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Luxembourg is the capital of the small European nation of the same name

The population of Luxembourg City: 114,303

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Luxembourg City Overview

Luxembourg is the capital of a small European nation of the same name. It’s built amid deep-cut gorges cut by the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers and is famous for its medieval city wall ruins. The vast Bock Casemates tunnel network encompasses a dungeon, prison, and the Archaeological Crypt, which is considered to be the city’s birthplace. Along ramparts above, the Chemin de la Corniche promenade offers dramatic viewpoints.


Some towers were built to defend the area of Luxembourg. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and human enemies. Siegfried I of Trier, a close relative to the kings of France and German emperor Otto the Great, possessed feudal lands for Luxembourg through an exchange treaty with the abbey of Saint Maximin in 963. Siegfried built his castle, named Lucilinburhuc, on the Bock Fiels mentioned for the first time in the aforementioned exchange treaty.

In 987, Archbishop Egbert of Trier consecrated five altars in the Church of the Redemption (today St. Michael’s Church). At a Roman road intersection near the church, a marketplace with which the city developed is believed to have been built.

The city is a geographic location that has historically been significant because of its proximity to different cultures and its defensive capabilities. This strategic location has continually drawn military attention since the city was built around 1,000 years ago, evidenced by the 10th-century fortifications still in place today. The city’s geographical boundaries expanded significantly over the 12th century, and this is indicated in the new walls of the 12th century that now included an area of 5 hectares (12 acres). Back in 1340, when John the Blind was king, new fortifications were built to replace the old ones. They remained in use until around 1867.

It was in 1443 when Burgundians under Philip the Good conquered Luxembourg. Luxembourg was part of the Burgundian, Spanish, and Austrian empires. Under Habsburg rule, Luxembourg castle was fortified significantly by the 16th century. From this time onwards it was one of the strictest fortifications in Europe. Luxembourg has been the victim of many conquests. The Burgundians, Spanish, French, and Spaniards conquered it at different points in history. Other countries to have taken control over Luxembourg were Austria and France (both multiple times).


Luxembourg City is situated in the southeast of Luxembourg on the Luxembourg Plateau. This is a large Early Jurassic sandstone formation that covers most of Luxembourg’s low-lying, flat land.

The city center occupies a picturesque site on cliffs overlooking the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers. The deep canyons cut by the rivers are spanned by many bridges and viaducts, including the Adolphe Bridge, the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, and the Passerelle. Luxembourg City is not particularly large, but its layout is complex. It’s set on a series of hills and drops into the two gorges.

Quarters of Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is made up of 24 quarters, which cover the entire city. The quarters correspond to the major neighborhoods in Luxembourg City. Usually, only the historic districts are split up between two quarters. For example, Bonnevoie is divided between Luxembourg I and II.


Considering its latitude, Luxembourg City has a cool oceanic climate (Cfb). It’s warm in the summer but it has cold and chilly winters. It is covered by moderate to heavy clouds for more than 2/3 of the year.


114,303 (Jun 2017)

Local government

Under Luxembourg’s laws, governing power in a commune largely lies with the communal council. The Council of State is the largest of all communal councils in Luxembourg with 27 members. The members are elected every six years and will take office on January 1st. They are responsible for making sure the decisions taken by Parliament do not violate fundamental rights, laws, or treaties relating to human rights, civil and political matters, and economic and social matters. The city is a stronghold of the Democratic Party, which currently has 9 councilors. The largest party nationally is the Democratic Party.

National government

The capital city of Luxembourg is where the national government is. The Grand Ducal Family lives a couple of hours away in Colmar-Berg at Berg Castle. The city is located in the Centre constituency for national elections to the Chamber of Deputies.

European institutions

Luxembourg City is the headquarters of several organizations affiliated with the European Union. These include the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Commission, and the Parliament secretariat. The city also hosts several important bodies such as the ECA. The majority of institutions are in the Kirchberg area, which is in the northeast part of Graz.


Despite being a small city with no more than 10 museums, what Luxembourgers lack in quantity they make up for in quality. Other standouts include the newly reopened National Museum of History and Art (MNHA), Luxembourg City History Museum, Mudam – Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art, and the National Museum of Natural History. The city of Luxembourg is world-famous for its city walls. It’s one of the few cities in Europe to have been listed as ‘UNESCO World Heritage for the historical importance of these walls. Luxembourg has been on the cultural map for a long time, and it is home to two important theatres: the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg and the Théâtre des Capucins. And there is also a brand-new concert hall, the Philharmonie, as well as a conservatory with an auditorium. Galleries typically incorporate the Villa Vauban, the Casino Luxembourg, and Am Tunnel.


The ING Euro Marathon has been happening in the capital annually since 2006 and attracts thousands of runners and spectators each year. In 2014, there were 11,000 participants and more than 100,000 spectators.

The Luxembourg Open is a tennis tournament that was first established in 1991. It will run from October 13 to October 21 this year. The tournament was previously sponsored by BGL BNP Paribas, one of the more famous sponsors in the world of tennis, but they are no longer due to end their contract on October 20th.

The huge Stade de Luxembourg stadium is the country’s most popular sports venue and is particularly popular for football and rugby games. The capacity for sporting events is 9,386 with 15,000 seats in total. D’Coque is primarily a venue for basketball, handball, volleyball, and gymnastics. It also features an Olympic-sized pool.

Two of the most popular and successful football clubs in the country of Luxembourg; Racing FC Union Luxembourg and FC RM Hamm Benfica, play in the country’s highest league, Luxembourg National Division.


