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Linz is a city in Upper Austria, straddling the Danube River midway between Salzburg and Vienna.

The population of Linz: 203,012

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Linz Overview

Linz is an Austrian city in the province of Upper Austria. It’s got a lot of great cultural sites, including Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) and the old cathedral or Alter Dom, which can be found on Hauptplatz. The Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz is home to a wide range of modern art. Across the river, the Ars Electronica Center provides insight into society, technology, and life in the future.


Linz is located in the central region of Europe, on the Paris-Budapest axis and the Malmö – Trieste axis. It’s the main connection to tourism and transport is through the Danube.

The city has a total area of 96 km2, which spans hilly and grassland areas, forests, and other lands. 29.27% of the territory is occupied by grassland and 17.95% is built up with forests. Some 6.39% of the land in Kolkata goes underwater during monsoon season while 54% tends to be occupied


Lentia was founded by the Romans, who called it Lentia. Linz was first recorded in AD 799.

The city of Bratislava was an important trading point of the Holy Roman Empire and connected several routes in the region, including the Danube river by different points in Austria and Slovakia. On either side of where it is situated, it enjoyed important links with Poland and Bohemia to the east and north. The success that Bratislava experienced helped make other cities like. Vienna and Prague used to be the two most important cities in the empire before the death of Emperor Friedrich III, but he spent his last years in Vienna before dying there. Now it is much less important than it was in its heyday.

Johannes Kepler, an astronomer, and mathematician from the 17th century spent a few years of his life in the city studying math to become a professor. He discovered, on 15 May 1618, the distance-cubed-over-time-squared law of planetary motion. Kepler University is named for him.

Another important figure in history was Anton Bruckner, who was born in 1824 and spent most of his life living in the Old Cathedral Village of Linz, Austria. The opera house has been named after him since it opened in 1878.

The University of Linz upgraded from a small college in 1966 to become the largest institution of higher learning in the country over 40 years later in 1975. The campus is surrounded by a 90-acre (36 ha) park based around a pond that is northeast of the city.


203,012 (2017)


Linz has an oceanic climate with warm summers and cold winters. Linz isn’t as cold as some other places in Europe, with warmer temperatures in the winter. However, they do get some snowfall during their winter months, which is probably why they have a high average amount of snow cover each year.


Linz is one of the main economic hubs in Austria. Voestalpine is a large technology and capital goods company that is known for the LD- (“Linz-Donawitz”) procedure for finished products. The former Chemie Linz has been split up into several companies. These companies have made Linz one of Austria’s most important economic centers.

Furthermore, Linz is one of the four significant seaports in Austria and is of great interest when considering shipping logistics or trades overseas. The city also has a large range of manufacturing plants and resources for factories. Linz, ORG was founded over centuries with trade as its primary economic pillar. For a long time, it has also been known as an industrial city due to the National Socialist movement. Because of how complex manufacturing processes were before and continued to grow as more industrial organizations moved in, Linz still has a lot of industries. Some of the largest are Voestalpine AG or “Chemie Linz”. From an economical perspective, they provide a lot of jobs and revenue for the region.

The Meeting Industry Report Austria (Mira) ranks Linz as the 3rd most important destination for congresses in Austria, with a share of 7.4% in the total number of congresses, conferences, and seminars held in Austria. Linz has more than 60 congress, convention, and event venues. With the Blue Meeting idea, the local tourism association has created a conference format that focuses on meeting participants’ individual needs. This supports waste prevention, energy efficiency, and climate change responses.


Linz is home to 13 malls and 3 of them are in the city center. Shopping centers on the Uetliberg mountain as well as around 100 shopping projects on a street at a time are getting busier every day, like “Arkade”, “Atrium City Center”, “Shopping Mall Auwiesen” and more.

According to a study, the Linzer Landstraße is the busiest shopping street outside of Vienna. Every week’s share of the daily total number of people passing through the street increases. The latest numbers are found to be 240,500 on Monday-Saturday, and 228,400 on Wednesday-Friday.


