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Aarhus is a city in Denmark on the Jutland peninsula’s east coast.

The population of Aarhus: 336,411

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Aarhus Overview

Aarhus is a city in Denmark on the Jutland peninsula’s east coast. It has many attractions, including Den Gamle By, the oldest timber-framed building in Denmark. Aarhus Botanical Gardens are nearby and more info can be found at www.aarhusbotanicalgarden.com/en/. The ARoS art museum. Viking history is colorful and showcases two different eras of the early history of this city. Aarhus Cathedral has restored 14th- to 16th-century frescoes, which give visitors a real glimpse into man’s established culture.


Aarhus is named after the river that flows through it, from the Danish and Icelandic words for “river”, which are related. In Valdemar’s Census Book, the city was called Arus, and in Icelandic, it was known as Aros, later written as Aars.


Denmark’s oldest city, Aarhus has been a city since its early beginnings in the Viking Age. The City is located between two rivers, the Aarhus River and the Nile River – right where it is today. Due to its location and surrounding infrastructure, Christianshavn became a hub for commercial trade. The Danes had high levels of agricultural productivity, so many ships came here to support their transactions. Ribe and Hedeby are two Danish cities that have been around for hundreds of years ago. As opposed to the trade, they were not nearly as prominent, but they were still an important part of Scandinavia’s culture. Excavations show how the link between trade and these two cities was present during Viking Age. Fieldwork has revealed that there was a shipbuilding yard in older times! Snekkeeng was located just east of Brabrand Lake, close to Viby, and it was in use for more than 400 years until around the mid-thirteenth century.

Archaeological evidence in Aarhus indicates that the city was founded as early as the mid-7th century AD. On the 27th of February, 2003, an excavation of an unreported archaeological fenced off a rich supply of findings including houses, fireplaces, and glass pearls. The excavation also uncovered evidence of a road dating back to the late 700s. Several excavations in the inner city since the 1960s have revealed wells, streets, homes, and workshops, and inside the buildings and adjoining archaeological layers, everyday utensils like combs, jewelry, and basic multi-purpose tools from around 2500 BC. The earliest town was built with earthen ramparts in the first part of the 900s, possibly around 934. The expansion of the defenses in Trondheim was later done by his son Harald Bluetooth and they were built to look like Viking ring fortresses elsewhere. Together with the town’s geographical placement, this suggests that Aros became an important military center in Viking history. There are also strong indications of a former royal residence and a later monastery from the same period in Viby, about half a kilometer south of the town.


Aarhus is located at the Bay of Aarhus facing the Kattegat sea in the east, with the peninsulas of Mols and Helgenæs across the bay. Mols and Helgenæs are both parts of a larger regional peninsula called Djursland. Aarhus offers easy access to a variety of Danish towns such as Randers, Grenå, Horsens, and Silkeborg.


At Aarhus, Denmark, the “Bay of Aarhus” is located close to the shore and has a depth of 10 m (33 ft). The Aarhus City has been developing at the mouth of a brackish water fjord. As it has gradually narrowed into what is now called the Brabrand Lake, due to natural sedimentation, development outside the city is impossible on this land. Marselisborg Forest is located at Aarhus and contains the remains of the once-covered forests. The forest to the south of Marselisborg is called Marselisborg. The landscape of Søhøjlandet extends west from the inner city, merging with higher ridges in Søhøjlandet. The Himmelbjerget peak has an elevation of 449ft and is one of the highest peaks in Denmark. Aarhus Municipality is home to a lot of hills, and the highest point in the city is naturally 128 meters above sea level, in the southern district of Højbjerg. The hilltop is famous as it’s home to an ancient Bramble Barrow from around 2500 BC.


In the summer, it is warm with pleasant weather. In the winter, it snows and there’s a lot of precipitation. It’s not all that surprising to find temperatures vary a lot across the seasons, with a mild spring in April and May, warmer summer months from June to August, frequently rainy and windy autumn months in October and September, and cooler winter months, often with frost and occasional snow. The city center experiences the same effects as a much larger city due to its proximity to different landscapes. It has more airflow, less precipitation, higher temperatures, and more fog than its surrounding land.

