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Aalborg is a city in the Jutland region of Denmark.

Population of Aalborg: 211,684

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Aalborg Overview

Aalborg is a city in Denmark that’s known for its revitalized waterfront on the Limfjord, a body of water that cuts through Denmark. A lot of attractions in Aalborg include the outdoor pool, Utzon Center, concerts, and tours at the historical castle. However, if you’re looking for more bang for your buck head to the club where you can see some of Europe’s best shows.


Aalborg has been a prominent settlement in Denmark for many centuries. It is located near the narrowest point of the Limfjord, which draws tourists and visitors from all over Europe. One of the best examples of how a harbor and nearby sea helped in the development of the town is how other parts that were not next to water did not flourish. Limfjord was a very important part of the city and played a big role in its history. However, over time it became so flooded by seawater that growth in the city was impossible. This is when Limfjord got bridged and railways arrived to allow for development again. Aalborg initially relied on heavy industry but now thrives on culture and education.

Aalborg is the second-oldest city in Denmark, with a thousand-year history, and has two sites dating back to the Viking era. One of these old settlements is on Lindholm Høje and offers great views of the harbor. These large settlements, one from the 6th-century Germanic Iron Age, the other from the Viking Age in the 9th to 11th centuries, evolved at the narrowest point on Limfjord because of traffic between Himmerland to the south and Vendsyssel to their north.

Alabu or Alabur is the name of the Danish city’s founder that first came up around 1040. What initially began as a small country town has now grown into a major city in Denmark with plenty of modern amenities. Before the 15th century, Alburg, as Adam named it in his writing, was a key Norse port that connected Scandinavia to the German trading routes. Its name means “the fortress of the burgesses.” In 1231, Valdemar the King of Denmark referred to the area as Aleburgh. This was possibly meaning “the fort by the stream”, like Old Norse all meant a stream or current, and bur or burgh a fort or a castle. In the early 12th century, the Church of Our Lady in Aalborg was constructed. However, it was destroyed during the Reformation. The Franciscan friary on Østerå was probably built around 1240. By 1268 it had been documented, but in 1530 due to the Reformation, the friary was shut down.


Aalborg is a city in Denmark and it lies on the northeast coast at the narrowest point of the Limfjord, which separates North Jutlandic Island from the rest of Jutland. The city has a rich history and is now one of northern Europe’s major industrial centers. Aalborg is 118 miles north of Aarhus, 82 miles north of Randers, and 64 miles southwest of Frederikshavn. Great Belt Fixed Link to Copenhagen is 414 km, the Frederikshavn-Göteborg ferry to Gothenburg is 149 km, and the Frederikshavn-Oslo ferry to Oslo is 363 km.


Aalborg, Denmark has warm summers and cold winters. The city is distinguished from other European cities by the short summers, which are warm for nine out of twelve months.

Aalborg is known for being cool throughout most of the year, even with highs of 20 °C and lows of around 11 °C (52°F and 52°F). In the winter months, it gets as low as -3 to 2 °C in January and February. The warmest months of the year are typically July and August, but October is when the average temperature drops down to 9 °C (48 °F). June has the most hours of sunshine on average, with 218, followed by May and July.

Politics and government

The city of Aalborg has seven departments in charge of different sets of responsibilities: the Mayor’s Office, four Citizen Service Centers, the Financial Services Department, the Commercial Services Department, and more. Technical and Environmental Department | Parks and Nature Division | Family and Employment. the Department of Social Benefits and Services (responsible for social benefits, senior citizen care, and disabled citizen care); the Department of Education and Cultural Affairs (responsible for municipal schools, public libraries, and culture). the Department of Public Health, the Bureau of Occupational Safety, the Department of Public Transportation, and the Sustainable Development Division. The Utilities Department oversees gas, heating, water, sewage, and refuse collection.


Aalborg was the largest city in Jutland for a long time – until it was surpassed by Aarhus in the mid-19th century. During that era, it grew from 4,181 people in 1672 to 7,470 people by 1845. Dramatic growth began in the late 19th century and grew rapidly throughout this short period. There was a particularly large spike in 1901 when there were 31,457 psychiatric degrees issued that year. By 1930, the population had grown to 59,091; a significant rise of 2716 (3.7) in the last decade. However, this figure is often boosted due to merging Nørre Tranders, Rørdal Fabriksby and Øster Lundby into Aalborg. In 1950, it reached 87,883, growing to 100,587 in 1970. There was a drop in the population to 94,994 in 1976 but there was growth following the incorporation of Nørresundby in 1981 when it reached 114,302. It’s been constant for a while now and according to the census of 2009, Aalborg has a population of approximately 122,461. Out of the total population, just over 101,497 live in the city and about 20,964 live in Nørresundby. Aarhus hosts a population of 142,561 in 2021. It’s the fourth most populous Danish city and is also where Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense all have their respective populations. It had 210,316 residents that year!


