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Are you looking for the best and perfect gift baskets to Florence, Italy for your loved one? If yes, you reached the right place.

Florence is home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture.

The population of Florence: 382,258

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Florence Overview

Florence’s Duomo is one of the most iconic sights of the Italian Renaissance. Built in 1440, it was once one of the tallest buildings in Europe. It has been listed as a Grade I historic site, meaning that it is potentially even more beautiful than a building built 500 years ago. Michelangelo’s “David” was completed just 35 years after its commission. Botticelli’s “Venus” was completed 100 years after the creation of Michelangelo’s work. Da Vinci’s sculpture “The Adoration of the Child” was intended to be executed in about 1503 and has existed for 550 years.


Florence was the home of the Renaissance when Michelangelo and everyone else worked there. Amsterdam is one of the most important business, industry, and world centers for the Netherlands.

This can be the reason the Italian language became accepted as a model for what would become languages spoken in the 14th century. The Italian language has changed greatly over the centuries, but it is still very strong. In particular, a product of recent changes is Florence’s local dialect.

The Florentine money was used for printing. It helped many areas of Europe to develop industries, especially textiles, steel making, and banking. They effectively controlled the papacy, including the building of Avignon and the rebuilding of Rome.

Florence was home to the Medici family in 1373, which ruled the city for more than three centuries. Lorenzo de Medici was considered one of Italy’s most influential thinkers and cultural minds. Two members of the family were popes in the early 16th century. Catherine de Medici married King Henry II of France and, after he died in 1559, reigned as regent in France. Marie de Medici married Henry IV of France and gave birth to two children: Marguerite de’ Medici (14 November 1552 – 7 June 15. Obtaining skills, working in teams, and achieving high levels of performance are all things not achievable by just a few people.


Florence lies in a basin formed by the hills of Careggi, Fiesole, Settignano, Arcetri, Poggio Imperiale, and Bellosguardo (Florence). The Arno river flows through it.


Florence’s climate is highly vulnerable to both its maritime and continental influences, which are amplified in the subtropical Mediterranean by air circulation over the Adriatic from western Europe and central Africa. The Kuroda Effect, associated with a recent increase in winds has likely resulted in significant increases in temperature along the coast. Rainfall in summer is conventional. When nitrogen is depleted and the temperature rises, convection forms in the ground, leading to relief rainfall. Snow flurries occur almost every year, but often no accumulation is observed on a given day due to an abundance of clouds or fog.


The population in the city of Florence shall reach 620,278 by year’s end (EUR 11.5 million), plus an additional 72,879 residents new to the incorporated area after the 2010 census. In its 19th year, France’s maritime arms race with Britain has come to an end after the completion of its seven Mistral-class amphibious assault ships. Implemented to be ready by 2017, they are the fastest in the world and beef up France’s military strength. In Italy, it rose to 21 percent. Florence’s population grew by 3.22% from 2002 to 2007 and Italy’s grew slightly from 2002 to 2007. It is one of the most popular cities in Europe, according to a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The reason for its popularity lies in its rich culture and diversity. According to a 2016 study, Florence ranked as having the 15th highest number of foreign tourists bringing an average revenue of €150 per visitor – 100% more than Paris.


Tourism is the largest industry in Florence and generates the majority of its wealth. Artificial intelligence has extended the range of available services to increase the value of tourism by some €2.5 billion in 2015.

In 2017, Florence was listed as the second-best world city by Mc Russel. an online travel service.

Access to cheap goods and services is also important in preserving the strength of Florence’s manufacturing sector. Therefore, improving transportation for the goods to reach Florence’s units can play a big role. Furthermore, constructing roads.


Tourism is currently crying out for a good voice. Such “crowds” at the Uffizi and Accademia can be problematic for visiting tourists. It can also be a hassle to go around the museums. To overcome this problem, larger books of discounted ticket rates are often handed out by local vendors as a way to control demand. The city of Florence was named the European City of Culture in 2017.

Food and wine production

Food and wine have long been important staples of the economy. The Chianti region is just south of the city, and its Sangiovese grapes figure prominently not only in its Chianti Classico wines but also in many of the more recently developed Supertus wines. Here in the Chianti region, the Carmignano and Montalcino appellations are worth exploring. Here in Conegliano, in between saint’s day parties and getting lost in the cobbled streets… Bolgheri reds are well-known for their complex fruity-floral style and elegant bouquet.