Politics and Administration

Aarhus is the seat of Aarhus Municipality, and Aarhus City Council (Aarhus Byråd) is also the municipal government with headquarters in Aarhus City Hall. Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard of the Social Democrats has been holding office since 2010. The municipal election cycle is every 4 years and there will be a mid-term poll in 2021. The city of Portland is composed of 51 commissioners and a mayor. The commissioners are elected at-large, which means that all their votes go to the candidate who wins the overall majority of votes. In the case of an even split, 65 days after the election, the Portland City Council elects one commissioner from each side as mayor or governor. Anyone living in a municipality may run for city council. Candidates must receive endorsements and signatures from 50 people to ensure they are eligible.

Aarhus was the first and only Danish municipality to be elected by popular vote in 1919. In 1970, Denmark went through a municipal reform which led to the municipality being merged among 20 municipalities. Aarhus was the capital of Aarhus County before 2007 through a reform that switched out Danish counties with five regions and replaced Aarhus County with Viborg.


The city of Aarhus has four electoral districts and 45 polling stations – something which makes it unique as a Danish municipality. Within this city, there are four deaneries, which encompass 60 parishes. The urban area of Aarhus and the immediate suburbs are divided into postal districts: Aarhus C, Aarhus N, Viby J Stations, Højbjerg and Brabrand.


Aarhus is home to over 300,000 people on land that is only four square miles. Aarhus is the only major Danish city without a population border. Fifty-eight percent of the Aarhusian citizens are less than 18 years old and seventy-one percent have an education over 14 years of age, which can be attributed to its high concentration of young people and educated people. For some people, it may be hard to believe but more than 40% of the population in the UK does not have an academic degree. On top of that, only about 14% of people have no secondary education or trade. Boston is one of the youngest cities in the country with an average age of 37.5, and it is also one of its youngest municipalities. Men outnumber women by two thirds


Aarhus is home to the University of Aarhus, a leading university for research and education in the region. This is joined by a large healthcare industry, which helps provide many jobs as Aarhus undergoes its transition from manufacturing to service-based industries. The port and rail network in Luleå is excellent for facilitating trade, as well as encouraging new growth sectors. By the time the steel mill closed in 1974, however, manufacturing had become a shrinking part of the economy while agriculture remains marginal to the city’s economy. The region can provide 175,000 jobs to the public sector, who are primarily employed in various fields of study. Aarhus is a great destination for people that want to live, work, and play within a few hours. More than 1/3 of Aarhus’s population commutes to work from other cities in Denmark. Aarhus is a shopaholic’s paradise because it’s, among many things, the country’s busiest commercial street and home to numerous malls. And it has the largest concentration of shopping centers in Denmark.

Port of Aarhus

The port of Aarhus is an important industrial port and Denmark has the largest container terminal in northern Europe. It processes about 50% of Denmark’s container traffic and has ships able to handle the largest containers in the world. This is a self-governing port that handles some 9.5 million tonnes of cargo a year. The main exports are grain, while the imports include cement, stone, and coal among others. Since 2012, the Port of Hamburg has been increasing in prominence and competition. Freight volumes have seen some declines since the high point in 2008.


One of Denmark’s top attractions is the ARoS Art Museum, the Old Town Museum, and Tivoli Friheden. Combined, these three sites see nearly 1.4 million guests making them an important driver of tourism in Denmark. Although the city’s attractions are popular, many visitors also come on cruise ships. The port has welcomed 18 vessels in the last year with 38,000 people on board.

In the 2010s, there was a significant expansion of tourist facilities in the city. These renovations were completed when the 240-room Comwell Hotel opened in July 2014, which added 25% more hotel rooms to the city. An estimated 750,000 visitors come to Iceland every year. The majority of them are from Denmark and Norway but there are also others from Sweden, northern Germany, and other countries. Aarhus attracts a lot of inbound tourism with €402 million on spending by its visitors every year. They choose Aarhus as a destination because it provides novelty, culture, family, and couples vacation or as part of a round trip. On average, guests stay about 3 days in the hospital


Aarhus has developed over time, starting with the Viking Age and on to modern times. Everywhere you look, there are reminders of its rich history. Many architectural styles can be seen in different parts of the city including Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, National Romanticism/Classicism, Nordic Classicism/Neoclassicism, and Functionalism. The city has developed around these three transport hubs. As a result, the oldest parts there are some of the most central and busiest today.