Aalborg is one of the biggest cities economically speaking in Eastern Denmark. It’s a major industrial center with heavy manufacturing based and many people moved to it during the 1960s and 70s. Now, many of these factories have closed down and they were replaced with new developments which are much more expensive than what they had been before. The mobile and wireless industries have grown substantially in the past 20 years, due to significant advancements in technology.

Below are some of the facts about Aalborg in Denmark. It’s a city in Western Denmark that is home to more than 100,000 people. The Northern Region has a population of 1,600,000 and employs around 37% of them directly or indirectly through outsourcing. That means that around 309,000 people are employed during the annual festival period alone. Energy and environment, information technology and health support systems are the four main areas of focus for the company. The company is also dedicated to “Arctic business”–the trade of goods with Greenland through the Port of Aalborg. Aalborg has four distinctive harbors along the waterfront. The harbor at Marina Fjordparken, Skudehavnen, and Østre Havn is particularly popular. Furthermore, all four are developing new tourism initiatives, with a significant increase in passengers for Aalborg Airport. Aalborg Municipality has the second highest revenue from tourism in Denmark. The only municipality in the north of Denmark where overnight stays are increasing.


Despite its industrial background and the factories along its waterfront, the city has gained popularity in recent years for tourism offering a wide variety of attractions and historic buildings in addition to museums, churches, and parks. It’s a great destination to check out.

Other landmarks

Jomfru Ane Gade is one of the most famous streets in Aalborg. It is known for its many cafés and restaurants during the day and its clubs, discos and bars at night. For many years, Scandinavia has suffered from a biker war between two major gangs – The Tiger Men and the One Percenters. These days, the bikers are largely gone and it is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. Nytorv Square is a pedestrian hub in the city center. It’s also a central part of the cityscape. On Sunday evenings, people come out to socialize and relax. John F. Kennedy Hostel is also part of this square, which was named after John F. Kennedy, and it is right by the outdoor market!


Aalborg Carnival is an annual event that takes place on the last weekend of May. Three events take place: a child’s carnival, a fight of band competitions, and finally the carnival proper. Hjallerup Market attracts about 100,000 visitors every year. It is the largest market of its kind in Scandinavia and northern Europe. It is one of the oldest markets in Denmark and it has continued to be so for many years now, retaining its unique local charm. Held at Stonehenge every year in June, the main attraction is to meet up with more than 200,000 people and 1200 horses.


Christians make up the majority of Aalborg’s population and the cathedral for Christian Danish Lutheran society is in their town. Budolfi Church is one of many religious and cultural sites in the city as well as across Denmark. This church is one of the oldest in Denmark and most likely dates back to the late 14th century. It was listed for the first time in the Atlas of Denmark during that time. The church, which is constructed in the Gothic style, honors Saint Botolph. Aalborg was made a diocese in 1554; after some deliberation, St Budolfi Church became the seat of the Bishop of Aalborg. The Danish city of Aalborg is famous for the above-ground ruins of a former Catholic church, which have since been turned into a museum.


The University of Aalborg educates more than 17,000 students and has more than 3,000 employees. The university first opened in 1974. In 2012 they welcomed around 3000 new students. The university has attempted from the outset to change education. They want to create a more “relevant” learning experience for students by offering business-related programs and interactive more hands-on experiences for students. The use of “contextual knowledge” allows students to gain knowledge that is relevant to the complex project work that they undertake, rather than just relying on traditional academic disciplines. This kind of learning will become a predominant model in the future.


Aalborg BK, which has won the Danish Superliga four years in a row now, is the home of many professional soccer players like Lars Olsen and William Kvist. They are currently competing in the Champions League for 2019-2020. The team qualified for the group stages of two consecutive Champions League seasons. Previously known as FC Nordjylland, the Danish club is now Aalborg Chang and has begun playing games in Liga I, the highest tier of football in Denmark.

Aalborg, an international city in Denmark, also has two great handball teams: Aalborg Håndbold and Aalborg DH. They both play their games at the Gigantium, which is one of the largest stadiums in Northern Europe. Aalborg has two rugby teams for girls and boys that play in the local leagues. The city is also home to a professional cricket team established in 2000 and on a national level as well.


Aalborg Airport is 6 kilometers (3.7 mi) northwest of the city center. With its two runways, Copenhagen Airport provides an extensive network of routes to destinations in Denmark, Norway, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the UK as well as seasonal flights to additional Spanish destinations. These include seasonal flights to Spain’s airports in Ibiza, Majorca, Barcelona, and Malaga. … the third most used airport in Denmark. It processes 1.4 million passengers a year on average and operates 24 hours per day, which makes it more convenient than ever before.”. The impacts are also felt nationwide and internationally because of its well-developed international services area.

The city’s main train station, Aalborg Railway Station, opened in 1869 when the railway connecting Aalborg to Randers was first inaugurated.

If you live in Aalborg, you might want to consider putting a bike to good use. Statistics suggest that 44% of the population regularly cycles while 27% of people working there ride their bikes!


