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Karlovac is a city and municipality in central Croatia.

Population of Karlovac: 53,134

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Karlovac Overview

Karlovac is a city located in the center of Croatia. It’s both an administrative and industrial center, located on the highway between Zagreb and Rijeka. The distance to Zagreb is 56 km (35 miles).


The city’s full name is Graz, named after its founder Charles II of the Habsburg dynasty. In German, the town has been known as Karlstadt or Carlstadt and in English, it is often translated to Charlestown. The name can also be found in translations of texts into Hungarian (Károlyváros), Italian (Carlostadio), Latin (Carolostadium), and Kajkavian and Slovene (Karlovec).


The Austrians built Karlovac from scratch in 1579, as it was located in southern Croatia ( Inner Austria ). The establishment of the new city fortress was the result of an agreement between the Protestant nobility and the Austrian military which wanted to improve their defenses against Ottoman encroachments. In exchange for religious freedom, the nobility agreed to finance the building of a new fortress against the Ottoman Empire. It was founded as a six-pointed star fortress built on one of their estates near the town of Dubovac at a place where two rivers meet. The streets are designed around a central star shape that can still be seen in the modern town. The oldest name for the city was Karlstadt after the ruling family, which ordered the construction of fortified walls around this new settlement. Kronstadt was built by Matija Gambon, who also supervised work on the new fortress. The city was purposefully built in an area that floods and is prone to diseases caused by filthy water. Restricting access to these areas prevents the Turks from gaining a foothold.

The fortress was largely complete by September 1580, with the moats and ramparts finished later between 1582-1589. What we now call the “city” was originally supposed to be a fortress (Motte) but in 1594, it burned down. It took until 1610 for the moats and walls to be rebuilt, houses were rebuilt afterward.


Croatians know Karlovac as the town on four rivers, because of its numerous green areas and four rivers. Mrežnica, Korana, and Kupa flow through built-up areas while Dobra is a few kilometers away. A 1979 documentary film celebrated 400 years of the city’s founding and takes a lot of time to show fashionable bathers on Fogina Beach in the center.

One of the less common trees found in the parks is a Ginkgo biloba. This tree is used as an example to teach children about nature and society. This area was originally a military fort and many of the parks were once trenches that surrounded the fort to protect it from invaders. The Ottomans, who used to attack this area regularly, were eventually repelled. There are still remnants of old trenches in the city center which preserve the old hexagonal form of its historic center. Old Šanac is one name that these trenches carry.


According to the 2011 census, Karlovac municipality had a total of 55,705 inhabitants. 49,140 of its citizens were Croats (88.21%), 4,460 were Serbs (8.01%), 250 were Bosniaks (0.45%), 237 were Albanians (0.43%), 72 were ethnic Macedonians (0.13%), 49 were Montenegrins (0.09%), and the rest were other ethnicities.

Summary of religious population: 45,876 Roman Catholic (82.36%), 3,866 Orthodox Christian (6.94%), 2,806 Atheist (5.04%). Others as follows: 705 Muslims (1.27%), 488 Agnostic (0.88%).


As one of the oldest music schools in this part of Europe, Karlovac Music School fosters valuable musical education. They are also home to the Karlovac Piano Festival where you can witness world-class performances by some of the greatest pianists in Europe. The Karlovac Piano Festival is usually held in the middle of summer and consists of master classes with distinguished piano professors as well as an international piano competition. Music schools in Karlovac were founded in the 18th century and they illustrate the interesting history of cultural life here. International Guitar School was established here, while in Karlovac Theatre traditionally Croatian Flute Academy is held. When summer months come, Karlovac is a center for young artists from Europe because it has festivals such as Drama Theater Festival and Zorin Doms. Karlovac was a popular spot for young bands in the 20th century. Bands such as “Elektroni” and “Nužni izlaz” are well-known in era, but others like “Prije svega disciplina”, “Duhovna pastva” and Lorelei made their share of impact too. Karlovac has sites dedicated to Croatian veterans of the nation’s Homeland War.


The weather here is very unpredictable – cold winters and warm summers. The temperature varies from 28°F to 83°F a year, but rarely below 16°F or over 92°F. The best time to visit Karlovac for warm-weather activities is from early June to mid-September.

Is Karlovac worth visiting?

Many historic landmarks, restaurants, family-run farms, galleries, and excellent museums such as the City Museum and the Museum of the Homeland war Karlovac-Turanj remain in Karlovac. Each of which is great to visit, as is the town center residence of the Franciscan monks which has a very special exhibition area.

What is Karlovac known for?

Karlovac was an important military outpost for the Habsburg monarchy and was also the site of a well-known execution. Ivan Vlatković, an Uskok from Senj, was tried and executed there.

10 things to do in Karlovac


Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica, and Dobra all converge in Karlovac. This is the best place for a freshwater aquarium in Croatia and one of the biggest in this area of Europe. Aquatika has over 100 species, it’s just a shame they’re all stuck in underwater pens.


Karlovac was established in the 16th century and is shaped like a six-pointed star to protect nearby areas. There are only two cities in Europe with a similar shape and they are named after Archduke Karl I. He founded it to protect the surrounding area against Turks, There are organized flights from a small airline company which is providing an opportunity for you to get a bird’s-eye view of the city.


Listed as one of the most beautiful examples of architecture from the middle ages, this renaissance castle can be traced back to the 13th century and has Gothic elements. It is home to unique frescoes and exquisite artifacts which are open for visits. The castle was originally owned by the Frankopan family, though it later went through the Zrinski family before being converted into a museum and lookout. At certain times of the year, it houses medieval fairs.


Karlovačko beer is one of the most successful Croatian beers, brewed right here in Karlovac. It features at a well-known pre-Oktoberfest party that starts in mid-August or early September.


One of the most beautiful forested parts of Croatia where you can enjoy nature and take a horse riding or hiking tour. You’ll see Roman roads as well as the last location believed to be King Petar Svačić’s resting place.


Karlovac is a short drive from Ozalj, a medieval town founded on the river Kupa. It dates back to the 12th century and has been the property of many powerful Croatian nobles over time like Frankopan and Zrinsky. Today, it’s also a museum where you can find information about Ozalj culture and literature. It’s one of the most beautiful places to be in the summer.


This castle has been around for centuries, having first been built in the 12th century until it was taken over by the Frankopan family in the 15th century. This place had been the center of the Zrinski – Frankopan conspiracy against the Habsburg monarchy in the 18th century. It is situated near Dobra River and Karolina road in a beautiful valley.


Located in Karlovac, the Quad Bike Arena offers an off-road experience with a biking tour you’ll never forget. Downstream of the mighty river the Sava and its pleasant rapids are more than 400 km of kayak routes that meander through densely forested landscapes where only animal sounds disturb the peace. You can also find good spots to play paintball around the Korana, Slunjčica, Mrežnica, and Kupa rivers.


A bit further to travel, but not too far is the stunning village of Rastoke. It’s about an hour and a half from the Plitvice lakes – which are another beautiful place to visit in Croatia! Rastoke is known for its natural beauty and waterfalls but also for houses built on the water’s edge making up mill villages.


Head south away from Karlovac, the next closest stop is in the town of Rakovica. The Barać caves can be found just east of Rakovica. Also nearby is Kršlja and Suvaja Streams—they’re a natural gem for nature lovers.

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