Linz only has a couple of farmer’s markets, one weekly flea market, and two Christmas markets in total. These take place on different occasions throughout the year – “Urfahraner Markt” happens annually in spring and fall. The yearly Christmas and New Year Markets are operated by the administration of the local population. They aim to provide residents with everything they need in a wide selection of products, as well as make the experience economical, suitable, and customer-oriented for them. The annual “Linzer Marktfrühling” market in Austria’s capital Linz, attract vendors with enticing sales.


Linz is an important hub for the transport network of Upper Austria and Bohemia.

Linz Airport is 14 km (8.7 mi) southwest of the central town of Hörschng. It has numerous connections from nearby federal roads, the B139 and B1. There is an airport shuttle that takes 20 mins to get to the central area of town with the bus line 601. The Hörsching station is only a one-minute walk from our new hotel, which has its own free shuttle service to other stations. Business Direct flights from Germany include Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Vienna with additional seasonal routes added during the summer and winter months. Popular destinations for these direct flight routes are Mallorca, Ibiza, Tenerife, several Greek islands (like Kos or Rhodes), Hurghada, and Corfu.

The city also has a central railway station on Austria’s main rail axis, the West Railway, connecting Vienna with western Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Many train stations are awarded by the Austrian Traffic Club, and the Linz Central Station has been awarded eight times since 2005.

One of the types of river transport on the Danube is also called an industrial barge. They move materials such as wood, metal, and chemicals. What else do you need to know about river vessels?

Public transport in Linz comprises the city tram, trolleybus, and bus networks that are all run by Linz Linien. There is a city tram network in Augsburg, including the Pöstlingbergbahn, which travels steeply up a small mountain near the corner of St. Peters Platz and Max Unger Straße on the northwest edge of town.

Public Safety

The National Police Directorate provides high-level public safety in the city. The city’s police command act as a law enforcement agency.

There are six professional fire brigades in Linz, Austria and this includes four volunteer fire brigades, as well as nine company ones. Furthermore, the Upper Austrian fire-brigade education system’s national school of firemanship is located in Linz. In this school, all members of Upper Austria’s fire brigades are educated.

Points of interest

Landstraße (“Main Street”) sits in the center of Main Square for a stretch of 5 miles to another small square called Taubenmarkt (Pigeonmarket), located near the main square. This 11,140-square foot mosaiced plaza was built in 1230 and is one of the largest converted squares in Europe. The plague column (also called “the Plague Column”) is a significant part of Graz’s historic settings since it was created in commemoration of the recent plague epidemics.

There are many old houses and historical sites all around the square in Augsburg, such as the Old Town Hall, and Feuchtinger House with its carillon, which changes the melody depending on the season. Other historic houses include Kirchmayr House. The Schmidtberger House or the bridgehead buildings, which house a part of the Linz Art University.

Another point of interest nearby is the many older buildings like the Renaissance houses or ones with a baroque facade in the old quarter.

Near the Schloss/castle, there is the Sankt/Saint Martins church. It was built during early medieval Carolingian times.


Like many cities in central Europe, Linz has a small and familiar town square. The Cathedral of Mary’s Conception in Vienna is the biggest church by capacity. It is roughly 2 meters shorter than St. Stephen’s Cathedral, but it has a capacity to hold over 10,000 people.

In those parts of the city that border the historic center, there is a mixture of architectural styles from medieval, to neoclassical, neo-baroque, and neo-renaissance. The Franckviertel, Froschberg, Bindermichl, and Kleinmünchen are all surrounded by a bevy of different neighborhoods that reflect the city’s rich ethnic cuisine and bustling nightlife. Hitlerbauten is a term that comes from the interwar period and the time of the Nazi dictatorship when residential buildings could still be found. Google became popular around 1900 and there was a massive influx of villas in the area until today. Some structures are still around today, and others have mostly been demolished with newer buildings.