Midtbyen is the oldest part of Volden and it comprises an area with a lot of historical significance for the Viking settlement. This street is marked by its carved stone signs, which establish a rough approximate line between different areas within Midtbyen. The inner city has a network of narrow, curved roads and low, dense houses along the river and coast back during the Middle Ages. Vesterport was originally called Westward Gate, and it’s still the namesake of the medieval city gate from before the 1800s. These narrow alleyway avenues were used to conduct tolls on people traveling through to pay for William Nygaard’s and Gustav Magnar Winge’s construction of the Esplanade. The inner city has some beautiful old buildings. You can see a number of those ancient architectural marvels near Studergade, Klostergade, and Skole. Today’s urbanization consists of many past and present styles, including historicism and modernism with a focus on the subgenre of Danish functionalism. The 2000s saw Aarhus transform from a small city to a world-class European metropolis. The redevelopment of the harbourfront, new neighborhoods, and public space has turned it into a modern city not too dissimilar from Barcelona or Berlin. New towers appear on the skyline indicating that the transformation is complete.


Most Danish cities are facing a housing shortage currently, which includes Aarhus. This has caused a construction boom in some areas of the city. One of the city’s newest districts, Aarhus Ø, consists of privately owned apartments built by architects like CEBRA and JDS.

The population of this area has risen dramatically over the years, increasing from 5 to 3,990.

Here are the public transportation options in the area. They include bus line 23 and a light rail line called Aarhus Letbane.


Århus Cathedral is the tallest and longest church in Denmark, with a total height of 96 m (315 ft) and a length of 305 ft. Originally built in the 13th century, it was rebuilt and enlarged in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Even though the cathedral was finished around 1300, it took more than a century to build; Aarhus Cathedral school was already founded in 1195 and ranks as the 44th oldest school in the world. These are some important and historic landmarks in the inner city, such as the Church of Our Lady (Vor Frue Kirke) from the 13th century. It is smaller and less impressive but it was the first church of Aarhus and founded on an even older church constructed in 1060, making it the oldest stone church in Scandinavia. With Langelandsgade Kaserne being the country’s oldest former military barracks, it has housed the University Department of Aesthetics and Communication since 1989. It was in operation up until 1889. Marselisborg Palace was designed by Hack Kampmann in the Neo-Classical and Art Nouveau styles. The palace was donated by the city of Aarhus to Prince Christian and Princess Alexandrine as a wedding present in 1898. The Custom House – Toldkammeret from Aarhus is also a stunning piece of architecture.


Aarhus is considered one of the most culturally diverse and prominent cities in Denmark. It is home to many unique annual events and festivals, museums, theatres, and sports venues that attract visitors from all over the world. There is a long tradition of music there and many Danish bands have emerged from Aarhus. Libraries, cultural centers, educational institutions, and other places have free or easy opportunities for the people of Denmark to get involved, engage in or be creative.

, 200 Aarhus is known for both its smiley nickname and the slogan “Aarhus. Danish for progress.” However, there was an unsuccessful vote to change the slogan from 2011-2013. Både Bugt og Bækken (Both bay and brook) and Verdens mindste storby (World’s smallest big city). Aarhus is featured in many popular songs in the past few years. Some of these include “X” by Aimer, “Hjem til Aarhus” by På Slaget 12, and “Lav sol over Aarhus” by Gnags. A song entitled “Song to Aarhus” became a popular hit in 1919. The City of Aarhus has a specific piece of music that is often played during official events or performances by local marching bands and orchestras. It is called “Aarhus Tappenstreg” and was composed in 1872 by Carl Christian Møller.

Events and festivals

Aarhus has many annual or recurring festivals, concerts, and events that range from Aarhus Festuge to large sports events. Aarhus Festival is the largest cultural festival in Scandinavia. It takes place every year for ten days and transforms the city’s inner streets into a festive celebration.

