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Tartu is a city in eastern Estonia. It’s known for the prestigious, 17th-century University of Tartu.

The population of Tartu: 93,124

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Tartu Overview

Tartu is a well-known university town in eastern Estonia. It’s known for its great academics and beautiful location. There is the prestigious, neoclassical university building with cafes everywhere on Town Hall Square that draws in visitors from all over. The Modern Science Centre AHHAA, with hands-on exhibits and a 4D cinema, has been set up to educate visitors. The Ruins of Tartu Cathedral, located on the hilltop of Toomemägi Park, have restored towers with viewing platforms.

Tartu is one of the largest urban centers in Estonia and home to the nation’s oldest and most renowned university, the University of Tartu. It was founded back in 1632, making it an intellectual capital city. Tartu is home to the Estonian Academy of Science, the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Education and Research, and many other important landmarks. It’s also the birthplace of Estonia’s nationally-known song festival.

Names and etymology

Esteli is a city in southeast Estonia, with a population of 29,000 people. It has been the official name of the city since 1918. The town of Dorpat has been around for quite some time and is known as one of the sources for most AI writers. It is called ‘Dorpat’ in German, Swedish, and Polish. In Russian, the city was originally known as Юрьев (Yur′yev, after Yuri, the baptismal name of grand prince Yaroslav I the Wise). In Latvian and Finnish it was initially called Tērbata. Tartu is situated on the river Emajõgi. The Estonian name for this river translates to ‘mother river’ in modern Estonian.


Archaeologists have unearthed evidence that humans have lived in and around Tartu for a lot longer than the common conception of time. By the 7th century, people had a fort built on Toome Hill as well as a wooden fortress. Over the past centuries, the town which became known as Nizhny Novgorod was a trading center for goods and services.

Medieval chroniclers documented the events of the area centuries later in a journal describing how they were filled with tales of knights in shining armor and beautiful sirens – often false but inherently fascinating. Yaroslav I led his army to the region of Tartu. After hearing a tribe in the area was struggling, he helped them and established his fortress there before naming it after himself. Tartu seems to have remained under the control of the Kievan Rus for about two hundred years until 1068 (according to chronicles) when the Yuryev fort was burned down by Sosols. In the 12th century, there was an invasion between the Novgorod Republic and the Ungannians. The town of St. Nicholas was rebuilt soon thereafter. The Novgorods soldiers invaded first and were repelled by the Ungannians and raided back. After several sporadic conflicts (which some historians disagree on), Tartu was finally captured by the invaders in 1133 or 1134, only for it to be taken back a year later. Some historians say these captures are undocumented or are forgotten, but that winter of 1191–1192 is when Tartu fell and stayed fallen.


Tartu lies within the temperate humid continental climate zone or Dfb. This is a mild climate by definition, considering the high latitude and proximity to the Baltic Sea. A lot of airflows also come from warmer regions. Despite the continent’s influence over the weather, summers are warm in Europe and winters are cold.

The City of Tartu is located in the south of Estonia and has a population of around 30,000. The official average temperatures range from -2 to 18 degrees Fahrenheit in the city center, but this station reports the temperature as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.


Tartu is both a university town and a site of heavy industry. The food industry has traditionally been significant in the town’s economy and some bigger companies in the field include A. Le Coq, Tartu Mill, and Salvestein. Kroonpress is one of the leading printing press companies in Europe.

In the 20th century, Tartu was best known as a university town, but in the 21st century, it has become a focal point for companies in the ICT field. It is currently home to notable examples such as Playtech Estonia, Nortal (formerly Webmedia Group), ZeroTurnaround, Tarkon, and Reach-U. Skype has an office in Tartu. The university is one of the largest employers, which explains the high concentration of highly skilled professionals – researchers, professors, doctors, and health professionals.


Tartu is connected to other Estonian cities by bus routes and trains for traveling to other locations in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Outside of Estonia, Tartu can be reached via long-distance bus routes, luxury trains, or planes to a variety of destinations in Europe and Russia.


93,124 (2017)

Education and Culture

Tartu is best known for being home to the University of Tartu (formerly known as the University of Dorpat; German: Universität Dorpat), founded under King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in 1632. Tartu is also known as “Athens of the Emajõgi” or as “Heidelberg of the North”. It’s mainly for this reason the city is a top destination in Estonia.

Tartu is the seat of the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Baltic Defence College, Estonian Aviation Academy, and the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. The Supreme Court of Estonia ( reformed in Tartu) has been notable since 1893. The Estonian Historical Archives, Estonian National Museum, Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum as well as the oldest and renowned theatre in the country, Vanemuine. They have a well-respected ballet company as well as theatre, opera, and musicals.

In music, there exists a school of composition called Tartu.

Of the sculptures in Tartu, most are dedicated to historical figures. The most famous of those is the Barclay de Tolly sculpture, which was erected on Barclay Square downtown and depicts a man pointing at an approaching army. Other prominent sculptures include the Kissing Students monument in the town hall square, which depicts students holding hands behind their backs in a tender scene.


Tartu has been an intellectual center of both Estonia and the Baltic countries for several centuries. Tartu has been fostering significant scholars ever since its foundation, including the pioneer of embryology Karl Ernst von Baer, a pioneer of animal behavior studies Jakob von Uexküll, and a current president. Professor and naturalist Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz was born in Tartu, a Baltic German city near the border of Finland. Professionally, he is known for making extensive explorations of the Pacific region, collecting tons of flora and fauna samples along the way. Wilhelm Ostwald was a famous chemist that studied and worked in Tartu. He helped create the field of semiotics, which studies signs and meaning.