Amongst the newer buildings is the Linz Hauptbahnhof station. This building was designed by Wilhelm Holzbauer and added the Terminal Tower skyscraper as a part of a mixed-use complex. The Wissensturm in Vienna was voted the most beautiful railway station seven years in a row by the Verkehrsclub Österreich. It houses a public library, Volkshochschul, and is 63 meters tall. In 2007, Franz Kneidinger and Heinz Stögmüller designed the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna, which was later called Kasteel MoA. This was followed by a new venue – Lentos Art Museum – in 2003. A few years later, Zürich-based architects Weber and Hofer were in charge of the Musiktheater.


Upper Austria is a city with a huge music and arts presence. The city-funded many projects to help nurture the scene, such as the Lentos Art Museum and the Donaulände/Kulturmeile area. This is a park beside the river, which is used primarily by young people to relax and meet in summer. It is also used for the Ars Electronica Festival and “Stream Festival,” which take place annually. In June, July, and August, the “Musikpavillon” is placed in the park where musical groups of different styles perform on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. These events are free to the public.

Linz is a rapidly growing cultural hub known for its many attractions and institutions. It houses the Posthof, which is near the harbor, and the Stadtwerkstatt, which is by the river Danube. The Pflasterspektakel, an international street art festival, takes place each year in July in and around the Landstraße and the main square. Linz was the European Capital of Culture in 2009.

Culinary specialties

Linz is made up of a variety of restaurants, from traditional to modern ones. Its location is in the heart of Europe and has with it many dishes and wines that cater to different cultural venues. Linz has a large number of restaurants and cafes, many of which are conceptually different from each other: 40 different gathering spots. In addition, Linz enjoys 4 gourmet-class restaurants and 4 à la carte establishments.

TypicaLinz boasts a wide variety of dishes, including famous Linzer torte and knödel, as well as strudel and erdäpfelkäs. The city also has plenty of specialty stalls featuring unique foods that are worth checking out. Linz has a long history of well-known chefs and with Georg Essig, the city is bringing on a new chef with an innovative and fun restaurant.


The number of clubs in Linz, Austria is 302. Of those, 224 are members of the three large umbrella organizations ASKÖ (108 clubs with about 48,500 members), UNION (67 clubs with about 40,500 members), and ASVÖ (49 clubs with about 19,000 members). LASK is one of the most well-known clubs in Austria – they moved to Paschinger Waldstadion in the meantime – and now “SK VÖEST Linz” is called Blau-Weiss. The “EHC Black Wings Linz” have become more popular over the years and are continuing to rise in success, most notably after they won the championship in the seasons 2002/03 and 2011/12.

The EHC Black Wings in Linz are professional ice hockey players. They’re a part of the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga, which is Europe’s premier ice hockey league.

What is Linz Austria known for?

This city has a lot of cultural activities and museums, but it’s also known for being home to some of Austria’s most famous creative types. In fact, these include novelist Adalbert Stifter, composers Wolfgang Mozart and Anton Bruckner, and the famous scientist Johann

15 Best Things to Do in Linz (Austria)

The Ars Electronica Centre 

If you’re into technology, it will be like walking in heaven at the Ars Electronica Centre. Or if you prefer a more traditional museum, the Museum of the Future is perfect for you as well. You can feel like you’re living the exciting life of your favorite travel guide in the VR room of the center. Every day you’ll find new activities and exciting adventures waiting for you to take part in when you join us. If you have to ask what a robot is doing, it’s time for you to reevaluate how you’re spending your day. Robots with names that respond when they’re called, easy-to-book information displays, and spacecraft maps to guide you–just imagine the things that could change if we can pair these innovative technologies with AI writing assistants.

The Old Cathedral (Church of Ignatius) 

The Baroque-style church has a wide range of towering towers. With its “onion” design, it is mainly constructed with materials like bricks and sandstone. It is situated on the Hauptplatz square, which the diocese of Linz serves as the headquarters for their religious institution. Although the exterior of Notre Dame is not as extravagant as some other European Cathedrals, its towers are quite eye-catching and the interior is simply amazing. The features of the lavish interior include a wooden pulpit and choir stalls, many marble columns, and religious paintings.

