of the total population. A Jewish merchant was forced to give up his shop on 5 December 1940 to members of the ruling Iron Guard during the National Legionary State. As Romania entered World War II in June 1941, 695 Jewish refugees from surrounding villages were brought to Deva. As a result of the war, many people remained there. 1947 there were 1190 Jews; the majority emigrated to Israel after 1948.


On the left bank of the middle course of the Mureş River, Deva lies in the center of Hunedoara County at 187 meters above sea level. In the city, there are four villages: Archia (Árki), Bârcea Mică (Kisbarcsa), Cristur (Csernakeresztúr), and Sântuhalm (Szántóhalma).


There were 2,129 residents in 1850, of whom 1,038 were Romanians (48.8%), 517 Hungarians (24.3%), 255 Germans (12%), 216 Roma (10%) and 103 (4.8%) from other ethnicities. Out of 8,654 inhabitants in 1910, 5,827 were Hungarians (67.33%), 2,417 Romanians (27.92%), 276 Germans (3.18%), and 134 (1.57%) others.

According to the last census, from 2011, Deva had 56,647 inhabitants, making it Romania’s 37th largest city.


The automotive, construction materials, and power industries are essential in Deva’s economy.


In Deva, summers are warm, winters are cold and snowy, and it’s partly cloudy most of the year. In general, the temperature ranges between 25°F and 82°F throughout the year and rarely falls below 10°F or rises above 91°F. From mid-June through mid-September is the best time of year to visit Deva for warm-weather activities.

Tourism and sport

Citadel Hill dominates Deva, a protected nature reserve home to rare floral species and horned adders. There are ruins of a 13th-century citadel perched on top of the hill. Using the cable car or climbing the mountain are two ways tourists can access the Citadel. Up to 16 people can be transported on the machinery over a distance of 160 meters.

In Deva, you will find the Arts Theatre, the Patria Cinema, the Old Centre, and the Citadel Park, where you will find statues of Mihai Eminescu and Decebal and the Magna Curia Palace. In addition to Citadel Park is Aqualand Complex, a recently constructed leisure center. Transylvania’s Transylvania region is a popular tourist destination. Two elements define the town center of Deva: the House of Culture and the Musical Fountain.

The National Gymnastics Training Center is located in Deva, considered the capital of gymnastics in Romania. Several of the country’s Olympic gymnasts have trained in Deva, including Nadia Comăneci.

Top Attractions in Deva

  1. Fortress of Deva – Castles
  2. Muzeul Civilizatiei Dacice si Romane Deva – Speciality Museums
  3. Shopping City Deva – Shopping Malls
  4. Teatrul de Arta Deva – Theaters
  5. Cetate Municipal Park – Parks
  6. Cetatea Deva – Historic Sites • Ancient Ruins
  7. Alee Of Gymnasts. – Monuments & Statues
  8. Biblioteca Judeteana Ovid Densusianu – Libraries
  9. Pedestrian Statue Of Decebalus – Monuments & Statues
  10. Ezenpur Day Spa – Spas

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Cities we deliver to Romania

Walwater Gifts deliver all over Romania. At Walwater Gifts to Deva, we have extensive experience in sending gift parcels all over the world. However, each country has unique Customs Regulations and delivery times. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or need assistance placing your order online.

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