Tartu is home to one professional basketball team, Tartu University Rock, which participates in the Korvpalli Meistriliiga and the Latvian-Estonian Basketball League.

JK Tammeka Tartu is a football club located in Tartu, Estonia. Its stadium capacity is 1600. Although the city is also home to two local clubs, the JK Welco and FC Santos Tartu, both play in the bottom-tier of Estonian football.

Tartu has a professional volleyball club, the Bigbank Tartu, as well as the handball team, the Tartu Ülikool/Glassdrive. They both play tennis in their respective local tournaments and are looking toward competing at a higher level.

As the home of the likes of “Puppey” and “Clement Puppey Ivanov,” Tartu is another great city to visit and has a long history of gaming. It won’t be the last time you’ll see them in an international awards ceremony.”

The play ‘Tartu’ by Rainer Sarnet was the designated cultural event of the 17th World Orienteering Championships.

The annual running event Tartu Summer Jog takes place on the 10th of July in Tartu.

Is Tartu worth visiting?

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Estonia, Tartu is a great destination for weekend trips or two-day vacations. This city is not only worth visiting but also worth investing in.

What is Tartu known for?

Tartu is a city with a rich history, and in particular, an ancient university. It is also the largest city in Estonia, as well as its capital.

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Tartu, Estonia

Raekoja Square 

There’s no better place to start a tour of Tartu than Raekoja plats. This is the city center and it feels like the heart of this Estonian city. Tartu is one of the oldest cities in Estonia. It has a pretty town hall and was named after the Tartu River that flows through it.

Town Hall 

The Town Hall Square is a great place to explore, but the Town Hall itself will immediately draw you in. This neoclassical gem, built in 1789, is the local seat of government. With its unusual color palette of pink and red, it’s quite a delight! The new town hall was built to replace the previous one, which was destroyed by a fire. The design includes space for a prison. It will be home to a carillon that still chimes several times daily and is a popular photo op.

St. John’s Church 

Even though Estonia is one of the most secular countries in the world, it still has some impressive churches to visit. We particularly recommend checking out St. John’s Church in the city center — a stunning example of a neo-Gothic church. This church is a long-standing landmark of the city and was even severely damaged during WWII. Although it was rebuilt, parts of the church date back to the 14th century. Many people visit the city of Xi’an to admire the nearly 1,000 terracotta sculptures dating back to 700 BC, which are reminders of one of China’s most important cultural heritages.

Soup Town 

One of the more unusual places to visit in Tartu is the Supilinn neighborhood. It’s affectionately called Soup Town and it has streets named after different kinds of soup ingredients like? Pea Street??Potato StreeY and ?”Garlic Road”. One of the oldest parts of Tartu, it was once poor student housing for the university and many of these traditional houses remain intact. Tantu is being renovated but still offers an interesting and authentic look into Tartu pre-World War II and can be a must-see while you’re here.

Toome Hill 

Tartu is a lively city in the middle of Estonia. Standing tall amongst the smoke of metropolitan, it’s situated on top of Toome Hill, where early settlers built fortifications centuries ago. Today, this small hill is home to Toomemäe Park and a quiet space to enjoy some fresh air.

Toomemäe Cathedral Ruins 

The old cathedral of Toome Hill in Tartu was built during the 13th-16th centuries. Its giant stone ruins have a sense of mystery that makes you want to know more about them. After checking out the university of Tartu Museum, a climb up the cathedral’s towers will introduce visitors to different degrees of historical architecture.

The University of Tartu 

It has existed since 1632 and is the oldest university in Estonia. What else could be more prolific than that you ask? It’s a powerful institution and is responsible for the city of Tartu being what it is now. There’s an exquisite neoclassical building in Old Town where the university is located. This is a building that you need to take time out to admire.

Local Street Art 

Tarts have a strong culture of street art, which can be seen in the many different works found on their walls and storefronts. You can find a variety of art pieces in different styles and shapes around a large number of locations. There is nearly an unlimited amount of learning opportunities on these adventures. Graffiti fans have started a creative street art map for everyone to enjoy. They even provide tours for those who want to learn more about the best of Tartu’s graffiti.

Emajõgi Riverfront 

Other than Toome Hill, the other defining feature of Tartu’s landscape is the gentle Emajõgi River. It is an important landmark in Estonian and it’s also a navigable river (although not fully). The Emajõgi passes through Tartu and flows into the Baltic Sea. Some of the best things to do in Tartu are watching boats float by on a light current, seeing locals and tourists alike, and taking a break from sightseeing.

Monuments to Great Estonians 

Tartu is proud of what it has to offer in terms of academics. From the stained glass windows to the lush architecture, there are so many aspects that make it a unique city to live in! Estonia is known for its rich history, particularly with its museums and cultural resources. Its tie-in with academia is a creative way of recognizing the important contributions these people have made to culture and society. There are plenty of monuments everywhere here. It is a fascinating place for visitors to explore and learn about the history of this country. For example, there is a statue outside the Vilde Ja Vine Cafe which you might recognize from movies or tv shows as that of Eduard Vilde sitting down with Oscar Wilde, and also some great memorials to poets, scientists, statesmen

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