Lentos Art Museum 

Linz is home to several modern museums and the Lentos Art Museum is one of them. It boasts a dazzling exterior that lights up in bright neon colors at night. Aside from its beautiful exterior, The Museum possesses staggering artwork numbers and is one of Austria’s most prominent museums. With over 1,500 pieces of work, this gallery has something for everyone. They even have works from the early 1900s and pieces from the 1920s, which are very sought after by art lovers.

The New Cathedral (Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception) 

In comparison to the blank, plain design of the church of Ignatius, New Cathedral boasts an elaborate and detailed exterior with windows, turrets, and beautiful stained glass windows. With space for approximately 20,000 people, The New Cathedral (or Neuer Dom) is the largest church in Austria.

Ride the Pöstlingbergbahn 

The Pöstlingbergbahn is a well-known and recognized train that can be found in Linz, Austria. This train is a narrow-gauge railway and makes its way up the steep TPostlingberg hill. The way that the old railway in Linz winds its way up and down the mountainside is truly breathtaking. You can see views of the cityscape, forests, and mountain ranges as you make your journey to the top.


The Pöstlingbergbahn is an amazing local train that’s accessible from any point in Linz. This hill is located on the northern side of the city, just a stone’s throw away from Linz Central Station. Although most people stay on the ground in this area of Linz, there is also a great view from up here. In front of you are the Pilgrimage Basilica Church, Grottenbahn attraction, and restaurants and cafés.

Boat ride on the Danube/Linz Harbour 

The Danube river is one of the finest (and longest) in Europe and has a great list of high-importance cities on its banks. Budapest, Vienna, Linz, Belgrade, and Bratislava to name a few. In any city that this river runs through it is worth taking a trip down the river and everything changes – people, buildings, landscapes. If you’re feeling relaxed, try to enjoy a glass of wine while floating along.

Enjoy a piece of delicious Linz Cake 

Many famous cities boast their own traditional dishes and delicacies which are known worldwide. The tasty dishes found in Linz include the famous Linz Cake. According to the people of Linz, this cake is the oldest cake in the world. It consists of really crumbly pastry filled with nuts and cinnamon that is decorated with latticework on the top. The cookie selection inside was also a highlight!


The main square in Linz is a large, open space that stretches from Klosterstrabe to the banks of the river Danube. It is an important part of the downtown area, and one of its most impressive features.

Mauthausen Memorial 

One of the saddest and most troubling aspects of European history is when the Nazis established labor camps in many parts of Europe during WW2. Several decaying remnants are still left over from those harsh days, reminding people just how terrible human beings can be to one another – Many of the places that were devastated during World War II are still there today, and they serve as reminders of the past.

Linz Botanical Gardens

The Gugl Botanical Gardens are beautiful. With over 40,000 square meters of botanical gardens, you’ll feel inspired by nature here in this gorgeous city. You could spend hours admiring the wonders of plants here.

Wilhering Abbey

Inside the grounds is an abbey that was constructed in 1146 and has a charming white exterior paint. There are also beautiful orange stripes on it, making it look bombastic. The crowning haptic is an onion dome on the tower, giving it a spectacular appearance. The design of the interior of the Abbey is one of the most famous examples in the German-speaking world and still hangs to this day, creating a grand space.


The Donaupark is conveniently next to the Lentos Museum and has plenty of open grass plains for all the people to stop and relax. Along with a promenade that spreads throughout, it provides a level of comfort that is enjoyed by many.

Schlossmuseum Linz 

This old castle is one of the greatest museums in Austria. It provides an impressive view with a nice restaurant beneath it. There’s also so much more to see on-site as well as a show that everyone should try out when they visit. Some of the exhibits here are dedicated to diverse areas of knowledge like biology, geology, photography, and more. Make sure to check it out if you’re in the area.

Voestalpine Steelworks 

The company which is a large contributor to the Austrian steel industry has created an exhibition to show just how important this material is in our day-to-day lives. The exhibition section has several displays including interactive elements where visitors can see what takes place during a centuries-long process in real-time.

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