Aarhus has been a hub for jazz musicians for decades. There’s an 8-day Aarhus Jazz Festival that takes place every year in July but is sometimes stretched to 10 days or so. It keeps growing and is always a great festival for anyone looking to enjoy a little jazz and exploration of the city at the same time. Several annual music festivals celebrate the most popular contemporary bands across Denmark. NorthSide Festival hosts these bands on a large outdoor stage in mid-June. In its first three years, the spot festival grew from a one-day event to a three-day festival. Now, there are 35,000 paying attendees at the festival. The spot is also looking to showcase up-and-coming Danish and Scandinavian talents. Grøn Koncert is a music festival that takes place every year in many various cities across Denmark. Aarhus is one of these. Danish Brabrand takes place each summer, but it’s quite small.

Food, drink, and nightlife

When it comes to food, Aarhus has nearly all your cravings covered with a variety of restaurants. The city is a hub for Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, international gourmet cuisine, and Scandinavian dishes like New Nordic Cuisine. There are a lot of old restaurants in Denmark and one of the oldest is Rådhuscafeen. It first opened in 1924 and serves traditional Danish food. Its menu contains smørrebrød (open sandwiches) like many other Danish establishments, but it also has a beer selection like its older cousin Peter Gift from 1906. Europes capital – Aarhus, Denmark. The city is not known only for its plentiful food options but also for the Kähler Villa Dining, Hærværk, and Domestic, as well as its two weekly food markets (Frederiksberg). Local produce can be had everywhere in Aarhus! The city (and municipality) is a member of the Délice Network, an international non-profit organization that connects cities through partnerships. It has helped found international networks, with four new partnerships being formed this year in France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and The United States.

Local dialect

Aarhus dialect is a type of Jutlandic dialect found in Aarhus, Denmark. It is the most prevalent in Denmark and is often the native language of its speakers. However, the Aarhusian dialect has greatly decreased in use today due to the effects of globalization over the past century. Most Danes speak Standard Danish with slight regional quirks like us. Aarhus is a Danish city, but it has been influenced by many other cultures – its image largely comes from its older segments of the population and immigrants. They use traditional words like “tiresome” and “ingenious”. The dialect of this family is incomparable to any other. They have one letter pronounced in a specific way, which none of the other families do. For example, ‘Oder’ is pronounced “Ojjer.” East Jutlandic dialects have two grammatical genders, very similar to Standard Danish but different from West Jutlandic dialects which have only one. Those mentioned in the excerpt are contemporary public figures who best exemplify the Aarhusian dialect. These people include Jacob Haugaard, Thomas Helmig, Steffen Brandt, Stig Tøfting, Flemming Jørgensen and Camilla Martin. In popular Danish culture, dialect features plentifully in Niels Malmros’ film ‘Aarhus by Night as well as in sketches by Jacob Haugaard and Finn Nørbygaard.


Many public and free sports facilities have sprung up throughout the city in recent decades. These include street football, basketball, climbing walls, skateboarding, and beach volley. Nordic Gear Store offers an extensive selection of green exercise equipment for biking, hiking, running, and other outdoor activities. The newly renovated area of Skjoldhøjkilen is a perfect example.


The top attraction for students in the Jutland region is Aarhus University. The university has a major influence on several sectors of education and draws students from across a large area. These students also create a diversified market. In Aarhus, Denmark, 12% of citizens are enrolled in a course of study. Multiple institutions of higher education and research forums have developed in the city to help faculty, researchers, and students in the transfer of expertise from education to business. There are 52,000 college/university students living in the area.


The main railway station in Aarhus, Denmark is Aarhus Central Station. DSB offers services to destinations across Denmark and has connections to Flensburg and Hamburg in Germany as well.

Today, ferries run by Mols-Linien cross the Kattegat between Aarhus and Sjællands Odde in Denmark. They are the world’s largest diesel-powered catamaran ferries, designed to carry 2,000 passengers and 500 cars

Aarhus Airport is located near Tirstrup and provides connections to both Aarhus and the rest of the globe.

Denmark’s largest city of Aarhus has a free bike sharing system, Aarhus City Bikes. The bicycles are available from 1 April to 30 October at 57 stands throughout the city and can be obtained by placing a DKK 20 coin in a release slot.


