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Varna is a port city and seaside resort on Bulgaria’s the Black Sea

Population of Varna: 335,177

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Varna Overview

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and offers you some of the best beaches on the coastline. They are great for sunbathing or getting a tan and there is a lot to see and do too-not just on the beach. Varna has been around since Ancient Greece and was first known as Odessos. The town grew up on the coast of the Black Sea and is now widely recognized as a major seaport.

Varna is a business hub, but also the port to the country and has top schools, entertainment, and many more features. The city of Varna was named as European Youth Capital in 2013, as well as unused as the seat of the Black Sea Euroregion Council of Europe; an organization that promotes stability and cooperation in this historically turbulent part of the world. The oldest gold treasure in the world belongs to the Varna culture and can be found in the Varna Necropolis. There are 294 burial sites with over 3000 gold items, which date back to 4600-4200 BC. This find was discovered in 1974 and excavation is still underway.


Theophanes the Confessor first mentions the name Varna as the city came to be known within the context of the Slavic conquest of the Balkans in the 6th-7th centuries. There is speculation about the last name being of Varangian origin as Varangians had been crossing the Black Sea for many years, reaching Constantinople in the early Middle Ages. The Swedish word “varn” translates to defended- or fortified- and so Varna could refer to a place that has been well defended. The Norse people invaded the village in the Middle Ages, and as a result, it’s been robbed of many of its historical treasures. The name of the river may come from the Proto-Indo-European word meaning “to flow, wet, water, river” (Varuna), or from Proto-Slavic meaning “black”, or from Iranian bar or var “camp, fortress”.

The name of the city might have originated as that given to an adjacent river, military camp, or inland area before it was applied to the city itself. By the late 10th century, the name Varna was established, so even when the Byzantines wrestled back control of it from the Bulgarians around 975, they kept it rather than restoring its ancient name – Odessos.


The population exposed the world to the Chalcolithic necropolis, a key archaeological site in world prehistory which established the Varna culture and is radiocarbon dated to over 5000 years ago. In the wider region of the Varna lakes stretches (before the 1900s, fresh water) and adjacent karst springs and caves over 30 prehistoric settlements have been unearthed with their earliest artifacts dating back to where the Middle Paleolithic or 100,000 years ago.


The city occupies 92 km² on verdant terraces that descend from the Franga Plateau (height 1,168 ft) in the north and Avren Plateau in the south. The Asparuhov bridge is located on Varna bay, in the middle of Lake Varna. It was built for cars to be allowed to pass over and pedestrians to walk on each side. The area is the hub of a growing metropolitan area and stretches 20 km (12 mi) either way along the coast. Moving inland, residents are 10 km (6 mi) from residential neighborhoods and recreational facilities. Returning to the other side of town to Lake Ontario, you’ll find many transportation services and industrial plants 25 km (16 mi) away. Alongside the surrounding vineyards and canals, this city has been home to a commercial port since antiquity. The waterfront areas are filled with parklands, for recreation as well as shipping opportunities.

The city’s size is 238 km2 which is 92 sq mi, and it can be found on fertile terraces that slope downward from the Franga Plateau with a height of 356 m (1,168 ft) in the North and Avren Plateau in the South. Asparuhov Bridge, an architectural landmark on the southern shore of the Black Sea in Bulgaria, connects Horseshoe-shaped Varna Bay with Lake Varna. It is sandwiched by residential and recreational sprawl 20 km in either direction along the coast and 10 km inland, as well as transportation and industrial facilities 25 km to the west. The city’s dependence on water for transport in the past has meant that its bay area was a focal point for recreational activities. However, in recent years commercial shipping facilities have been moved inland into lakes and canals which has led to more public parkland.


Varna has a humid subtropical climate with a Mediterranean summer (Köppen climate classification Cfa) and continental influences during the autumn-winter seasons. The Black Sea has a mild climate that is different from the inland parts of the country. There are fewer cloudy days, with more sunshine hours than in other areas and rainfall is lower, as well. The summer typically lasts from May to October, with daytime temperatures between 27-30 degrees Celsius and only 17-18 degrees at night. It’s at a fairly constant 24–27 °C (75–81 °F) during the summer. That changes to 6-7 °C during daytime and 0 °C at night during winter. It might snow in the coldest months, but it will melt soon enough. The hottest temperature ever reached was 41.4 °C (106.5 °F) in July 1927 and the coldest was −24.3 °C (−11.7 °F) in February 1929.


Varna is the headquarters of Varna county. The Varna municipality comprises the city and five suburbs: Kamenar, Kazashko, Konstantinovo, Topoli, and Zvezditsa. These last four are only served by a small station on national railways.