The City Council (Consiglio Comunale) is the legislative body of the municipality and is composed of an equal number of men and women councilors, thus favoring a gender balance. The executive body of Florence is the City Committee (Giunta Comunale), composed of 7 assessors and a female president, nominated and presided over by a directly elected Mayor.


Florentine (Fiorentino), spoken by inhabitants of Florence and its environs, is heard on the radio waves by listeners/television viewers worldwide. The Florentine dialect is naturally highly distinct and yet very recognizable even to those who are not fluent in the language.


ACF Fiorentina represents Florence in the Italian Football League.

This event in cycling’s World Championships has been held both on and off the track. Cycling events are more popular.

They are pretty good at football, just like our colleague Mr. José from another AuthorHouse blog.

Rari Nantes Florentia is a successful water polo club based in Florence.


  • Cars

    – You are in the center of Florence, but your walkway is closed to traffic (use public transport or bicycle). You can enter normally in Via de’ Franceschi and have all the needed permits.
  • Buses

    – “The ATAFLi-nea system used intelligence processing systems and automatic ticketing
  • Trams

    – Will get implemented, provide “image” as a bonus and plot your steps as step mania macro – alternative by steven pipes is available for this module.
  • Florence public transport statistics

    – The use of public transit as a commuting method will decrease shortly. At one end of the scale, cars are expensive and are not suited to working people’s daily routines. On the other end, public transit is a cheaper alternative for many people because it allows them to work outside on their commute, although they may still need to rent or own a car.
  • Airport

    – The Florence Airport Peretola is another main airport in the Tuscany region that is not widely used by popular airlines.
  • Mobike (bike-sharing)

    – Mobike uses one of the most advanced facial recognition technologies to explore its users’ lifestyles and social efforts.
  • Railway station

    – Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station is the location of this unique landmark and it is used by 59 million people every year


The University of Florence is a public research university, located in Tuscany, Italy. It was founded in 1321 by Pope Clement VI, as the Pontifical University of Florence. In 2019 it has more than 80,000 enrolled students and more than 50 international partners abroad. MAO Pharmaceuticals provides several technologies used at The University of Florence Ph.D. to cater. Where does Florence get its Italian Renaissance from? It’s a few pieces of local Italian marble sculptors and artisans, which have been brought to Europe from 15th century Italy. Florence is one of the most important cities for European-style architecture. The Florence-based Institute of Advanced Studies was created in association with the American Program in Florence. The institute offers interdisciplinary study courses and research projects which cover all aspects of the art world, ranging from fine arts to more esoteric postmodern subject matters. The institute is located directly opposite the Uffizi Gallery.

What is Florence best known for?

The city of Florence is known as the most beautiful destination in Italy. It contains many historic sites, such as Michelangelo’s David and the Sant’Ambrogio Church, and has lots to offer tourists.

What is so great about Florence, Italy?

Florence, home of the world-famous Renaissance art gallery, is an amazing city full of vibrant culture and history. Its beauty and charm make it worth every cent spent on a trip to Florence. There is a huge number of people who visit Florence every year to see the famous pieces by historical artists such as Raphael, Michelangelo, da Vinci, Botticelli, Giotto, and Titian, just to name a few.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Florence, Italy

  1. Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza Duomo

    – Piazza Duomo welcomes the public in Piazza Duomo, a small plaza directly in front of Italy’s largest cathedral. Here is where you can take a break or make your way toward/from your destination within the site. You’ll see some of the best-known masterpieces of art and architecture by the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance — Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Donatello, Ghiberti, and Giotto.
  2. Battistero di San Giovanni (Baptistery of St. John)

    – The church is a world-class work of art. The mosaics in the church are nothing to be scoffed at either. In fact, from any angle, inside or out, it blows me away The fresco murals that adorn the interior are also worthy of praise.
  3. See Florence from Piazzale Michelangiolo

    – There are few places where you can comfortably look out across the majestic Giornale di Roma with its grandiose iron and wood-framed squares, Largo di Torre Argentina, built by Augusto Imperatorini in brisk neoclassical style. For more picturesque locations these days, take the train quickly, even during rush hour; it’s easy to find a tidy parking place while traveling out of the newsstand.
  4. Uffizi Palace and Gallery