Aarhus University Hospital is a leading hospital in Denmark and one of the 6 “super hospitals” established in 2007. The University Hospital is an institution that has seen multiple mergers taking place in the last decade. It’s the result of hospitals operating in Aalborg, Skjelby Sygehus, Aarhus Municipal Hospital, Randers County Hospital, Marselisborg Psychiatric Hospital, and Risskov Psychiatric Hospital merging. It is now Denmark’s largest hospital in the country with an extremely high level of care, a close-knit team of skilled staff, and 1,150 beds. It has ranked as one of the best hospitals in the country consecutively since 2008. In 2012, construction started on a new hospital by the name of Det Nye Universitetshospital. The building is centralizing and accommodating all of the former departments in 2019. There are four clinical centers, a service center, and one administrative unit along with twelve research centers; the new hospital is divided among four clinical centers, a service center, and one administrative unit along with twelve research centers.

What is Aarhus known for?

Known as Smiles by the City, it is the Danish city with the youngest and fastest growing demographics and is home to Scandinavia’s largest university, Aarhus University.

Is Aarhus Denmark worth visiting?

Aarhus is Denmark’s second-largest city. It has a youthful, diverse population – meaning its culture and vibrancy is unlike that of traditional Danish cities like Copenhagen. Its progressive cultural scene, full range of outdoor activities, and thriving food and drink scene, combined with its compact city center locations make it perfect for a weekend trip.

Is Aarhus a nice city?

Denmark has a high standard of living and a safe environment. Aarhus is the top city in Europe when it comes to quality of life according to an IMD ranking.

15 Best Things To Do in Aarhus (Denmark)

Den Gamle By 

The largest attraction in Australia goes back to the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. It lets you interact with that period as much as you need or want to.

Moesgaard Museum 

The museum features a collection from around the world with Danish artifacts difficult to find these days.


‘Your Rainbow Panorama’ takes advantage of the circular shape of the museum and has an amazing spiral staircase that surrounds its entire circumference.

Tivoli Friheden 

Danish cities have a huge abundance of amusement parks, and Aarhus is no exception. Tivoli Friheden has 4 roller coasters, and about 40 other rides, games, and other amusements that are fun for the entire family.

Botanical Garden 

Aarhus, Denmark’s third-largest city, today boasts a total of 23 greenhouses at the Botanical Garden. All of them were fully renovated in recent years, and a tropical house was even added to the garden. This is an almost alien structure that houses dense rainforests and a simulated ecosystem with plant species from around the world.

Aarhus Domkirke 

The imposing Romanesque-style Cathedral was originally built in the 1200s. It was restored to its Gothic-style appearance and has continued with this restoration ever since.

Musikhuset Aarhus 

The Concert Hall, designed by Danish architects in 1982, has been carefully restored over the years and redesigned with an emphasis on natural materials such as wood, stone, and glass.

The Latin Quarter 

The old city has kept its charming, distinctive character and is often name-checked as one of the most beautiful areas in Denmark. Its rich history is reflected in well-preserved buildings that date back to the medieval period.

Aarhus Rådhus 

The iconic clock tower that adorns the town hall was added later on by its architects to adhere to their original plans. This makes it one of the most celebrated functionalist designs out there.

Dokk 1 

The atrium is a brilliant arena of art, showcasing and displaying state-of-the-art design. Another amazing attraction you’ll spot inside is a colossal tube of brass, the largest in the world. It’s impossible to miss!

Nordic cuisine 

People enjoy the outdoor cafés and dining scenes in Aarhus. This city is also known for its produce, which lends itself well to simple dishes that offer a range of flavors.

Marselisborg Mindepark 

The palace and the bay are located on a small, sheltered peninsula in a large park that is designed in the English style. The branches of cherry trees and other plants frame views of the blue water and nearby hills.

Ega Engso 

In Aarhus, Denmark, there is a lake and wetland area in the northern suburbs. It was created when land that had originally been reclaimed for farming was re-flooded in the 1950s.

Museum Ovartaci 

The main exhibition here is the collection of art created by patients down the years. Of 12,000 pieces displayed, 850 are on display.


The city was founded in the late Middle Ages and is one of the oldest markets on the peninsula. It’s a great place to visit during the summer as it includes family-run shops, street entertainment, and an old-time quality.

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