Local government

The municipal chief executive is the Mayor. The word is cognate with ‘count’. Since the end of communism in 1990, Bulgaria has had four mayors: Voyno Voynov, SDS (Union of Democratic Forces) ad interim 1990-91; Hristo Kirchev, SDS 1991-99; Kiril Yordanov, independent 1999-2013 and Ivan Portnih GERB 2013-.

The City council is the legislative body that represents 51 members of the community. They decide how to spend money and other civic powers. The party currently consists of center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB), 22 council members; center-right/right-wing Reformist Bloc Patriotic Front (Bulgaria). There are 6 Bulgarian Socialist Party members in the center-left “Varna” Coalition, and 15 total members. The Council chairman is Todor Balabanov (GERB).

Policing and crime

Bulgarian organized crime was particularly concentrated in the town of Varna. Some sectors of the economy, including gambling, corporate security, tourism, and professional sports were believed to be controlled by groups with links to the criminal underworld.

However, in bigger cities like Varna, the Mafia presence rarely stands out. Compared to smaller towns and resorts, of course. Varna has been called the best city in Bulgaria to live in over the last couple of years, which seems linked to crime subsiding. In 2007, Varna’s regional police chief was promoted to the national police service.


The following countries have consulates in Canada: Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia (Consulate General), Israel (Department of State Office), Italy (Embassy), Norway (Department of State Office), Russia – Consulate General – Ottawa, South Africa (High Commission), Spain (Embassy), Sweden (Trade Commissioner’s Office).


The first population data in the town goes back to the mid-17th century when there were an estimated 4,000 people. In the 1881 census, there were 24,555 residents while in 1883 it was second only to Sofia. After that, Varna became Bulgaria’s third-largest city and remained there for 120 years. Different cities took turns in the first, second, and fourth places during that time.

The city of Varna has a population of 334,781 as it is the 3rd largest in Bulgaria. This figure also includes the Varna Municipality and legally affiliated adjacent villages which had 343,643 inhabitants.” There are about 475,000 people in the unofficial metro area. This excludes areas of Dobrich Province that lie adjacent to it. Here, the “Varna-Devnya-Provadiya agglomeration” is not identical to the “Varna metro area”.


While the average salary is not high in Varna, we are one of Bulgaria’s best-performing and fastest-growing cities. The unemployment rate is 3.5% and there are plenty of opportunities for growth in this city. Roughly 61% of revenue is generated in the service economy. This includes trade and tourism as well as manufacturing, transport, and communications. Financial services are also a huge contributor to the economy, with banking, insurance, and investment management being just some examples. The city is the easternmost destination in Pan-European transport corridor 8 and is also connected to corridors 7 and 9 through Rousse. At this point, the fallout of the global economic crisis has not been too severe. Major industries in Varna include transportation, distribution, and shipbuilding.


Varna is a sea, land, and air-connected city. The main transport hubs are the Port of Varna – Cruise Terminal and Central Railway Station, which allow for both local and international travel. There is also a well-developed bus network. Major roads linking Varna to the rest of Europe are E70, E87, and A2. National roads include A5 and A8. There are many transportation modes to various Bulgarian and international locations almost right outside the bus terminals. Consider train, ferry, and roll-on/roll-off services for your trip to Odessa, Ukraine. You can also take a bus route for an adventure in Port Kavkaz or Poti or Batumi.

The public transport system in Varna has been recently updated and is now managed by “City Transport Varna.” The prices for our tickets vary from 1lv (0.50€) for city zones to 3lv (1.50€) for routes Varna – Golden Sands. You can also get around using trolleybuses, regular buses or the taxi system which is quite well developed with a large fleet of cars.

We’re proposing the construction of a light rail system in 2021 to provide an efficient link from the airport to the central part of the city, with several underground sections at key stations where interchanges can be made with other train lines, bus routes, or taxi services. The finance for this is coming from Eurorural programs.


Varna is a very fascinating city, with many things worth visiting. I would recommend you make time for the Varna Archaeological Museum, which exhibits the Gold of Varna. The Roman Baths are also a good place to visit and are just as old! The Naval Museum at the Villa Assareto has an exhibit that displays some of the museum’s treasures, like the Drazki torpedo boat. The Museum of Ethnography also features exhibits on urban life and its surroundings in a historic compound.


Varna is a fascinating destination with wide-ranging sights and sounds that has something for everyone. From museums to music festivals, the city is known for its centuries-old traditions in various art forms as well as its vibrant current scene, booming with hip hop and pop. For several years, it’s been an internationally-recognized festival venue. Varna is a leading candidate to become the European Capital of Culture in 2019. It has plans to open new high-profile facilities such as a new Opera House, Concert Hall, and Exhibition Center, making it a more metropolitan destination. This will contribute not only to tourism but also to citizens’ well-being.

What is Varna known for?

Varna is a business and tourist city in Bulgaria. It’s an important center for education, with some of the best schools and universities in the country. The town also has modern infrastructure.