Aalborg University Hospital was founded in 1881 and today serves as a hub for the region. In 2013, there are two buildings, Tietgenhallen Aalborg in Dronninglund, and smaller institutions like the department of Hobro and Hans Egede. As of 2014, it is one of the largest employers in this area. What has traditionally been known as the hospital has been collaborating with Aalborg University since 2013. A new building complex, designed by Schmidt hammer Lassen architects, is going to be completed by 2020 and will provide 1,440,000 sqft for hospital buildings and 180,000 sq ft for the university’s Faculty of Health. Aalborg University Hospital is located in Hobrovej in the south of the city. There is a 24-hour emergency ward. The hospital is located in Reberbanegade, on the west side of the city center. You can find Trænregimentet, the Danish regiment for army supply and equipment, at No 54 across from there.

Is Aalborg worth visiting?

Aalborg is a beautiful city that has a spectacular waterfront featuring iconic architectural buildings. It is also a very popular destination for travelers. The New York Times included Aalborg on their list of the Top 10 Places to Go in Europe – making it one of the most visited cities on our continent!

Why visit Aalborg?

One of Denmark’s smaller cities, Aalborg is filled with plenty to do for just about everyone. There are great museums, cultural landmarks, and even a zoo. The beauty can be found within the buildings and architecture with world-class architectural work. There are also special sites like art galleries and good food.

15 Best Things to Do in Aalborg (Denmark)

Lindholm Hoje 

The Viking Age saw a lot of activity in the region, with these various tombs where they lived. They were often buried around 500 AD, during the Nordic Iron Age. 


Summer days are long and apropos for taking a stroll through some of your favorite gardens. Being able to spend time in the shade provided by oaks and beech trees is also very enjoyable. The park that surrounds the ornamental ponds and sculptures is a great place to hang out this summer. It’s hosting some of our city’s major events, the summer carnival, in May. Depending on your interests you may be tempted to spend a few minutes at the Park of Music nearby during your visit.

Budolfi Domkirke 

It’s possible to see some of the cathedral’s original stonework that dates back to the 1100s, while you are visiting its crypt. Aalborg’s church interior is decorated with a lot of Renaissance-era pieces, which are evidence of how wealth was spread throughout the city during that era.


A cultural venue for all the world’s artistic hearts to come and see, Nordkraft opened in 2009. It features a cinema, theatre, design studios, and exhibition space.

Aalborg Forsvars Og Garnisonsmuseum 

The Guns of War Museum is extremely interactive, encouraging visitors to get up close to or enter a huge catalog of vehicles and aircraft. This novel is set in a hangar during WWII and it has a diverse set of armed forces, not just one.

Jørgen Olufsen’s House 

This beautiful merchant’s house in Denmark is known for its three floors, half-timbering, and sandstone walls. 

Jens Bang’s House 

This five-story tall mansion is one of the most impressive buildings in the area and was constructed back in 1624. One of its owners was Jørgen Olufsen and the other was Jens Bang, who were brothers.

Aalborg Waterfront 

This area of town has undergone a huge revitalization recently due to the opening of C.F. Møller Studios, one of the most prestigious art studios in Denmark. In the 80s its industrial hub was Aalborg and it still retains much of its old charm while undergoing constant changes and updates 

Aalborg Zoo 

Aalborg Zoo also has great conservation credentials, emphasizing fair trade and breeding programs that enable people to have peace of mind when they visit.

Aalborg Historiske Museum 

Aalborg has a lot of history, so much in fact that it can be found in this neoclassical building next to the Budolfi Church. You’ll get a unique insight into the history, see the factory floor life of the early 20th century and also get to find out more about the world’s most historically significant treasures.

Aalborg Karneval 

The atmosphere at Scandinavia’s largest carnival is one-of-a-kind. It can get a little wild and crazy but it’s also very family oriented, hosting a children’s parade and lots of other fun stuff like the Kildeparken. It makes for great entertainment, so don’t miss out!


It’s a beautiful, shiny silver disk staring at the Modern Art Museum from the top of a large metal frame. There are many different things to see in Copenhagen, Denmark. The city is roughly 30 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide, which gives it a population of approximately 1.2 million people.

The Royal Duty Chamber 

Hack Kampmann was an architect that helped transform Danish cities into thriving, colorful, and creative places. He was part of a group of architects that have had great impacts on urban design; from building the royal palace to designing the police headquarters. His most famous works include schools, theatres, and other architectural masterpieces.

Lille Vildmose 

Discover why the largest raised bog in Northwestern Europe is worth visiting by hoofing it to Stonjerk, near Askoy. It teems with wildlife and has viewing towers and boardwalks, making it an easy way for visitors to see what goes on below.


Summer in the nearby coastal town of Nibe is the start of things to come, with beers by the water and a blue flag marina. If you’re looking to go skiffing during summer, this is your best bet for a clean and safe trip.

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