  • Highways

    Luxembourg is in the center of Europe and has connections to several major routes in the region, so you can get to it from different places.
  • Public transport

    Public transport in Luxembourg City has been free since 2020. This includes rail, bus, and tram.
  • Rail

    Luxembourg City is served by 5 railway stations, operated by the state-owned company, the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois. These include its principal station- Luxembourg station which is a major rail hub in the country.
  • Bus

    Luxembourg City has 31 bus routes for the public, operated by the local transport authority. They’re part of a lot of bus companies and are partly subcontracted to private entities.
  • Tram

    The first stage of Luxembourg City’s new tram line opened in December 2017. The project cost €63 million, the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge was constructed for €71 million, and it will be completed by 2020.
  • Air

    Luxembourg Airport (LUX) is the only airport in Luxembourg and serves international flights.

What is Luxembourg City known for?

Luxembourg has recently been voted the second richest country in the world, and being Europe’s economic powerhouse is not its only award-winning achievement. European journeys might be well-represented by a visit to this small country, which happens to have many landmarks: among others, its capital city of the same name has a curious network of underground caves.

Is Luxembourg City worth visiting?

If you’re going to be in Luxembourg for only a day or two, you should stop and take some time to visit the Medieval Capital City of Luxembourg. It’s beautiful and worth your time!

Is Luxembourg a good place to live?

According to international surveys, Luxembourg is ranked among the best countries. The quality of life here is high because of our natural environment and small-town charm, but also because it’s a safe country where everyone can feel at home.

What food is Luxembourg known for?

Luxembourg has a whole range of treats on offer, from French patisseries, cakes, and fruit pies to more regional desserts like Bretzels (a Lenten specialty); Quetscheflueds (walnut tarts); Verwurelt Gedanken or Verwurelter (small sugar-coated doughnuts) and Äppel.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Luxembourg

  1. The Old Quarter of Luxembourg City

    – Luxembourg City’s Old Quarter has a wonderfully preserved historic center. This area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 and is affectionately called “d’ Stad” by locals.
  2. National Museum of History and Art, Luxembourg City

    – If you were to judge Luxembourg on the quality of its museums, never mind its history, it would still rank incredibly high on the list of Europe’s must-see cities. The National Museum of History and Art is climbing to the top of the list of national museums.
  3. The Bock Casements, Luxembourg City

    – Bock cliff near the Fortifications of Luxembourg, or Bockfiels, is where you will find the entrance to Casemates du Bock (Casements du Bock), a 21-km excursion through underground passages. Capable of housing thousands of defenders and their equipment, this fortress also had a workshop, kitchens, and chambers for slaughter.
  4. Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg City

    – Luxembourg’s Groussherzogleche Palais is a tourism highlight. This beautiful Renaissance building dates back to 1572, and the country’s reigning monarch, Henri the Grand Duke, has been residing there since it was first built. The building was originally constructed as the city’s first-ever city hall in 1572 and served that role until 1795 when it transitioned to new use as The Grand-Ducal Place.
  5. The Walls of the Corniche, Luxembourg City

    – The Walls of the Corniche have been called “the most beautiful balcony in Europe.” They’re breathtaking! A true sight to see is the ramparts of the Grund Gate, a historic monument dating back to 1632. The views from these ramparts offer up an unrivaled view of the city in the river valley below and show off some impressive buildings such as ancient convents and aristocratic houses.
  6. William Square (Place Guillaume II), Luxembourg City

    – Place Guillaume II in Luxembourg City is one of the city’s largest open spaces with a pedestrian zone that was formerly a Franciscan convent. In the center is what William II, King of Holland and Grand Duke of Luxembourg, would have looked like on horseback from 1887 when it was erected to 1946 when it was melted down for steel.
  7. Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM), Luxembourg City

    – Modern art fans and architecture lovers will love the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art. MUDAM also has a contemporary art collection from world-renowned artists and is considered one of Europe’s most important art galleries.
  8. The Luxembourg Ardennes

    – Luxembourg City is surrounded by a rather flat landscape, but the Ardennes area stands out with cliffs, green hills, and hidden valleys. Not to mention, the impressive views! This picturesque region, also known as the place where Hitler staged his last major campaign of World War II, has numerous spectacular castles, fortresses, and fortified farms that rise out of the hilltops.
  9. Luxembourg City History Museum

    – Luxembourg has been alive for 1,000 years with a rich culture and history. One of the more recent additions to the city, the Luxembourg City History Museum (Musée Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg), was opened in 1996 and has provided a fascinating insight into this history.
  10. Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg City

    – Notre Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg City was built over 400 years ago and is still standing strong to this day. It was constructed in the late Gothic style with many Renaissance touches afterward. The church’s many noteworthy features include the two original choir bays, which date from 1621, as well as its three distinctive towers – one of which is the west tower. It was constructed in 1621.

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Gift Orders received by 12 am (+1 GMT) Walwater Gifts utilizes several different shipping methods, always trying to find the best solution for you. Ground shipping is 4-5 business days.

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Shipping restrictions:

Based on the reason we are sending our gift baskets to Luxembourg City from our European office, there are no Shipping Restrictions. Therefore this all includes Walwater Gifts which contain alcohol brand gifts to Luxembourg City.

Cities we deliver to Luxembourg

Walwater Gifts deliver all over Luxembourg. At Walwater Gifts to Luxembourg City, we have extensive experience in sending gift parcels all over the world. However, each country has unique Customs Regulations and delivery times. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance placing your order online.

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