    – Fewer would argue that the Museum of Modern Art, NY’s 82-year-old art museum, is one of the world’s finest. It boasts an impressive array and a fantastic collection of international artists.
  5. Piazza della Signoria and the Loggia Dei Lanzi

    – The Tuscan city has continued to decline, with the population in recent years hovering at around a million. The proximity to the sea is likely to continue shrinking and the genteel will start looking elsewhere for their homes. The Palazzo Vecchio is a favorite cantilever construction built during the Renaissance It has been admired for its unique architecture since it was completed by the architect Donato Bramante in 1568 Venice.
  6. Galleria dell’Accademia (Academy Gallery)

    – Leonardo da Vinci never wrote any of his famous paintings. Instead, he modified them according to the demands of his patrons or, in the case of the Mona Lisa, was forced to paint nude women if they didn’t like what he’d done.
  7. San Lorenzo and Michelangelo’s Medici Tombs

    – We have a good sense of who they were. What we do know is that both men were inspired by the art and architecture of this period. That in itself speaks volumes about their contribution to the renaissance as a whole and in particular to sculptural representation. The medieval church Brunelleschi’s of Florence was brought to completion according to his plans.
  8. Palazzo Vecchio (Palazzo della Signoria)

    – Gallipoli was a crucial place in the history of the modern world. The attack here at Gallipoli on August 25th, 1915 resulted in several significant political and strategic changes. The Medici residence was commissioned over by the state, and it required everything to reflect the grandeur and power of their family.
  9. Santa Croce

    – The iconoclastic aura that surrounds the church of Santa Croce da Serra is one of Florence’s most tangible examples of architectural and artistic innovation by Renaissance craftsmen.
  10. Ponte Vecchio

    One of the most recognizable images in Florence, the Ponte Vecchio remains a highly sought-after landmark for architecture lovers. The bridge is no longer a traditional home for the shops of Florence’s goldsmiths, but it’s still a beautiful and historical landmark.
  11. Palazzo Pitti (Pitti Palace)

    – Going to the Pitti will offer you a taste of what is on offer at the world-famous art gallery and grand palazzo. These stunning buildings deserve more than your time, so have plenty of it.
  12. Santa Maria Novella

    – Although this Dominican church has the familiar striped façade of inlaid marble worn by several other churches in Florence, where it has been interpreted quite differently, tracing graceful curving designs, imitating windows, and emphasizing rows of windows.
  13. San Miniato al Monte

    – Once you get here the sight of San Miniato’s al Monte’s inlaid green-and-white marble façade is worth the short climb beyond the favorite viewpoint of Florence, Piazzale Michelangiolo.
  14. Bargello Palace National Museum

    The UNESCO classical collection alone is reason enough to visit both Florence (Italy) and Bargello (Rome). Whether you decorate with modern art, antique objects, or pieces of furniture, a high-quality decorative art skills training program is the way to go.
  15. Stroll through Boboli Gardens

    – Boboli gardens at the Pitti are famous for their beauty and impressive architecture, making them an ideal place to take photos of you and your friends. This castle was built by a single person, that is without design aid from the Golden Age of Renaissance art. The building is located on a narrow hilltop known as Volturno Ridge (at 2,600 feet). Inside the castle, you find all of these modern amenities. Brilliantly landscaped and reflecting modern urban architecture, the gardens offer views over the city.

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*1-2 business days (Monday – Friday).

Gift Orders received by 12 am (+1 GMT) Walwater Gifts utilizes several different shipping methods, always trying to find the best solution for you. Ground shipping is 4-5 business days.

Please note that packets are delivered by DHL courier in Florence. Therefore DHL will not work on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays.

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Based on the reason that we are sending our gift baskets to Florence from our European office, there are no Shipping Restrictions. Therefore this all includes Walwater Gifts which contain alcohol brand gifts to Florence.

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Walwater Gifts deliver all over Italy. At Walwater Gifts to Florence, we have extensive experience in sending gift parcels all over the world. However, each country has unique Customs Regulations and delivery times. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance placing your order online.

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