Is Varna Bulgaria worth visiting?

Varna is a great place to visit if you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination. You can also plan your trip by using this awesome Varna travel guide that can help you save money and have a more enjoyable stay overall.

15 Best Things to Do in Varna (Bulgaria)

The Sea Garden 

The Sea Garden – one of Varna’s main parks – runs along the waterfront and cuts deep into the city. It offers a wide range of attractions, including a dolphinarium. This is where most locals come to relax and have fun. On a hot day, nothing beats the walk up and down the broad promenade and through the beautiful flowerbeds next to palm trees.

Archaeological Museum 

The Gold of Varna exhibition is a must-see in Bulgaria as it shows how important the Roman heritage was to this region, which has given its visitors many precious artifacts. However, visiting the Archaeological Museum ranks its importance up there. This is what many visitors come to see: a collection of gold and other precious items from the Varna Necropolis, where Thracian graves date back 6,500 years. This makes the Gold of Varna one of the oldest treasures in the world. The artifacts have traveled around the world, containing jewelry, utensil, and other decoration items.

Aladzha Monastery 

Varna’s northeastern suburbs offer proximity to a magnificent Orthodox cave monastery complex. This natural oblivion is just beyond the northwest coast. Just northwest of Varna is an Orthodox cave monastery complex with a stunning location on the coast. This area falls in a protected natural zone, just beyond the suburbs of Varna.

Varna Cathedral 

The cathedral was built soon after the Liberation of Bulgaria by the Ottomans by Russians in the late 1800s and was modeled on a temple at Peterhof Palace which is in St. Petersburg. The church is full of interesting features that make it one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. The interior was decorated in stages and thanks to donations from the Russian Tsar Nicholas II, more than 50 of the iconic images are from his time.

Battle of Varna Park Museum 

This building marked the site of one of the most pivotal moments in European late-medieval history. In 1444 Hungary had its army soundly beaten by Ottoman forces at Varna. The museum is set west of Varna and has a permanent exhibition featuring 15th-century weapons and armor found in the aftermath of the battle.

Stone Forest 

A little further from the battlefield is a strange natural phenomenon in the only desert in Bulgaria. The Stone Forest is a field of stone columns, some seven meters high, covering an area of about 13 square kilometers. These columns form as a result of methane oxidation brought on by tiny organisms, which allows them to be hollow and to stand up as high as they do.

Varna Roman Baths 

There’s a bath complex just to the southeast of Varna that can be traced back to the Roman city Odessus in 100. It’s among the largest Thermae of its kind and is only second-largest Thermae that survives in Europe outside Rome.

Retro Museum 

The Retro Museum in Varna is a blast from the past: it offers you a glimpse of what city life was like during the socialist times. The museum is situated in the Grand Mall and has curated pretty much everything from daily living to the 20th century.

University Botanical Garden 

There is plenty to see at the Queensland Botanical Garden, which is nestled within 360 hectares of beautiful bushland and has 300 plant species. A trip here could be part of a simple stroll or a picnic in the shade.

The Wonderful Rocks 

These weird rock forms were given National Phenomenon status in 1949 by the government. They’re 50-meter-tall needle-like rock structures that are positioned directly on a riverbank similar to the towers of some great abstract fortress. 

Barite Complex 

Varna has many cultural attractions that entertain visiting tourists and locals alike. One of these attractions is the Varna Ethnographic museum, where travelers can see the traditional crafts and garments of Bulgaria. They can also catch performances of traditional dances and songs in their natural surrounding.

Museum of the History of Medicine 

The University of Varna is the only university in this area to provide a history museum for medicine. Medical knowledge and practice in Bulgaria have progressed a lot over the years and it’s not just for doctors. The chronology from Ancient Thrace through to the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and the early days of Bulgarian independence is represented in Sofia by authentic artifacts.


In 1830, this used to be a monastery. However, in the years following the Bulgarian Revival, Ferdinand I of Bulgaria hired architects from France to design an extensive garden around a French-style chateau. The palace, which is now a summer residence of the president, still has many of its outer buildings. It also has beautiful gardens with topiaries and plenty of space for walking around.

Golden Sands 

In summer the temperatures in Varna soar to the high-20s, but luckily you’ll always have the option of cooling off at this Black Sea resort. The private Nirvana Beach is only a quick drive or bus ride up the shore and offers family-friendly amenities.

Amusement Park Varna 

OVarna’s amusement park is a great way to spend your day with the family. With rides and other activities designed for kids, it’s a fun and safe place for everyone younger than 18. This is a great theme park for kids. There are a bunch of little rides and attractions, like bumper cars and carousels, along with the lake, dinghies, and Ferris wheel. Bouncing on the trampoline with the bungee rope contraptions is a unique experience that kids love!

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